Viral Chris Cuomo Fredo Outburst, Priyanka Chopra Backlash, Barstool Sports Union & Kashmir

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13 сер 2019





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Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco 6 місяців тому
I need to make shorter videos... Happy Tuesday! Timecodes: Cuomo 00:35 - TIA 6:54 - Barstool 8:51 - Chopra 11:45
Threenth famine
Threenth famine 5 місяців тому
Bloody asshole If you don't know anything First research And then talk Please watch latest episode of sham sharma show on you
ammu 5 місяців тому
@Jerry Watson the problem with American 's is they do not know anything beyond their borders , you guys such stinking hypocrites and do not hold any right to be condescending to anyone, you attack countries shamelessly and talk about nuking each other, do you even understand what's wrong with Kashmir????
Manish karnatak
Manish karnatak 5 місяців тому
The surprising thing is how ignorant you are...If you are really unbiased then what about Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Balochistan,Uyghurs? and she said hail India....from where it means a nuclear war? Infact Pakistani prime minister is threatening for nuclear war these days. but any analysis for that? So your ignorant and hypocrite channel is losing a subscriber today. I know that doesn't matter much to u
Subhakanta Sahoo
Subhakanta Sahoo 5 місяців тому
@phillip deFranco do you have any idea what happened on February?? More than 40 armed force personnel were killed in pulwama by Pakistan based terrorist group, thats why India carried out attack on terrorist camps. As USA did on Osama bin Laden's house in Pakistan. Priyanka condemned that terrorist attack which was done earlier not the retaliation by Pakistan. I doubt you have any knowledge what so ever.
killoreo 5 місяців тому
@vinnythewebsurfer ok sure. You'll understand the killing of Gandhi when in the future , Which ever leader will give into the Islamic demands of more territories in Europe and carve out Europe into Islamic section then there will be angst against that European leaders and maybe even murder for the sake of the motherland. Then you ll understand why Gandhi was killed.
Saanvi 10 днів тому
When Goras support their army for entering Pakistan illegally and killing Osama bin Laden, everyone - 💃💪🤘👌👍💥💫👑🎉🎊🎆🎇✨🍷🍸🍻 When Priyanka supports her country's army against terrorists sent by neighbours, everyone : "BOO!!!! POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, SO WHAT IF OSAMA was in PAKISTAN, so what if DAWOOD is also in Pakistan, so what if they sent KASAB, send terrorists literally everyday to Kashmir, so what if she NEVER TWEETED ABOUT NUKING the neighbours, we are supposed to hug them and love them because only the GORAS can teach them a lesson, okay, BOOOOOO" 😑😒
Alok Sen
Alok Sen 18 днів тому
To all the liberals speaking on Chopra, she never advocated for war. She never said that she supported Nuclear war between India and Pakistani. And she did right to shut a Pakistani, a country which was born of hate for Hindus. So fuck off SJW's.
Sonya Blade
Sonya Blade 2 місяці тому
Sankalp Bansal
Sankalp Bansal 4 місяці тому
1- dig lil deeper in kashmir issue And 2- a country who can't handle themselves trying to help kashmir 2.1 Pakistan is abt to black listed next week 2.2 this country funds terror and u should ve known abt it. 3 overall just do more research. Im not defending Priyanka coz im indian but coz aisha should know that tell her pm first that both nations can live together.
Wesocracy Stream Archives
Wesocracy Stream Archives 4 місяці тому
Definitely never in favor of silencing someone so you can use your influence to "win" over the crowd.
Wing Wang
Wing Wang 5 місяців тому
A guilty pleasure of mine is listening to Italian men arguing
Neil's TCG Vault
Neil's TCG Vault 5 місяців тому
Well Trump and his sons are a couple of Fredos
Choki Moon
Choki Moon 5 місяців тому
p.c only came in support for army and their family who died by pakistani terrorist. She was being patriotic. She is also human just because she is a celeb it doesnt mean that she will tolerate shit from someone who couldnt understand where she was getting at and she did apologise for hurting anyones sentiment. As for her unicef role priyanka deserve to be an ambassador , she has done so many voluntary work for children and women and has given million of donation out of her own pocket to provide education in rural areas. People saying shit about her wouldnt even spare a dollar for charity all they like to do is spew shit and why is that whenever there is any issue people make priyanka a target why should she have to answer... go ask the politicians.
