Who painted the windshield on my Corvette?

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Eric McClellan (ukvid.net/u-gearheaddaily) wanted a new car and decided a Chevrolet Corvette was the right choice. He really wanted a specific option on a C6, though, Carbon Ceramic Brakes. Would he be able to find the right one and get it home safely?
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7 лют 2019

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acchaladka 8 годин тому
Awesome story, and your son is a Porsche guy already. Well done. Corvette, I respect, but...I’m with son.
Devontrae Walls
Devontrae Walls 16 годин тому
my granddad had a corvette i thought it was the coolest thing ever growing up
AMG 16 годин тому
Peyton Goldenstein
Peyton Goldenstein День тому
At 1:11 you see the Corvette in the snow. I thought to myself, that looks familiar. It looked the the time I took my car to an autocross event in the snow. Then I saw my car in the upper right corner, a 2002 Audi A4, number 291.
Joseph Roy
Joseph Roy День тому
I like this guy he’s good we want more!!
Glen Atchison
Glen Atchison День тому
It was probably ceramic coated
Darrian Marshall
Darrian Marshall День тому
Ran with you at DCTC. Loved seeing your vette run.
Jay День тому
just found this channel and im in love.
aaron hudson
aaron hudson День тому
What you’re from Springfield MO!! Lmao I’m sorry dude I’m from Joplin 😂
DeevoxL 2 дні тому
Wrong son return to sender.
TheDok 2 дні тому
Joe Stacks
Joe Stacks 2 дні тому
or you know, you could buy carbon ceramic brakes and install them.
Mr Awesomnuss
Mr Awesomnuss 2 дні тому
mate i literally live in springfield mo. watching at home rn near national buddy. small world man.
Joel Spaulding
Joel Spaulding 2 дні тому
Eric, both you and your son are awesome. That car isn't half-bad either. Great episode!
Brett DiMichele Studios
Brett DiMichele Studios 3 дні тому
I will never forget the day I was on my way home from my Mother's place and it looked like rain was about to hit... I know my front tires are going to be a nightmare in the rain. I lay into it... I'm cranking down the interstate and I think to myself "watch there be an Officer behind that dirt birm up there" I pass the dirt birm doing a speed which should have landed me a night in jail and I see the unmarked car snuggled up to the birm. I'm like "Oh f*** I'm going to jail!" I do the right thing and I pull over.... The Officer flies up to me on my drivers side, I have my window down and the car off already. He says " *YOU need to slow the F**** *down!!!!* *GO!* " YES SIR! I called my Mother and told her the story... LOL good times!
Akira.MadeThat 3 дні тому
I always wonder what makes people dislike these videos. Just hating to hate.
Cormega215 3 дні тому
Classic nice vid.
S.A. F.R.A
S.A. F.R.A 4 дні тому
the cop was a chevy guy
Consig1iere 4 дні тому
"I don't know how we got away with that"- Being a white helps.
TheOtherWhiteBread0 4 дні тому
Murica🇺🇸🇺🇸 What more can I say?
Joe Percy
Joe Percy 5 днів тому
This guy is a baller.
NC Motto
NC Motto 5 днів тому
You dont need to bring an AR-15 to a knife fight you always gotta be prepared for the worst am I right?
Denracer 5 днів тому
He limited himself to get better c6 because of the stock carbon ceramic brakes...why not just mod one
Mar Blox
Mar Blox 6 днів тому
What a waste - The C6 Convertible is better.
SBLproductions 6 днів тому
Street Machine Nationals, are here in Illinois.
FUNERAL BILL II 6 днів тому
Can't you get aftermarket carbon-ceramic brakes for any Corvette? They're only available for purchase on 2 types of Vettes?
Alkoholicar 6 днів тому
Magnificent beard indeed my friend
thehoovah 6 днів тому
Is this Eric the Car Guy?
Tim R.
Tim R. 6 днів тому
What car is the black one at 4:10?
biggdaddy blade works
biggdaddy blade works 6 днів тому
thats arkansas cops for ya they are either supper cool or super dicks
Cameron 6 днів тому
Carbon ceramics don't stop you any better than steel brakes, they just don't fade when in constant use on track
tfs2O3 7 днів тому
You wont be so happy when it comes time to replace the Carbon Disks!! I now avoid them.
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous 7 днів тому
My favorite vin wiki so far, since you came to KC did you go to Q39 BBQ? If not you need to come back. Love your car!!
EklekTek 7 днів тому
Kid didn't like it because corvettes are for old people!
Rigo Mata
Rigo Mata 7 днів тому
My camaro is good for now but god do I want a c6 z06
Drake Rollans
Drake Rollans 8 днів тому
Tyrone James
Tyrone James 8 днів тому
4inchs 🙄 🤦‍♂️ my mx73 is 45mm the law is 100m
joespeed1952 8 днів тому
This guy is awesome! Channel?
HDStudios 8 днів тому
NextAutomotive 8 днів тому
Where did you have barbecue?
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm420 8 днів тому
I understand his enthusiasm but can't figure out why he would search out a car based on its brakes. Especially a car with such prehistoric suspension.
YEETBOIMURK ** 8 днів тому
This story legit bro i want to be his kid
Boosted 1976
Boosted 1976 8 днів тому
Is it me or is buddy trying to talk like Ed ?
Dillon Waye
Dillon Waye 8 днів тому
My uncle has 3 of them just sitting!
Jon amber solar powered homestead
so cool grate video
2007dalin 9 днів тому
typical corvette owner.. dying for other peoples approval
AS H 9 днів тому
What wheels are on the car in the later shots? Great story. Is that front lip livable in daily driving?
