What I Missed While I Was in Rehab with Shane Dawson!!

Eugenia Cooney
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Thank you so much Shane for being in this video and teaching me all the tea I missed!!
UKvid: ukvid.net/u-Shane
TWITTER: twitter.com/shanedawson
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/shanedawson
Check out the video Shane did with me on his channel!! I'm SO happy to be apart of it and he's the best. So glad we could make something with a positive message that I really hope helps other people going through similar things.
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20 лип 2019

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Eugenia Cooney
Eugenia Cooney 27 днів тому
Thank you so much Shane for being in this video and spilling all the tea to me!!! You're the best!! ukvid.net/u-Shane
Kylie Halostar
Kylie Halostar 9 днів тому
New to your channel (thanks shane) I find it amazing how nice you are to mean people. UKvid kills me how mean some people think its ok to be. Your an amazing role model.
BTS Yoongi
BTS Yoongi 11 днів тому
i finally found ur youtube channel again after a while and i’m just so happy for you❤️LOVE U SO MUCH❤️
The Gospel Is Love
The Gospel Is Love 17 днів тому
I am glad you are back 😊
Charlotte Grubbs
Charlotte Grubbs 20 днів тому
Skyler Gough
Skyler Gough Годину тому
Very proud of you hun!
Mae MJ
Mae MJ Годину тому
Yes, please go to Japan together! You are extremely watchable as a duo. Welcome back, Eugenia!!! 🤗
Macarronada Congelada ツ
Macarronada Congelada ツ Годину тому
she'll be fine i know someday she'll take care of her body ❤️
almeria tiodora
almeria tiodora 2 години тому
She's literally the purest person in the whole universe. I love her so much.
Danna Montano
Danna Montano 4 години тому
i’m so happy to see you back!
April Marie
April Marie 15 годин тому
I love Shane, I'm so glad his channel blew up as big as it has... He deserves it
Kristen Hortenstine
Kristen Hortenstine 18 годин тому
I would watch the whole 10 part series of them in Japan and love it
Lynn Issa
Lynn Issa 19 годин тому
If you love them both like
B cheesy
B cheesy 20 годин тому
So so so happy for you ! ! Your story will help so many as I know it was inspiration for me as well! Also I want you to know you genuinely look so beautiful & glowing already ! The progress you’ve made is noticeable & beautiful and I’m very excited to continue to watch your journey through your recovery ! ! Thank you for having such a beautiful positive attitude throughout so much ! You are an inspiration, love you
Koalas 4Life
Koalas 4Life 22 години тому
Woah I knew liek 2 of these before. I’m so uncultured and not up to date
ItsSoElla 122
ItsSoElla 122 День тому
It’s insane how I’ve been scrolling these comments for five minutes and haven’t seen one nasty comment. This is what she needed to begin with ❤️
Shrek HasManToes
Shrek HasManToes День тому
no one: literally no one: Eugenia: im sure their sweet!
Meet Bon Bon
Meet Bon Bon День тому
OMG Garrett Watts + Eugenia Cooney =
Carlene Davidson
Carlene Davidson День тому
You look so pretty
Collin Bertrand
Collin Bertrand День тому
you and alexa poletti should do vids togetherrrr yush
gypsyfirestorm День тому
I have to say.. I'm a big hater of humanity, but you my dear.... Are the most kind, caring, sweetest soul I have ever "met"
Helena Geldhof
Helena Geldhof День тому
I'm so happy ur getting better i love u ur the sweetest person on earth and im so proud
It's Jannah Mohamed
It's Jannah Mohamed День тому
I subscribed and I love the fact that she’s soo positive❤️ What if she did a bob ross tutorial with makeup 💄
Anissa Adesida
Anissa Adesida День тому
Jin’s Food Stash
Jin’s Food Stash День тому
Who else is scrolling through the comments
Kit Meyhem
Kit Meyhem День тому
Emma Jolie
Emma Jolie День тому
You’re so incredibly wonderful Eugenia !!!
b r e a n n a ,
b r e a n n a , День тому
Awsome Aspie
Awsome Aspie 2 дні тому
Awww so sweet!