Choki Moon
Choki Moon 5 місяців тому
there are Muslims in india but are there Indians in Pakistan? now that speaks volume. Pakistan leaders have long supported terrorist. There are some terrorist who are responsible for bomb blasts in india living still in Pakistan but their government does nothing about it. India doesnot go and spread terror like some terriorist.
kamal chauhan
kamal chauhan 5 місяців тому
U r an illeterate illogical idiot who doesn't do an proper research about the issues but uses a written script........
LadyQ.M Jaffri #stand for Kashmir
LadyQ.M Jaffri #stand for Kashmir 5 місяців тому
When you are doing a duty for UN as United Nations not a single nation,you do and say things that will help Nations around the globe.chopra don't know-how to be that.lockdown for 30 days,no rations no medicine or freedom to say or do what they want to do is sad and disgusting.i recently watch an Indian actress married to a kashmiri expressed her worries and fear about not knowing anything about her in-laws since lockdown.and please lastly people do understand it's not about India or Pakistan it's about kashmiri people's rights and wants.its been 50 years if this situation will not be resolve and settle , another Syrian like crisis will immerge. p.s . please everyone raise your voice at this injustice.and to all the people from both countries who comes here to curse me in your language 😬I don't want to know your parents names or anything they do to you or other people 😘
abhinav gupta
abhinav gupta 5 місяців тому
U ain't no shit about our region,no history, nothing..just spreading fake videos of protest ,not even known why ..it's an agenda being spread,civil war is happening in Hong Kong and Balochistan but who cares everyone is after India step to include it's own stAte to it's own Constitution...u should talk of after knowing ful complete knowledge not by knowing it on Google...
aribam athoiba
aribam athoiba 5 місяців тому
That failed Islamic state Pakistan supported by Taliban's and Thier beggar Prime minister and the Muslim loving liberals can fuck themselves and all of Jammu& Kashmir is an integral part of India and will remain. And Insallah Pakistan occupied Kashmir will be taken back by India just wait and see. #JAIHIND
Talking Football
Talking Football 5 місяців тому
I don't like priyanka chopra but i don't get how she is getting such backlash for this. First of all people need to educate themselves on the kashmir issue before talking. Secondly, her being a public figure gives you an opportunity to using tweets and messages according to your will to suit your narrative and prove her a hypocrite. "Oh I am Pakistani and I love India" Who knows if you are just lying bitch to earn a few brownie points. Also regarding " We want peace. Stop the war". It is not that easy you know. There is a reason the tension has dragged for centuries, even before independence. So first analyse and understand the situation before blabbering.
notorious 5 місяців тому
hey bro.. you don't know nothing about Kashmir... first check out the history from where it was started... and please read the history of Kashmiri pandits genocide jus 3 decades ago... Philip the unbaised youtuber
kbalasa 5 місяців тому
You need to brush up your Kashmir history. Only people crying about Kashmir is Pakistani rich who cash on de-stablished/disturbed Kashmir.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 5 місяців тому
Either UKvid or Philip is deleting pro-Indian comments while leaving the pro-Pakistan, (a hub of global terrorism) up. Interesting double-standard of how Leftists always come down in support of Islamic terrorism.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 5 місяців тому
I think the world is starting to figure out that Islam is a cult of terrorism and hate. See how Pakistan treats its Christian, Hindu, Atheist and other non-Muslim minorities and you'll begin to understand that Islam is worse than Nazism and it needs to be removed from this planet. Instead of supporting their fellow brown people Pakistanis do nothing but bring shame, conflict and insults to Indians. They're like the schoolyard bully who shows up out of nowhere and starts a fight with you. Go away Muslims, nobody likes you.
