Utah police release body camera video related to Gabby Petito case

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Police in Utah released body camera video related to an August 12 call involving Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. Police responded after a witness called to report the couple fighting. An officer later wrote in a report that the incident between the couple did not "escalate to a level of domestic violence, as much as that of a mental health crisis." Full story: www.abcactionnews.com/news/re...



16 вер 2021





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Sep Euta
Sep Euta 9 днів тому
Big D had been caseing Gabby alot longer than her father suspects. Gabby suspected he'd come to her rescue. After seeing so many posts of Brian Laundrie.
Grace Doerner Art
Grace Doerner Art 11 днів тому
Guilty Guilty Guilty!!!! If they were NOT guilty they would ALL be helping to find Gabby rather than go camping... buy burn phones. If you want to catch Brian.... lock up his parents for driving 150 km to walk into a library and not pick up one book. They wanted to use the computer or hide stuff in a book for Brian to collect. Lock up Mum and Dad for failing to inform the Petito family their daughter was abandoned and probably any possibility of having a moment to grieve their daughter.. her injuries are too horrific to publish publicly. Staying silent they are all tarred with the same brush.
Gg 14 днів тому
U can she it was over for. That he was going kill her.
Cajun Gator
Cajun Gator 16 днів тому
My brother Works for the sheriff department , And as for me being not a officer you can tell the body language and the way she is distressed and the defensive wounds on him that there was a domestic violence issue and these moron cops let her go
BIgBass255 16 днів тому
meth is why she was saying she had OCD, constantly cleaning the camper and the tent...He was on the drug as well. I want to see tox report...
xavier wilson
xavier wilson 19 днів тому
Police at fault here. She should have been taken into custody. She literally admitted to assaulting him and they let her go. She would have been alive today. If he did the slapping and she had the marks he would have been cuffed immediately.
TwerkfromHome 19 днів тому
Chris Pratt killed this woman.
A Lee
A Lee 19 днів тому
1:58. Ah no, Mr Piggy, he doesnt have to talk to you at all. He has the right to be silent.
Marko Anthony
Marko Anthony 20 днів тому
I was angry, because the police were very incoherent, they only knew how to say person of interest, wtf if he was a black man and he cameback to his house without his girlfriend, they arrested him, that was police incopetence, if it was an Italian family they grab him lead to a little talk, he spits out the soup. he was lucky she not was my sister, please seat tha animal electric chair
Steve GG
Steve GG 20 днів тому
99.9% of comments section are your typical “Monday morning quarterbacks.” RIP Gabbie 😇
Othmane Kayi
Othmane Kayi 20 днів тому
Unfortunately shy died, i have the same age 22، Our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones ..from Morocco 🇲🇦. Shy was beautiful ... Nothing lasts, Allah yrhamha
Jacob Mcfarlane
Jacob Mcfarlane 20 днів тому
Rick Something
Rick Something 20 днів тому
You showed us muted clips... thumbs down
Haydee Cano
Haydee Cano 21 день тому
Gabby"s blood is also in those cops's hands.
mmpj twod
mmpj twod 22 дні тому
we love it
Shannon 22 дні тому
After watching the total video. This girl had some mental problems. He seems naturally scared But he seemed like a decent kid from what i see Im not totally sure this went down like people assume.
cmscms123456 22 дні тому
How many times must authorities separate a STUPID WOMAN from an ABUSIVE MAN... This is the girl's fault... She STUPID...
Aquiles Saiz
Aquiles Saiz 22 дні тому
It's the "Highway Patrols" failed duty that got this girl Killed... I believe someone should be "Under Arrest" when witness see physical abuse... If this guy was any other color of race straight to jail outta the car we would have went for " Domestic Battery" Truth...Kilo
mmpj twod
mmpj twod 22 дні тому
shes use to the abuse -someone whos been in an abusive relationship
ಠ_ಠ 𝕱𝖚𝖈𝖐_𝖁𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖓
They should have arrested her for domestic violence. This could have ALL been avoided if the police and FBI did their jobs.
