What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

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As Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise move their headquarters out of California and Elon Musk moves to Texas, California is considering raising taxes on the wealthy to unprecedented levels. Experts say California needs to find more ways to reverse the trend.
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What’s Driving California’s Mass Tech Exodus?



23 січ 2021





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Bj D
Bj D 2 години тому
No California is fantastic. Everywhere else sucks. Please listen all you vegan non-binary liberals .... STAY THERE!
Martha Simmons
Martha Simmons 2 години тому
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Bertalan Feher
Bertalan Feher 2 години тому
The dem way to ruin a beautiful state. Taxes and nothing more - you can feed your moron politicians.
Tahzib Hussaini
Tahzib Hussaini 3 години тому
glory to the Communists.....
Bernhard Ecklin
Bernhard Ecklin 4 години тому
California has attracted too many leftists, do-gooders and parasites. It pays the price. If you don't believe it, you just have to stroll through San Francisco.
Shirley Y
Shirley Y 5 годин тому
Seems like some large corporations are leaving CA, but not residents in general. Why? Check out the traffic in CA on any given day, especially SoCal. Traffic is slightly better but not by much. I wouldn't call it mass exodus. More like a trickle.
Jordan Hogan
Jordan Hogan 5 годин тому
What I don't understand is how these people are fleeing Democrat policies, then going to Texas and voting blue..
branned 5 годин тому
Liberals destroyed Cali.....go figure!
Small Axe
Small Axe 6 годин тому
You wanna know how awesome California is? Just look at how many Republicans live here. That's right. Numbers don't lie. More Republican voters than any red state, including Texas. They hate the politics of CA, but stay anyway because its that great here. Chew on that, contards!
Cardboard Empire
Cardboard Empire 6 годин тому
Ryan Hazer
Ryan Hazer 10 годин тому
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Orange Muscle
Orange Muscle 10 годин тому
😂 😂 that’s like asking if the 2020 election was fraudulent. Why are people leaving?? Unless you’re super rich and therefor plain don’t care, you leave because liberals are flat out destroying the state. Tough one!
Mai Chi
Mai Chi 11 годин тому
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Gary Lindenschmitt
Gary Lindenschmitt 11 годин тому
Gov Gruesome Newsom & his auntie Nasty Pelosi have ruined CA now sanctuary state open borders for Everyone that will vote DEMOCRAT. Taxes and rules force the exodus.
ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances
ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances 11 годин тому
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Adorable Deplorable
Adorable Deplorable 12 годин тому
Newssolini and Pelosi are pretty good bets .
Phil Chilton
Phil Chilton 12 годин тому
The state has to cut spending. Follow what Texas is doing. Lower taxes.
Linda Warren
Linda Warren 12 годин тому
It's deeper than people realize! Where was all the money they collected in taxes? San Francisco is ran by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi! Why wasn't she tending to all the economic problems in San Francisco.. It's unrecognizable and filthy now. Hold her responsible ‼️💯 plus Deep State Politicians run the State, so what does that say ⁉️ Open your eyes people! If you would have allowed TRUMP to clean the Swamp you'd still be thriving,‼️
WhiteLivesMatter 11 годин тому
Better yet, remember the whole "defund the police" crap? The current Mayor defunded 128 million from the police to go to the "black community". Anyone know where that money is today? Everyone seems to have forgotten about that little bit of missing cash.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 12 годин тому
My great grandfather a Chumash AmerIndian I am sure his opinion of who destroyed California would be different . The stories I hear the white man Infeasting not only here but throughout many Indegenous cultures throughout the world spreading there cancer capitalism using there Christianity to tame us. Christianity Capitalism the real evil of this world.
K L 12 годин тому
It's an easy solution. Kick all the democrats out of the state and it will solve the problem.
mel pe
mel pe 13 годин тому
Umm Democrats
William Gray
William Gray 14 годин тому
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PurpleOcarina 15 годин тому
But what are we suppose to do? If no one wants us to move out of California for a better life. If politicians don’t do anything to improve it (which regardless if you vote R or D, most tend to not help in anyways) If we do in fact move to a different state the price skyrockets just like California.. What are we suppose to do?
de danging
de danging 15 годин тому
The reason for the exodus: liberal policies. Saved you 20 mins.
Rieka C.
