We Did A Car Meet With Only Tuners DLC Cars

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23 лип 2021





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Rainer R
Rainer R День тому
When’s the next meet up ?
Eating crowns And licking windows
Cayo is a good way in two days I went from 68 to 83
Josh Kim is not my name
Josh Kim is not my name 10 днів тому
All u need is an auto shop and u can unlock all mods to ur cars no matter what lvl u are
LEVI EBERT 27 11 днів тому
I wish they update all the cars for this dlc
Vince Mercado
Vince Mercado 14 днів тому
Outside is better
Alan Mustafa
Alan Mustafa 17 днів тому
Buy an auto shop every customization will be unlocked
Pro Gamer killer
Pro Gamer killer 20 днів тому
The supra is really cool
ItzLucid 22 дні тому
Good way to make rp is do peter griffin
Travis Lewis
Travis Lewis 23 дні тому
I see everyone don't take time to work on their paint jobs smh 😂 I spend more money on paint then the car cost working on doing live stream now to show what a true car paint job should really look
CARLOS ALEIXO 24 дні тому
hello hella, do you know about any pc car meetings?
yayayaokoksure 24 дні тому
Sweet. Did this last night then a modder ddos'd me. It was sweet.
Demon Revolver
Demon Revolver 26 днів тому
What car was the gray one at 5:51
Jon Bonilla
Jon Bonilla 27 днів тому
I had a car meet at the beach parking lot by the end of map tht shit was dope
FaZe AlPhA
FaZe AlPhA 27 днів тому
How do youake your own car meet?
Ed Myles
Ed Myles Місяць тому
I wish there would be car meets like this on ps4 :(
Skylar Місяць тому
If you’re gonna show off cars in first person, don’t move around like you’re a GoPro
Alfredo Belandria
Alfredo Belandria Місяць тому
Them silvias go crazy
Samuel geue
Samuel geue Місяць тому
Whats your Discord?
joetrip Alot
joetrip Alot Місяць тому
Can i Join a meet?
OwnedByZxnq Місяць тому
4:22 very good looking 350z
David Місяць тому
I can get you to a 100 in no time
Sensei Місяць тому
How do you get the s2k that low
Tomas Sloboda
Tomas Sloboda Місяць тому
tell me if im wrong but arent the vehicle modifications without level requirements in the ls car meet ?
eXjapanw0w Місяць тому
hard to do car meet nowadays with that flying bike shooting everyone
Car Clips
Car Clips Місяць тому
There is a solo glitch search it up on UKvid
Austin Thiry
Austin Thiry Місяць тому
How can I join the hella-flush crew? I'm so tired of crap car meets all the time. I want to join these clean meets with real car enthusiasts, not a bunch of tryhards.
Julian Griffiths
Julian Griffiths Місяць тому
god i wish i could join one of these meets all i can join is a meet with 2 people and only griefers with thraxes that are neon yellow, i want these meets not trash, i want to show of my tunes to real other people not some griefers
melih yılmaz
melih yılmaz Місяць тому
tbh i didnt like it everyone picked almost same car and just painted it and some of them are even same colour not much originality
CallMe-Shoe Місяць тому
Boring meet with boring colors.
rmc2305 Місяць тому
the body under the mustang look like it was repairing it lol
RH2RACING Місяць тому
I wish they would make a tuner addition where you actually have to tune the car with a dyno. A car fabrication game addition would be really cool as well. (Like being able to make body mods or engine swaps etc)
fallen _senju
fallen _senju Місяць тому
This is nothing compared to my collection
Madcraggle Місяць тому
If you like gta car meets then join our discord server! discord.gg/Ae5sAZJR
Scubaknight Місяць тому
Hi is the camera settings for when you drive on default? I'm having a hard time driving because sometimes the camera doesn't follow the back view of the car (if that makes sense) basically when I turn it takes a while before the camera turns like, I'm already sideways and it's still stuck in the previous view. The only time it follows the back of the car is when I use the handbrake
Phil Green
Phil Green Місяць тому
Jose ricotaconachoquesadillamandillajones
I think the remus is an r31 not s13
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz Місяць тому
isnt the dominator gtt a domestic car?
Artjom Diaz
Artjom Diaz Місяць тому
what color have the jester rr in the thumbnail
Artjom Diaz
Artjom Diaz Місяць тому
the blue one
Bouncheng Місяць тому
Man, there is not a single car build here where I genuinely was like "oh wow, I'm gonna try this build for myself". Every build here looked bland as fuck
Lamar Місяць тому
James Neumann
James Neumann Місяць тому
PopCorn_Kidddafirst114 Місяць тому
Riced out, hella flush? More like hella rice
john Mitminam
john Mitminam Місяць тому
How can I join the car meet
andreadhs Місяць тому
how do u join car meets if there isn't communities anymore
DV GAMERZ Місяць тому
how did u earn so muh money in the game plz tell mei also want to earn
Blairwhite139 Місяць тому
Wish he'd take his time he was moving around those cars so fast like a crack head
Estevao S Brasil
Estevao S Brasil Місяць тому
What a sick paint job 3:20 and 4:10, the gold Supra tho
Brandon Bandzzz
Brandon Bandzzz Місяць тому
What a shit customization on Audi lol trash
monica mtshali
monica mtshali Місяць тому
Hek Bayanzai
Hek Bayanzai Місяць тому
Trizzo Місяць тому
What rims are on the Supra at 2:53?
jõřğəñ Þøýöđą
jõřğəñ Þøýöđą Місяць тому
It would be so much fun if they added a lobby only for car shows. None explosives allowed
aa Місяць тому
i'm at level 30rp, i bought the auto shop to unlock all the customization
Livkemipeinis187 Місяць тому
“Oppressor mk ll has enteredthe chat”
Kheang Hong Chan
Kheang Hong Chan Місяць тому
how can I join ur car meeting? Damn, After I saw ur video I'm so excited.
