Upper Limb Neurological Examination - OSCE Guide (New Version)

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This video aims to give you an idea of what's required in the Upper Limb Neurological Examination OSCE.
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16 лют 2015





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Geeky Medics
Geeky Medics 3 роки тому
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Jamiu Adebiyi
Jamiu Adebiyi 16 днів тому
This is a very resourceful video on cranial nerve examination
Stephanie monreal
Stephanie monreal Місяць тому
I hope that I can experience that kind of session,
Dipak Satapara
Dipak Satapara 2 місяці тому
Very informative and helpful video sir. Thank u !!
mudancadehabito21 2 місяці тому
So relax! Thanks for the vidro
عمار المعموري
عمار المعموري 4 місяці тому
Frederik Hansen
Frederik Hansen 5 місяців тому
My man really hold eye contact
Artur Pereira Mendes
Artur Pereira Mendes 28 днів тому
etomidate em
etomidate em 7 місяців тому
hahaha they only recorded the "thank you" part late in the evening. You guys are hilarious :)
etomidate em
etomidate em 7 місяців тому
@Geeky Medics gotta love the dedication !
Geeky Medics
Geeky Medics 7 місяців тому
These video shooting sessions often take many hours, all in the quest for creating something useful for you guys!
0311uli 8 місяців тому
Omfg for a moment I thought it was a trailer for one dem gay pornos at the Dr office. 😁 Btw now I know why they do the touch the nose and finger routine.
dr azam bezanjo
dr azam bezanjo 9 місяців тому
Wonderful skills and presentation easy to learn
tina mc
tina mc 9 місяців тому
Very much appreciate you all setting up Geeky medics and these videos. Thank you.
Carlos Quesada
Carlos Quesada 10 місяців тому
Love the seagulls at 3:02
Nisha Devi
Nisha Devi Рік тому
Thank you doctor it was very helpful
chatsash36 Рік тому
Looks like the examination started mid-day and ended late-evening. What a patient patient.
Percival Acosta
Percival Acosta Рік тому
Very nice explanation
sh sh
sh sh Рік тому
Wonderful learning video. A friendly comment that the medial aspect of the forearm is T1 and the medial aspect of the arm is T2. Cheers
Ezy medicine
Ezy medicine Рік тому
Nice systematically done examination would have been better and more complete if all intrinsic hand muscles examined
Mike Bohuski
Mike Bohuski Рік тому
Anyone else notice it gets dark outside and then light again over the course of the video
Curious Madcat
Curious Madcat Рік тому
Found my clone!!! And he's more muscular than me....not for long!!!
mod26 Рік тому
what year do u learn this in? we do in 2nd year
Esraa Mohamed
Esraa Mohamed Рік тому
Awesome. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Duaa khan
Duaa khan Рік тому
Thank you .. nice good vid
Kranky. K!
Kranky. K! Рік тому
You can see they are trying soo hard not to burst out laughing. 😂😂😂
Terka ._.
Terka ._. Рік тому
He looks like Nathan Drake 👏👏
Will Koo
Will Koo Рік тому
I'm so glad even after 4 years the comment section is still alive and so is the chemistry between them lol.
Emma 4 місяці тому
Me too omg
Joey Huang
Joey Huang 9 місяців тому
haha, I have the same idea
Daniel S
Daniel S Рік тому
I don't know what I'd do without you guys.
Terra Flames
Terra Flames Рік тому
*Definitely yes*
Homer30 Рік тому
thank you
chocolate chip charlie
chocolate chip charlie Рік тому
Cool metal
Xubi Рік тому
Brilliant work
Alexis Colton
Alexis Colton Рік тому
Jack Simon
Jack Simon Рік тому
Lucas Kappes
Lucas Kappes Рік тому
1:38 that look
lucy kozaky
lucy kozaky Рік тому
What's problem 🤔
Hany Abed
Hany Abed Рік тому
Lucas Kappes I agree
King Me Fitness
King Me Fitness Рік тому
Rahul Zalte
Rahul Zalte Рік тому
We all remember these guys right before our exam.
Stef Рік тому
Great video
Chuck Chuck
Chuck Chuck Рік тому
At 1:40 , what's that look for ?????
moon shine
moon shine Рік тому
At 6:00 he is so cute with that boop.
Dinoosh De Livera
Dinoosh De Livera Рік тому
Thank you!
Amirul Khairul
Amirul Khairul Рік тому
How to be confidance when talking to patient because im so shy n scare if i do wrong they think im not good doctor
Gabriele Simionato
Gabriele Simionato Рік тому
You can practice by role playing with your fellow students
Amirul Khairul
Amirul Khairul Рік тому
@Brenda Oliveira thnks brenda so much
Brenda Oliveira
Brenda Oliveira Рік тому
I had that issue too. Just belive in yourself, be confidence, greet the patient and do what you know. As much as you do the better you get. And there will be a moment when this will be so natural that you not gonna feel anxious or shy anymore....it's like if things become automatic and its get easy to interact with the patient. You not a bad doctor, don't think that. You are doing your best! Good luck and stardust kisses!