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh 5 місяців тому
Bro. If you don't know what is Kashmir. What's its history What pak did to occupy Kashmir (POK) nd since doing insurgency & even initiated wars to capture kashmir Why did the gov took this decision Kashmiri Pandits Exodus? You don't know anything That pak lady who was venting on prianka Chopra said Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris the why the fuck Pakistan sent lashkars into Kashmir raping nd plundering the whole area in 1947 even after pak nd India signed standstill agreement with Hari Singh(Maharaja of j&k) India kept its promise n pak violated it. The maharaja asked india for help.but India couldn't as it wasn't its constituency. That is when raja signed the accession. Please don't comment on it when you don't know the full story You are concerned bcoz of stone pelting & protests. Well that's been happening for about 4 decades now Indian Kashmir is just a small part of Jammu & Kashmir State. Jammu is okay with this decision & largest area of the state is Ladakh..which are really Happy & even demanding from long to be a UT or State nd get away from Kashmir driven politics in the region Search about the Dalits in Jammu, Women Rights, Marriage & property rights for woman were descriminated under 370. I am not a leftist or a Rightist not a Modi fan even, but I support the gov of India in this decision. It was due for quite some time.
Threenth famine
Threenth famine 5 місяців тому
Bloody asshole If you don't know anything First research And then talk Please watch latest episode of sham sharma show on you
Beautyrose 101
Beautyrose 101 5 місяців тому
U barely touched on whats going down in kashmir. Women are being raped. Children are getting shot at by pellet guns or are being beaten to death. Men are being tortured, in one case a man was hung upside down while indian soldiers cut flesh off his legs and later forcefully fed it to him. This is whats going down in kashmir. Kashmir wants to be ‘azaad’. Azaad means freed. The side of kashmir which is in pakistan is called AZAAD kashmir. When the kashmiris say they want to be AZAAD what want to be ‘freed’ and be apart of the freed part of kashmir which is in pakistan. Narendra Modi can’t take that the people of Kashmir want to be of Pakistan so now he is trying to wipeout all of them. He wants a ethnic cleansing of muslims despite being 200 million of them in India at the moment. This is whats happening in Kashmir. Also Pakistan openly says they were not responsible for the pulwama attacks this is purely a allegation. Also despite not being responsible india still sent airstrikes to which thank God we shot down. Despite trying to kill us, we kept their pilot Abhinandan and kept him safe and cleaned him up and stitched him up and sent him back to india unharmed. We did this as a peace offering. Despite that they won’t leave the Kashmiris alone and they still want to wipe them all out. This is whats going down in Kashmir. Paitents aren’t able to visit doctors children aren’t being able to go to school. THIS IS WHAT IS FUCKING GOING DOWN IN KASHMIR.
Pseudo Prophet
Pseudo Prophet 5 місяців тому
Don't just fucking parrot Pakistani narrative on kashmir, also do Indian Narrative. 🖕
Pseudo Prophet
Pseudo Prophet 5 місяців тому
If kashmir belongs to Kashmiris, then why the fuck does Pakistan has kashmir under it's Terrorist rule?
Sanjay Singhaniya
Sanjay Singhaniya 5 місяців тому
Q: Guess who gives nukes threat on twitter account? Ans : Pakistan PM Imran Khan Which is something only a coward could do & is definitely not worthy of a post of PM. Trollers in the comment section : No But I think Priyanka is Bad just because she said "Hail India" after the Indian response on Balakot in Pakistan across the Line of Control in POK just days after a dastardly attack took place in Pulawama took place on the Indian Army Vehicle when a juvenile terrorist ( Jihadist) rammed his vehicle which had explosives. Q:Can someone please explain how he received explosives? Ans : Pakistan has been for 7 decades has been a safe haven for terrorists group. Ex : Osama bin Laden was found in Abottabad in Aisha's great New Pakistan. Aisha Loves India and Pakistan is as bullshit as Americans love Russians & vice versa. Let Aisha first talk to your PM who is tweeting Hatred speeches of Nukes but she is concerned about Priyanka. How Convinient.
Tushar Mishra
Tushar Mishra 5 місяців тому
When people from Pakistan killed 46 of Indian Army and because Pakistan attacked India, India retaliated. Priyanka saying hail India doesn't mean let's nuke each other.
