West Ham United v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/19/2021 | NBC Sports

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19 вер 2021





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BroaderPro 8 днів тому
Jason Delgado
Jason Delgado 12 днів тому
john molsey
john molsey 13 днів тому
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Micky Gamer
Micky Gamer 20 днів тому
Ronaldo, Cavani?
Giyu Tomioka
Giyu Tomioka 20 днів тому
The best goal cristiano scores are these cuase he can't handle 4 defenses like Messi lol lol lol lol
elgera562 21 день тому
Starting Line Up... Cavani?
DMV Area Railfan
DMV Area Railfan 21 день тому
They put Ronaldo as Cavani lmao
Uy Vu
Uy Vu 24 дні тому
0:52 E. Cavani is my CR7
Noob_Master 25 днів тому
Ronaldo is cavani?
YusGryfn1 25 днів тому
E. Cavani is my fav striker for Man U
Kay Chau
Kay Chau 26 днів тому
Says Cavani shows Ronaldo
pedro reyes
pedro reyes 27 днів тому
Did anybody notice Ronaldo as Cavani
The Di Meglios
The Di Meglios 28 днів тому
Lol the starting lineups say cavani
Jack Bennett
Jack Bennett 28 днів тому
Andrew Chebyrek
Andrew Chebyrek 28 днів тому
Dear Penaldo fans Fok you🙂
G Ramos
G Ramos 28 днів тому
So all of sudden Cristiano is Cavani 😂
AB Rajjak
AB Rajjak 28 днів тому
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Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 28 днів тому
C. Ronaldo
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera 28 днів тому
Anyone noticed that on the starting line up they put Cavani's name instead of Ronaldo lol
Aimeer McCrary, II
Aimeer McCrary, II 29 днів тому
Ronaldo is so selfish. Literally never passes unless he wants it right back
Juan Acevedo
Juan Acevedo 29 днів тому
1:10 why does it say Cavani with a photo of Ronaldo?
luis ramos
luis ramos 29 днів тому
Love how ronaldo was like “im here calm down we gone win” that confidence!!
Aaron D
Aaron D 29 днів тому
It doesn't matter as much if it's a deliberate hand or not... he stopped the cross with his arm and therefore stopped a scoring opportunity.
Mastilla 29 днів тому
Sancho has been a bit of a disappointment. For that fee i would have much rather picked up Adama Traore for much less and the same impact if not more. I hope Sancho finds some form soon.
Ganja Raider
Ganja Raider 29 днів тому
Varane is such an overrated defensive player.
Synfinium 29 днів тому
Am I the only one that noticed that they put r cavani on Ronaldo's frame at the lineup?
kimarley williams
kimarley williams Місяць тому
I feel like Ronaldo could of play green wood 3 times and it could be 3-1
Franklyn Emmrich
Franklyn Emmrich Місяць тому
Don’t you just love Ronaldo this man is so confident in the 18yard box
Chris Navez
Chris Navez Місяць тому
How is maguire even a professional football player, I'm better than him.
Hammer Lou
Hammer Lou Місяць тому
MANURE !!!!!
Iam Natalie
Iam Natalie Місяць тому
Plot twist: Cavani is the Shang Tsung of Soccer
Reed Faulk
Reed Faulk Місяць тому
1:37 bottom left? what is that?
Junk_ Bear
Junk_ Bear Місяць тому
0:54 I just can’t stop laughing at Cavani photo of Ronaldo lol
Miguel Floriano
Miguel Floriano Місяць тому
PremierLeague is very competitive sheesh.
James Kim
James Kim Місяць тому
MU Formation ; 7 - E. Cavani with Ronaldo photo ?????
denver miami
denver miami Місяць тому
ball don't lie
Mazi Gospel
Mazi Gospel Місяць тому
Lingard should make the starting list
David Mejia
David Mejia Місяць тому
Noble you 🗑 😡
Donald Pimentel
Donald Pimentel Місяць тому
Ronaldo. The best player in the world 🤴 🐐
Danny Manganelli
Danny Manganelli Місяць тому
That don’t look like E. Cavani
Efato Siqqo7
Efato Siqqo7 Місяць тому
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Trash Boat
Trash Boat Місяць тому
Masón frustrated w cristiano, be interesting to see how that relationship goes
alexander zapatier
alexander zapatier Місяць тому
Lin’s goal shut that whole stadium down.
Kara Douglas
Kara Douglas Місяць тому
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SONNY X Місяць тому
Nothing but a bunch of lukewarm wimps. I may be wrong but I could be right.
kah maw
kah maw Місяць тому
Man U number 5 is not good enough
Salvador Ramirez
Salvador Ramirez Місяць тому
Poor noble guy
Marc Brown
Marc Brown Місяць тому
1:38 bottom left
Sandesh sharma
Sandesh sharma Місяць тому
Ronaldo shouldn't join juventus he should join man utd that time when he join juventus....... Juventus destroy his 4 years career
Rudy Castillo
Rudy Castillo Місяць тому
Where's Cavani ?
Nat Timcena
Nat Timcena Місяць тому
Why do you have C Ronaldo's picture while the name is E Cavani in the roster for MU?