Jonathan Davies
Jonathan Davies Місяць тому
How do I join these meets? Can I send in some photos and stuff to be eligible?
Curry Chicken
Curry Chicken Місяць тому
This is the best thing I seen since NFS Underground
GetTwitchDroned Місяць тому
i got from level 75 to 115 with bogdan problem glitch😂
Your mom
Your mom Місяць тому
They all look so simple
Skach Місяць тому
Crew for ppl in pc?
X L Місяць тому
If I tried this in a public lobby, there's be jet's & oppressors overhead ready to ruin the party.
Ricky Vizor
Ricky Vizor Місяць тому
Oddly enough, I actually did do this in a public lobby and legit not a single person tried blowing us up. the people who didn't show up to the meet just took the opportunity to do shipments without any chance of getting stopped.
diego veloz
diego veloz Місяць тому
Who calls rp that
NLMB SPAZ Місяць тому
Mazy D
Mazy D Місяць тому
SThireeen 😂
Distinctive FRC
Distinctive FRC Місяць тому
I wish I could get this much people or join a lobby with just car people
wes Місяць тому
anyone know the color at 1:32 ?
Your mom
Your mom Місяць тому
It’s a crew color
i be that pretty mf
i be that pretty mf Місяць тому
it is a jeep :p
ItzCrxdles Місяць тому
I want to join
Nielshuizer_3🏙 Місяць тому
Do a group B meet
Tayk Місяць тому
Can sb tell me what the gold car on thumbnail is bc I want it so bad but can’t figure out which car it is or what website it’s on
Raheem Aslam
Raheem Aslam Місяць тому
What colour was on the supra mk5 at 1:28? Pls help
BLAZE Місяць тому
All the supras have the same rims
John Flynn
John Flynn Місяць тому
How do you fully lower the new vehicles? I know that this might be obvious(sorry, I work 50 or more hours a week).
Lamar Місяць тому
You go in the interaction menu > vehicle settings and you should find it in there
Doorknobs Doorknobs
Doorknobs Doorknobs Місяць тому
they look like civilian cars lmfao they all have uninteresting colors
Doorknobs Doorknobs
Doorknobs Doorknobs Місяць тому
I haven't even watched the vid and I already know everyone picked either the supra or miata because jDm
Peka p
Peka p Місяць тому
Sulrised nobody brought a copy of john wicks car
Sloth.69 Місяць тому
Anybody on pc that wants to do a car meet or know where I can do one I don’t wanna do five m so yea
Rocket_Bunny_YT Місяць тому
u need to stand still for a few secs geez :D
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez Місяць тому
Let’s do a meet
Henri Місяць тому
How can you use the airbag suspension on the cars??
Noah Othmer
Noah Othmer Місяць тому
Peter griffin rp glitch
How car I join the rp server?
V-Deadly- Snagzz
V-Deadly- Snagzz Місяць тому
Not the wises place to park it sounded like he said not the wises place to fuck
Vince Calibur
Vince Calibur Місяць тому
I wish the silvia had some single exit exhaust options
Dean Місяць тому
Can I join next meet?
ForTheRun Місяць тому
The expensive one is the best , it is near the highway and also near the ls customs. But why do you need a Ls Customs in the near when you have a Tuning Place inside??? 😂 noob
Jin Місяць тому
Go into the auto shop u unlock everything
Devin SIlva
Devin SIlva Місяць тому
Next meet? I’m in Boston (Eastern Time) on everyday! Should set something up! 🙌🏼
Seth Goode
Seth Goode Місяць тому
Use the autoshop to get the wheels
Eliott . Rice
Eliott . Rice Місяць тому
If u want ez rep just go into test track with friend and click head to head and leave before it starts and you gain rep. Take turns doing it so u both level up quickly
DOG_ThaGOD Місяць тому
U should do the tunner cars vs the bodgan cars
Fearlexss Prod
Fearlexss Prod Місяць тому
Imma be honest, all those colours and livery’s on those cars were awful man…
Menace Plug
Menace Plug Місяць тому
Dude at least put some black color paint on those rims, your Audi was not it
Bxlzy Місяць тому
Are you on pc?
Az Abbasi
Az Abbasi Місяць тому
What do u play on
x_Jake24_x Місяць тому
Anyone know how to make that colour at 4:09? The raspberry type colour, Thanks.
Your mom
Your mom Місяць тому
I think you need to put the hot pink percelent on it
triada Місяць тому
never tune a car again
Yung Bluk47
Yung Bluk47 Місяць тому
Ion think his video it seem weird
Drift Games Gta5
Drift Games Gta5 Місяць тому
@hella-flash can go afk in car meet get level up there
Larry Hom
Larry Hom Місяць тому
How can I join one of these meets?
Backa Місяць тому
Still trying to figure out where the purple car in the background went 3:22
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