Voyager 2 Discovers Wall of Fire at Solar System's Edge

Anton Petrov
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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the reports of what Voyager 2 discovered as it left the solar system and the discovery of physical barrier at the edge of the solar system.
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11 лис 2019





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Dennis Vance
Dennis Vance 17 хвилин тому
I can never tell Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 apart.
Curtis Shores
Curtis Shores Годину тому
The reason there's a firewall is because the truth is we are literally traveling through space at or near the speed of light. The so called firewall is basically drag.
Judas Hicks
Judas Hicks 5 годин тому
Keep it up
Patrick Noel
Patrick Noel 6 годин тому
Before I hear him two first is compression response where depletion from stronger source ie space causes the inferno effect via neutron build up depletion could look like a radio fire c + then there's how iv mentioned a primordial wave equal to a black hole like space tar or a actual black hole could turn up. Another is radio displacement and stress point causing build up which could burn up or cold effect very similar
Rezzo Kii
Rezzo Kii 7 годин тому
That's where superman lives
Rezzo Kii
Rezzo Kii 7 годин тому
The firewall is a walltoll that you need to deposit a golden coin to pass into the abyss of space flow.
Arthur Vaisvilas
Arthur Vaisvilas 7 годин тому
isn't this the same guy who had a show about prison life?
iphlue 9 годин тому
My Pioneer Spec amp and other components with Watkins Infinity speakers still work since 1976 and sound better than anything made today!
Maxter Myking
Maxter Myking 10 годин тому
Yeah wonderful people don't lie I don't consider somebody lying to me wonderful where is the wall of fire,You mentioned not in the video did not say anything about it,,
Woozy 12 годин тому
I watched this episode of Star Trek
Razgriz 13 годин тому
“You can not leave the playable area”
By The Divines
By The Divines 2 години тому
The devs put in a "firewall" to prevent players from going outside the solar system before the "Other Worlds" DLC gets published.
deadpan 14 годин тому
I want to believe that the truth is out there.
iamthestog 16 годин тому
That should keep the aliens away then! Earth has a firewall!
Paul D
Paul D 18 годин тому
I am watching this on a 15 year old computer.
Brandon Cook
Brandon Cook 20 годин тому
Fire is a rare anomaly. There is none in the vacuum
Freeze 22 години тому
So, if there is a firewall at the edge of space, that kinda blows us traveling through the universe at 666,000 mph.....if not, what is the calculation until we hit the this "edge"? With that said, I am so glad that I am a grounded human who knows the difference between fiction and non fiction, and I must say, yall "space" people are bat shit CRAZY!!!
Mohammad is a liar Allah is a tool
Mohammad is a liar Allah is a tool 22 години тому
This confirms the Bible even more.
By The Divines
By The Divines 2 години тому
No, no it doesnt lmao. Where in the Bible does it say "there is a wall of high energy radiation at the edge of the solar system"?
David Dou
David Dou 23 години тому
Thats the containment field the aliens put around the Solar system.
Ben Penny
Ben Penny День тому
Can some one pls point me in the direction of there service provider receiving a signal from the edge
Alex Harris
Alex Harris День тому
Electronics still working made in the 70s, after 40 years? Amazing maybe even unbelievable, but who can prove it wrong?
Eric Acasia-salas
Eric Acasia-salas День тому
I'm stupid for believing that the earth could be flat. Yet every day space gets more and more stupid. There's a fire wall at the end of our solar system well no wonder we have not been contacted by aliens yet. I want to believe that the earth is round and that space exists and so dose alien's but scientist's coming out with new stuff like this makes me not believe it. Space is to dramatized yet we can't commercially travel heck we can't even go back to the moon or even Mars they said we could go Mars but they sent satellite's and probe's. If mars is a possibility than prove it. Go back to the moon and prove what many still question also stop making CGIs go out into space near the satellite and video record the satellite because this whole video is a CGI and not believable.
By The Divines
By The Divines Годину тому
This has to be one of the dumbest comments I've read in months
Robert Smith
Robert Smith День тому
Awesome, 400yrs is crazy
NEOGEN День тому
Mmhmm you can go break through my firewall...