Live Life
Live Life 2 дні тому
Eugenia is the most nice person in the and people sometimes hate on her and say negative things and seeing her happy makes me happy always be happy and positive #Be😁positive
Asib Ahmed
Asib Ahmed 2 дні тому
Shane is my best youtuber
Gach life
Gach life 2 дні тому
So happy your back and getting healthy because I have the same issue and it makes me wanna try to get better since I'm literally a Skelton
Amy Rosanova
Amy Rosanova 2 дні тому
3:05: Shane snorts while laughing. You're welcome. 😂
Miinvera Cantrell
Miinvera Cantrell 2 дні тому
I ship u with Sora
Älpha Ømega Studiøs
Älpha Ømega Studiøs 2 дні тому
Love how Shane has makeup on ONE eye, bootiful 👍🏻
DarknessnekoProduct 2 дні тому
Hey Eugenia, I just met you on Shane's video and thought you were the sweetest fellow Burton lover I've ever seen. I can't wait to see what you do in the future
lullaby 2 дні тому
Eugenia you look soooo good, you look so much better 💖
Amy Radke
Amy Radke 2 дні тому
Girl I am so proud of you. It is so nice to see you happy both of you are great
MEJRU ruby
MEJRU ruby 2 дні тому
This video is everything !! ☺️ i didn’t know any of this stuff and I’m always on my phone ! Lmao omg you’re the cutest !!! I didn’t know about you but now I’m in love with your awesome personality!!!! God will keep watching over you. Keep your head up !! you make me smile 😃 can’t wait to see more of you.
EmmaPlazz 123
EmmaPlazz 123 2 дні тому
I ship her with Garret ❤️🌺🔥🥵😂
girly gamer
girly gamer 2 дні тому
Would love to see you and garret together!!! 😊
Kiwi Kranks
Kiwi Kranks 2 дні тому
you're so gorgeous, new subscriber. you're so amazing, nice, caring and just a positive influence. you've been shining bright even through the negativity. I'm so glad you're getting better. keep shining and keep your head up.
Lucas Luciano Herrera
Lucas Luciano Herrera 2 дні тому
How do I give 1000 likes to this?
Noor xx
Noor xx День тому
Katie Barr
Katie Barr 2 дні тому
Congratulation on getting help hope you are happy and living life to the fullest take care of yourself 😀
Sara Patricia Caballero Rosales
Me encanta ver tus vídeos pero no entiendo nada de lo k dices ( no hablo ingles?)
Nadiea Ring
Nadiea Ring 3 дні тому
God bless ye Shane and you are the most nicest people ever I'm so happy to see you good in yourself xx
Miss Rayne
Miss Rayne 3 дні тому
You’re amazing Eugenia. You sparkle like a real Disney Princess. I struggle with Complex PTSD. Your positivity and kindness is so beautiful to see. I’m excited to see what you do now, and hope you feel the real love people are sending you. You have a way of being magical, bright, fun, sweet, and funny in the most genuine way. Remember to take care of you, take time as you need, and know how much you will inspire many.
ÓwÒ Peter tingle
ÓwÒ Peter tingle 3 дні тому
Kasia Bartosiak
Kasia Bartosiak 3 дні тому
1 like 1 kg more for eugenia
Un Chat Sur Les Toits
Un Chat Sur Les Toits 3 дні тому
Eugenia is way too pure for this world >
Maria Jose Tola
Maria Jose Tola 3 дні тому
do makeup stuff!! reviews, anything you want! YOU ARE GREATE EUGENIA!! im sure you inspire a lot of people!!
Maria Jose Tola
Maria Jose Tola 3 дні тому
you two are amazing!!!!
Living While Mentally Ill
Living While Mentally Ill 3 дні тому
I'm very happy you got help. ♥️
DiagonAllie 3 дні тому
love this video but .... who is Garrett? also read most of the comments Haha I'm not in this loop of everyone wanting Eugenia and Garrett to meet.... Haha someone tag him or something
g Twag
g Twag 3 дні тому
I was actually in rehab for the past four months as well so this caught me up too! Thanks Shane!
Sophia Makenzie
Sophia Makenzie День тому
Me too I’m so glad I can finally relate to a bunch of people☺️
The ultimate God
The ultimate God День тому
I’m glad you’re doing better!! 💕💕
Forever Galaxy1
Forever Galaxy1 2 дні тому
Congratulations on staying strong through out your situation, that’s brave.
Pigs Drawing 101
Pigs Drawing 101 3 дні тому
How can i know if i have a eating disorder
Hannah Sarkisian
Hannah Sarkisian 3 дні тому
A happy, healthy Eugenia and a snorting Shane together again, I'm so happy right now 😂😘😘 I love you both, so happy you're back Eugenia ✨🦄✨
Viktoria Soler
Viktoria Soler 3 дні тому
Eugenia you are so kind and nice! The video of Shane made me cry!! so happe you have such a pure heart!
