Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (May 20)

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Simon Miller is back with his WWE RAW review as he talks about the new 24/7 Championship, Brock Lesnar treating the Money In The Bank briefcase like a boombox and the new look to WWE RAW.
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21 тра 2019





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Lecx Xcel
Lecx Xcel Рік тому
Hardcore title back rebranded yet the new belt looks worse than the old one which was broken fragments put together lol thing is while providing some welcome entertainment short-term long-term the title will hold no value as it changes hands 4 5 times in one show doing nothing for those that win it so wwe need to change the conditions the belt is contested under or repeat the mistake of the past by not paying attention to history. Thanks Simon for watching this so I don't just out of curiosity and repeat the mistake of my past. Obviously not all the years I watched just from when the Cena era really kicked in till I gave up completely too many years later and yes I do know there are still many great talents at wwe's disposal but it's very seldom that they are used correctly. When they are it's awesome which is why I'll check in with Simon so he can let me know if there was anything worth seeing.
Cameron LaPage
Cameron LaPage Рік тому
Surprised they didn't joke about Lesnar killing JFK.
Surendra Pandit
Surendra Pandit Рік тому
GetBn Рік тому
I loved the old hardcore title skits, I hope they can recapture at least some of the fun and nonsense it brought.
EricTheRed444 Рік тому
"Bobby just looked at him and said... No" 😂
Gravles Рік тому
Johnny Sins!?
daniel mpulula
daniel mpulula Рік тому
Take the finger of Power Simon and give GOT Season Finale a Down
Anthony Weise
Anthony Weise Рік тому
I just started noticing these posts recently and am hoping this is weekly. Simon your breakdown of the shows, is better than the shows.
518AreaCode518 Рік тому
Was there live, people really popped huge for both Mick Foley and the 24/7 title segments. It really worked.
Gooner Hussain
Gooner Hussain Рік тому
I love the new 24/7 title, it is very interesting & a lot of fun! 👌👌👌I wonder if it's open to the females of the roster too though? Cos all the wrestlers running after the title were Male & even Carmella had an easy chance to win it but didn't bother! Does anyone know if it is open to the female roster too?🤔
almightybearrage Рік тому
The Hardcore title was trash as soon as it took on that theme. This 24/7 belt is so damn trash. Brown Down!!!
Envy Рік тому
Kofi Kingston asking Seth Rollins where his hips at without missing a beat had me rollin’
SKT Рік тому
Rock reacts?
Bikash Gurung
Bikash Gurung Рік тому
Johnny Sins
charlotte Рік тому
Miller grinding. Life made x
Anya Gorin
Anya Gorin Рік тому
I like ups and downs because I don’t have cable so this lets me no what happened and not just now the matches I get to see what the whole show had to offer
tVibes ._
tVibes ._ Рік тому
How could you not mention the "Becky three belts" line?
Lloyd Dobler
Lloyd Dobler Рік тому
It is the one thing I try to forget and I know it might not be popular to research and report. I would like to see a show on how closely Vince McMahon ties in with Donald Trump. What is the nature of their relationship? Trump being in the hall of fame and Linda being in his administration is beyond disappointing. (Linda in politics is why we went from attitude to PG). Forgetting 10,000 other obvious reasons I doubt the majority of non white wrestlers are excited to be associated with Trump. It would actually be cool to kick it with you guys, have a beer and hear how you honestly actually feel about it all.
Harrison Wells93rd
Harrison Wells93rd Рік тому
Sami Zayn is trash tho I don’t understand
Nick Shane
Nick Shane Рік тому
I called it being green but to be fair I didn't think it was going to be green I just wanted a green title
Alfredo Manccini
Alfredo Manccini Рік тому
I dont get wresting... Not real But if you enjoy it, good for you mate
Vergible Valentino
Vergible Valentino Рік тому
Love your videos and I ALMOST agree with all the ups/downs HOWEVER.. the Miz/McIntyre match was aweeeeeeeeeesome if you're a Miz fan. Commentary was on Miz's side, the CROWD was on Miz's side (dat pop doeeee for the Figure 4 when the crowd though Miz was gonna beat DREW MCINTYRE a known monster heel, and SHANE MCMAHON in a handicap match) he jobbed valiantly and it was a great way to 'end' their feud with the heel winning... for now. Up.
