When the hard work fairy comes

Daniel Thrasher
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15 січ 2021





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lordjpp 3 години тому
MarnZzZz День тому
I want a series of talent fairy and hard work fairy fighting
Lila A
Lila A День тому
I wonder what Daniel's neighbours think when they hear Daniel talking to himself.
losa sakarosa
losa sakarosa День тому
Who’s side am I on
yeriyaki sao
yeriyaki sao 2 дні тому
The work fairy is my mom
Harriet Hinds
Harriet Hinds 2 дні тому
ole-harald gjessing
ole-harald gjessing 3 дні тому
Im from norway
The Hobatron
The Hobatron 3 дні тому
Piano VII
Piano VII 3 дні тому
It's me, the Tal- *NOPE* This made me happy
22valkyrie22 3 дні тому
hey daniel duos in rocket league sometime? XD time to werk hard for that rank bish
FirePhoenix Yt
FirePhoenix Yt 4 дні тому
daniel what your epic id (maye play some maches of rl)?
Mel Vee
Mel Vee 4 дні тому
Dat flex doe 💪
Black Pit Miner
Black Pit Miner 4 дні тому
Wait... didn’t Talent Fairy kill The Hard Work Fairy?
P M 4 дні тому
“Facegram, Instabook, Twizzler, BuzzBeef.” I’M DYING-
CJSuss 4 дні тому
Fairy really sleeping on rocket league man
Voidox Official
Voidox Official 4 дні тому
Rocket league isn't even a bad game. It's literally just soccer with customizable cars. I'm a Merc user and it looks amazing with my gold dragon decal on a red body
CheckerDuck 5 днів тому
*excited Norwegian*
Zapparite 5 днів тому
1:06 jeeeez aight i aint messing with you
Pamela H
Pamela H 5 днів тому
Howard can come motivate me anytime.
Ticon Of Ruger
Ticon Of Ruger 6 днів тому
Shai Labeouf is the real hard work fairy.
AG45 6 днів тому
hardly warking fairies
Alsé Miss Sunday
Alsé Miss Sunday 6 днів тому
I ship hard work(Howard) fairy with Talent Fairy. :)
tobioslevi 6 днів тому
“also stop falling asleep on the couch so much ok, why are you doing that?” “idk i get tired” “from what” “playing rocket league” *BIG RELATE*
coronavirus gaming
coronavirus gaming 6 днів тому
can you pin my comment i've never been pinned before
Panda Aiman
Panda Aiman 7 днів тому
Mkgaring animates
Mkgaring animates 7 днів тому
Cant wait for the lazy fairy
Belugas And Games!
Belugas And Games! 7 днів тому
Is anyone gonna talk about how hard work fairy could be a ghost. He kinda got murdered last time 😂
lalo nevarez
lalo nevarez 8 днів тому
Omg at the part 1:01 Just is SO FUNNY when the door shakes hahaha heh also at 1:16 her glasses haha
Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)
Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT) 8 днів тому
"I'm a ride or die, b!tch!" Hard Work Fairy: "I know that from when we lived in Alabama, sister!"
FlashJ S.
FlashJ S. 8 днів тому
I acc use Morning Brew, it's good.
Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach
Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach 9 днів тому
Raquel Marques
Raquel Marques 7 днів тому
Hey, I admire you so much , you help me a lot
Benjamin Geisel
Benjamin Geisel 9 днів тому
Hi Daniel, you need use your own hand as puppet with handy eyes.
Doozer khan
Doozer khan 9 днів тому
20 seconds into the video and you already made me laugh, I love all your videos
jojos beat
jojos beat 9 днів тому
1:07 😂 he looks like a military officer
Banana 9 днів тому
“Playing rocket league” I see you are a man of culture
Lamia Zlogonje
Lamia Zlogonje 10 днів тому
I loved 100 percent of this
Henry Knight
Henry Knight 10 днів тому
i thought hard work fairy died
Murphjax 10 днів тому
When you said that rocket league is why you’re so tired. I related so much with that. I NEVER sleep because of it!
Actually Scared
Actually Scared 10 днів тому
Did she say “It’s Welsh!” Nah. If it was truly welsh they’d be called “Meredith Jones ap Owen”
H Angeli
H Angeli 10 днів тому
OMG I'm so grateful that roomie Did a colab and I've watched it cause this channel is just genius 👏👏👏👏
North Bear
North Bear 10 днів тому
eeeeeey! he mentioned norway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vicky G
Vicky G 10 днів тому
Subscribed to morning brew!
Maxwell Reiner
Maxwell Reiner 10 днів тому
Please do When you accidentally write songs that already exist part 3. those are the best
Abhay Dhiman
Abhay Dhiman 11 днів тому
Abhay Dhiman
Abhay Dhiman 11 днів тому
“That may be true, *HOWARD* “ Sounds like talent fairy and hard work fairy have some history
Maanasa Miriyala
Maanasa Miriyala 11 днів тому
Daniel, im watching this for procrastination purposes
Anna Harris
Anna Harris 11 днів тому
Somebody let this man make a full length movie with all the sets, staff, props, and costumes he needs. I would pay to see that movie
Jess Lewis
Jess Lewis 11 днів тому
... happy birthday, me
Wizardxeze 11 днів тому
Well in Dragon Ball with spoilers Freeza is the talented one and after, was it less than 6 months of training he was almost stronger than Vegeta and he said "I never tough of training but when I did..." Talent gets you to half way, Hard work gets you to half way together they take you to the other side :^) and ADHD makes you think about the kittens... this could have used ADHD coming to join play games ...
