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Glo gang
Glo gang 8 днів тому
How about them cowgirls 🐑🐑😂😂
Joshua Duarte
Joshua Duarte 8 днів тому
Weres all those cowgirls fans at now..#cowgirls fans on suicide watch 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
kiotipass 8 днів тому
It'll never happen.
John Vargas
John Vargas 8 днів тому
Lincoln Fox
Lincoln Fox 8 днів тому
Jesus Guerrero
Jesus Guerrero 8 днів тому
Nothing that the rams can do against the cowboys , they will come on the field and beat the rams and I bet our defense will scare this man called Mr.Goff
Maseka Black
Maseka Black 10 днів тому
Cowboy team has a great defense team, For a team like dallas that has won every game home including against the saints, but won ONLY 3 games on the road to SORRY ASS TEAMS, AS much as i want the cowboys to win, this is a tough one. And games won at home are against sorry teams as well EXCEPT for the saints game which we all know 10-13 is not no blow out score. Vegas, Miami, New York and CALIFORNIA & New Orleans bookies has their numbers on the Rams- their territory, their game.. good luck cowboys. May the best team wins.
Bobby Richmond2
Bobby Richmond2 10 днів тому
DAK IS Super Bowl Champion
Bailey Brubaker
Bailey Brubaker 10 днів тому
Keep squeezing all that juice that is cowboys money to satisfy your bottom-line. We all know who is winking this game.
Scott McMan
Scott McMan 10 днів тому
Use Blake Jarwin! He wasn't utilized at all in the Seattle game. I thought he was primed to become a primary receiver. I can't stand Linehan's play calling.
john abraham
john abraham 10 днів тому
Ya everyday talk about Cowboys and Patriots... talk about the Texans please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Lozano
David Lozano 10 днів тому
Seattle found out to late they can pass against Dallas . Rams will beat Dallas in the air .
Antone Fulmer
Antone Fulmer 10 днів тому
hope Dak shows his true colors,,,,,which is garbage QB play
Hondas R D Best
Hondas R D Best 10 днів тому
If we lose it'll be because of Linehan. I've never seen anyone call plays like the man. The art of calling plays is meant to attempt to dictate what the defense will do in certain situations for later on in the game. This guy let's the opposing team's defense dictate what plays he call. Basically he's guessing what plays might work on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down. Instead of forcing the defense to guess what play will be run next. All this while setting the D up for a reverse pass or some play that may take a few more secs to develop. Smh
Joycenmatthew Moquino
Joycenmatthew Moquino 10 днів тому
Everytime cowboys win people say they were playing a cheap team or Jerry paid the refs if Jerry paid the refs we would be super bowl champs every year lol cowboys are foreal people and they will beat the Rams 💯 gauranteed.
Santana H.
Santana H. 10 днів тому
In Chicago we are still at soldier field wondering wtf just happened.......
Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett 10 днів тому
What are they talking about I've seen Goff win games without a running game
GypsySummer Raine
GypsySummer Raine 10 днів тому
Hope rams beat Cowboys ....i've hear every single day cowboys cowboys....sick of hearing about them.....cowboys the new patriots!!!!!!! wayyyy overrated.....
Andrew Fernbach
Andrew Fernbach 11 днів тому
Nick needs to stop taking this beating and grow a pair my god you cuck
Peace Love
Peace Love 11 днів тому
What about Beasley you dumbasses
cesar valenzuela
cesar valenzuela 11 днів тому
We're going to quiet alot of voice's that's what we're going to do
cesar valenzuela
cesar valenzuela 11 днів тому
Be ready for one hell of a game but COWBOYS will remain on top
cesar valenzuela
cesar valenzuela 11 днів тому
Chris Carter you're one hating ass mother against the COWBOYS
David Rudger
David Rudger 11 днів тому
Two QBs who don’t need a lot of help? Patrick Mahomes has everything he could possibly need on that offense can we stop pretending he is doing it all on his own and enter the real world?