ಠ_ಠ 𝕱𝖚𝖈𝖐_𝖁𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖓
@Em L idc what you think happened smooth brain, if police treated women the same way as they treat men she would have been arrested on the spot with or without his consent. These types of double standards are the reason men don't marry gross feminists like you. If the police had found EVIDENCE that HE had hit HER and not the other way around he would have gone to jail immediately. But there was only evidence suggesting that HE had Been assaulted. "MuH wE wOmEnZ wANt EqUaLiTeeZ bUt wE bESt nEvEr gEt HiT bACk wHiLe wE aCCoSt oUr mANz mUh"
ಠ_ಠ 𝕱𝖚𝖈𝖐_𝖁𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖓
@Em L I'm sure all of the scratch marks from her trying to claw his eyes out was done out of love and I guess since there were no visible marks on her whatsoever he was slapping the s*** outta her. STFU it's women like you that perpetrate the narrative that women are always right and men are always wrong period. Women like you are the reason we have superficial trash assaulting their bf's with impunity. Its because no man has ever put you in check.
Em L
Em L 23 дні тому
Arrested her!? The witnesses state he was repeatedly slapping her and not letting her in her own van. They need mental health experts in site. She was clearly covering for him. Let me guess, you also ask rape victims what they were wearing.
Kab Yaj
Kab Yaj 23 дні тому
How is a guy that young losing all his hair already?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 23 дні тому
This was fun!
Cleve Clark
Cleve Clark 23 дні тому
If they had of been black people they stopped it would’ve been a different outcome.
boy asia
boy asia 23 дні тому
He is the main suspect, now on the run, definitely he did the unthinkable and should face justice. The question is what made him do it if he did. Did he know her OCD, did he reach the point of no return... those scratches especially on his face were deep that will there for a long time. His gaze to his gf seems like of frustrations.. just my observation and thoughts ..
Ozzie D
Ozzie D 24 дні тому
are the cops prosecuted yet ?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 23 дні тому
her self-defense. I wish she’d told the cops, maybe she’d still be alive but abusive relationships are complex. RIP.
marcy cohen
marcy cohen 24 дні тому
His hand on her throat -and - the cop let them drive off!
margaret-rose donnelly
margaret-rose donnelly 24 дні тому
Salt Lake City has a Name now &Bravo &,Andy Cohen with all his chase.That poor Girl Ran for Her life trust me.I see the land He too selfish to drag a dead weight.I want Bravo shut down till they saught their shit out.😇❤
aola wili
aola wili 24 дні тому
Nancy Knapp
Nancy Knapp 24 дні тому
I'd be willing to bet that Brian's parents paid for his undercover smuggling into any South American country with NO extradition treaty with the USA. After all, they had 11 days to move him secretly. He's long gone and won't be found in that FL preserve. As recent events have unfolded, it's not surprising Brian is the way he is, just look at his cold and unfeeling parents who are now just as culpable in his crime. All they care about is their son and nothing more. They are shameful and despicable people who are now subject to prosecution for aiding and abetting this murderer.
Leon Colina
Leon Colina 25 днів тому
Isn’t him refusing a crime??? Obstructing justice?
Carl D'Angeline
Carl D'Angeline 25 днів тому
FYI FOLKS COMMING FROM A RETIRNED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER- If these 2 individuals would have been BLACK OR BROWN: 1) 45MPH on a 15MPH he would have definitely been arrested! 2) SECONDLY: IN MOST JURIDICTIONS, when law enforcement sees signs of aggravated assault on BOTH SUBJECTS, both of them would have been HAULED TO JAIL, PERIOD! 3) Since they both admitted to striking each other, both of them would have been HAULED TO JAIL, *****I AM WHITE....& THIS IS WHITE PRIVELAGE ALL DAY*****
aola wili
aola wili 24 дні тому
ended so sad.
Me name here
Me name here 25 днів тому
Great acting skills, but this is a hoax to lull you back asleep. Reminds me of David Hogg malarkey
Bri Doyle
Bri Doyle 25 днів тому
the way he's staring at her when they got pulled over......hes giving her the look "ill kill u if u say anything" ....even though she most likely would have covered for him anyways shes use to the abuse -someone whos been in an abusive relationship
JOHNizSiK 25 днів тому
She was found deceased as of 9/20/2021.
