We Tried Breastfeeding In Public • Ladylike

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"This woman is out of her mind!"
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22 тра 2019





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salena y
salena y 3 місяці тому
Any mommas breastfeeding their babies while watching? 🙋‍♀️
Mickey Jem
Mickey Jem 6 днів тому
Not me but I just liked this
Urja Jain
Urja Jain 12 днів тому
Brockfarmer Farmer stfu
Urja Jain
Urja Jain 12 днів тому
CallmeFab. io fam chill
Nameless One
Nameless One 22 дні тому
Jöergen 2.0 your still alive Jöergen
Quills Light
Quills Light Місяць тому
Jazzy Dancing Studios You should wait longer than *17* kiddo-
Naomi Partridge
Naomi Partridge День тому
It might not have been that they didn't agree with it, they might have just wanted to give you space
nope nope
nope nope 2 дні тому
Casually watching the best show ever in the back ground (supernatural)
Helliott Helliott
Helliott Helliott 2 дні тому
I've been nursing my daughter since she was born (shes almost 1 1/2 now) and I've never had anyone say anything to me about it. I was really nervous in the beginning and I would time our outings around her eating schedule because we have all read the "shaming" stories told by some women but I thankfully haven't experienced any shaming. I don't use a cover but instead the two shirt method. Maybe its just my part of the world but breastfeeding isn't an issue for the people I have encountered. The women in my family will hang around and talk to me while I nurse but the men usually head out of the room- I take it as a sign of respect but even if it does make them uncomfortable they are superbly mature about it.
Liliana Delacruz
Liliana Delacruz 3 дні тому
Off topic comment but I couldnt help but notice at 5:56 to 6:02 I just happened to notice Felicia Day on their tv and I'm hoping it was from supernatural 😂 Edit/Update: IT WAS I LATER SAW JENSEN IN THE CORNER OF THE VIDEO AROUND 7:03
DavidBrainiac 3 дні тому
Why would you assume the men stood up because they don't agree with breastfeeding in public..... That's prejudice in my eyes..
Lexi Nelson
Lexi Nelson 4 дні тому
Devin- It's ladylike and were trying breastfeeding in public Chantel- *moves hair to expose chest* Devin- ohh
Alyssa Mattson
Alyssa Mattson 5 днів тому
Curious to see the reactions of people living in different parts of the country
Lilah Cooper
Lilah Cooper 7 днів тому
People are better with smaller chests. My mom who has HHH has a harder time covering and “casually feeding”. She doesn’t give a fuck of course but it’s worth a note.
Becca 7 днів тому
At a church here in Oklahoma that I used to go to, a young mom breastfed her baby during the service and nobody batted an eye. Even I was surprised, it was really refreshing! (:
lil Native
lil Native 7 днів тому
Nah I just dont like seeing women feeding in public cuz my boyfriend
Lily Larson
Lily Larson 10 днів тому
Apolonia Savage
Apolonia Savage 11 днів тому
this was posted on my b-day
Sol Lillemoen
Sol Lillemoen 11 днів тому
Who else noticed Kelsy in the background? Like if you watch the 100 baby challenge and love ladylike
merritthon 11 днів тому
that episode of supernatural that's just on in the background at 6:26 lmao, love that ep with evil charlie
Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez 13 днів тому
I feel like men see it more as a respectful thing to do when they walk away cuz it’s giving privacy to the mom feeding their baby but if someone tells the mom that they shouldn’t breastfeed in public then they’re just being childish like didn’t your mom breastfeed you too? Babies gotta eat ya know and they drink a lot of milk!!!
Bonnie & Alex
Bonnie & Alex 13 днів тому
I've only had a problem with breast feeding when my "friend's" mom started doing it three feet away from me I have since broken said friendship because she was completely indifferent about the miscarriage of her would be little brother
Brig Vet
Brig Vet 17 днів тому
fuck you, ladies. #nobreastfeedingontwitch
Tom Uil
Tom Uil 17 днів тому
I would leave but just because I felt it would make the mom feel uncomfortable in the situation if I was close around. So yeah, I agree that breastfeeding is a normal thing but tbh it's not that common in the public yet. I think it's normal for people take couple more look at the mom just out of curiosity.