SuperPikachu Jexs
SuperPikachu Jexs Рік тому
#38 on trending
raven beast
raven beast Рік тому
Just give the 24/7 title to Raven and watch him turn it into the center of attention.... None of these guys can hold a candle to the hardcore wrestlers of that era!
Wuwu Wuwu
Wuwu Wuwu Рік тому
I wish Simon Miller didn’t mass-block anyone that gave him criticisms or corrections on Twitter. That’s a down for me.
Wow never seen you guys on trending before good job!
Michael Mooney
Michael Mooney Рік тому
Disagree over the 24/7 title and Hardcore championship comparison. The HC title got over as it was given to a bonafide death match legend in Mick Foley, by Vince himself as part of main event storylines. It died out when the glorified jobbers ended up scrapping over it. This new 24/7 title has arrived at the jobbers point, started at the equivalent status of the phasing out of the HC title and was DOA with the fans in attendance and derided in the media.
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Рік тому
It was better they few weeks
Samus Williams
Samus Williams Рік тому
Bro loove that shirt!
TrendSettaRico Рік тому
So did we miss Becky yelling to come closer so she could hit the weak dropkick 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ big down to the camera crew for letting that slip be caught
Romnys Gonzalez
Romnys Gonzalez Рік тому
SW_ Kuma
SW_ Kuma Рік тому
Only hardcore holly had the best title run with the hardcore belt.
Jason Рік тому
Simon Miller is awesome
Nick Chislom
Nick Chislom Рік тому
Correct me if I’m wrong. But, didn’t JoJo already “let Bray in”?!...
One Рік тому
Hey look it's Johnny Sins
Derek Рік тому
I'm always happy when that gymnast Ricochet loses to a wrestler.
FuuuckOffff Рік тому
What a difference a day makes eh. All of you burying MitB because Brock won, next day you love him because he pretended a briefcase was a boombox.
Nicholas Gaitan
Nicholas Gaitan Рік тому
Super stare down is gonna be great
M. cool
M. cool Рік тому
On UKvid trending. 👌
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan Рік тому
Jonıy sınsmı la o
Tye Nitty
Tye Nitty Рік тому
Helluva kick=Hell of a kick 👍🏾
Andrew Macias
Andrew Macias Рік тому
Nxt wrestling in wrestle mania. Sad but true
RaeAnn DiNorma
RaeAnn DiNorma Рік тому
10:12 from an American POV that was pretty spot on Simon 👌
Hey ItsMe
Hey ItsMe Рік тому
Brock came on wwe television with the suitcase then he did with the Universal championship
Mark Michel
Mark Michel Рік тому
You’re trending
Omar Campos
Omar Campos Рік тому
How is this still treading even at #13. Pure magic by Simon
Twist RP
Twist RP Рік тому
is this boombox thing a british thing ? because i know that as a ghettoblaster
Pradip H.
Pradip H. Рік тому
Damn I thought the host was Johnny Sins lmao 😂😂😂
Manuel Haro
Manuel Haro Рік тому
You're on trending here in the US
WillWrambles Рік тому
9lives lie-cat-lie
9lives lie-cat-lie Рік тому
pictue this on Raw brock is like "I don't need this briefcase to get what I want, don't need don't want it. So I am throwing a tournament or spacial type match and the winner gets this briefcase or will get a chance to fight me for it
Michael Skatharoudis
Michael Skatharoudis Рік тому
WWE is weird now, imagine if you had never seen wwe before ( I know I sound like Simon) you find out there’s this title called the 24/7 championship that can be defended anytime so the champions are just running and hiding all the time ( didn’t see hardcore championship matches so don’t know if those champions acted the same) you learn what money in the bank is and that it’s held by a six time champion and probably not so he can fail or turn and there’s this thing called the wildcard rule so you see some wrestlers on both shows because WWE just don’t want to say the brand split’s over
Michael Castro
Michael Castro Рік тому
You guys are trending! Love ya!
