Who Is The Strongest FaZe Member? - Challenge

FaZe Jarvis
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Who is the strongest FaZe Clan member? Today we do intense strength challenges in 2020 featuring @FaZe Kay @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Temperrr @Cizzorz @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Rain @FaZe Clan
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30 бер 2020





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FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Jarvis 2 місяці тому
I love these comments we’re getting roasted😂
Jye martin
Jye martin 19 годин тому
Yeah you should have nerf war
Jye martin
Jye martin 19 годин тому
Yeah you should do a nerf war
FATE WILLY День тому
Images you being a body builder
Jiawen Chen
Jiawen Chen 6 днів тому
What would you do if you were temper be fat
Brenda Soto
Brenda Soto 10 днів тому
bluesmurf 143
bluesmurf 143 Годину тому
Notice henchmen crank 90s in this vid
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith 3 години тому
Gabriel Valencia
Gabriel Valencia 4 години тому
Blue bear Gaming
Blue bear Gaming 7 годин тому
Kay had 30 he had the most
Zachary Wang
Zachary Wang 9 годин тому
None of them are doing push-ups correctly lmao elbows needa be in 🤦🏻‍♂️
GamingSlasher OV
GamingSlasher OV 10 годин тому
Jarvis didnt come close to the ground....
Ruthless 14 годин тому
61 ps push up 🤮
Ⲙaττhew 23 години тому
I'm gonna start streaming and try my best to join FaZe if I get my chance to join 1st thing am gonna do is hmmm talk to you Jarvis :)
Seia Yano
Seia Yano День тому
Temper would have won
The None _ لا شئ
The None _ لا شئ День тому
I can beat u easly in every game
Alex Wong
Alex Wong День тому
I think if I did pushups like them I can crack 200
Imran Gumpal
Imran Gumpal День тому
what song did they sing on 4:45
Imran Gumpal
Imran Gumpal День тому
the way jarvis and teeqo got up on 3:48
Jay Everett
Jay Everett 2 дні тому
so did jarvis
Jay Everett
Jay Everett 2 дні тому
kay did good
Cameron Law
Cameron Law 2 дні тому
Jarvis didn’t even do push ups, he only went half way and the same for some of the rest. His actual record would be 30.5 push-ups or shorter since he prob edited it out
TheGod OfUtail
TheGod OfUtail 2 дні тому
I’m only10
TheGod OfUtail
TheGod OfUtail 2 дні тому
I finished and did planks and won
Levi Morris
Levi Morris 3 дні тому
wait, didn't kay get 30 curls and teequos only got 20? but yet he won the curls section?!?
Kody Elliott
Kody Elliott 3 дні тому
I'm 9 years old and I still beat you on the plank challenge I was doing it at my house
Gabriel Paoleschi
Gabriel Paoleschi 3 дні тому
Teeqo is a beast, damn
Jack Hansen
Jack Hansen 3 дні тому
I think they are all in shock when Jarvis did pushups bc of how bad he did them instead of how many he did 😂
Greg Breen
Greg Breen 3 дні тому
Don’t know why but temmer looks like lil mosy
Kristin Woxland
Kristin Woxland 5 днів тому
ADD:FazeMongrellBTW DAVID 5 днів тому
Were mongraal???🤣🤣🤣
Crazy 5 днів тому
What them shoes Teeqo wearing?
TedPlayzYT 7 днів тому
Yall said pull ups not chin ups
SpadeTV 7 днів тому
I didnt see adapt doing push ups!!😫😫
NDYT 7 днів тому
Thumbnail says 60lbs Dumbell: 45 💀
Jacob Patterson
Jacob Patterson 7 днів тому
No wonder why he got so many push ups he went half way down
Dave 44
Dave 44 8 днів тому
Let’s be honest temper would have won basically all without that weighted vest...
Lowkey Gamez
Lowkey Gamez 8 днів тому
Give them a break. They get paid to play video games.
LK Reviews
LK Reviews 8 днів тому
Anyone woulda liked to see a timer for plank and wall sit?
jon baenen
jon baenen 8 днів тому
Why does tommy wear a vest everywhere?