Juliana Cromey
Juliana Cromey 18 днів тому
Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! ( ☆ | ☆ ) They are natural, nurturing, & Sexy🤨🤔 AMAZING!😂🤣❤👍👍
Maggie Stapleton
Maggie Stapleton 19 днів тому
.Auntie Fred to the rescue
Tallulah Wright
Tallulah Wright 20 днів тому
I want to see Jen do this ❤️😂❤️🤣
Krystal Adams
Krystal Adams 21 день тому
I use to brest feed in my ergo baby carrier. Put the little hood on and no one ever knew. I would grocery shop or do the house with baby helping himself. I also would wear a tank top under my shirt as I was more self conscious of my mom tum then boobs and no one knew I was feeding when sitting as baby looked like they were just cuddling. Both my babies would not be covered with a blanket it gets way to hot.
Jillian Paciello
Jillian Paciello 21 день тому
I truly think the people that left the area was more out of respect than a protest to the behavior. It could have made them somewhat uncomfortable, if you're not a mom or don't have kids the idea of someone taking out their breast to feed their child may be uncomfortable for them, but I don't know if it's a fair assumption to think they didn't like it or agree with it. Just my thought on it.
HONEY CANDY 22 дні тому
What i don’t understand is...why some women don’t cover up...why should kids see this? Guys see this? I mean...even breastfeeding can give a boner 2 a guy...they will STARE! I would cover up! I don’t want other people looking at me
Ria Dabb
Ria Dabb 22 дні тому
6% = actually about the video 94%= WhO hErE 2019
Riley Lyn
Riley Lyn 22 дні тому
My whole life I’ve planned on having 2-4 kiddos... I definitely plan on breastfeeding if I can and if someone is rude to me or anything I will go off (politely ofc)
Christian !!6!!
Christian !!6!! 22 дні тому
mckenzie massel
mckenzie massel 22 дні тому
I feel like the reason a lot of people don’t like seeing people breastfeed in public is because sometimes people don’t cover themselves up while they do it. That’s what i don’t like about it, i don’t mind if you breastfeed in public or anything because the baby has to eat, put i don’t like when people don’t cover up while they do it.. :)
maciano371 22 дні тому
Omg milk is baby food the most natural thing on earth . I wish people in society would grow up ! It's not a sexual act its food ! For CYING OUT LOUD GET A GRIP
Rose heir
Rose heir 23 дні тому
I was so incredibly thrown when I saw Supernatural playing on the tv at 7:00 I totally forgot the whole point of the video. Do you guys just have netflix playing at all times or smth
Shannon Meadows
Shannon Meadows 23 дні тому
If you ever have a child please please do not put the blanket over the pram it is sooooo dangerous
Kaitlyn Wright
Kaitlyn Wright 23 дні тому
That second lady is really... something. I think he was trying to respect your space though.
kaysadilla 24 дні тому
They were watching supernatural Breastfeeding should not be so tabu and leaving is just something I do because I have had some mothers ask me to leave so I leave so they don’t have to ask me to leave
Rory D.
Rory D. 25 днів тому
7:00 did I see Supernatural on the TV?