GobDropper День тому
Far out, man
Nathan Lamb
Nathan Lamb День тому
Hide this from trumps feed before he surrounds mexico in a wall of fire
ghjlkhl День тому
Who doesn't have a geiger counter lying around? Totally normal.
RR AA День тому
Your wounderfullness! 🧡🌵🧡
R.A.D. Berry and associates
R.A.D. Berry and associates День тому
Crazy awesome
johny ubankta
johny ubankta День тому
When I speak of interstellar space are you saying each probe heads east as the drawing portrays?Serious question,Just asking if they take the same path in the same direction and if not does it yield similar results
tyson RBLX
tyson RBLX День тому
Its clickbait... God sake dude
82Kayos Blaize
82Kayos Blaize День тому
Lol you ain't gettin passed Gods firewall.
Darren Begay
Darren Begay День тому
Imagine if advanced life got the record only to sell it and start their own economy and begin to outcompete other countries eventually leading to them owning most of society 😮 just cause 2020 is crazy like that
swirling 54
swirling 54 День тому
Boundaries of fantasia.
pigzcanfly День тому
So much for interstellar travel... xD
Chase n Beavers
Chase n Beavers День тому
That is amazing that America could make anything last 40 something years... just goes to prove if they wanted to build Vehicles worth a damn they could.. Unfortunately they don't...
kwayne satuckle
kwayne satuckle День тому
Is there an Apple II somewhere in a basement running Apple Dos 3.3 to communicate with the probes still?
Citizen_Grub День тому
So Voyager slipped out of the crystal sphere and into the phlogiston.
senZee День тому
Thank you, I appreciate your explanations :)
verga dura
verga dura День тому
Ronny Vansprengel
Ronny Vansprengel День тому
The heliosfeer is not round you say? Maybe it's just because it's moving fast... like the Earth does... and everything else in nature. If it is not moving... it's dead. 😎
Keith Bernard
Keith Bernard День тому
Direct tv made it to space lol
Astro Redd
Astro Redd День тому
Yeah, right !
Voxellor День тому
So that's why the aliens haven't invaded us yet
Rana Keen
Rana Keen 2 дні тому
I have to disagree about this "wall of fire" at the edge of our galaxy. If this wall existed then the deep field images from the Hubble space telescope showing all those galaxies stretching out into infinity would not have been possible to see as the "wall of fire" would have interfered with the image taken of what exists BEYOND that.
Josh Repavich
Josh Repavich 2 дні тому
It’s the edge of the map
Kevin Haan
Kevin Haan 2 дні тому
I doubt it, they will take the golden disks and cash them in.
George B. Wolffsohn
George B. Wolffsohn 2 дні тому
how can the heliopause be the edge of our solar system if the oort cloud (which orbits our sun) is orbiting beyond it ?
Just Sayin
Just Sayin 2 дні тому
The only thing we know about the universe is that we don't know shit about it. It is everything that ever was and will be, it is all things possible and impossible, it is the past, present and future interacting within the same space.
Eugene p
Eugene p 2 дні тому
3:29 information on how someone can find us maybe not a good idea but now there's no way to get this disk back
cmatin01 2 дні тому
So amazing and mind-blowing if you think about the sheer distance those machines have travelled. Sad that as a species we have the means to wipe each other off this planet and dont cooperate enough to explore our possible origins.
Sanguine BlackBlood
Sanguine BlackBlood 2 дні тому
A new Fermi paradox solution. Nice 👌
Audial Asphyxiation
Audial Asphyxiation 2 дні тому
Whoever decided to put a pulsar map with Earth's location on the Voyager probe clearly didn't think through the implications of that decision.
Nothing4YouHere 2 дні тому
The same magnetic phenomenon that protects earth from solar radiation, are caused by the sun, and protect the solar system from galactic radiation. So it might be safe to assume similar phenomenon protect our galaxy from intergalactic big bang radiation. With several magnitudes greater intensity of course. That's awesome ^_^
TestTubeBabySpy 2 дні тому
42 years and still operating. Our drier didn't even last 2 years.
scott clark
scott clark 2 дні тому
They should have launched repeater probes to listen for the weak signals and send on to earth. Like one every 15 years.