Juanita Chambley
Juanita Chambley 25 днів тому
Everybody bragging on the officer who told BRIAN Launtrie that he got his wife on medication! He tells the whole world his wife has issues blaming their marriage problems on her was in essence blaming Gabby!!! Glad I’m not her parents, because I’d find out if he was a medical degree was to decide this as would warrant medication. I’d like to ask his wife if the officer is what drive her to medication. My husband talks about my personal business publicly can expect a divorce degree the day after! So much for your body cams…tell all reveal all! Wish he’d had a gut feeling about this guy gushing to bring the officer to his side who should not have had bias on the job but rather was needing to get his blood pumping! So SIR does a possible killer in your back seat dont pump you????
Jordan Stiles
Jordan Stiles 25 днів тому
Utah police should be charged for negligence causing death
Steve Grumpka
Steve Grumpka 25 днів тому
Guy looks like a murderer! Come on! How stupid was she to be with him? Uhg.
ponypower8 25 днів тому
I hope she's still alive somewhere. But her boyfriend certainly knows whatever happened to her. They have to squeeze it out of him.
Molly Fox
Molly Fox 25 днів тому
The 911 call was released-caller witnessed Brian repeatedly hitting/slapping Gabby and continuing to hit her as they got back in the van. The scratches on his face were from her self-defense. I wish she’d told the cops, maybe she’d still be alive but abusive relationships are complex. RIP.
* Leona *
* Leona * 25 днів тому
She's not used to driving the van but the cop doesn't care..just let's get drive off
duMaurier 25 днів тому
Meh.. she probably had a mental breakdown and jumped.
DeeCee 25 днів тому
Looks like she participated in reactive abuse in response to a stimulus. Scratches are usually for self-defense and is why they check a woman’s fingernails after a rape. He seems manipulative and crazy (obviously) but look at his duper’s delight with SMILING and laughing during a DV altercation with the police siding with him- he feels he won the fight with them suspecting her of being an abuser.
agent danvers
agent danvers 25 днів тому
i wish i could hug her at that moment. Poor girl. Gone way too soon
Amy 25 днів тому
So sad that officer knew in his heart something was going to happen and the other officer didn’t see it causing this misjudged situation giving them a chance to try again.. this ended so sad.
Izzy 25 днів тому
It’s weird to listen to this video now that remains that can potentially be Gabby were found and Brain is missing. Hope this case gets solved and it’s not some twisted murder case.
laurine russell
laurine russell 25 днів тому
My heart goes out to the family. We are praying
Bhabie Snooki
Bhabie Snooki 25 днів тому
They found her body today 😔
S T 25 днів тому
This should of been considered domestic violence! Because that's what is was.
C D 25 днів тому
She was charged with domestic violence get a grip
Kind Regards
Kind Regards 25 днів тому
The scratches were from the two married women he murdered not Gabbie. I see this whole video different now... Gabbie realised what he had done because that altercation started the day after they were murdered... At the gas station one of the women worked. He's a serial killer... They need to find him now.
Brooklyn Avenue
Brooklyn Avenue 26 днів тому
Amazing how fast the police release video when they are not the ones under suspicion
AngryAdonyx 26 днів тому
Don't bring a chick to a dude-fight. Ladies, pay attention: Just because cops let you beat and cut up a man doesn't mean it's advised to resort to violence when you're losing an argument. Eventually you might end up dead. USE YOUR WORDS. (I watched the full video, where cops declined to arrest her after she assaulted him causing clearly visible bodily injury.)
Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy 26 днів тому
Fanny Bianka
Fanny Bianka 26 днів тому
Her remains were found now
Aleps 26 днів тому
it's funny how people just assume stuff and don't got evidence, people could not know sh!t and still blame someone...if you don't know sh!t just shut up. and i'm taking about the people in the comments. can't wait to reply to these comments and laugh at them when they find out who killed her. rest in peace gabby💕
N Makarova
N Makarova 26 днів тому
For those questioning why Brian couldn’t have been “monitored”, arrested, or taken in for questioning, by force UP TO THIS POINT: Everyone has rights. We have to remember this. We may not agree with the circumstances, but we have to respect the law, as we are all protected under it-good and bad-and this is why we have a legal system to allow cases to play out by the letter of the law. Our system is not perfect. But understanding it, can make difficult cases like this, a bit more palatable. The law does not always meet our emotions with the comfort we desperately desire, but it can help bring understanding to complicated cases. As infuriating as it is to feel that Brian couldn’t be “better monitored” of his whereabouts, the law is the law. And the The Constitution governs this. Things to keep in mind legally: 1) this was a missing person case- not a criminal case (yet). 2) Brian’s return was sketchy, however simply “returning” is not criminal. Sketchy? Yes. Criminal, no. 3) there was not- yet- probable cause to cite Brian for a crime. His behavior is definitely not the most settling and doesn’t paint a good impression, however by law, his actions this far does not constitute admission of a crime committed. we do not know the details of what transpired between them, in all reality. 4) as for gps or any other monitoring: the constitution protects us from unlawful search and seizure. Monitoring someone’s whereabouts falls under this protection clause. Until he’s charged with a crime, gps or “spying” on him etc is all a violation of his rights. 5) the constitution and federal rights further: first and foremost we are ALL protected by this. This is sort of what makes us a great nation, and makes our legal system above others. But it does not mean it makes difficult cases feel more “human” and comforting. But at the end of the day we honor the law bc we respect the rights of everyone. Not because we agree with the crime or case. Understand the difference, it makes it a bit more palatable. 6) The very first amendment protects our speech. Our freedom of it. To engage in speech how we choose (or not, in Brian’s case, but more on that in the fifth amendment!) 7) The fourth amendment protects us from unlawful search and seizure, and the protection of issuing warrants without cause. 8)The fifth amendment- which everyone quotes- is “the right to remain silent”, or protection against trial without indictment, Double Jeopardy (being charged for same crime), self incrimination, and property seizure (taking property). 9)The sixth amendment Gives us the right to legal counsel,To be informed of any charges, to be confronted by witnesses, and The right to call witnesses. Brian is upholding is right to counsel, despite it appearing as an admission of guilt. 10) As difficult as cases like these are, and how it can seem “obvious” to the common person how the law or enforcement of the law should transpire, we have to understand and respect the law for what it is. Hopefully Brian will be found alive, and be held accountable in whatever way that is. If this turns into a criminal case, the rights of those involved will still be protected by law, and our Justice system will play out. Things to consider as well: IF Brian and/or family end up being charged, we have to remember that there’s laws that govern and define one’s guilt in order to be convicted of a crime. Also, being charged and convicted are two different things, for those who may not know the difference. One can be charged, but it is up to a judge and jury to convict, based on evidence. There’s physical hard evidence, that something happened pretty much 99%, and there’s conviction based on preponderance of the evidence, by 51% that something “most-likely occurred the way one says it did”. About “taking the vehicle”: The reason an arrest cannot be made for Brian taking the vehicle, is because foremost, a stolen vehicle report was not filed. This is the only way to provide a vehicular crime occurred. Without this, up to this point, Brian had the same right to drive the vehicle as Gabby. Unfortunately his driving the vehicle without her in the car is not criminal solely by itself. It is NOT vehicular theft, as it was not reported by the owner of the vehicle, as such, and Brian had, by all reasonable belief, the permission by Gabby to drive Ans operate the vehicle, despite whose name the car was in. Brining conviction legally, involves a lot of details and things to consider and does not happen immediately. There’s many factors that play. I hope this helps answer some people’s questions as to why the law isn’t as black and white as we hope, when things from an outside perspective can seem so clean cut and easy. Prayers for all.