Puddin Rose
Puddin Rose 25 днів тому
SUPERNATURAL!! at 6:10 and 6:23 and my fav which is dean`s faces is at 6:59
Ayda Wishka
Ayda Wishka 25 днів тому
I live in a country where women aren't allowed to show the hair on their head or even wear a tshirt when it's hot outside! So seeing how open women can be in other countries like yours really is refreshing and gives me hope. Thank you for all of your AMAZING videos Ladylike 😊😊❤❤
Helliott Helliott
Helliott Helliott 2 дні тому
Showing skin and nursing in public was considered "wrong" here for a long time as well, but we normalized it by persevering and being resilient by standing together and by doing so we changed what our societies deems as "acceptable". You ladies will too, the world is changing slowly but it is changing. Take care ❤
Katie Hawkins
Katie Hawkins 25 днів тому
I love that they are watching supernatural 😂
Organised Ann
Organised Ann 26 днів тому
I fed both my boys in public (they are both over 20 now) never used a cover up and only had an issue once when I was at my husbands aunts house. She refused to let me feed in her living room. She basically banished me to her bedroom, then made comments about me spending too much time up there and not interacting with the family during our visit. Personally I don’t like cover ups especially when it’s hot out. Your body temp plus theirs plus the ambient temp would make it super uncomfortable for the baby.
Haley McGrady
Haley McGrady 27 днів тому
Asia looks like Tia and Tamera Mowry
Brenna K
Brenna K 27 днів тому
Interesting to see this. I breastfed both my babies, even in Idaho before they had the breastfeeding law that protects mom’s breastfeeding in public places. The other thing they didn’t experience is real babies don’t always latch right away or will pull the cover off their head when they get more then a couple months old.
Luciana Murillo
Luciana Murillo 27 днів тому
I went to Starbucks and got shamed for breastfeeding, I felt so horrible but I didn’t stop feeding my baby.
RAnDOm CHANNEL 28 днів тому
Tip off anyone who isn’t producing milk (and isn’t lactose and tolerant) search up a recipe or if ur Latin or Mexican u don’t have to just ask ur mother to make champurrado it’s like hot chocolate (that works too!) it really just start u up
RAnDOm CHANNEL 28 днів тому
0:12 pause and put it in slowmotion
manda506 28 днів тому
Some people may have been leaving as to not disturb the baby. I myself will stay quiet or remove myself if there is a baby being fed around me, regardless if it's bottle or breast.
Mahala Penrod
Mahala Penrod 28 днів тому
Breastfeeding is a do if you wish to thing in Ohio, where I live. Plan to do it myself. No BOTTLES! Yesss!
Nick Grice
Nick Grice 29 днів тому
And guys can’t sit down 😑
Caitlin Kimble
Caitlin Kimble 29 днів тому
I’m glad you guys made this. When I was breastfeeding I was too scared to even breastfeed in the pediatricians
Alexander Hammy Ham
Alexander Hammy Ham Місяць тому
Back in my day women couldn't even be seen with their shoulders showing during the day!
Absynthe Місяць тому
Y’all could have done one of two things, got real parents who breastfeed to do the experiment with or gotten one of those reborn babies that look very real.
Madeline Borski
Madeline Borski Місяць тому
Did they keep the second baby in their purse??
Taylor Plaz
Taylor Plaz Місяць тому
Don’t hide ur inner boobie
GloFreak Місяць тому
When I was out on public I used to breastfeed in my car. I know not everyone has that option but it worked for me.
Jimena Alexander
Jimena Alexander Місяць тому
Anybody notice that they were watching supernatural in the BuzzFeed office? Just me?
Aryanna A
Aryanna A Місяць тому
It'd be really awkward if someone noticed that they were using fake babies
Willow Greenwood
Willow Greenwood Місяць тому
I love Chantels hair!
savage_ deer1
savage_ deer1 Місяць тому
Devin, Freddy, kristian,jen, AND chantel But my favorite is freddy..shes just very pretty!
Stupid Muffinz
Stupid Muffinz Місяць тому
I would leave out of respect. Im a girl. I would feel weird, eventhough I want to do it one day. Maybe if there were other moms.
Silly Bean
Silly Bean Місяць тому
"Even if you don't approve, just get up and remove yourself". Exactly! I wish everyone was like that with things they don't like! Just be respectful and move on with your life! Tbh I would probably leave too. Not because I don't approve, but because I'd just feel uncomfortable seeing someone doing that. It's kind of a private thing, in my opinion. But if you have to, you have to! Oh, and on a slightly related note, my niece is due to have her first in a few days!