Joshua Duarte
Joshua Duarte 11 днів тому
I bet after cowgirls chokes they gonna blame the reffs...hahahhah
Amir Ken
Amir Ken 11 днів тому
Damn where are all these cowboy fans coming from? We beat the hawks and now y’all wanna show yourselves lol
Derrick Bonner
Derrick Bonner 11 днів тому
Yea right Nick will be in the elementary section of the hall under clueless commentator
Trent Knight
Trent Knight 11 днів тому
Cowboys Nation All Day And Every Day 4Show
jimmy07018 11 днів тому
Hold up... Hold up!!! Chris Carter said that Gallup needs to step up because he's "Beyond his Rookie year." Ummmm Chris... THIS STILL IS HIS ROOKIE YEAR DUMB AZZ!!!! And Gallup has definitely grown from the start of the season once he established being the #2 Receiver behind Amari Cooper. Once Dallas made the choice to not rotate the WRs so much and get static with their rotation, Gallup has made big plays. And don't forget about the miscues and missed passes thrown by Prescott too. All of those targets thrown to him weren't always catchable either. Now watch Gallup AND Cooper have a big game against the Rams along with Zeke totting the rock. #IJS
junior third
junior third 11 днів тому
More points at the end of the game.
Derrick Little
Derrick Little 11 днів тому
People forget that Wade Phillips has been apart of a 13 win team that lost their first playoff game...I only remember this because he was the coach of the cowboys when that happened...
The Pottymouf
The Pottymouf 11 днів тому
Its Daks 3rd season turd!!
Christopher Zadnik
Christopher Zadnik 11 днів тому
Rams played SF & AZ twice, Denver n Raiders...spotted 6 wins this year
Harry Martin
Harry Martin 11 днів тому
Cowboys either gonna barely win or Rams blow em out
kurt lowder
kurt lowder 11 днів тому
I really like dak. I think he is a good person. has a nice story. however, I am just unimpressed with his play in terms of being a long term winning QB. i really hope he does not ask for too much money. i don't want him to end up like Kirk cousins, Stafford, etc who get the payday and then the team flounders. they barely made playoffs with dak making 700,000 this year. if they pay him 20-28 million, the Cowboys will quickly fall apart. dak has show he can win when he runs. has not proven he can win in the pocket. this is the cowboys last chance to win a Superbowl. if they win it, they will pay dak and then cowboys will become worse than green bay.
Randy Montgomery
Randy Montgomery 11 днів тому
Rams win this game going away 37-6. Look for Rams to run the football down the Cowboys throats with both Gurley and Anderson. Goff will have a respectable day as well. The Rams defense will show up, forcing Dak to throw the ball and taking advantage of a pair of interceptions.
Quantum Z
Quantum Z 11 днів тому
Dallas defense is going to be up for this game big time!!!!
Glenn Girón
Glenn Girón 11 днів тому
Lol I love that nobody is taking into account that the Rams 13 wins might have to do with the fact that they have AZ and SF in their division.... they just have an easier division. That's the only difference.
DTX214 11 днів тому
These guys don't know shitt the Rams have better balance how is that if the Rams are in last place in rushing defense.. damn y'all haters can't give the Cowboys any credit! That's fine Cowboys about to blow their mind anyways this Saturday..
koolbreez9865 11 днів тому
Many people forget that the cowboys swept the defending champs, & beat the #1 Saints.,..which are 2 of the losses on the rams schedule. Cowboys 23 Rams 16
Milkweed Gaming
Milkweed Gaming 11 днів тому
The whole thing about Michael Gallup is that percentage is because there are a lot of bad throws thrown his way.
NeewollaH *
NeewollaH * 11 днів тому
Lop sided like your moms titties! 13-33 cowboys
jeremy x
jeremy x 11 днів тому
Tell me a QB that doesn't need help & Alot of it A one-demsional team is soon at home watching the playoffs Every QB needs an Oline They need at least 1 go-to receiver but really 2 They need a very good run game at the least They need very good coaching etc One reason Wentz didn't do as well this year, (outside him coming off a very severe knee injury), was due to losing much productivity in the running game Wentz also lost his OC Reich ARod hasn't excelled since his SB victory because he's lacked a very good run game & Oline protection He then just his favorite target in Jordy Nelson These double-standards have really become redundant No QB, alone, can sustain a team long-term Not & stay healthy & productive
jordan bu
jordan bu 11 днів тому
Every body talking about the rams offense but every now and the the boys score alot of points Saturday their gonna look like they have the number one offense
Chad Roberts
Chad Roberts 11 днів тому
Rams are gonna beat Dallas lol send them cowgirls packing. Dallas isn't all they hype out to be. Next week all these cowgirl fans will be quiet.
Nestor Pelayo
Nestor Pelayo 11 днів тому
My house is on the line. Do not fucking lose Cowboys.