Detroit iron rescue
Detroit iron rescue 26 днів тому
Well when they identify the body they will know where she was and they will pretty well figure out where he was and he's not going to answer any questions cuz he's already spoken to his attorney and his attorney is giving him the advice that he should have don't talk to the cops. Eventually with all the forensic evidence and they will you know look through the van and they'll find it evidence of a struggle and you know he probably strangled her to death and you know he'll be tried and convicted in Utah and get life in prison unfortunately the police should have investigated this a little bit more cuz if you look at the video you can see that he had scratches on his face and he admit hitting her they should have taken him into custody and her into custody and guess what she'd be alive today
MaD Fun
MaD Fun 26 днів тому
STUPID Officer(s) UTAH Law Enforcement procedures all domestic violence COMMON SENSE MANDATORY lock up to avoiding more SERIOUS outcome they BOTH got physical BOTH go to jail cool down CRIMINAL charges need take them to a HOSPITAL to be seen by MENTAL evauluation . if they boyfriend/finance killed her ONLY justice here DEATH PENALTY 48 hrs once trial is completed . R.I.P GABBY
Able N
Able N 26 днів тому
It makes me sad how this interaction just empowered him. And so many are willing to defend it rather than learn from the mistakes. awareness to narcissistic emotional abuse! RIP Gabby
AwesomeGuy772 25 днів тому
@nicolina1987 it’s pretty obvious she is the aggressor and he just submissive
nicolina1987 25 днів тому
@Chris The 911 call they just released indicates at least in this scenario, he was the aggressor. Her body language indicates guilt after reactive abuse on her end and he is abnormally calm and seems to be amused.
Ty M.
Ty M. 26 днів тому
I knew it they just found her body those cops let a killer go
Cody Jaggers
Cody Jaggers 26 днів тому
Let’s all call for what it is. If these pigs would have treated Gabby and Brian like they would have treated any Black or POC couple, Gabby would still be alive. The pigs being overly lenient with them because they’re young and white is what got Gabby killed. White privilege is what got Gabby killed. RIP you beautiful angel.
Always RARE
Always RARE 26 днів тому
Wow shout out to those police for bot doing there job …
Pennie Philbrook
Pennie Philbrook 26 днів тому
I beleave in my heart there was a fight he threw her out of the van again. Went home to throw her stuff out of storage then got really scared and return to get her. It was to late and took his own life. This whole case is so hear breaking. I pray🙏 they are both found alive.
Pennie Philbrook
Pennie Philbrook 24 дні тому
Whatever the case may be I really don't think he did it on purpose. I could be wrong. Just sad. My heart goes out to the Peteto family🙏💗
Pennie Philbrook
Pennie Philbrook 24 дні тому
@Z06 Guy it's crazy what this world is coming to💔. It's another watts case
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
@Pennie Philbrook They haven't found Brian yet as far as I know.
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
@Pennie Philbrook Her remains were found in Bridger Teton National Forest.
Pennie Philbrook
Pennie Philbrook 26 днів тому
And have they found brian?
John Doe
John Doe 26 днів тому
Love how everyone in the comments are blaming him and saying he has "psycho vibes" when he was the one beaten. Funny too how she was immediately given a shaded and air conditioned seat in the cops car but he was made to sit on a hot sunny curb. Notice how they spent all this time figuring out a way with him NOT to take her to jail, if it had been the other way around he would be charged and sleeping in the jail PERIOD! The police coddled her so much and at times leaded her by the friggin hand when questioning her in regards to wether they should press charges to on her i.e "Think very hard before you answer did you..." and quickly moved on when she said no and didn't hit her with charges. Had it been a male they would have sneakily put the question into conversation and grilled him further when he fell into the trap. Yet they use what they perceive as a legal loophole to let her off after she beat this man. This whole video absolutely infuriates me! Everyone in society wants to cry "equality" but ignores this blatant example of sexism in justice....perfect example of female privilege. Now to what happened to her... I believe after this she went psycho on him again. Maybe not that day, or that week, but at some point she snapped on him again. He had enough and left her on the side of the road or wherever and got away from her and went home. Do not be fooled or blinded, society is so quick to jump the man's ass and make women out to be the victims. Chris Rock said it perfect when he said only women, children, and dogs are loved unconditionally. Men are the rug in the mud room for most people, and I am so sick of seeing it. If she died it's because she is completely unhinged and got left somewhere. As for his disappearance... I believe after a week of hearing the whole country blame him, the stress of it all, and coming to the realization that she's probably dead somewhere he went somewhere and committed suicide. Yet here all of you are, blaming this poor man and coddling this psycho woman just like the police did...because in America men always get the boot and women are precious flowers. You are all disgusting, you are all the problem.