Imreal 5 місяців тому
I don’t usually write comments but this was not handled properly by Priyanka. I definitely lost respect for her considering how she handled this. it was also funny because she didn’t have her PR people in her ear microphone telling her what to say. Bet she wasn’t ready for a real question that actually means something unlike her other ones that were about needless things in my opinion... way to go Ayesha.. made a lot of people proud of the way you handled yourself and I definitely wish they hadn’t taken the mic from her. It would have been real because Priyanka was definitely beat... Merely just my opinion on this.
Shubham Tiwary
Shubham Tiwary 5 місяців тому
Educate yourself on kashmir a little before making commentary. Below video may help you in understanding little better , what's happening in kashmir. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-ooXNMnOiOIk.html
MKR 5 місяців тому
I see prejudice of Westerners and their beloved Jihadis everywhere in the comments 😂
MKR 5 місяців тому
Can someone explain how hailing the Indian Army encourage Nuclear war??😂 People are so dumb these days😂
dhruv tatti XD
dhruv tatti XD 5 місяців тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-ooXNMnOiOIk.html watch this video first and then talk about the topic. You just read some articles and started babbling about it.
Himanshu Sirohi
Himanshu Sirohi 5 місяців тому
Rebels, really, Are rebels and their organizations are banned by UN and USA? No, they are terrorists that kill people ruthlessly and spread chaos. Don't poke your nose into something you don't know.
Dev Karan
Dev Karan 5 місяців тому
Hey phil kashmir is only belongs to india not pakistan . Improve ur knowledge. Read the history
Latika Wagh
Latika Wagh 5 місяців тому
well thats right..if ayesha can support her country n why priyanka shouldnt??? this is double standard
astha singh
astha singh 5 місяців тому
New dictionary of Pakistan: Jai Hind = Nuclear war. Wow. Well Pakistan is so peaceful even terrorists like Osama, Masood azahar live there peacefully.
MKR 5 місяців тому
The Muricans will not get this my friend 😂They have a lot of love and sympathy for these Terrorists. I wish they finally forgot their 9/11
Kunal Seth
Kunal Seth 5 місяців тому
Watch Sham Sharmas video on Kashmir which is very well done
SharmaJi Sarcastic
SharmaJi Sarcastic 5 місяців тому
15:28 still not getting it where the heck did she saw Priyanka cheering for a nuclear war ? Why can't pakistanis do some real shit ( like preventing the ongoing economic crisis or deradicalizing the youth and shutting down terror organisations etc) except for Virtue Signalling ?
Nail Hend
Nail Hend 5 місяців тому
Phillip you got it wrong. Priyanka cheered Indian army for striking terrorist camps in Pakistan AFTER Pakistan did terrorist attack in India. Also you seem to know nothing about Kashmir. And Priyanka did not shut down speech. She shut down someone who was not making any speech. She was shutting down someone who was making personal attacks aggressively. Also current people of Kashmir are NOT Kashmiris. Their ancestors invaded Kashmir form the 1600s and had genocide of Hindus. The only genocide in Kashmir had been that of Hindus. Next time you want to talk about Kashmir make sure you know the Indian side of the story too.
SharmaJi Sarcastic
SharmaJi Sarcastic 5 місяців тому
Subhakanta Sahoo
Subhakanta Sahoo 5 місяців тому
And what is this close to nuclear war??? It is Pakistan who always says we will use nuclear weapons and India has learnt to ignore that. They are just Barking dogs. And India declared no first use policy when it created nuclear weapons. It's Pakistan who is a rogue state and uses terrorism to keep the region under Chaos. Be it India or Afghanistan.