Phillisha Darby
Phillisha Darby 11 днів тому
How can she say their goal to reach the SB is lofty?? That’s everyone’s goal in the playoffs. Smh
Chris Gates
Chris Gates 11 днів тому
They forgetting one thing COWBOYS ARE GOIN TO THE BOWL BABY!!! They have never been more focused
Kras 4
Kras 4 7 днів тому
Your Super bowl was the New Orleans game pal. Enjoy that L.
Teelynn Official
Teelynn Official 11 днів тому
Only reaspn I ain't going for the boys... Is because they have sum of the most hating disrespectful fans in the world.... But IDK if they go 0-16 every season.. They got sum faithful followers.....
Justin Patterson
Justin Patterson 10 днів тому
Those are called eagles fans
Ashton Martinez
Ashton Martinez 11 днів тому
turnovers the cowboys need turnovers
slofever512 11 днів тому
Cowboys by 9
james mullins
james mullins 11 днів тому
most of the nfl network's are saying ram offence will beat dallas so that is saying dallas d will get burned by rams lol
William Sanders
William Sanders 11 днів тому
I predict that the Cowboys will be hosting the NFC Championship game because the Eagles will upset the Saints. The Chargers beat the Cheatriots, making it Colts taking on the Chargers for AFC Championship
Willie Guyton
Willie Guyton 11 днів тому
Sleezhy 11 днів тому
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe 11 днів тому
Chris carter said it best about Dak and Goff
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe 11 днів тому
Jose Mendez
Jose Mendez 11 днів тому
Barnstormers10 11 днів тому
CC said daks not a leader??? Haha watch the film.
YG SK JR 11 днів тому
Lol y'all cowboys scared....
Sith_lord_steve 11 днів тому
Cowgirls going to the super bowl, will lose to patriots
D Miramon
D Miramon 11 днів тому
Broncos fan here i like the rams but gotta go with the cowboys this time good luck guys.
Raabert Ellis
Raabert Ellis 11 днів тому
As an eagles fan I believe the cowboys will get their 4th playoff win in what is basically a quarter century.
Big Ern Mahkracken
Big Ern Mahkracken 11 днів тому
If they can get Goff dirty they will win and I hate Dallas. Don't like the Rams either, so it's a win-win for me. Man Dallas sure got after Wilson and Carson didn't they, tired of seeing Zeke with his air food gestures. But it's be nice to say siyanara to the Rams.
A.C. Phenh
A.C. Phenh 11 днів тому
Dak showed he didn’t need Zeke, he lit the giants up with his arm.
Louie W
Louie W 11 днів тому
Rams need to play a 4-3 defense to stop the run. Force Dak to pass towards Talib & Peters. Pick 6 waiting to happen.
Toby Stephens
Toby Stephens 11 днів тому
who tf is nick Wright?
Joe D
Joe D 11 днів тому
This game is gonna be FUN all these cowboys fans been trolling all week talking stuff and us rams fans are just outnumbered so I think the only thing that’s gonna shut y’all up is a blowout Rams 34-20 Dallas
Los Angeles California COWBOYz V's the Los Angeles RAMz
Scotty Gilbert
Scotty Gilbert 11 днів тому
I think Chris Carter is being dishonest when he credits scheme and not Geoff for his ability to pass. If Scheme was enough then everybody would scheme. the reality is QB's that can't pass accurately and read defenses can't pass in any scheme. This is just bias.
Brandon Espinoza
Brandon Espinoza 11 днів тому
Um MR. Carter lol 😂 Gallup is a rookie not his second year coming from the “Hall of Famer” 😂 he should not talk at all
Kevin Cobbs
Kevin Cobbs 11 днів тому
The Cowboys is going to blow the Rams out lol
Kevin Cobbs
Kevin Cobbs 11 днів тому
And Cooper might have a HUGE GAME last time he played Peters he torched him for 200 yards
Spenser Cruz
Spenser Cruz 11 днів тому
Why Cris Carter going to let Wright son him like that. You feel that way about Goff because of him?
Rick Davis
Rick Davis 11 днів тому
Why everybody be hating on the west coast teams? I hope the Rams put the Cowgirls in their place!
the lurk god
the lurk god 11 днів тому
Jarred goff will choke mark my words he is overrated facts
icewallowcman 11 днів тому
Geoff and gurley going to get hurt by Allen hurns - cowboys and eagles in the superbowl
frijolp23 11 днів тому
Why is no one talking about Nick Wright looking like Tom Green!? Go Cowboys!!! Lol
Anahuac Tiahui
Anahuac Tiahui 11 днів тому
Go 213 RAMS !