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
Gabby Petito's remains have been found by authorities. This will very likely turn into a murder investigation as soon as the medical examiner determines the cause of death. Will you still be defending Brian Laundrie when he is charged with murder? How about when he is arraigned in court? Perhaps you will still be defending him when a jury finds him guilty? I know, I know, you're one of those blame the victim guys. You didn't find it the least bit suspicious that Brian fled his parents home and went into hiding?
James Beane
James Beane 26 днів тому
Listening to her talk was torture. I don't think she could be more annoying.
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
Reading your comment was even more annoying. Putz.
TrailMix Billy
TrailMix Billy 26 днів тому
I would check Jackson's Hole in Wyoming. He hitchhiked and got picked up and said he wanted to go to Jackson's Hole and offered 200 for there troubles and when they said NO were going to Jackson's Hole anyway. He then changed his story and said he didn't want to go to Jacksons Hole. Sounds to me like he didn't want any witnesses and got out and made the 10 mile hike to catch up to Gabby who had the van after leaving his ass back at the old site or wherever they were and she was continuing her vacation without him. He got angry caught up with her and then only he knows what happened.
Erik SV Cash Flow
Erik SV Cash Flow 26 днів тому
Has anyone picked up on the fact that the last message from Gabby's phone confused Yosemite for Yellowstone, and that Brian made the exact same mistake on the bodycam footage?
* Leona *
* Leona * 25 днів тому
This whole thing is 🐟
Diana Hill
Diana Hill 26 днів тому
Maybe she became pregnant during the vacation. And, he was unhappy about the information.
Clyde Frog
Clyde Frog 26 днів тому
Man if dude was Black or Mexican he would have been arrested on day one 😠
Clyde Frog
Clyde Frog 26 днів тому
@Z06 Guy Exactly! You know in the back of you head that if he were Black or a Mexican, they would have arrested him during the DV call.
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
Gabby Petito has been found dead. Not that it matters to you. But in this case if he was arrested during that police encounter she would still be alive.
Joshua Colon
Joshua Colon 26 днів тому
When a little white women hits someone it's always a "Mental disorder" when a man does it, it's assault, attempted murder etc.
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
That little white woman has been found dead, jackass.
Ban Hammer
Ban Hammer 26 днів тому
Boyfriend gets bitchslapped in public, police interview woman to make sure she's ok.
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 23 дні тому
@Ban Hammer Well, you just can't fix stupid.
Ban Hammer
Ban Hammer 23 дні тому
Nope. This traffic stop was last month in Moab Utah. A lot can change in a month.
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
Woman found dead. Boyfriend in hiding. Does that change anything for you smartass?
🗿Ace ManRC 🏎
🗿Ace ManRC 🏎 26 днів тому
Dumb bastards need to demonitoze these videos
Owo Char
Owo Char 26 днів тому
How many missing people's case is currently active? And we concentrate on this one? Clearly, she being blonde and white and a pretty young girl has nothing to do with it (Sarcasm).
Owo Char
Owo Char 26 днів тому
@Z06 Guy there are people who were found missing today. I'm saying cover everyone. I want to see ugly missing people of all race on the news. I care about everyone/anyone who's missing.
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
Does the fact that she was found dead a short while ago make you feel better?
leepinlepin 26 днів тому
His family attorney is saying that he is hiding, I'm guessing in his parents attic or close by.
Shane Dorman
Shane Dorman 26 днів тому
She’s gone and dude killed himself, it’s sad
Arianna Bellamy
Arianna Bellamy 27 днів тому
She slapped him? Ugh. Don’t get engaged when you’re 22! Waaay too young and immature.
jp 27 днів тому
This feels like a plot from the click bait show on Netflix
Rudy Juarez
Rudy Juarez 27 днів тому
Please. She was murdered. Get a warrant and make that fuck talk!!!!
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
Her body has been found. This will now be a murder investigation.
miss Cndnwoman
miss Cndnwoman 27 днів тому
Why why why did you let them walk why why why, there was every sign and signal she was in distress, he was freaking out he just finished hurting her to her core again And she put all the blame and shone that light on herself, you know the light of abuse from a gaslighting narcissist, or a monster in a kind suit for others viewing. That look on his face is very recognizable. Why didn't you see the signs?