Sapna Chauhan
Sapna Chauhan 5 місяців тому
Sir plzz do some research before talking about Kashmir issue.... You are talking totally bised.. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-ooXNMnOiOIk.html Watch it
SharmaJi Sarcastic
SharmaJi Sarcastic 5 місяців тому
SharmaJi Sarcastic
SharmaJi Sarcastic 5 місяців тому
Request to pro-pakistani guys to shove their opinions up their स्थान विशेष ।
Subhakanta Sahoo
Subhakanta Sahoo 5 місяців тому
@phillip deFranco do you have any idea what happened on February?? More than 40 armed force personnel were killed in pulwama by Pakistan based terrorist group, thats why India carried out attack on terrorist camps. As USA did on Osama bin Laden's house in Pakistan. Priyanka condemned that terrorist attack which was done earlier not the retaliation by Pakistan. I doubt you have any knowledge what so ever.
dmaniax D
dmaniax D 5 місяців тому
Does she (aayesha) even know anything about kashmir. She said kashmir is for kashmiri not for india and pakistan than i am just asking a simple question to her - Then Why pakistan give some portion of their part of kashmir to the china as a gift? And why more than 50% of kashmir is still in india? And did ahe ever tweeted about her prime minister speech on using the nuclear weapon ? India never said even a word about nuclear weapon.
Melissa Treglia
Melissa Treglia 5 місяців тому
"Fredo" is not a slur. It's a comparison. The real slur against Italian-Americans is the G-word.
Aman Shergill
Aman Shergill 5 місяців тому
Stop shitting u dont know anything about india and pakistan and kashmir. You act like little mama's boy.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 long live india
Ashu Roy
Ashu Roy 5 місяців тому
Chutiya budhi hai iss insaan ke bhen ke lode Kashmir india ka hai or rahega abh Balochistan pe bhi video bana dalle ke bache or Malik khud mulli hai mullo be bharosa karna vaisa hi hai jaise jhaat pe latakna or jhaat ko steel wire samajhna
Shivansh Dwivedi
Shivansh Dwivedi 5 місяців тому
You are ignorent audience. Who don't know any thing about the situation.Pakistan is a grey listed country. They use militants for terror attacks in indian. They use Kashmir as their bait for these attacks. Due to article 370(i.e. temporary act) India was not able to fully control the situation. You google the word gazwa-e-hind to know what is mentality of Pakistani and other extremist groups. And at last jai hind only mean "Iong live India". You ignorent basterds can't even understand that.
nikhil mahajan
nikhil mahajan 5 місяців тому
Kashmir belong to India 🇮🇳
Kishan Mandan
Kishan Mandan 5 місяців тому
Bro.. Jai Hind means just like saying God Bless.. Just for your info.. Stupid..
Swnglu Narzary
Swnglu Narzary 5 місяців тому
#Have a good research man.... learn how to research man.
Swnglu Narzary
Swnglu Narzary 5 місяців тому
Ha ha r a dump clown man..lol
Swnglu Narzary
Swnglu Narzary 5 місяців тому
anup kishore
anup kishore 5 місяців тому
If you don't understand geography and geopolitics of the Indian subcontinent, research more. Plus stop this virtue signalling nonsense by being too woke forgetting the human tendency to make mistakes and the desire to have opinions like you have on various things. Lastly, you are nobody so don't act like you are special and won't have rebuttals. Watch the Sham Sharma show countering your nonsense.
Ganesh Parameswaran
Ganesh Parameswaran 5 місяців тому
Ah yes. Let’s trust Imran Khan, prime minister of Pakistan, the harbinger of peace in the world. He wouldn’t ever lie to manipulate the West.
