We Asked 100 People if They've Ever Cheated | Keep it 100 | Cut

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A rapid-fire montage of 100 of us responding to the same awkward prompt.
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We Asked 100 People if They've Ever Cheated | Keep it 100 | Cut
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14 лип 2019





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Hamilham 3 години тому
I feel really bad for that girl that has keep saying she's never been in a relationship
Mich 1404
Mich 1404 7 годин тому
4:49 dude's got a point
J 8 годин тому
Problem is, everyone has a different definition of cheating.
Vanessa G.
Vanessa G. 8 годин тому
I feel like I saw the woman in 0:24 in so many videos on this channel Lmao
DIIV 8 годин тому
ahh the cliche saying “trust no one” rises again
Seth Bourbon
Seth Bourbon 9 годин тому
Here is a crazy idea: instead of cheating, break up with them ya fucking donut
Youssef 44
Youssef 44 11 годин тому
First one's so fckn proud *tffu*
AH. 11 годин тому
for sure bobby cheated
CraezYtuts !
CraezYtuts ! 11 годин тому
„Bc im a hoe“ and laughs about it wtf
ItzCharlie 12 годин тому
2:20, girls cheat just as much, if not more.
Typical Girl
Typical Girl 15 годин тому
The fact that more than ten people said yes is awful.
Gabriela Suárez Díaz
Gabriela Suárez Díaz 15 годин тому
3:48 that's cheating, I'm sorry, the gender doesn't excuse it :)
Xenia Grunert
Xenia Grunert 21 годину тому
one time i kissed another guy while having a relationship and that‘s probably the dumbest thing i‘ve done.
sselemaNrM День тому
I wonder what their definitions of cheating are individually
Rusev Dai
Rusev Dai День тому
Some of these ppl are freaks
CHE День тому
2:03 being confused about your sexuality is not a reason to cheat. Get a gripe babe lol
Beanzy Boi
Beanzy Boi День тому
I would have been mad if my dad was on this
B4by G
B4by G День тому
Bro y’all taking the first girl way to seriously🤣🤣🤣🤣
radu stefan
radu stefan День тому
Now ask them how many times they got cheated on
silvia День тому
Jesus Christ you guys I got annoyed the first 8 seconds, those people shouldn't even have the chance to have screen time. They don't deserve to laugh about something like cheating and feel cool about it in front of the whole internet. Btw, I hope I'll never meet someone like you.
ClassyJohn День тому
fuck you if you are someone who thinks cheating is okay.
max_the_human День тому
The dude who has exes who thought they were monogamous,,, fucking trash. Probably feels justified too.
XJWorld 2 дні тому
I had a one night stand at party the day before leaving my LDR girlfriend, from her perspective out of nowhere. I was a ahitty person.
Harley Quiinn
Harley Quiinn 2 дні тому
I wanna be in one of these videos
Banahene Glover
Banahene Glover 2 дні тому
Cuddling...that's cheating
Hero Colten
Hero Colten 2 дні тому
Interviewing weirdest 100 people they found
xdSwerveZz 2 дні тому
3:17 yup, that's cheating...
Melyssa Revilla
Melyssa Revilla 2 дні тому
If you have an exclusive relationship with your partner, you are supposed to be loyal to them. And some of these people should also be thankful someone is willing to take them.
M A 2 дні тому
Young GuapGod
Young GuapGod 2 дні тому
I left my girlfriend because I truly felt she deserved better than a sleezeball like me haha.
Anmol Kunwar
Anmol Kunwar 2 дні тому
"No never cheated but I'm open to it" what the fuck??? Ass
Casey Duby
Casey Duby 3 дні тому
1:33 mad respect
jenna. josephson
jenna. josephson 3 дні тому
oh yeah it’s just casually Tatum Dahl, only the prettiest girl to walk this earth
Mama Bear
Mama Bear 3 дні тому
No i havent cheated but i cuddled with people.... yah no thats cheating. Own up to it. No excuse for cheating. Its fucked up
m i
m i 3 дні тому
capri contreras
capri contreras 3 дні тому
People in the comments: cheating > murder
m i
m i 3 дні тому
capri contreras
capri contreras 3 дні тому
Holy everybody needs to chill cheating happens doesn’t make u bad forever and ever. Like obviously no ones going out of their way to do that shit
Chris Zablocki
Chris Zablocki 3 дні тому
Why is there non stop dating bullshit in my feed?
Eric Baker
Eric Baker 3 дні тому
I wonder how many people lied in this video
Alice 3 дні тому
It kinda depends on what you mean by cheating. Making out/having sex with someone else HELL NO. Feeling attraction....well yes
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