Franklin Gomes
Franklin Gomes Рік тому
Man I love all your contents, both youtube and Brazzers.
Jeff Brigman
Jeff Brigman Рік тому
We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against princeapility and powers of darkness and wickednes in high places invisible demons
Qordell Hunter
Qordell Hunter Рік тому
Honestly I feel like Wwe is starting to heat up now that aew is about to get started
Frank Valianti
Frank Valianti Рік тому
Why THE REPO MAN for no reason? Just asking.....🤔...👆(up)
Gage23 Рік тому
#14 on trending!
Sharifur Pervez
Sharifur Pervez Рік тому
They hit trending? WHAT!!!!
Cobi7 Рік тому
HAHAHAHAHA no way who??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha
DaveTheMurse Рік тому
No Hay Wooh Zay! Haha, that’s a much better name.
Roman Empire
PilloTheStar Рік тому
That's a lot of downs...
biily batson
biily batson Рік тому
This show is far more entertaining than the whole raw
Black Dr Phil
Black Dr Phil Рік тому
One cool thing I've noticed. Since WWE is going even more mainstream than before with the Fox deal etc, UKvid is putting WWE vids on trending alongside NBA and Nightly Shows, and now even non official WWE videos like this, it's like they saw Game Of Thrones, Avengers theory vids etc and thought oh wow this is the WWE version of that
Dark Blood Gt
Dark Blood Gt Рік тому
I thought he quit
mohammad shagor
mohammad shagor Рік тому
15th on trending 🤔🤔
Marcus Browder
Marcus Browder Рік тому
Simon Miller is the best thing on this channel. Dude cracks me up without even trying to crack me up. Simon, try wearing a watch or something for some swag though bro.
Warren Dennill
Warren Dennill Рік тому
titan hades
titan hades Рік тому
It is a garbage title. It is pointless. They can't do anything with most of the titles as it is. The 24/7 Hardcore Title was garbage to begin with because numerous undeserving people got title Reigns. Only an idiot finds this garbage entertaining because it is pointless. This is a literally something from WCW's dying years playbook. No wonder WWE is dying.
Dylan Рік тому
The only good thing was Braun destroying Sami and cesaros win. These world champions are a joke. 24/7 belt is a joke.
manny4mayor Рік тому
Having a 24/7 title that can be defended across all brands (and genders) during the age of social media is actually kinda genius. I'm so relieved they didn't call it the Hardcore title because nothing is hardcpre about hitting people on the back repeatedly. I wish Mick had given us a bit more about thd 3rd hour of Raw being "darker." I loved the look, and I'm fairly intrigued about the possibilities. Perhaps the third hour is less talking and more wrestling? And maybe it bumps to pg-13?
Joseph Feleppa
Joseph Feleppa Рік тому
You know the 24/7 champion is a joke when Lashley and Corbin just stand there when Roode runs up to them for help and they do nothing! (Sami Zayn did the same thing on Smackdown)
Hellvin 666ers
Hellvin 666ers Рік тому
Hey Simon that really was a pretty good impression of Lacy Evens😂😂😂
Pete Tarantino
Pete Tarantino Рік тому
It’s called a gif, it’s pronounced (jif)
Romaine Roberts
Romaine Roberts Рік тому
For true can the divas win the 24/7 tittle are is only a male thing if the female can win the belt then the belts could be the best??
MzFirstLady Рік тому
I really enjoy these videos! Up!!
Jeffery Burnett
Jeffery Burnett Рік тому
I think your standards are maybe a little low. I didn't watch raw or smackdown this week as I have pretty much given up on the wwe but I cant remember the last thing that wwe did, raw, smackdown or a ppv, that I thought was mostly good.
Khalfi zakaria
Khalfi zakaria Рік тому
nooo johny sins !! why you stop porn !!!! nobody give a damn about your wrestling reveiw video !!!!!
Schnell Рік тому
Yo this host look like that teacher/doctor/ astronaut guy Johnny Sins
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