Amina chaudhary
Amina chaudhary 2 роки тому
Tons of thanks guys. You are brilliant!
Miljenko Popović
Miljenko Popović 2 роки тому
Asad Khan
Asad Khan 2 роки тому
Yes David!!
Jo Di
Jo Di 2 роки тому
great assessment
fragrantsoul19 2 роки тому
God bless you. Thanks alot.
DarkSoul6484 2 роки тому
Hi, I wanted to ask please: why do you need to test for both proprioception and vibration ? both of them are from the same spinal tract. Thanks
xxx x
xxx x 2 роки тому
Ekaterina Shul
Ekaterina Shul 3 роки тому
So much thanks for you, guys!)
LINH LÊ 3 роки тому
Why do some people dislike videos ? It's very important for examination in the clinical . Thanks Geeky Medics very much
Dr. Adil Ramzan
Dr. Adil Ramzan 3 роки тому
reference: 06:16 ............. the examiner shouldn't move his finger when the patient's finger is moving toward the examiner's finger, the examiner should change the position of his finger when the patient is moving his finger towards his nose.
Tavros Nitram
Tavros Nitram Рік тому
@aesthetica medschool
aesthetica Рік тому
Curious, but how does one go into this profession? (Neurology)
Gabriele Simionato
Gabriele Simionato Рік тому
Because you want to assess a neurological issue. This exam is to check patient's ability to aim a target without overshooting. If you move the target when he is trying to reach at it, it could be a sight issue, not a neurological one.
James Crompton
James Crompton Рік тому
It defeats the whole purpose of a test of co-ordination. أحمد حجازي
Ahmed Hijazi
Ahmed Hijazi Рік тому
Can you further explain why he shouldn't ?
Rawan 95
Rawan 95 3 роки тому
Duke 3 роки тому
NILA khan
NILA khan 3 роки тому
mostafa yousef
mostafa yousef 3 роки тому
very good man...Amazing with nerve Supply but where are the periphe Nerves Ulnar und Radial ??
zainab A
zainab A 3 роки тому
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter 3 роки тому
Great video, thank you for your help xoxo Sazzles out
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter 3 роки тому
These videos get me through the day
Jubayed Kaiser
Jubayed Kaiser 3 роки тому
N Anushaa Anu Nanda Gopalan
N Anushaa Anu Nanda Gopalan 3 роки тому
Which tuning fork should we use 128hz or 256hz or 512hz
Rosie Bhogal
Rosie Bhogal 2 роки тому
AMM 3 роки тому
Raghda Adnan
Raghda Adnan 3 роки тому
thanks alot, , nice examination
My Opinion
My Opinion 3 роки тому
This guy's been bulking
Deb 3 роки тому
Great video, just some additives: - Ask about any pain in the shoulder, elbow or wrist before testing tone. - Look specifically for carpal tunnel and ulnar decompression scars at the wrists and elbow - May be good to add in functional power (pincer grip, aswell as getting them to undo a button etc) - With joint position sense (proprioception), the movements should be much smaller, almost discernible, otherwise you won't pick up a subtle loss. - Finger-to-nose test is debatably better than dysdiadochokinesis at detecting and distinguishing between coordination/ functional pathology, but I always do both.
Hiro Garu
Hiro Garu Рік тому
Whoah, these are some good additional to that examination, Thanks!
Mariam Malaa
Mariam Malaa 3 роки тому
Very useful video ..... thank you
newshiningshinee 3 роки тому
shirtless dude !!! *crying inside * lol
Hah Aha
Hah Aha 3 роки тому
Need to be bare below elbows
Orionpk 4 роки тому
haha weird gaze
Nebitno Ime
Nebitno Ime 4 роки тому
Its 2Am how did I got here?
S. A.
S. A. 6 місяців тому
Its 2:20 am... I’m here bcz I’m a medico 🤫
Natasha Vernon
Natasha Vernon 8 місяців тому
Lol same
Daddy Slappin
Daddy Slappin Рік тому
Dude its 2:13 am and I'm wondering the same
The Elders
The Elders Рік тому
It's 3 AM here, buddy. I'm equally as confused.
Sultan Raj
Sultan Raj Рік тому
Nebitno Ime 2:02 am here and wondering the same question
Juba Town
Juba Town 4 роки тому
How tall is the patient?
MzChellamz 4 роки тому
that gaze though!
YC Harry Ma
YC Harry Ma 4 роки тому
i think the finger-to-nose test is a bit to far
Hasan Anjum
Hasan Anjum 4 роки тому
very helpful thanks
Keabetswe Molelekeng
Keabetswe Molelekeng 4 роки тому
I think he should always be examined
Fahad-ul Zain
Fahad-ul Zain 4 роки тому
love it
ben reinders
ben reinders 4 роки тому
Hi - when you are checking for past pointing is the doctor meant to keep their finger in the same place throughout the test, or move it and see if the patient can still touch their finger and follow the movement? Thanks very much for these vids - they're really great!