JoJoe Mojo
JoJoe Mojo 2 дні тому
What if we are just a cell living inside of another living thing and we have the same things living inside of us. Mind blown. What if the sun is actually a neutron and we are protons and the moons are electrons...
JoJoe Mojo
JoJoe Mojo 2 дні тому
So you're saying that the sun is very active then it's less active. So that could mean that global warming could easily be the sun and not us. Its actually more likely that it's the sun and the core than it us actually us. Not that we shouldn't do better, we definitely should but I think the panic is certainly misguided. They've been blaming global warming on us for decades.
SadoMusiquist 2 дні тому
And nasa hasn’t made cars why ?
Don Nebes
Don Nebes 2 дні тому
10:22 were is Pluto? We all know it’s a planet no matter what so called scientists say.
Rebel Without a Clue
Rebel Without a Clue 2 дні тому
Hey I was launched in 1977 and I still work! Jeez!
netboyrick 2 дні тому
Imagine believing this is real.
Wesley Perkins
Wesley Perkins 2 дні тому
Wonder why we didn't go left and went right from the maps he showed
Steven Arseneault
Steven Arseneault 2 дні тому
Voyoger travels through space and time for decades with equipment to prove that there is other life here on earth, eventually finds a habited planet, enters it's athmosphere, aaaaand burns up in a flaming ball of blue light...... shit.
jacob mclemore
jacob mclemore 3 дні тому
goddammit who installed firewall & do we have unbreakable Bedrock
The Jovial Brit
The Jovial Brit 3 дні тому
I often remind myself that the tiny, bright dot on the sky is a star. It really makes me so thankful to live here and always fills me with awe. It's such an incredible thing...
Justa Nuff
Justa Nuff 3 дні тому
As if any alien civilization would be able to catch or stop the voyagers without destroying it
Marcy Francis
Marcy Francis 3 дні тому
They need to make Voyager 3, 4, 5, 6
daichai 3 дні тому
fake space is sun worship! they claim thanks to the sun we are protected from most of the radiation. bs ontop of more bs
daichai 3 дні тому
outer space is the most bullshit fake crap i have ever heard and it always keeps getting stupider and stupider. you need oxygen for fire, that's like the first thing u learn in science. And if this were remotely true than every supposed discovery they make outside the solar system is FALSE.
Bbss Bsbsb
Bbss Bsbsb 3 дні тому
I wouldn't agree with the statement "Fun Fact" I would say that it's a"Sad Fact".😓 Interesting none the less🙄
Benjamin Padia
Benjamin Padia 3 дні тому
Book of Enoch!
Zunaid B
Zunaid B 3 дні тому
What a load of bull crap! And there fools on here eating it’s up.
Tupacabra 3 дні тому
This is the channel you watch while waiting for the next kurtzgesagt video
Ligma Ligma
Ligma Ligma 3 дні тому
When u said it'll die around 2025 and then said in like 6 to 8 years I was like wtf
Jekku 3 дні тому
Edge of the universe - edge of hell? Think Event Horizon.
Gage Barbour
Gage Barbour 3 дні тому
Hell be like
BigDawg Cleveland
BigDawg Cleveland 3 дні тому
Maybe the edges of the "Lake of Fire"? Mentioned in the Bible? God's creation is way beyond the limited minds of us earthlings. WAY above our knowledge, intellect, intelligence, it would be like comparing the mind of man to lets say a fish. ha ha
Matt J
Matt J 3 дні тому
I dont believe any of this bullshit. The earth is flat. Wake up!
Knowledge Speaks Wisdom Listens!
WOW!...that's sooooo boring!!!
Heads Mess
Heads Mess 4 дні тому
Somewhere a career advisor is shaking his head in disbelief... "i wanna be an analyser for voyagerII data!☺
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