Victoria’s Tukia
Victoria’s Tukia 27 днів тому
WOW she was abusing him multiple times and he covered for her to keep her from being arrested! The police should have arrested her! If they did, this whole thing may have been avoided! She probably attacked him again and he snapped. Not saying it's okay. If he accidentally killed her in self defense he should come forward!
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 14 днів тому
@Victoria’s Tukia Sure, that tiny scratch he got could take all of two or three days to heal. Makes sense that most guys would fear for their lives from something like that.
Victoria’s Tukia
Victoria’s Tukia 15 днів тому
@Z06 Guy No, Im saying I wouldn't be surprised if he killed her in self defense and took off knowing men are often villainized even when innocent.
Z06 Guy
Z06 Guy 26 днів тому
You sound like you're saying it was ok. Her body has been found. Feel better?
MORINGA POWER 27 днів тому
He killed her... soon he gonna say the truth... so sad
N Makarova
N Makarova 27 днів тому
In the Axon body cam footage of the Utah Moab police traffic stop of the couple: Notice the speech and body language of both of them: I noticed this when I watched the entire axon footage…. Brain’s tone, dictation, speed of speech, inflections in his voice, body language, stance and demeanor blatantly show red flags. I don’t know why the Utah police did not pick up on this in the near two hour traffic stop they conducted with the couple. It is evident, watching Brian in the cam footage. That he is almost far too relaxed, as if putting an effort into looking more clam than he really was. Even in the casual conversation he holds with Ofc.Robsinson when he drives him to the hotel at the end…. Brian is acting almost “chummy” with the Officer, trying to get him in common interests such as travel, past residences, similarities with gf and cop’s wife, how they “handle their partners anxiety” almost bonding as men, Brian creating a false sense of stability. Etc. this casualty almost shows a sense of guilt in Brian. It’s an effort to appear very calm when really, it wreaks of guilty implication. Brains mannerisms and conversation all appear as though he’s not taking responsibility, he’s controlling the narrative for Gabby by depicting her as a unbalanced, anxious, out of control female, that he was simply trying to distance from. Meanwhile if you examine Gabby’s speech and behavior, she takes responsibility for her actions, tries to explain the best she can whilst being upset. She’s almost in that “fatal funnel” zone from adrenaline, and she can’t quite clearly express herself as eloquently as she would like, but definitely is forthcoming with law enforcement of her actions. Her body language is meak, cooperative (her shoulders hunched forward, knees tight together. Visibly upset/crying, and much more). All of this body language speaks to a sort of “owning up” to her acknowledgement that she shouldn’t use her hands to communicate while upset with Brian, but also demonstrates honesty and remorse. Brian is (falsely) calm- but speaks at an almost nervous rapid rate, is sarcastic in interactions with police, passing off as sort of the joker -laid -back -type; but really it’s his unraveling efforts to remain calm.
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt 27 днів тому
Ooh she gone.. he did that shit. He'll no her OCD dont make her walk away mad.
Stefan Hatcher
Stefan Hatcher 27 днів тому
If she was innocent why wouldn't she have told the cop? She didn't feel in danger of him that's why!
James Brown
James Brown 27 днів тому
Not one single person knows what happens and all these people saying that he should be locked up and that he’s acting guilty are stupid I watched the video and it doesn’t show anything but a young couple who was fighting and they both was protected the other No shit she was crying she’s a young women in the back of the police car and they said she’s getting charged with assault and battery She had not injuries or even any mark on her. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED TO HER YET There’s a reason he wasn’t arrested or anything because there’s nothing except his silence suggesting that he did something wrong. For all we know the girl got out of the van and walked off and he couldn’t find her and he’s freaking out because she’s now missing and everyone is condemning him I’d be scared too
Cruel Reality
Cruel Reality 27 днів тому
Witnesses saw her hitting him and trying to escape, cops find marks on her, no evidence of him hitting her. Karen’s in the comments: He WaS AbuSinG HeR!!! I agree that the dude is suspicious and a piece of shit. But the bodycam footage shows that she was definitely and objectively abusive. Whether he was abusing her is uncertain. Whether he killed her is also uncertain, though I would not be surprised if he did, because she could’ve fallen or committed suicide. Either way, y’all are extremely sexist regarding your interpretation of the bodycam footage.