Shaikh Sufyan
Shaikh Sufyan 4 роки тому
You guy's have an awesome technique, can you do an explanatory video & some marking scheme stuff, so that a student should know which steps usually mean A-lot as far as marks are concerned.
Abdulrahman Bin Mohi
Abdulrahman Bin Mohi 4 роки тому
You are doing great job..thanks
dodo dodo
dodo dodo 4 роки тому
thanks alot.. you are greatly help me... I'm from iraq
Inas mr
Inas mr 4 роки тому
Peeeeeeeerfct 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thnx alot alot 😇😇
Yemenjapan 4 роки тому
I would suggest taking the role player for a psych clinic , self obsession
Yemenjapan 4 роки тому
5:09 that was painful
Legion 4 роки тому
Dat stomach do 3:18 HAHAHA
Alex Igredibbo
Alex Igredibbo 4 роки тому
Very nice, I am hoping all this will help me with my PLAB2 examination lol. Thank you guys for providing all these very beneficial videos. Great job.
Ronaldo De Moura
Ronaldo De Moura 4 роки тому
Awesome video...
Omar Fawzie Hussien
Omar Fawzie Hussien 4 роки тому
how to get the app on android phones
Geeky Medics
Geeky Medics 4 роки тому
+omar obaide The Android app will be released in approximately 6 weeks time. We're working hard on it right now. Sorry for the delay.
freethinkr81 4 роки тому
Trying to get the app from apple store but I get a message saying the app is being modified so no purchase possible at this time.
Geeky Medics
Geeky Medics 4 роки тому
+freethinkr81 That's very odd. Did you eventually manage to download it? We've not heard this issue from anybody else
attira insyiraah
attira insyiraah 4 роки тому
my appstore and itunes cannot find your app..can you look into it? or is there any trick to that?
attira insyiraah
attira insyiraah 4 роки тому
found it..got it..thank you!
Geeky Medics
Geeky Medics 4 роки тому
+attira insyiraah Are you still unable to find it? Our app is available in Ireland.
attira insyiraah
attira insyiraah 4 роки тому
Geeky Medics
Geeky Medics 4 роки тому
+attira insyiraah Where are you located?
zozo Ali
zozo Ali 4 роки тому
hi from where can load the app😊
Geeky Medics
Geeky Medics 4 роки тому
+Ali Ali itunes.apple.com/us/app/geeky-medics-osce-revision/id1050169390?mt=8
كبوس kabosi
كبوس kabosi 4 роки тому
its easy in video but hard in the osce 😆😆
Ashraf Khalil
Ashraf Khalil 4 роки тому
The inner side of forearm sensation is supplied by C8 or T1?
Ashraf Khalil
Ashraf Khalil 4 роки тому
Thanks alot
Cloudy with a chance of Rain Bow !!
+Ashraf Hamdi yes, sensation of the inner side of the forearm is supplied by medial cutaneous nerve of the forearm which is derived from C8 and T1
wholeNwon 5 років тому
Perhaps the examination should begin with observing arm movements as the patient walks into the room.
Weaver Maja
Weaver Maja 5 років тому
Another heart exam video, maybe with this patient guy? ;-D
Kayzzles 5 років тому
Date of birth 7/34/93...something doesn't seem quite right there
Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit 8 місяців тому
He said, "seventh of April, 93."
Hudson Board
Hudson Board 11 місяців тому
Kristen Slice it pins the DOB at Sept 3, if you push the 34. Sept 3, 1993
Kristen Slice
Kristen Slice 2 роки тому
April 7, 1993.
Luisa Peress
Luisa Peress 5 років тому
1:47 "We both know there is no way you are going to win this." Hahah thanks guys awesome video! :)
lucy kozaky
lucy kozaky Рік тому
That's make me laugh 😂😂😂
عبدالرحمن السويركي
Cloudy with a chance of Rain Bow !!
+Luisa Peress the he looked at him was challenging ' just try to bush it down '
Geeky Medics
Geeky Medics 5 років тому
@Luisa Peress :) No problem Luisa
Justin denson
Justin denson 5 років тому
It's dysdiadochokinesia, btw. Good video otherwise.
H Almosawi
H Almosawi 5 років тому
Man they must have a great gym at their university .. everyone is bulked up!
George Pierson
George Pierson Рік тому
You know that when it comes to stuff like this, they will never have anything less.
Kate Peiyin Zhang
Kate Peiyin Zhang 5 років тому
Thank you for the concise video :)!!!
Scott Wong
Scott Wong 5 років тому
For power examination of wrist extension, is it c6 or c7?? I thought that it would be the radial nerve which would be c7. Can anyone confirm this?
wrist extension is C7 . You are right. I don't know why it's mentioned as C 6
Big Boss
Big Boss 5 років тому
@Scott Wong It is actually C6, C7, and C8 (all three i.e. extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis muscles). (Source: Bates' Guide to Physical Examination)
Ibus ghimire
Ibus ghimire 5 років тому
Michael Kasselman
Michael Kasselman 5 років тому
Handsome guys!
muneeb jan
muneeb jan 5 років тому
brilliant guys thanks alot - via YtPak(.com)
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