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"Wow, failures! Takes one to know one!"
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23 чер 2019





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izzy grace
izzy grace 2 години тому
i love them.
Kawther Al-taie
Kawther Al-taie День тому
Why is everyone JUST talking about JEN and how SHE'S ONLY PRETTY? KRISTEN IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Justin Luna
Justin Luna 2 дні тому
You guys look like your going to a 4th of July barbecue!Oh and I’m going to LA for the first time at the end of October and hopefully I see y’all!😘
Anne Matusiewicz
Anne Matusiewicz 4 дні тому
Kristen's dress was such a gorgeous color on her! And Jen's shorts are so charmingly preppy.
Maria Jasso
Maria Jasso 4 дні тому
Can you guys try to style scrub pants bc ya girl has to wear them once every week for lab
Danny Gregoric
Danny Gregoric 5 днів тому
Beach dad and beach mom lol
Gina Kim
Gina Kim 6 днів тому
LOLL when they say they are at the mall but its actually target....i go to target too much to know their clothes 😂
Plsdatemeseavey 6 днів тому
zw0lfb4um 6 днів тому
Guys... You do know the rest of us do this all the time right? Although, to be fair to Kristin, plus-size stuff is often more expensive. But I mean... yeah. I got annoyed if I spend more than £20 on one item of clothing
Ava Bruce
Ava Bruce 7 днів тому
I have that sun kissed shirt 😋🤣🤗
LPS Shine
LPS Shine 7 днів тому
Jen: *winks* Me: *HOOLLLYYY SSHHII-*
McKenzie Nabors
McKenzie Nabors 7 днів тому
does anyone else think that mike is gay?????????
Blake McIntosh
Blake McIntosh 8 днів тому
This is my favorite 🤩🤩 they did such a good job!!
Tiffany Scott
Tiffany Scott 11 днів тому
char. yang
char. yang 13 днів тому
jorns clothes looks like a little boy's
Brooke Loscomb
Brooke Loscomb 13 днів тому
Jens face at 7:16 though
Shea's world
Shea's world 13 днів тому
jen is adorable
Lela Bunton
Lela Bunton 18 днів тому
I wonder if the company gives them money or they pay. Hmmmm...
Kaya Vano
Kaya Vano 18 днів тому
Was i the only one who found Jen highly attracted when she winked🔪
Dee Lg
Dee Lg 18 днів тому
Europeans ll hit to Primark n u get more stuffs for 50euros !!
Aviana Strunk
Aviana Strunk 19 днів тому
The captions for lady like videos are always so off
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter 19 днів тому
dream team
Persnikity12345 20 днів тому
Two words: secondhand store. Assuming you found Kristin's size you guys would have had cash left over to buy burgers xD
wolf child
wolf child 21 день тому
I am jen 5:49
Herbie Oliver
Herbie Oliver 21 день тому
If this was in England you could lowkey just go to primark and get 100 + things 😂😭
I’mAnAnimatiorISwear 24 дні тому
shruti patil
shruti patil 26 днів тому
Jen is very cute
musics3in1my6soul 27 днів тому
Just so the world knows, Jen has adult feet. 😂
Can we get to 100 subscribers with no Videos?
One word. PRIMARK
Can we get to 100 subscribers with no Videos?
Sounds easy tbf
Lao Pachon
Lao Pachon 28 днів тому
Im so gay for Jen
Megan Simpson
Megan Simpson 29 днів тому
I have the biggest crush on Jen ❤️ she is so beautiful 😍
Estal Gamer
Estal Gamer Місяць тому
Hey kristen do you still have the peary woman dress?
loser. montse
loser. montse Місяць тому
I’m pretty sure Jen made me gay😂
Tara Lynch
Tara Lynch Місяць тому
Thrift for eachotherrre
Emma Marie
Emma Marie Місяць тому
A+ to whoever edited this !!!
You know my name
You know my name Місяць тому
Is Kristin wearing ber short the wrong way? Am I the only one seeing that her tag that’s supossed to be on the back is on front? (4:22)
Ray W
Ray W Місяць тому
I love Jen she so cute,nice,and a fun person😘
Luthfiyyah Afanin
Luthfiyyah Afanin Місяць тому
Jen's skin is everything
Brook Keeling
Brook Keeling Місяць тому
Yall should do clearance outfits only I think that would be so fun
Danette V. Wende
Danette V. Wende Місяць тому
she's cute.
Jane Місяць тому
What happened to Kristen’s camera quality
Jane Місяць тому
I love this duo
Jane Місяць тому
Jokes on Jen and Kristen they always look incredible
And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu
Jen's outfit makes her look like a super hot young dad but a soft dad and I AM LIVING FOR IT
Ashley Rayford
Ashley Rayford Місяць тому
They look like parents an vacation Still look cute
Sydney Jackson
Sydney Jackson Місяць тому
They should do a budget of 50$ at a thrift store or a goodwill
JacksG13 Місяць тому
I loved the shirt Jen is wearing so much that I went straight to Target's website (I'm enough of an addict to recognize the store) to see if they still had the shirt. It was on clearance. I got it for less than $5.
Grace Місяць тому
Bold of you to assume I have $50 But honestly I am curious... Do people really spend that much money on one outfit? Have I spent to long in Goodwill? Is there an afterlife? What is the meaning of life?
Musette D
Musette D Місяць тому
just go to resale!!!!!! I never spend that mu cheaper money on a normal outfit
kattelyn92 Місяць тому
How is buying one outfit for $50 a challenge??
Sara Poatato
Sara Poatato Місяць тому
Late to the party- Jen is dad at the beach, and Kristen is young fancy aunt at the beach. And I am here for it!
ii rain ii
ii rain ii Місяць тому
wow some american clothing stores are 𝙨𝙤 pricey. 😂🌿
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley Місяць тому
Jen: *winks* Me: "i'm gay" Story of my life
Brooke Loscomb
Brooke Loscomb 13 днів тому
Ron Weasley same
Leslie. Keto. Life
Leslie. Keto. Life Місяць тому
You two are my favorite two people to watch! I get sad when I run out of Kitchen and Jorn videos... 🥺
246kisses Місяць тому
I want to try this with my bff
Sofia Scarcella
Sofia Scarcella Місяць тому
Kristin is really making backwards shirts a trend,it totally didn’t bother me the whole video.
Ashlyn Roecker
Ashlyn Roecker Місяць тому
Thrift stores?
Ayrisesiran Місяць тому
ladylike styles eachother for $1000 each
Naomi Sherwood
Naomi Sherwood Місяць тому
This would have been so much easier if they went to Goodwill
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