Arkodeep Dasgupta
Arkodeep Dasgupta 5 місяців тому
Disclaimer : my comment is big so if anyone don't have time please avoid it at first and explanation clarification and rectification are here in details so those who don't want details can avoid it for sure and also all videos on kashmir are covered in this one 1. India and pakistan both claim kashmir but legally its of India why so during partition every princely states of British India were given 3 ways go with pakistan go with India be a independent nation and as every other states chooses either India or Pakistan , kashmir choosed to be independent but after pakistani tribal attack under command of Pakistan army personals kashmir to safe itself signed an instrument of accession with India which legally give rights to India to enter and to claim kashmir was part of India as well as control foreign affairs , military , communication of the state and this instrument of accession is what each and every state whether going with India or Pakistan signed so tell me if today India claim Sindh which like other states signed instrument of accession with pakistan will you say the same for sindh too . 2. Priyanka Chopra though being an opportunistic lady till now still and she surely shouldn't be commenting on Indian Army as UNICEF gifted her the status of brand ambassador for which she surely didn't asked but still she is also part of India and will be that but saying Jai Hind surely doesn't mean to say to go for war or opt for nuclear war in any way people may support the women in the video because of her underdog status but if saying Jai Hind is directly linked to supporting war between India and Pakistan or more over supported a nuclear war between both the nations then I m sorry to say but anyone in their country saying hail their nation means a call for nuclear war . And now she tweeted the opposite on pulwama as said but in pulwama CRPF personals martyr in balakot neither civilian nor military personal casualty took placed the strike was solely for terrorist headquarter which was situated there now if terrorist are included as a force or civil population than only Priyanka Chopra can be called hypocrite . As for Indian are concerned terrorism and talk never walk hand in hand pakistan has to choose either one and focus on that only living the other aside . And India does have a not first use policy in fact pakistan is calling for nuke war . 3. In another video you said after the article 370 was scrapped few misogyny video and Indian people saying we will marry kashmiri girl and all , at first yeah you are right about some 1 or 2 songs which are misogynist in nature and are condemned but so look about marrying kashmiri girl that was just a meme a joke for the separatists in kashmir and why so for that learn the art 370 throughly firs claim many hear is article 370 gave right to India to annex kashmir that's false accession was signed in 1947 and Indian army and administration entered in Kashmir legally in 1947 article 370 was created in 1954 6 years later and it also was temporary provision for the time plebiscite don't held so that demography don't change and till than govt investment not started in kashmir but as all know 1 step of plebiscite still not took placed by Pakistan and as its temporary so after 72 years with no propable scope of plebiscite can be changed legally not during article 370 than PM Jawaharlal Nehru put it himself without even a discussion with his cabinet the thing is term non democratic acc to constitution too but scraping of article 370 followed the procedure totally so it became legal Now important part it gives special status to J&K which is actually a discrimination coz than each and every state of India too deserve a special status like 370 for themselves too coz they also came in India signing the same Instrument of accession as kashmir now article 370 actually is discriminatory not to just others but also to its own people too the only one given priority is muslim sunni men no one else is given any right under this article as for Muslim sunni men are concerned they can marry any one from rest of the India and his wife will also get the same status which he get like only kashmiri can buy land ,opt for scholarship , hold business , employment in state govt .... if a kashmiri women marry a rest of states man then her rights will be demolished and her kind will also won't have any right as kashmiri , now kashmiri pandits were not included coz in 1989 400000 kashmiri pandits were cleansed from kashmir who at present live in refugee camps , I excluded the number of deaths and rapes totally coz that's simply to make an idea when 400000 flee a land who many killed or burned so no Pandits in kashmir now the only way of employment in kashmir is govt jobs but the people reservation given to the people termed as SC or ST basically economically weaker section who also are kashmiri but doesn't have any right for employment in kashmir under article 370 because its stops uplifting or upward mobility it violates the rights of those who are from lower or weaker section are discriminated . Now it gives all power to the kashmir for money and resources and give chances for corruption and discrimination it may not known but jammu and ladakh which are also part of majority of Jammu & kashmir actually doesn't get any rights for them because the power falls under hand of kashmir totally the funds, resources allotted for the states actually never reach either jammu or ladakh basically are looted and went into pocket of powerful people in kashmir . It also led to radicalisation of Kashmir coz till Hindus were there the money was actually not getting the money in their pocket coz that