When Free-Kicks Go Wrong in FIFA...

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...you say "I'm never playing this game again*

*And then load the game back up 10 minutes later





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Shreeya Singh
Shreeya Singh 9 годин тому
Ronaldo is still trying to hit the ball
Andrxs 13 годин тому
Part 2 pls
Devansh Dedhia
Devansh Dedhia 23 години тому
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 4 дні тому
O:47 can only happen in the game Luke shaw pushing CR7 then scoring a banger
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 7 днів тому
0:42 some say he is still taking the free kick
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 7 днів тому
Haha 😅😅🤣😂
da yo boi
da yo boi 8 днів тому
0:35 f in the chat
Grzegorz Dom
Grzegorz Dom 11 днів тому
Rafael Machado
Rafael Machado 14 днів тому
The last one 😂😂😂😂
Xavier Gordón
Xavier Gordón 16 днів тому
0:45 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leo Ferwer
Leo Ferwer 16 днів тому
Oh pure realism. Brilliant game!
Ashley Saggar
Ashley Saggar 17 днів тому
I bet even the real Luke Shaw will be amazed at watching that free kick
Alex Yi Zhou
Alex Yi Zhou 18 днів тому
Is the first one already a goal?
All Square
All Square 18 днів тому
Pes >>> fifa
William Nowak
William Nowak 18 днів тому
Play PES its free
Mithun VK
Mithun VK 19 днів тому
I died from laughing at the last one 😂😂😂
pa Brate
pa Brate 19 днів тому
EA is soo baad. Omg
Manikya Negi
Manikya Negi 20 днів тому
Wait... what?
littl3m0nkey 20 днів тому
If the 1st video went to VAR... VAR: "DECISION - NO GOAL"
Alberto Erbusti
Alberto Erbusti 20 днів тому
Me trying to beat a nice free kick The funny guy at the football training: 0:45
Zaifan A
Zaifan A 24 дні тому
Failed scripting
Abdullah A Mabood
Abdullah A Mabood 24 дні тому
0:42 legend says he is still trying to hit the ball....
elpoderosaso 25 днів тому
Let me fix the tittle for you... "When FIFA scripting shifts to overdrive" there you go, you are welcome.
Infinity 26 днів тому
And people says that this is the best game of football.
Jefta Koelewijn
Jefta Koelewijn 27 днів тому
0:39 van dijk at Arsenal.... O-O
Singh Kanisq
Singh Kanisq 27 днів тому
I'm playing FIFA 12 for last 8 years coz of my low end pc....but unfortunately scored only 3 free kicks till now😥😥
Arman Melkonyan
Arman Melkonyan 27 днів тому
Fifa is sh***t
TheMjuku 27 днів тому
Everything is wrong in FIFA 20. what a pity.
Red Neck
Red Neck 28 днів тому
Mom can i have PES? Mom: We already have one at home PES at home:
user 18 днів тому
@ツツ DreaD they did delete Mesut Özil just because he critiziezed who China treats the muslims there. Such a game will never have my support
ツツ DreaD
ツツ DreaD 18 днів тому
@user pes is the best
user 19 днів тому
PES is even worse
Jacky 6498
Jacky 6498 Місяць тому
RIP fifa Welcome PES
DeLorean Flashback
DeLorean Flashback Місяць тому
E. A. Sports. It's in the game.
Prince Persia
Prince Persia Місяць тому
Zülkarneyn Місяць тому
This is FIFA its normal😅
Amaury Dourado
Amaury Dourado Місяць тому
Its sad that we have only fifa and pes...fifa is better...but both suck. We need a New one.
Jon Jon
Jon Jon Місяць тому
And idiots still buy this
Shantanu Inamdar
Shantanu Inamdar Місяць тому
EA Sports is the funniest stand up comedian
edwn Місяць тому
Trash game
BeeZ Ale
BeeZ Ale Місяць тому
Who ever is my 450th sub will get 100 subs
Maitray Gole
Maitray Gole Місяць тому
This was more scripted than the reality