Rieka C. 15 годин тому
Next on News: What is driving Texans mass exodus? Californians: * recreating Texas state*
Douglas Hanlon
Douglas Hanlon 15 годин тому
That the stupiest question ever...its liberal democrats and everyone knows it
Ryan Hazer
Ryan Hazer 15 годин тому
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WhiteLivesMatter 15 годин тому
When the news reads "29 million people leave Crapifornia", then I'll be happy. I would love to see my pathetic state go down into a complete crash and burn.
sergeant5027 15 годин тому
Thats what happens when Liberals take over a country. Make notes
Ben Höflinger
Ben Höflinger 16 годин тому
Democratic policies. Wow that was hard.
booger butt
booger butt 16 годин тому
People get tired of stepping on needles and feces
Jody Toole
Jody Toole 16 годин тому
Liberal policies. Period!
Steve White
Steve White 17 годин тому
People are leaving because the State has become the Mecca for every homeless, illegal alien, drug adicted, wretched member of the permanent underclass. And as the stupid liberal politicians keep taxing the rest of us to pay for their socialist fantasy utupia, those that are tired of paying to support the human debris washing up on our shore are leaving. The great weather can only count for so much...
Darrin Fry
Darrin Fry 17 годин тому
I think a state should go to no taxes at all for businesses. Then all the companies in the country will relocate there, leaving all other states with no businesses other than restaurants and companies like them. And companies will stand on the shoulders of all Americans getting the ultimate corporate welfare. Yay!
The Red Wolf
The Red Wolf 18 годин тому
Save yourself 20 minutes. The answer is communism.
bekim colaku
bekim colaku 18 годин тому
It's funny how these corporations push these policies in California and New York Connecticut New Jersey but when it doesn't benefit them they want to go to Red States 🤷🏼‍♂️
Houston Helicopter Tours
Houston Helicopter Tours 18 годин тому
Dear fellow Americans, dear Californians we are full (apparently chock-full of morons who never experienced a day of cold weather in their life)
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez 19 годин тому
Well put videos , everything is on point. Living on l.a now is crazy and I'm just trying to protect my 795 credit and leave when I have the money to own my own property
LunaMoon 19 годин тому
Ugh, California moving to my Arizona for the past 10 years sure makes it hard for me to get a decent home here. Prices just skyrocketed.
Overlord is Google
Overlord is Google 12 годин тому
Got to love them bringing their brain dead political logic with them too. Like hey let's bring the cancer that killed our home state with us to this new state. In addition to driving up the housing market.
Steve 20 годин тому
What’s driving California’s mass exodus??? You , CNBC...and the policies you support.
gary landman
gary landman 20 годин тому
Liberal policy!
beeboobop 21 годину тому
Can we all just acknowledge the elephant in the room? CALIFORNIA IS BLUE. TEXAS IS RED. BLUE DOES NOT WORK.
Robert Carillio
Robert Carillio 21 годину тому
Cannot pander and do all that is right for just what mega corporations want, either. We need to live sustsinably too, or planet is done way too soon...so this total no regs and let corps do as they wish is not the answer either. Life can live without the economy...the economy cannot live without life. We need a priority and philosophical change in how we think as a culture.
Majesty Jones
Majesty Jones 21 годину тому
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Jay Nunyabiz
Jay Nunyabiz 22 години тому
Some moved to Austin, now what? Snowed in? Ha ha ha! Do ya miss the sunshine and ocean breeze?
saltydecimator 22 години тому
Oh such a mystery!?
Carroll Drebert
Carroll Drebert 22 години тому
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Brian Jones
Brian Jones 22 години тому
Kent Kearney
Kent Kearney 23 години тому
saceves 23 години тому
California is a great place. It is great to live in a state where the government cares about its people rather than just pandering to millionaires and corporations. It is great to live in a state that is leader in education and environmental protection rather than letting all kinds of corporate crooks pollute the environment as much as they want. I'm all for having them move to Texas: Let all "pro-growth" Texans eat all the pollution.
saceves 19 годин тому
@Anony grazer If you are an average person with average salary, would you vote in favor of receiving better public services with money obtained by taxing billionaires? Can you really be on the side of billionaires if you are making $50k per year and have to drive an Uber at night to pay the rent? Do you really believe the endless lie about how it is our responsibility to protect these "job creators" from the claws of our government? As far as I am concerned, let Elon Musk and his billionaire friends leave for Texas or whatever state lets them maximize their profits while exploiting their people and polluting the environment. I am for a government that invests in its people. BTW, did you hear about a recent very short trip that a Texas politician took in the middle of a crisis? Seems worse than eating French food.