_Äłəxįß_ _Wıłłıãmß_
_Äłəxįß_ _Wıłłıãmß_ 11 днів тому
Why is his content just so... good?
we'll be right back !
we'll be right back ! 11 днів тому
Ah yes A mario sound while using a xbox controler and playing rocket league...
emily meyers
emily meyers 11 днів тому
I like the paper star
The Bear
The Bear 11 днів тому
He is arguing with him self what?
A Random Corgi
A Random Corgi 12 днів тому
omg u play rl
Hanen Sage
Hanen Sage 12 днів тому
I had the same reaction as hard work fairy when Daniel said he was playing rocket league haha
Sammy 12 днів тому
Talent fairy: I am the giver of talents Me: Did u forget me or.....?
CKG 1130
CKG 1130 12 днів тому
welp I'm hoping for next year when the talent fairy and howard goes to couples therapy
Ave Wolf
Ave Wolf 13 днів тому
daniel should make a video of when daniel isnt home but the characters are
Eduardo Henrique Maximenco
Eduardo Henrique Maximenco 13 днів тому
“I don’t know I get tired” “From what” “...Playing rocket league” I feel attacked
Francesca Scott
Francesca Scott 13 днів тому
Totally Not Micah
Totally Not Micah 13 днів тому
Its kind of odd to think that there's not a ton of clones of Daniel and hes just screaming alone in his house at a camera
Coco Hepburn
Coco Hepburn 13 днів тому
So for some reason I'm the exact 692,000 view
‡Dymplês Sïlvã‡
‡Dymplês Sïlv㇠13 днів тому
Noone: Not even my family's noise: NOT EVEN SHREK ON HIS DONKEY: Me: *How many voices do you have?*
Lucas Fenwick
Lucas Fenwick 13 днів тому
Daniel- “Im tired” Fairy- “From what?” Daniel- “Playing Rocket League” Me- “ Ha, unbelievably true “
King Dj
King Dj 14 днів тому
1:58 rocket leauge in the background
Zefnat Raharja
Zefnat Raharja 14 днів тому
Kobe Bryant vs every 7"+ people😂
Kiwi Girl
Kiwi Girl 15 днів тому
No matter how hard he works, Howard can not seem to find a way to have his own video without the Talent Fairy coming to throw off his groove.
Brendon Tinker
Brendon Tinker 15 днів тому
YOU PLAY ROCKET LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!????????????? lmao
Amy Ebert
Amy Ebert 15 днів тому
Hard Work Fairy Howard is Pro-Union and I am here for it
Jadyn Beech
Jadyn Beech 15 днів тому
this is what gifted kids' brain looks like when things are suddenly hard
42Fern42 15 днів тому
This works so well!!! Also I absotutely love Talent Fairy's fashion style, voice, and how dedicated & insistent she is.
Daniel Plant
Daniel Plant 16 днів тому
Wow, howard is so powerful
Art - N - Animals
Art - N - Animals 16 днів тому
Lets talk about the blue footed booby on the computer-
Rainbow Boi
Rainbow Boi 16 днів тому
im team hard work fairy
Aaron James
Aaron James 16 днів тому
I wish I could play rocket league with you
MeNevar 16 днів тому
When her glasses is stuck in the dooooooor XD😂🤣
Adee M
Adee M 16 днів тому
Hoodie guy: I think I'm gonna like apple juice Roomie, somewhere: I feel a disturbance in the force
AJ 17 днів тому
Why is no one talking about Daniels arms 😳😀
Una Kristine Carlstrøm
Una Kristine Carlstrøm 17 днів тому
I love how he says "Cool" in norwegian as just a more awkward "o". Cool translates to "Kult" in norwegian (Kul, just means lump), and the U is pronounced lighter, like in the word "cube".
Liuba-huba-buba 17 днів тому
That is how Procrastination Fairy was born =)
Qube 17 днів тому
Edeie Samara
Edeie Samara 17 днів тому
This is how I feel when im drawing... That's it
LegacyOfABronzePlayer 17 днів тому
I was waiting for him to aireal.
Valencia 17 днів тому
ah i see the *glaring* analogy, now.
Liv_art 123
Liv_art 123 17 днів тому
Knock knock...it’s opportunity BABY- 😂😂😂😂
SaberF1 DaYusuf
SaberF1 DaYusuf 18 днів тому
Wanna play rocket league Together?
TheK1ng 18 днів тому
may I ask are you him? ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-SfAJ36PgaHk.html
Omer Baygeldi
Omer Baygeldi 18 днів тому
daniel did you win that rocket league game
B. D
B. D 18 днів тому
Daniel can react to paint drying and it would still be hilarious
DC SuperFan
DC SuperFan 19 днів тому
This seems like an episode from Teen Titans go....... I lob it \(○^ω^○)/
PeedgeMcDuck 19 днів тому
Wow. I can't explain how poignant this video is right now.
İ D.
İ D. 19 днів тому
-idk i get tired +from what? -playing rocket league +*vomiting sounds*
Andris 19 днів тому
The best line is actually in the ad... I mean, in the sketch-after-the-sketch: "I'm already caffeinated, Daniel". 2:38 I love it! (It's a punchline of a joke not quoted, but that is not even needed.)
PianoBoyEDM 19 днів тому
I feel called out, not just because of my name
AfterClap 19 днів тому
my life in a nutshell
Mjet404 19 днів тому
I got to know what rank you are 🤣
DRAGON BLADE GOD 20 днів тому
Wait didn't the talent fairy "aVaDa cAdAbRa" him?
VaseaD 20 днів тому
0:40 reason why I'm finishing my degree with mediocre grades T.T
webi 20 днів тому
I keep forgetting this is the same person-
Renzo Valentino
Renzo Valentino 20 днів тому
When you hear your own voice for the first time
When the talent fairy comes
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