Mayra Benitez
Mayra Benitez 3 дні тому
I’m so happy seeing you having fun💗 Ily girly take care and don’t let anyone ruin your greatness and your amazing personality 💗
Amanda Zeron
Amanda Zeron 3 дні тому
Hello love, I came from Shane's channel. And I am so proud of you. You keep doing you girlie. Stay sweet ❤
joey William
joey William 3 дні тому
HThe Ritter
HThe Ritter 3 дні тому
Eugenia, I don't go on youtube a lot and don't watch your videos regularly but it truly lifts my heart to see you back, to see you happy, and to see you healthy. You're one tough cookie. Best of wishes.
Jazz25 3 дні тому
Rozen Maiden
Rozen Maiden 4 дні тому
You both could go to japan and do a video of trying out their food and seeing the hello kitty store, i think that would be a cool video to see.
Nero 0016
Nero 0016 4 дні тому
Yo not gonna lie Eugenia is sooooooo KAWAIIIII 🥰 and Shane is a grandma 😂 but a lovely one😅
sarah foster
sarah foster 4 дні тому
Count the "likes" she says. Then take out all of them and she actualy sounds her age. Where do kids learn to talk like that?
Hannah Kay
Hannah Kay 4 дні тому
She has great eyebrows
Jake Morgan
Jake Morgan 4 дні тому
Regina Chu
Regina Chu 4 дні тому
Btw, boba originated in Taiwan. Idk if any was mis-educated about it, but I'm REALLY passionate about boba. Heh :)
Nienke Wijnveld
Nienke Wijnveld 4 дні тому
'love your video!
Shay 420
Shay 420 4 дні тому
You look great hunny proud of you
Adel Sitaish
Adel Sitaish 4 дні тому
thank god she’s back 💞💞💞
Cursed Foods
Cursed Foods 4 дні тому
ok but how are you just the best person 😂💕
Megan Messick
Megan Messick 4 дні тому
You should do a make-up/ tea video with Jeffree Star. I feel like you would both have fun and maybe Jeffree can teach you how to be meaner lol. 😜😍 much love💘
Meagan Dragon
Meagan Dragon 4 дні тому
I think She is Sooo strong and sweet !
Rhiannon Smith
Rhiannon Smith 4 дні тому
Her smile is so pretty!
Jessika Daniels
Jessika Daniels 4 дні тому
Stay positive don’t let the hate bring u down your an amazing person ♥️
Janie Super
Janie Super 5 днів тому
Hi Eugenia, welcome back I missed you! You are an inspiration to me. I know there have been some really tough times over the years, but I can also see your strength. Your persona comes across as very kind and generous and you are stylish, funny, beautiful etc. This is why I watch your videos. I'm really looking forward to more content from you I think you are brilliant. Thank you for giving so much of yourself for your viewers, it is not wasted. I hope you will keep all your videos online and have no regrets. I think the world is a better place because you are in it. Looking forward to more of your goth fashion sense. - Juanita
cecilia sagmayao
cecilia sagmayao 5 днів тому
wow! your still so pretty 😍😘
soledad Riquez
soledad Riquez 5 днів тому
Hola eugenia soy de Perú Solo quería decirte de corazón Que estas presiosa, hermosa, Te vez muy bien ahora Dios te bendiga y cuide siempre
Bianca mcgill
Bianca mcgill 5 днів тому
I love her bunny 🐰 cardigan
_BellaxRoses_ 5 днів тому
Eugenia, You’re getting better... You have alway’s been so happy and poppy on camera! You made me feel so joyful and warm inside and you still do.. I had an eating disorder and I didn’t eat at all.. But, all those label’s are not good they just want to bring you down.. or they are also, going through thing’s... But, if someone tell’s you to go die don’t cry, don’t listen... I’d hate to see you leave this world or not smiling.. I also, have gotten bullied for being “scrawny” but, we aren’t scrawny we are just trying to cope but, we don’t understand how.. I’m happy to see that you’re getting better! I send you my best regards and I hope you can read this.. I love you! ❤️
Dumb Stuff
Dumb Stuff 5 днів тому
Ship Shane and Eugenia
Jinx erface
Jinx erface 5 днів тому
I just wanna pinch those cute little positive cheeks of hers lol
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