Anony grazer
Anony grazer 20 годин тому
OMG, are you a troll or an AI??? It's damned difficult to tell the difference from that comment because you can't be talking about Gov. Gavin "Let them eat cake while I dine at the French Laundry" Newsome...or CA's now abysmal education record where kids are given a pass on everything because of Covid now...or the very real crushing of EVERY business or private action environmentally UNLESS you're Big Box or Big Tech.
Rightlydividing7 616
Rightlydividing7 616 23 години тому
Democrats RUINATION of the Republic of the United States 24/7! Godlessness on steroids and moving like a runaway freighttrain!, totalitarianism, nearly there. 1)No regard for human life 2) noregard for God and our SAVIOR Jesus Christ 3) no regard for businesses 4) no regard for truth 5) no regard for science 6) no regard for freedom, including the Constitution of the United States 7) no regard for freedom, including speech, etc., etc.
Erik Teap
Erik Teap День тому
Gavin Newsom and his cronies ruining America
Anony grazer
Anony grazer 20 годин тому
Alongside and in lock step with Auntie Pelosi.
1st Amendment 2nd Amendment
1st Amendment 2nd Amendment День тому
🖕 California! DON'T CALI MY TEXAS
Alexey P
Alexey P День тому
Texas no taxes! And no power, no water, no heat. No wonder.
Order_of_Chaos День тому
How has that anti-regulation worked out for Texas so far? A massive influx of businesses and people - all putting a strain on the infrastructure that the for profit energy industry refuses to update and strengthen - and what was the result? There is no such thing as a free lunch. Allowing states to compete in a race to the bottom is an utterly stupid idea.
Anony grazer
Anony grazer 20 годин тому
The sheer mass of illegals didn't help either, I'm pretty sure.
Ainsley Harriott
Ainsley Harriott День тому
I’ll save you 20 mins; 1) The state imposes crippling taxes. 2) With the streets covered in unchallenged, violent homelessness, human waste and rubbish, there doesn’t seem to be any return on those taxes. 3) Public officials and Union workers earn ridiculously high salaries, and always campaign to make their jobs easier and better paid. 4) Insane housing and zoning regulations mean your neighbours have more say over your home than you do. 5) The Californian dream is dead in a swamp of bad regulations and bankruptcy.
Anony grazer
Anony grazer 20 годин тому
And dead in a swamp of progressive corruption and identity politics and one more attempt at making communism work right THIS time and grift and graft and cronyism and an entire new generation so stupid it willingly invites its own doom in the front door - just like the EU.
Bob White
Bob White День тому
Liberal, democratic policies of course. Insane taxes, high cost of living, out of touch politicians, what else would there be?
Joes B4 Hose
Joes B4 Hose День тому
Made up my mind to make a new start Leaving CA without an aching in my heart
Tlake Timberlake
Tlake Timberlake День тому
Just do the caluculation. Itll work.
steve cooper
steve cooper День тому
WOW ! I could have told you lot this was going to happen 12 years ago when the State started raising taxes disproportionately to other States! Dont forget, ginger top HARRY & his bint have moved there, so thats ANOTHER strong reason to LEAVE.!
Anony grazer
Anony grazer 20 годин тому
Yeah, too bad they forgot to pack his BALLS when they moved. Man, that guy went from Hunk to Junk in two words..."I do"!
Dolores Francine
Dolores Francine День тому
In a word? Newsom.
iPeter День тому
Amante De Capaldi
Amante De Capaldi День тому
3:39 wow cali's gdp is bigger than many countries including india 😲
Pool 2
Pool 2 День тому
It's virtually "falling in the ocean"
Pool 2
Pool 2 День тому
Darketernal_666 День тому
I mean even as a European i've heard tons of Americans complaining that California is TOO EXPENSIVE!!!. They say the moment you cross the state border into California, everyone is after your wallet. Absurd taxes in combination of failed policies is making people and companies leave by the buckets according to the Americans i've spoken to.
Web RBio
Web RBio День тому
California is toast.
Jennifer Gallagher
Jennifer Gallagher День тому
If you have to ask you're too stupid to understand the answer.
Steve Bell
Steve Bell День тому
California is not worth it
D.E. G
D.E. G День тому
Send them all to Texas
Sean Barrett
Sean Barrett День тому
Democrat communism....