Angel Vlogs
Angel Vlogs 9 днів тому
Shit cizzors week
mohammad musaab
mohammad musaab 9 днів тому
7:49 didnt teeqo get 20 and kay got 30 in the weight lifting why did they say teeqo won kay should have won
faux FN
faux FN 9 днів тому
Teeqo is the only one who did them right
Pistol Parkway
Pistol Parkway 10 днів тому
It’s easy to do a lot when you burnout full push ups a lot different
Ds Darsej
Ds Darsej 10 днів тому
Lxnzygfx 10 днів тому
Sam Scott
Sam Scott 10 днів тому
Push ups
Sam Scott
Sam Scott 10 днів тому
Those are nothin my mom can do 173 without stoping
Kool-aid man
Kool-aid man 10 днів тому
But Kay did 30 curls and Teequo did 20 and it said that teequo won🤨
Javier Olmos
Javier Olmos 11 днів тому
10:16 you see him helping Jarvis 😂
Chania Nunn
Chania Nunn 11 днів тому
Teqqo has been taking shits on everyone lately🤣🤣
Robert Gollhardt
Robert Gollhardt 11 днів тому
it says 45 on the weight but on the thumbnail it says 60+ lbs like jarvis is a shrimp
Alucツ 12 днів тому
Teeco was helping Jarvis with the pull ups
Ortiz. TTV
Ortiz. TTV 12 днів тому
Definitely not you with your weak ass
GamingGhost YT
GamingGhost YT 12 днів тому
Imagine if they do arm wrestle and Jarvis vs Kay who would win could be jarvis
S.D.T B3st NL
S.D.T B3st NL 12 днів тому
Alex R
Alex R 12 днів тому
Let me find out after my boy got banned he was hitting the gym🤣
Jason JJ Cruz
Jason JJ Cruz 12 днів тому
I have this mastered because of FaZe it builds strong endurance,pullup bar is my favote
Alec Goetz
Alec Goetz 12 днів тому
Jarvis had the bumbest pushups ive ever seen, Teeqo did em right and still beat em
Slok Playz
Slok Playz 12 днів тому
I wish they did it with who could lift the most or do the most reps of a certain weight push ups are easier for those in shape and who are slimmer so it is more fair if you guys put 135 on a bench and whoever does the most reps wins
Funngus 12 днів тому
I like how Jarvis moves his elbows in out and dosnt actully do push ups
Cj Colley
Cj Colley 12 днів тому
Teeqo was done with his pull ups at 14 the others don’t count
TheDark Ninja
TheDark Ninja 12 днів тому
Yous where all doing chin ups instead of pull ups
Soso Drake
Soso Drake 12 днів тому
Apparently none of them have no idea what a push up is
bright beans
bright beans 12 днів тому
Love how the thumbnail says he’s doing 60lbs but the weight says 45....
Will Burke
Will Burke 12 днів тому
Teeqo did real, hard pushups and still won the pushups lmaoooo
Will Burke
Will Burke 12 днів тому
That man Jarvis did approximately 0 pushups
ur dad
ur dad 12 днів тому
How Did Teeqo Win Bicep Curls He Got 20 And Frazier Got 30
Tóth Zsombor
Tóth Zsombor 12 днів тому
Where is higkskij
M4d_Mr.krispy Marin
M4d_Mr.krispy Marin 13 днів тому
7:42 sounded like an Enderman dying in Minecraft
Gnarly Gary
Gnarly Gary 13 днів тому
That moment when you see the 45 on Jarvis dumbbell in the thumbnail💀
Elton Debattista
Elton Debattista 13 днів тому
Bro most of the faze members had there ass down doing plank
Aksel 08
Aksel 08 13 днів тому
Where is mongraal
Hourly Motivation
Hourly Motivation 13 днів тому
Not a single push up was done in this video🤣🤣 except teequos
YONKO PLAYS 13 днів тому
If Kay got 30 and taco ( nickname) got 20 than why did taco win
Olav Jintes
Olav Jintes 13 днів тому
Ewww what are those planks and push ups
Tommy Chaffee
Tommy Chaffee 13 днів тому
the title says 60* jarvis is lifting but the weight says 45
Jack Mcnamara
Jack Mcnamara 13 днів тому
The thumbnail says 60+ but on the dumbell side it says 45
Maxx Novak
Maxx Novak 13 днів тому
those aren't even push-ups Jarvis and I'm only 30 seconds in Jesus
Aly Elshorbagy
Aly Elshorbagy 14 днів тому
0:41 I could only do 2
UpNextJt 14 днів тому
What are these push ups
WolfGaming YT
WolfGaming YT 14 днів тому
Jarvis go lower man on them pull ups
FixFalt 14 днів тому
When the thumbnail says 60 pounds but it shows a 45 dumbbell 💪
D3vin .W
D3vin .W 14 днів тому
Didnt faze kay win with the weights?
JB 14 днів тому
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