time Pandits and muslims both controlled the cabinets so funds and resources though that time also used to be corrupted still ladakh or jammu used to get the amount they must get though lesser but still used to get that's why the cleansing started so that the whole benefit fits under muslim sunni men only. So now with scrapping of article 370 the men and women have equal rights can get jobs investment of business will also take place jobs will increase and the only chance to curb terrorism down . Still about the marrying kashmiri women than any day come you won't see any other states men standing in line to marry or kidnap kashmiri women's and as for the statement of demonize men so they doesn't need anyone to demonize them they can do the job themselves gracefully 4. As for region is cut of from internet and we sending 10000 more troops in kashmir and making it a lockdown troops patrolling streets as well as series of protests as far as situation of lockdown and cut of from internet is concerned people are concerned about it and its understanding thing too but it should also be known or understand that when the govt is going to take a major step in a place which surely not a peaceful area that time pakistan or other terrorists will surely try to create havoc in kashmir coz it won't be good for their functioning in the kashmir and for that for the people of kashmir that extra troops are there and internet or phone line are shut down so that propaganda or any plan of creating havoc may not take place in the valley and to keep the havoc as minimum as it can be for the civilians of the valley and now you said that people are protesting did you know what the protesters were carrying with themselves did you focused on the flags and banner they were carrying for once first they weren't carrying the flag of kashmir second the flag you can see there are flags of Jaish e Muhammad and ISIS with poster of terrorist of an ISIS and both this organisation are banned by US ,UK , UN , India and many other nations you do not carrying terrorist organisation flag in peaceful protests and keep it mind this is not a stable area this is the place where 428 terrorist attack took placed in 2018 alone this the area infested with terrorism and radicalization and that's what they are fighting for to safeguard article 370 which will slow there recruitment in militancy as jobs will be there . But also keep in mind 90% of the overall kashmiri civilian don't support them and fun fact they are never shown ever . 4. You have called a reports where 2 people killed between encounter and "rebel" you are calling them rebels see the think when you call them rebels a idea comes in western world that rebels means like rebels from star wars but here the rebels you are talking about this " rebels " did ethnic cleansing, killed innocent people in cold blood some times for not supporting some time for standing against them some time on suspicion of being informer some time kidnap or rape innocent people whom you all are concerned about and also involved in drug peddling a serious concern because many kashmiri at present do this substance abuse and is the 2 state after punjab in India with highest drug peddling and abuse so the people you called rebel are not rebel but terrorists who are trained as well as sponsored by pakistani army and govt and they are part of Hizbul mujjhahidin, jaish e muhammad, lashkar e taiba, lashkar e touiba and even ISIS so if you call them rebels that will directly mean Al Qaida is also a rebel organizations and not a terrorist organisation coz all of them are banned organisation in multiple nations as well as UN
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh 5 місяців тому
She is pakistani .Her opinion does not count 😂😂😂.Jai Hindu means respect to India. And Kashmir was always India part of India. But due to 370 article it had given special status that citizen had 2 citizen ship one for Kashmir and other for Indian. It was legal to remove article 370 but in log sabha and raj sabha you have to pass the bill for removal for 370 article with 2/3 of the total number of people present in the respective sabha(council). It had been 70 year but the bill was not remove because of Congress gov and their propaganda and other stuff which is quite complicated. But due to Modi gov. it was removed. And you know why Pakistani is angry about the removal article because under the 370 article law Central government could not interfere internal matter of Kashmir except military , communication and one more(not remembering now). All the internal matter was come under the state government . And all the taxes of Indian people went to Kasmir government. Instead of helping Kashmir's peoples they use for their own greed and spread the rumor that removal of 370 would bring disaster and other stuff that would bring damage to their society. Also due to article 370 central government couldn't invest and open the job facilities so no job . So removal of article was great move.
Abhimanyu Singh
Abhimanyu Singh 5 місяців тому
Willie Kate
Willie Kate 5 місяців тому
Dhar Dhir Druha
Dhar Dhir Druha 5 місяців тому
So Priyanka Chopra tweet "Jay Hind" & "Jay jawan" and it hurts all liberals while Pakistani Prime minister tweeting regularly to start a jihad on India is not hurting them??? Pakistani railway minister threat to attack India in October, but it didn't hurt liberals???? Their army openly saying to destroy India under the Islamic "Ghazwa-e-Hind" madness. And yet it didn't hurt liberals????? Every single day their media is treating to kill Indians by doing nuclear weapons and yet it didn't hurt liberals???? What kind of blindness and ignorance these racist liberals have????