Adrian Dejacomo
Adrian Dejacomo Місяць тому
The reds go marching on on on on on
TacosWithQueso Місяць тому
Lmao cavani
Juan Alejandro Jaramillo Perez
Juan Alejandro Jaramillo Perez Місяць тому
Did anyone else notice that Ronaldo's card read Cavanni?
I'm Rick
I'm Rick Місяць тому
Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez Місяць тому
The way pogba dove trying to get a penalty. Lmfao
Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez Місяць тому
Ronaldo was offsides
eduardo padilla
eduardo padilla Місяць тому
West ham fans thought they were gonna be man united 😂😂😂
Miguel Sandoval
Miguel Sandoval Місяць тому
CR7's photo says cavani OMG!!!!!!!
cdfv4 Місяць тому
This some COD WW2 or Battlefield V Music lol
The1 AndOnly
The1 AndOnly Місяць тому
Did that commentator say he doesn’t think that’s a penalty? Sir, please quit your job today. That arm was way out and not in a natural position. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.
ddd ddd
ddd ddd Місяць тому
why they have E. Cavani under Ronaldo's picture?
v s
v s Місяць тому
Ronaldo needs to retire
Rockey Racoon
Rockey Racoon Місяць тому
Cannot believe that commentator said it wasn’t a penalty. He shouldn’t be allowed to discus football on the air ever again. If you want to be a fan go sit in the seats you wanker.
Khalid Official
Khalid Official Місяць тому
Lingard goal is 🔥
goonymiami Місяць тому
*Stops the ball like he's Jesus on the cross caster: "I don't believe this is a penalty"
Ignacio Zapata
Ignacio Zapata Місяць тому
Did anybody else notice that Ronaldo was named Cavani when they where showing the formations
BeanWitCheese Місяць тому
Lingard could have easily had two more goals if Ronaldo let go of the ball.
Damian Pollack
Damian Pollack Місяць тому
1:39 lol
ZxDragonzX Місяць тому
De Gea’s save tho 🔥
DeBow Investments
DeBow Investments Місяць тому
Nobody noticed how they had Ronaldo's face with Cavani's name in the lineups? Lol
EtienneN7 Місяць тому
0:53 it says “E. Cavani” instead of “C. Ronaldo” 😂😂
Sebastian Vogel
Sebastian Vogel Місяць тому
anyone else notice cavanis name is under ronaldo’s pic in the lineuo
Andrew bello
Andrew bello Місяць тому
I like how Messi fans have been quiet the last three games lol
Anderson Paulose
Anderson Paulose Місяць тому
Ronaldo as CaVaNIi is the biggest joke ever they played on TV
Jovannitube Місяць тому
On the starting 11 you guys had Cavani with a picture of Ronaldo
Super Man
Super Man Місяць тому
why pogba is very slow ? no power or what?😏 CR7 36 can run more
Friedrich Siefferman
Friedrich Siefferman Місяць тому
Some people are simply faster than others, it’s not just a matter of fitness.
Matias Hernandez
Matias Hernandez Місяць тому
Ronaldo is now cavani
Rameshwor Chalise
Rameshwor Chalise Місяць тому
Cavani to Ronaldo: Am I starting? Ronaldo: 🤷‍♂️
BOSS DOGGO Місяць тому
Kamau Mau
Kamau Mau Місяць тому
De Gea!! Da maan!!
John Wilson
John Wilson Місяць тому
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Nozz Місяць тому
Should've been 1-1 offside goal
Eric Місяць тому
1:38 wtf 😂
Dino Gerc
Dino Gerc Місяць тому
Did anybody noticed that instead of Ronaldo is says Cavani and CR7 face?
sasi veer kumar
sasi veer kumar Місяць тому
When did Ronaldo change his name to Cavani?!!!!
Derrick Palmer
Derrick Palmer Місяць тому
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Andrés Feliciano
Andrés Feliciano Місяць тому
Fabianski definitely underrated in my book. Great keeper
Spartak Ilin
Spartak Ilin Місяць тому
They forgot remove Cavani and put Ronaldo
Spartak Ilin
Spartak Ilin Місяць тому
Cavani Ronaldo ❤️‍🩹
Andrés Feliciano
Andrés Feliciano Місяць тому
Cristiano Cavani is amazing
Garrett Goyen
Garrett Goyen Місяць тому
What a game
cruzee1021 Місяць тому
Whoever wrote Cavani under el Bicho's pic needs to quit.
Saiye Rugara
Saiye Rugara Місяць тому
"Man United win thriller!"
AAO Tube
AAO Tube Місяць тому
Crazy to see Zouma in West Ham.
Pel0nXx Місяць тому
Did anyone see happened during the first 12secs of the game at 1:39 😂?
momo Місяць тому
Fyi. Benrahma means "son of the merciful"
XD Pepper
XD Pepper Місяць тому
anyone notice on the pregame line up the put cavanis name under ronaldo
Redd_Bandz Місяць тому
So nobody saw that they put Cavani’s name on Ronaldo’s face are the starting XI?
Amsalu Abeti
Amsalu Abeti Місяць тому
Wow really amazing goal attempt manchester players they play skillful football thanks