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The Atwoods
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Unfortunate situation with these dogs today.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on UKvid since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!



8 лют 2019

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The Atwoods
The Atwoods 13 днів тому
Woohoo!! Thanks for stopping by today and hanging out with us. Officially The Atwoods. Everything Smile More is still 20% for Today!! Join the movement - www.RomanAtwood.com See you Tomorrow :)
Joey Boshoff
Joey Boshoff 16 годин тому
Osam watches
Alisha Cook
Alisha Cook 9 днів тому
Can't wait for my sticker to come in I love watching y'all!! Big loves from Mississippi
Keith Scruggs
Keith Scruggs 9 днів тому
Adlanyer Umali
Adlanyer Umali 9 днів тому
Roman buy a new dog for fash
Kevin C. Phelps
Kevin C. Phelps 8 годин тому
Where’s flash at???
mr.best 556
mr.best 556 9 годин тому
we have nearly two feet of snow in MN. 30" have fallen in February!!!
HLippy123 15 годин тому
Smile More!
Joey Boshoff
Joey Boshoff 16 годин тому
That is soaw osam
Sander Sørensen
Sander Sørensen День тому
Red Gamer
Red Gamer 2 дні тому
Where is the two donkeys gone I miss them
Lava Lion
Lava Lion 2 дні тому
Who is that at 8:01
X-Andra Nova
X-Andra Nova 2 дні тому
Then u guys have 2 be careful with empire with those 2 dogs
Adrienne Shirley
Adrienne Shirley 2 дні тому
A romin
RDP Ghost
RDP Ghost 3 дні тому
She’s walking now omg
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis 3 дні тому
Haha loved the watch. But they are a grand!
Jeffrey Ray
Jeffrey Ray 3 дні тому
I didn't skip ad so you can get your money
Jeffrey Ray
Jeffrey Ray 3 дні тому
Thumbs Up I love watching Roman family
Vo Thuong
Vo Thuong 3 дні тому
cora 2:57 13:56
Alx G
Alx G 4 дні тому
Brit you should make Roman do yoga with you
Dylan Mooney
Dylan Mooney 4 дні тому
Change the name back
Dylan Mooney
Dylan Mooney 4 дні тому
Change the name back
Dylan Mooney
Dylan Mooney 4 дні тому
Change the name back
Dylan Mooney
Dylan Mooney 4 дні тому
I hate the new name
Dylan Mooney
Dylan Mooney 4 дні тому
I hate the new name
Dylan Mooney
Dylan Mooney 4 дні тому
I hate the new name
Dylan Mooney
Dylan Mooney 4 дні тому
I hate the new name
Angelica .hrndz
Angelica .hrndz 4 дні тому
run the dogs.... get on the 4 wheeler and make em go around a bit so they calm down
Lizzy1 Sweet
Lizzy1 Sweet 4 дні тому
Can u make a tour of Cora's room
Paige Sailor
Paige Sailor 5 днів тому
You guys are such good people
monsta reacts
monsta reacts 5 днів тому
Tia torrez from pitbulls and paroles
TOM LIT8 2 дні тому
monsta reacts OMG yes!
conman conman
conman conman 5 днів тому
Send Flash out there put thoses dogs in there place lol
Blake Christianson
Blake Christianson 5 днів тому
I have a Watch that is exactly what you might be looking for.
Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan 5 днів тому
Where's the donkey?
Christopher Chicas
Christopher Chicas 5 днів тому
2:58 we the hookers 🤣🤣
Dora Martinez
Dora Martinez 6 днів тому
It was birthday Feb 9 2019
Here it has been -45 drgres for the past about a month
Damian Martinez
Damian Martinez 6 днів тому
Today's my 13 b day can I gets 13 likes
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 6 днів тому
The watches are like 1000$
TheJannik1992 6 днів тому
im sorry but its not realy the dogs thats bad.. its the owner so just try train em a bit and there good
iiexoticii21 tv
iiexoticii21 tv 6 днів тому
How olds Kira now
Graysen Campbell
Graysen Campbell 7 днів тому
Where is crunchy
Katie and Sydnie
Katie and Sydnie 7 днів тому
Not hating but them Complaining about the rain then the UK lol
Tyler Tosian
Tyler Tosian 7 днів тому
I miss this channel
Anna Vernoski
Anna Vernoski 7 днів тому
I love your new family channel name!
Jazmine Rolon-Mathis
Jazmine Rolon-Mathis 7 днів тому
Miss Don't want a name
Miss Don't want a name 7 днів тому
The dogs owner should NOT get them back. He obviously doesnt care enough to train them. Dogs need to be trained, otherwise they cause problems as they dont know right from wrong. There's no bad dogs, just bad owners.
bitesized gamer
bitesized gamer 7 днів тому
whatever happened to crunchy does Brion replace him???????