bitsnpieces 5 місяців тому
Too many things to unwind here, let me give you guys some context. - After British left India all the princely states(kingdoms) and provincial states had an option to either join India or Pakistan. More than 700 of these princely states joined India. - Kashmir decided to stay independent. - Pakistan attacks Kashmir making it their first act of aggression just few days after becoming independent. - The then king of Kashmir 'Raja Hari Singh' was terrified and acceeded Kashmir to India by singing the 'Instrument of accession' like rest of the other 700+ provinces. - India sent it troops and was successful in defending Kashmir. - Simultaneously the first PM of India 'Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru' took this situation to UN for the international community to act because like Kashmir Pakistan had already occupied Baloochistan by force. - By the time the ceasefire was achieved India had lost 1/3rd of its Kashmir region to Pakistan. Result: - Now there are two Kashmirs one is Pakistan occupied Kashmir and the other is Indian side of Kashmir. From this video: About Priyanka - I do think she could have handled the situation more better, but she was caught offguard we all have been in that situation. - Her tweet was in support of the Indian army, 'JaiHind' means long live India I don't see anything wrong in that. - And being a UN peace keeper doesn't mean you dont support your arm forces. The Allies won the war by defending itself from the Nazis. About The Pakistani Girl and fake news: - Nowhere Priyanka supported Nuclear War. It's funny it's always the Pakistan and the people of Pakistan who bring Nukes in every discussion, India has signed a "No first use policy", Pakistan has not. No country in the world considers India a Nuclear threat, can you say the same for Pakistan? - Her Claim Priyanka suppoted attack on Pakistan. After a terrorist attack through a sucide bomber which killed 40 Indian soilders masterminded by a terrorist organization called Jaish-e-Mommahad, in response India conducted a surgical air strike on terror camps in Pakistan and killed some key members of Jaish-e-Mohammad the terror group that had claimed responsibility for Pulwama Attack in February 2019. So the way I see it Priyanka's support is for her countrie's defence force for killing terrorists (remember India didn't attack Pakistani military or government property they hit the terror camps) while the Pakistani heckler is supporting the terrorist organization who did the attack. - Her quote 'Kashmir does not belong to India it belongs to Kashmiris' Its like saying California does not belong to United States it belongs to Californians, that's how absurd this sounds to people from my part of the world. Kashmir has been an integral part of India for thousands of years with the last legal document (the instrument of accession) stating Kashmir is part of India. Current Situation in the region of Jammu and Kashmir. - Kashmir like any other state in India belong to people of that region just like Punjab belongs to Punjabis, Gujrat belongs to Gujratis, Bengal belongs to Bengalis and I can go on for rest of the other states of the country, India has a history of preserving its cultural and linguistic diversity, we have 22 officially recognized languages for god sakes more than the EU! - Who Kashmir doesn't belong to A. Pakistan This rouge state still continues to occupy some major part of Kashmir (such as Gilgit and Baltistan) it has also given away some of this land to China! Not kidding! B. Exclusively to Sunni Kashmiri Separatist Men. - The region in dispute has 3 culturally distinct communities, People of Kashmir who are majority muslim because Kashmiri Hindus have been subject to generations of ethnic cleansing with asresent as 90's more than 500 thousand kashmiri hindus were violently kicked out of Kashmir by kashmiri terrorists, this community still lives in exile in India and cant go back to kashmir. The region of Jammu is Hindu amd region of Laddakh is majority Buddhist, let me assure you they dont need independence from India. In this day and age you cannot keep asking for a new country because your religion is different from rest of the population which a handful of people with vested interest and position of power feel like. I know this is a long read but every news needs context, in this age people need quick sound bites, the louder you make noise the more people belive you. So do your own research! Peace! Jai Hind!
Zaack Insider
Zaack Insider 5 місяців тому
As an Indian i knew you would get something wrong or biased and that is the second point of your ""novel" paragrapth that "Pakistan attacked kashmir", however it was rebels from both Pakistan and Kashmir took it under siege, also explain to me why pakistani flags are waved in Indian Kashmir
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