Bobby Yeah
Bobby Yeah 11 днів тому
both Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib are very familiar with Amari Cooper from their times in the AFC West Division. Cooper should be well contained if those 2 play an average game. CJ Anderson and Todd Gurley will run all over the Cowboys and the Rams D will force Zeke to beat them single-handed which isn't going to happen. (Rams 30 Cowboys 17).
Bobby Yeah
Bobby Yeah 8 днів тому
i think my point was proven. :) (30-22 Rams)
Bobby Yeah
Bobby Yeah 8 днів тому
+Connor Engelbrecht - i didn't see any run game when Dallas went up there last week, did you? And everything i said about the Cowboys vs Rams has proven true so far in the 1st half. Anderson and Gurley are running all over them. so; no that's NOT solid enough.
Connor Engelbrecht
Connor Engelbrecht 11 днів тому
+Bobby Yeah I stopped reading after you said Seattle has no solid run game. Seattle was only the #1 rushing team this year, but I guess that's not solid enough
Bobby Yeah
Bobby Yeah 11 днів тому
+Jarred Gray not under-rating them at all... i agree Zeke will have a big-yards game and a couple of TDs (14 of the 17 points i am predicting), but i don't think that will be enough is all. I do not think Dak will find many open receivers vs Rams (especially in the redzone) with Talib back on the field and them able to go into true man-cover mode for the first time in many weeks. Dallas' D looked good vs. Seattle, but Seattle has no solid run game. Rams do with Gurley and C.J. Anderson (aka Mr. Post Season Monster). If they put 8 in the box Robert Woods & Company will chew that secondary to shreds; If they don't Gurley and CJ... will be well fed. All that said, we will know when its all done. :)
Jarred Gray
Jarred Gray 11 днів тому
I don’t think you know how underrated you’re treating the Cowboys defense. Unbiased opinion, I predict Dak throwing 220, 1 score, and Zeke rushing 125 with 2 scores. The defense, however... Gregory and Lawrence will be ferocious bringing pressure. The Rams run defense has been atrocious. I give it 27-21, Cowboys.
Anahuac Tiahui
Anahuac Tiahui 11 днів тому
Go Rams!!!
LA HardBody
LA HardBody 11 днів тому
People forget that Wade Phillips know the Cowboys he used to coach them so he knows how they operate...Easy Win for the Rams.....💯
greenleaf2988 10 днів тому
Tavon Austin knows the Rams
Justin Patterson
Justin Patterson 11 днів тому
You'll see how easy it is when jaylon Smith is laying gurley out
Justin Patterson
Justin Patterson 11 днів тому
Kris richard knows the Rams played against them more recent than Wade coached the cowboys he never coached these guys that was yyyyyyeeeeeaaaarrrrrssss ago so if it's coaches knowing the other team I'd say the cowboys ave more insight into the rama
DC4L #AmericaTeam
DC4L #AmericaTeam 11 днів тому
+Dr Vancouversa3 yuuuup
DC4L #AmericaTeam
DC4L #AmericaTeam 11 днів тому
sirbevo 11 днів тому
Why have the Rams been successful this year? Look at their schedule. They only beat 4 teams with winning records. Seattle twice, the Chiefs, and the Chargers. Those games were very close and shootouts. The rest of their wins were against bottom dwelling teams. Dallas will expose the Rams Saturday.
Words of Wizdom
Words of Wizdom 11 днів тому
Mark my words. Zeke was a champion in college he will be a champ in thr nfl maybe not this year but he will
Lucas Chosen
Lucas Chosen 11 днів тому
Dak overthrew Gallup like 50% of the targets tho.... all those overthrown streaks
JPEEZYGOINHAM 11 днів тому
Rams record better cause they faced the 49ers and Cardinals 4 times a year lol easy 4 wins.
Kras 4
Kras 4 7 днів тому
You really sound like a fool today don't you? The Rams are solid offensively. Enjoy that L.
isac Clarke
isac Clarke 10 днів тому
Cowboys played the giants and the redskins wtf are you talking about lol
God Zilla
God Zilla 10 днів тому
We actually had a schedule against good teams, Carolina (although they fell on their face this season) Seattle, Titans, Jaguars (plagued by injuries and Blake Bortles hehe) We’d also be 12-4 or something if we had Amari from the start. But hey, love it when they doubt them Cowboys, only fuels the fire for wins.