TheHimbeerjoghurt Місяць тому
Why isn't 0:06 a goal already?
Ethan Benson
Ethan Benson Місяць тому
0.36 if u had david playing for HIS OWN TEAM INSTEAD OF ALISSON then the free kick wouldnt of gone in
Wasa Ski Jumping
Wasa Ski Jumping Місяць тому
0:16 stadium name?
Maxime 13 днів тому
Took me 1sec to see the name in the background
TheDarwin Boys
TheDarwin Boys Місяць тому
Mecerdanes Benz stadium
TheLitron Місяць тому
Nomena68 Місяць тому
It's been a year since last time i played. N'est decison ever
MrRamazanLale2 Місяць тому
This is why I loved to play fifa 2001 on my Rg350, rather than fifa 2020 on my Nintendo switch.
C_ Thom
C_ Thom Місяць тому
Legend says that Ronaldo still kicking that ball
Fozzy Rogue
Fozzy Rogue Місяць тому
0.06 should be a goal.
Mini K Pillai
Mini K Pillai Місяць тому
0:45 Ronaldo was gonna take the freekick with his left😜😕😜
Tails Seven
Tails Seven Місяць тому
Anyone who hasn't jumped to PES by now, is brain dead
Zul Fahmi
Zul Fahmi Місяць тому
Eventhough i knew what kind of video it is. Its still bothering me how fcked up the free kick messed up
90'S KiD7 SRK
90'S KiD7 SRK Місяць тому
0:37 seems like Virgil's ball has too been gone
ꧾꧾ ꧾꧾ
ꧾꧾ ꧾꧾ Місяць тому
and they said FIFA better than PES 😂 what a shitty game
Franck joseph
Franck joseph Місяць тому
That’s why i don’t play fifa
Enkorea Місяць тому
Rumour has it, Ronaldo is still trying to take that free kick.
IllMexican187 Місяць тому
Fifa 19 so trash they should erase it from fifa history.
Aaron Baneseh
Aaron Baneseh Місяць тому
This game will be the death of me
seu butão
seu butão Місяць тому
wtf is wrong with the people who buy this
Wan Yuslizan
Wan Yuslizan Місяць тому
That's why I prefer PES than FIFA 🤣
medy m
medy m Місяць тому
0:38 is he still missing the ball?😂i wanted to know where it ends
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell Місяць тому
0:01 Mane came all the down from Senegal to take that free kick
Aaryan Sharma
Aaryan Sharma Місяць тому
That was pogba
Duo29 Fam
Duo29 Fam Місяць тому
The scripts: the game
GON Місяць тому
Everytime this channel drops a fifa video I remember why PES is better
Michèl Zimmermann
Michèl Zimmermann Місяць тому
Cristar 7
Cristar 7 Місяць тому
The first one was just epic
Xarpz Місяць тому
0:45 “Fuck sake Ron, just kick the ball like this...”
Rest easy Gus
Rest easy Gus Місяць тому
That's just sad...
Ayush Joshi
Ayush Joshi Місяць тому
A day in the life of fifa
Cole Parton
Cole Parton Місяць тому
Legend has it ronaldo is still trying to kick the ball
Alberto L
Alberto L Місяць тому
I'm glad I stop playing this pay to win garbage game.
YT COMMENT Місяць тому
Liverpool Anfield
Liverpool Anfield Місяць тому
Vrizk vrizk
Vrizk vrizk Місяць тому
Ohh c'mon, it's FIFA, there's nothing new about it
Chidozie Osuji
Chidozie Osuji Місяць тому
So bleacher report are just showing how broken EA’s game is
rafli hakim
rafli hakim Місяць тому
0:06 nobody is asking for var
Leo Montgomery
Leo Montgomery Місяць тому
When free kicks go wrong every time=Marcus rashford
Dimas Nur Prasetyo
Dimas Nur Prasetyo Місяць тому
Don't buy the original game, you lost too much from fifa franchise, just download the pirated version :)))
Ricardo milos
Ricardo milos Місяць тому
luke took over ronado🤔
retone Місяць тому
Shevket Duran
Shevket Duran Місяць тому
Why did UKvid recommend me a fifa game when I only watch actual soccer matches? How can I block users who publish useless game videos?
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