Mislav Trtanj
Mislav Trtanj День тому
Why did a thought that Hewlett-Packard sepertadet
Rich Q
Rich Q День тому
Great. Now Texas will be expensive as hell. I will soon be forced to leave my own state due to rising prices!
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf День тому
Democrats, your election fraud, tax theft, cancel culture, race baiting, 57 genders, your hatred...your hatred. You are what we hate about California, and you are why we are leaving.
Aaron Wilcox
Aaron Wilcox День тому
Stay in California we dont want you to screw up other states with your politic. Keep it in california.
Overlord is Google
Overlord is Google 12 годин тому
Amen... They made their bed they can live in it.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson День тому
Ok if u come to Texas please understand that we have a certain way of voting. Please respect it
Anony grazer
Anony grazer 20 годин тому
That's WHY they move - they're sick of the diversity, urine filled streets, intersectional politics and resulting grift, graft and putrid corruption they keep voting in to office so, like rats off a sinking ship - they flee to fresh pastures...to wash, rinse and repeat.
Justin H
Justin H День тому
Keep voting Democrat 🤣
Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill День тому
California, expensive to live, cheap to vacation ... so live elsewhere and vacation in California
Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill День тому
California’s probably the best state to be homeless... so they have that
Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill День тому
It’s going to become a tourism economy in California
Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill День тому
California is the hot blonde you had fun with but you’re tired of her BS and can’t put a ring on it
Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill День тому
Anti-Business government
Jason L
Jason L День тому
The mentally ill left have infested the state. Like locusts, they destroy everything they touch. But hey pooping in the street is important.
neutrino78x День тому
lol....yes, HP's HEADQUARTERS moved to Texas. But not the programming and engineering. They have 285 jobs in Texas....but 299 in California. So yeah, no great loss. Same with Tesla. The CEO moved to Texas...but he didn't close the factory in Fremont, and all the software development at Tesla is still in Silicon Valley. Elon Musk can scream and shout up and down and that will never change. The greatest concentration of smart programmers and computer guys in the world will ALWAYS be in Silicon Valley, at least for the foreseeable future. And if we were our own country, Silicon Valley would have the 3rd highest per capita GDP.....IN THE WORLD. www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/apr/30/silicon-valley-wealth-second-richest-country-world-earth And we our population is still growing: www.macrotrends.net/states/california/population The only exception to that was 2020 with the pandemic, but once that's over and people can go back to the office again, the population will rise again. I will probably never afford to own a home here in Silicon Valley, but I have lived here since age 5. It's home. I certainly wouldn't want to go live among the white supremacists in Texas just to own a home. And obviously a lot of other people agree with me.
neutrino78x 7 годин тому
@Anony grazer yeah ok. Look at the numbers. Tesla still employs the same number of programmers here in Silicon Valley and they always will. The programmers are in Silicon Valley, not bumfuck Texas. In other words the most productive people are here in Silicon Valley, and it will remain that way for the foreseeable future. Between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, California is solid. A centrist liberal success story :)
Anony grazer
Anony grazer 20 годин тому
It's obvious that a California education, and your lemming-like belief in MSM and your party, has you right where they want you.
Jon kay
Jon kay День тому
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attache675 День тому
You know Newsom is beyond awful when there is a site dedicated to helping people get away from Cali.
BadonkaStonk День тому
Catherine Holcombe
Catherine Holcombe День тому
California and many residents are a societal cancer on humanity. If they plan on bringing their idealogy and liberal progressive ways outside of CA, KEEP WAY FROM THE REST OF US!! We don't want it or YOU!!!
said hossain
said hossain День тому
Cost is the main issue. Failure of democratic party.
J.P. Holiday
J.P. Holiday День тому
Just to move to Austin and make that place unaffordable.
M L День тому
Uh...idiotic policies...
Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd День тому
Not sure what's goin on but somebody needs to figure it out. The phukin commies are moving to my state more and more.
Kyle Stumborg
Kyle Stumborg День тому
liberal policies??
Kokab Rahman
Kokab Rahman День тому
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Lance Guimont
Lance Guimont День тому
lol. for every business that leaves 5 start up and replaces them.
Jimmy День тому
It's simple; they are trying to turn the Red States into Blue States. They have a massive excess of Left voters and use this to make them move into good states.
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson День тому
One word: Democrats
Dirk Cheezleman
Dirk Cheezleman День тому
Jerry Spikes
Jerry Spikes День тому
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