Kaa Chow
Kaa Chow 7 днів тому
Should’ve put em down if they attached you grandmas dog
Francisco Samayoa
Francisco Samayoa 7 днів тому
Both of the dog’s
Clark Cutter
Clark Cutter 7 днів тому
My dad has that
Erica Nelson
Erica Nelson 7 днів тому
Make a “make America smile more” hat
Kage 7 днів тому
Hey Roman, I’m a 14 year old boy from America But I currently live in japan. My parents are in the army it would be amazing if you could shout out my channel so people can see japan from the inside
Andrew Yazbek
Andrew Yazbek 7 днів тому
Get both
Matthew Shaimaiyuk
Matthew Shaimaiyuk 8 днів тому
So the watch can do my math homework?🤔😂
Justine Laceup
Justine Laceup 8 днів тому
Dear Roman atwood. Why don't you come here in Philippines there's a lot of place here you don't see into your entire life Please come here And i am youre no.1 fan since you are a prankster take care and God bless your family💜
Bailey Nolan
Bailey Nolan 8 днів тому
I love Coras llama dress. I have a llama and LOVE see llama thing's
FORTNUT 8 днів тому
13:06 did Roman actually cuss I think I heard f$&’
VERBECK 8 днів тому
Check out our Vlogs🌎. Much appreciated👌✌
The Canadian cat
The Canadian cat 8 днів тому
Lol the start 😂
Rayaans World
Rayaans World 8 днів тому
I’m so happy that you changed your channel name!
The Sparks Squad S
The Sparks Squad S 8 днів тому
Maddy Rose
Maddy Rose 8 днів тому
god bless brit .
lfm 8 днів тому
I've not been here for so long
Justin Time
Justin Time 8 днів тому
There cheapest watch is like 400$
Irene Klidaras
Irene Klidaras 8 днів тому
Just another day at the Atwood’s house...
Paula J Lefforge
Paula J Lefforge 8 днів тому
Why is County not there anymore??????
Sharpshooter14 8 днів тому
Those two dogs look so cute
Griffin Morel
Griffin Morel 8 днів тому
Build a shelter for them outside with a roof and stuff
Rajath Iyengar
Rajath Iyengar 8 днів тому
I wanted to buy a watch since so long... so i checked out the link.. The watches are so darn cool. But I dont have the money to buy them🤣🤣
Big DVTV/ 8 днів тому
So nice
Rylee 120
Rylee 120 8 днів тому
Super cute pit sucks what happened with the dogs 😔 Hope everything is ok
Hockey Alstar79
Hockey Alstar79 8 днів тому
Here in Minnesota it’s like 12 degrees
laith 123
laith 123 8 днів тому
We're all of your snow we have a foot of snow
Cayley Bryley
Cayley Bryley 8 днів тому
The dogs you have is pit bulls
Daniel Bourassa
Daniel Bourassa 9 днів тому
Yo, those watches are $1000+.....
Aran HAYRE 9 днів тому
No offence but like two dogs attack a dog and then you think it is okay to take them into a house of three kids
Latoiya Bbew
Latoiya Bbew 9 днів тому
These dogs are fine they just need the right person and some more socialization with other dogs and people
sarah. 9 днів тому
Shit if they attacked my dog they would be dead seriously
Miss Ali In Tn
Miss Ali In Tn 9 днів тому
Are they both pits? I have pits and they are awesome around people but not other dogs. I don’t know why because they were raised with 2 poms and a chihuahua. They were born and raised next door at my sons house and I’ve had them since they were 6 weeks old.
Daniel Cabanillas
Daniel Cabanillas 9 днів тому
It is funny how much time Roman tries to spend by talking
DB Gaming
DB Gaming 9 днів тому
Wow, snow is melted. In MN, it snow 15 inches, last week. I think Roman will be proud or jealous.
Reece Wesselink
Reece Wesselink 9 днів тому
Get both
Infinity Games
Infinity Games 9 днів тому
You have a rope company and rescue
Savage Melo
Savage Melo 9 днів тому
What happened to donkey?
Kristy Nevins
Kristy Nevins 9 днів тому
Cora is so adorable
Chevelle Keller
Chevelle Keller 9 днів тому
I died when corra tried to put the ring on her toe 😂🤣😂🤣
Pacey Lippman
Pacey Lippman 9 днів тому
You should make smile more gear for dogs
Leah Komarzec
Leah Komarzec 9 днів тому
You guys have rain while where I am we have snowbanks higher than cars lol
Seth Eubank
Seth Eubank 9 днів тому
Can you please give me a dog
Zeb 9 днів тому
Dear roman if your reading this i love your videos so much, I remeber last year i had really bad depression and I couldnt take it anymore so i decided to tell my mom i wanted to go to therapy and your the one including my therapist who helped me through this rough time any way i just wanted to thank you for all that you do for us fans out there to make us want to spend another day (p.s now i have more friends and i am doing better now) thanks sincerly your fan.
JTS Help linE
JTS Help linE 9 днів тому
Nice video bro
Tomy Lee
Tomy Lee 9 днів тому
All the vlogs r 2 long👌
M March
M March 9 днів тому
Nice watch, LoL i couldn't even afford one let alone what you received. =)
Paige Davies
Paige Davies 9 днів тому
Ur little girl is gorgeous x
Dragster Champ and more
Dragster Champ and more 9 днів тому
We have like 6 feet of snow you’re lucky
Izek Corralez
Izek Corralez 9 днів тому
You should make smile more watch bands
Ellie snyder
Ellie snyder 9 днів тому
Cora is so little and she already knows how to vlog!! 😂
Naomi H
Naomi H 9 днів тому
So cute x
Han Nah
Han Nah 9 днів тому
Flash is just sitting in the background like a statue
Kahiau Ahina
Kahiau Ahina 9 днів тому
omg roman you really changed your name :( we will all miss the channel name romanatwood vlogs and all the memories there were. But great job keep up the good work :)
Sharntelle Small
Sharntelle Small 9 днів тому
Dose anyone know if he still has his donkey. Hopefully he dose
SSJAY909 9 днів тому
Forgot to mention that they cost $$$, $$$$
Alfie.B. Bailey
Alfie.B. Bailey 10 днів тому
Changed ur name again
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