Crista Zellmer
Crista Zellmer Місяць тому
I think if the top of the breast or the whole breast was exposed, you guys would have gotten a different reaction.
Sara Mc Lean
Sara Mc Lean Місяць тому
I really like watching mothers breastfeeding, because they look so proud of themselves and you can see how much they love their children.
Vanessa Scalf
Vanessa Scalf Місяць тому
I was so distracted by Supernatural playing in the background.
Maddie Jones
Maddie Jones Місяць тому
I’m dying laughing cause they brushed the babies hair with a toothbrush.
Abisola Ayoola
Abisola Ayoola Місяць тому
Devon seems like a future pta mom. 😂
Bozoolie Montalto
Bozoolie Montalto Місяць тому
This video isn't very recent and probably someone said it already but most people don't care if you breastfeed as long as you suffocate yourself and the baby with a sweaty blanket. If you just breastfeed and let your shirt drape over the baby with minimal boob showing but people catch a glance of your nipple when the baby is latching on and off I think people are still just as ignorant as they have ever been.
Gabe is bleach
Gabe is bleach Місяць тому
Chantel and Devin are your two lesbian mums and Devin is the one you talk about when you get a tattoo or wanna dye your hair and chantel you'll talk about with when you've started your period or you're being bullied
Old Soap
Old Soap Місяць тому
Man my mother never breastfeeded me
lluvia aguilar
lluvia aguilar Місяць тому
I freaked out when I saw they were watching Supernatural on the TV 7:00
Felicity Fewings
Felicity Fewings Місяць тому
I agree with breast feeding but in personal experience it can become quite uncomfortable when someone is breast feeding and their child runs off and they just sit their boob out
Erika Smith
Erika Smith Місяць тому
ok but Asia looks exactly like the tia and tamera
cherry darling
cherry darling Місяць тому
I used to love the smile and nod from other mums when I was nursing my son. It's kinda like a little comforting "good job mum". I now always smile when I see a mother breastfeeding. It's important to support each other
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Місяць тому
I love that Chantel’s voice completely changed😂😂😂
Rayray W
Rayray W Місяць тому
Also some baby's don't like to be covered up while feeding mine would pull the blanket off and so I'm just like whatever it's fine
Mommy plus two
Mommy plus two Місяць тому
My son is a month old and i remember my first-time breastfeeding in public they told me to go do that in the bathroom. I was PISSED. I was covered and everything needless to say i stayed right where i was and i got so many dirty looks from the older people where as younger parents looked and smiled at me or nodded. I was so close to having a breakdown that day and now i juat couldnt care.
Jade Murillo
Jade Murillo Місяць тому
BRING BACK WET NURSES. Back in the day, those who couldn't breast feed would speak to a wet nurse (someone else who was able to breast feed) and they would provide milk for the babies who didn't have access to it. It is healthier for baby. It builds immunity. 💚
Black soul Or white
Black soul Or white Місяць тому
Im from Germany and womans even breast feed in a bus and nobody cares
Emily Slaton
Emily Slaton Місяць тому
Pediatricians recommend breastfeeding over formula if it is possible for you to breast feed for at least 3 or 6 months up to 1 year. Formula is suitable but breast milk is even better because it has antibodies from the mom that can support the child’s immune system. It’s important to at least try breast feeding and to make sure there is no alcohol in the breast milk.
Geeky Dino Kid
Geeky Dino Kid Місяць тому
Once I was at a park and my mom was breastfeeding my brother and this man was like um can u do this somewhere else and I’m like no
Danielle Moran
Danielle Moran Місяць тому
Would like to see this test in a couple other states so see if there is a different response. Thanks for the cool content 👍🏻
Summer Stillwell _
Summer Stillwell _ Місяць тому
All the guys I know leave when people like my mom or my sister starts breastfeeding there babies and they do that so that way she can have privacy they don’t care they just want to be respectful
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