William Sanders
William Sanders 11 днів тому
Clayton bigsby
Clayton bigsby 11 днів тому
I went 4-4 on 'the HERD' dak segment picking *colts,Dallas,chargers, eagles* last weekend. This timeI'm picking *Patriots, Cowboys, eagles,colts* :) 💯
Nick Nickels
Nick Nickels 11 днів тому
Dallas not beating Rams out the in LA. HELL NO!!!💲💲💲
Nick Nickels
Nick Nickels 11 днів тому
+Carlos Ponce LOL I wont have to Dal are done
Carlos Ponce
Carlos Ponce 11 днів тому
Nick Nickels of course you can’t. I’ll be sure to come back to this comment. Have fun trying to keep the Saints from putting up a 50 burger on y’all.
Nick Nickels
Nick Nickels 11 днів тому
+Carlos Ponce Right , I'm a Eagles Fan. I can't see Dallas against a well rested team that can put up 35 pts a game , I just can't see it. My money on the wood.🤷🏽‍♂️💲
Carlos Ponce
Carlos Ponce 11 днів тому
Nick Nickels the eagles beat y’all at home with a backup quarterback 😂 Cowboys win this period.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 11 днів тому
The Guy that never won a SB and Dick Nose strike again with all this hating on Dak, lying to themselves about him not leading his team to winning games when that's ALL he's been doing for the past 8 out of 9 games. 🤔🤦🏽‍♂🤣😂🤷🏾‍♂ Talking about neither franchise can say that they're satisfied with their QB... Most of us Cowboys fans are VERY satisfied with our QB, so idk where that guy without a ring is getting that from??? And what QB doesn't need help from their team to be successful??? You can't do it by yourself, it's a team game and that's EXACTLY why Piss, I mean Cris Carter never got a ring because, that's EXACTLY how he thinks. 🤦🏽‍♂🤷🏾‍♂
RFS Family Sports
RFS Family Sports 11 днів тому
Zeke must get over 100 yards and the Defense must play it's best game of the year to even give the Cowboys a chance in the closing minutes.
Hafid Asri
Hafid Asri 11 днів тому
Don't get excited cowboy fans rams will win
Rodney Sowels
Rodney Sowels 11 днів тому
Hafid Asri This is actually a neutral field because of the history the Cowboys have in California.
Hafid Asri
Hafid Asri 11 днів тому
Rams will score more points than cowbkys
Hafid Asri
Hafid Asri 11 днів тому
+Rodney Sowels reams are home
Rodney Sowels
Rodney Sowels 11 днів тому
Hafid Asri how do you figure
Deandre Taylor
Deandre Taylor 11 днів тому
I like My Boyz chances. Gurley will struggle to make it to the second level and they won’t stop Cowboys rush. Play action comes open and BOOM. Cowboys 28 Rams 17
Fernando E.
Fernando E. 11 днів тому
GQ Fresh
GQ Fresh 11 днів тому
One game at a time Zeke
Skeptical Fan
Skeptical Fan 11 днів тому
Dak passing to Jarwin and Cooper. Zeke running for 130 yards. Scott Linehan hogtied.
Sal Valle
Sal Valle 11 днів тому
Rams gunna show these doubters wassup
RAINH2O 11 днів тому
“Without Dallas’ slow start to the season they could’ve had the same type of year as the rams” I had to turn this shit off after that 😂😂 I can’t deal with what if’s that make no sense lmao if Dallas could’ve gone 8-0 to start the year they would’ve they didn’t cuz they weren’t and aren’t good enough for all that. Can’t wait to send these bums home Saturday
RAINH2O 11 днів тому
Justin Patterson yalls defense is NOT the bears dlaw ain’t no Khalil Mack cowboys are 28th in the league Vs the play action pass.. we gon shit on y’all lmao
Justin Patterson
Justin Patterson 11 днів тому
Lol just remember what the bears defense did to y'all bud well we held drew Brees to 10 points when this team was determined and focused so I'd say u better hope Vander each Jaylon Smith and D law didn't get enough sleep LMFAO we're 8-1 in the last nine games you guys lost what 2 of ur last three if I was a Rams fan I'd worry a little more and talk shit a little less
lilburtonboy7489 11 днів тому
People always talking about DLaw and Crawford on that defensive front. People sleepin on Gregory. That dude is terrifying.
Paul Barnette
Paul Barnette 11 днів тому
Nobody ever mentions Beasley, Smith.
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 11 днів тому
Cowboys will beat the Rams. Period
Jason w
Jason w 11 днів тому
Jared goofy gonna be busy taking dirt naps Saturday night.