Lenore Kerl
Lenore Kerl 27 днів тому
She's dead..he dumped her body..stupid people can't figure this out!!
Timbrock1000 27 днів тому
I'd be willing to bet my next paycheck he not only knows the truth, but did something to her, and knows where the body is!
Todd Schultz
Todd Schultz 27 днів тому
The cops absolutely failed to do their job by not taking Gabby to jail for Domestic Violence against Brian , she would’ve been safe from herself in jail ., if it was Brain that left marks on her , he would’ve been cuffed and jailed on the spot. Being a wack job isn’t an excuse for Domestic Violence and not to go to jail . The cops failed Miserably ……… Brain had every right to defend himself from violence from Gabby without hurting her. Kudos to Brian for that. Brian is exercising his rights by having an attorney and not saying a word to the cops. Way to go Brian.
Nalimanguluke Ndeshihafela
Nalimanguluke Ndeshihafela 27 днів тому
At this point now, everything said about this situation by Gabby's loved ones should be treated as hardcore evidence. Seems Gabby was in a dysfunctional relationship with a overly insecure grandiose narcissistic fiance who eventually killed her in a jealous-driven fit of rage during one of their many domestic fueds. Didn't help that Gabby probably had a cluster-B personality disorder, most likely a delusional borderline prone to episodes of major depression, manic phases, anxiety and OCD. She wouldn't have left him due to her overwhelming feelings of guilt, worsened by his emotional blackmail and manipulation. Brian appears to be the type of guy who considers himself unattractive, hence is shy around and struggles to find girls/women. Because he thinks it's surreal to meet a drop-dead gorgeous blue-eyed blond bombshell with a perfect body, his insecurities turn him into a overly jealous, controlling and fatally possessive boyfriend. At this point...RIP TO GABBY PETITO. Tune in to my channel for more psychoanalysis. Condolences to her family and friends.
Faisal Bajwa
Faisal Bajwa 27 днів тому
The second the van turned up at Brian's house why did the police not arrest him for stealing the van??? Does his religion protect him? He has now vanished. This is why US legal system is a joke around the world.
Nickenator8 27 днів тому
You're telling me we're in 2021 and NOBODY can track her cell phone or anything like that? People walk around with trackers on them ALL DAY and we can't figure out where these people have been on their road trip?
Painting with Billy
Painting with Billy 27 днів тому
I hate when they talk over raw footage. Just play the damn video we don’t need your commentary
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor 27 днів тому
Utah is where they sell babies
Tits McGee
Tits McGee 27 днів тому
If she was black nobody would care
Angelic Stòrm
Angelic Stòrm 27 днів тому
Police should know more
Just as a human being in general that cop should’ve called her parents & let them know their child was out here looking crazy 💔 she was sent off to her demise
Gmguy3car 26 днів тому
Boo hoo, they were separated and as adults reunited the next day for more face scratching dram filled fun, speeding hitting curbs arguing, healthy relationship.
Michigander and Proud
Michigander and Proud 27 днів тому
So much attention given to this one missing girl over so many in this country. Gee, I wonder why. This country is really screwed up. Smh I hope ALL the families of Missing people, get their hope & closure 🕊
Judy Craemer
Judy Craemer 27 днів тому
Wow great policing. Abusive boyfriend gets a hotel room. Slender crying terrified girl gets to shower in an ultra city and sleep alone in the van!
Haley 28 днів тому
I honestly don’t think he intentionally hurt her. Something terrible has likely happened, but he doesn’t strike me as violent. My guess is that he left his parents house because citizens are terrorizing him and his family, instead of hinting his constitutional right to due process. Hopefully he has not killed himself. It’s obvious that he loved her so I’m sure he’s terrified and grieving.
Democratic Detox
Democratic Detox 28 днів тому
She he's been back for 18 days now. Why didn't he call for help 18 gotdamn days ago 😡😡🤬
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