William Scruggs
William Scruggs 9 днів тому
Does anyone know what the black car is in the background at 4:10?
Round 2 Detailing
Round 2 Detailing 9 днів тому
he couldve grabbed a razor and shaved the windshield straight mom and pop inspection off style
Nick Kerpash
Nick Kerpash 9 днів тому
OMG you’re from Springfield MO? That’s so awesome
Ansel Gaddy
Ansel Gaddy 9 днів тому
Police love Corvettes! I was playing today with a McLaren 720S on the way home from work and we passed a cop about 20 over. No worries there.
Moxtrox 9 днів тому
I don't really like Corvettes, but I like a 7.0 V8.
Nosloveingneko 9 днів тому
So real question. Why spend the time and effort to try and find one with factory carbon breaks instead of just buying one without and modifying it with carbon brakes?
Kevin voisine
Kevin voisine День тому
Kodran Cartan
Kodran Cartan 9 днів тому
Dude Im from springfield too what are the chances haha
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital 9 днів тому
yeah! i'm giving it the business! lmao
Zubayr Bhyat
Zubayr Bhyat 10 днів тому
hahahahhahahaha! That ending.
411Adidas 10 днів тому
6:07 married a 17yo and gave his son whiplash.. What a great story
Brett Clifford
Brett Clifford 10 днів тому
I live in Springfield Missouri it's so lame good thing you got out hahahah
The Fiasco Garage
The Fiasco Garage 10 днів тому
Another thing that causes that effect on windows is if you use Rain-X and take it to a car wash that puts anything like Bush's wheel acid in the tank. I've personally seen it happen when my girlfriend was helping me wash my car and used my wheel bucket and scrubbing brush to get bugs off the windshield. Totally destroyed it to the point of having to replace it.
Leif Hurst
Leif Hurst 10 днів тому
Beautiful car... but I'm a bit biased. I've got the same car but a Lingenfelter Grand Sport that makes around 611rwhp. They're beautiful cars and thank you for sharing your story. I've got some upgrades to make (mostly little carbon bits here and there) but I really regret not doing the carbon ceramic brakes... if I run across a deal (meaning sub 4k), maybe I'll take the bite.
Patrick Boyd
Patrick Boyd 10 днів тому
Shout out to arkansas, we’re retarded!
Kevin Penningten
Kevin Penningten 10 днів тому
Shout out to Springfield
Beezy 11 днів тому
As a owner of a ‘72 4spd LT1 c3 for my first car and i still own it 11 years later. I must say man... you have one beautiful corvette. 👍👌
Alf-Einar Sivertsen
Alf-Einar Sivertsen 11 днів тому
Yeah no I hope he won't be coming back. I feel like I was just robbed of 11 minutes
DRDEE 11 днів тому
@6:27 that looks a lot like the 264 tunnel in Hampton roads, but I guess they all look alike. Don't get caught hauling out there if it is. It turns out they are against it. On second thought I think I am talking out my arse, but that tunnel looks very familiar from somewhere.
bill731990 11 днів тому
maybe its laser vail
Brian 11 днів тому
South Entrance of Bobby Harper tunnel! drive through it monthly, south of Fayetteville, AR. ukvid.net/video/відео-IZ8y_Eq76TE.html?t=377 What City in Arkansas did the Corvette come from? Fort Smith, possibly?
marc st laurent
marc st laurent 11 днів тому
I’m going to be the one who says the emperor has no clothes , typical of a classic Corvette owner is why I sold mine as I didn’t want to be that guy .
sean peterson
sean peterson 11 днів тому
I love scaring the shit out of my kids in my vehicles
Benjamin Toft
Benjamin Toft 11 днів тому
0:00 no, if your name is Garrett Mitchell, one does not simply drive a corvette in 7th gear, and not see how SLOW it will go.
daexion 12 днів тому
Yes, yes you do need to bring an AR-15 to a knife fight! What else are you going to use to hold the knife???
Seventhday Savior
Seventhday Savior 12 днів тому
If you can't give a top speed, can you at least give an "alleged" speed?? Why you gotta give us blue balls like that?
Ben mastro
Ben mastro 12 днів тому
Clearplex Window protection, it gets old that happens
Jason Lynch
Jason Lynch 12 днів тому
At 3:12 imp pretty sure that’s the I44 on the way from st. louis toward springfield
Josh Riles
Josh Riles 12 днів тому
Bobby Harper tunnel!! Sweet home Springfield Missouri
anonymous George
anonymous George 12 днів тому
Great story. Thanks
joszer 12 днів тому
Those brakes are fun until you roast the rotors after 1 track season. At $1250 a rotor, they're not fun to replace. Trust me I know.
The InabL
The InabL 12 днів тому
Yo I'm from Springfield! Woo!
Noggin Fodder
Noggin Fodder 12 днів тому
Cringe lord.
Brandon Hale
Brandon Hale 12 днів тому
Fellow Springfieldian here. 👋
James Young
James Young 13 днів тому
The Bobby Hopper tunnel. The only highway tunnel in Arkansas. Grew up about 20 minutes north of the Tunnel, Beautiful country!
Bryan Barrales
Bryan Barrales 13 днів тому
You got away with it cause you’re white
Scott Burch
Scott Burch 13 днів тому
what is kansas barbecue lmfaoo
PintoPopProductions 13 днів тому
Good brakes are just about the most important part of a car in my opinion. It doesn't matter how quickly you get going, it's what happens once you get there and suddenly find something stationary in your path. Good insurance coverage is also important...
Larry Leroy
Larry Leroy 13 днів тому
Well who did it
colincarguy 13 днів тому
was I the only one that wanted him to shut up while driving into the tunnel?
87_GN104 13 днів тому
This guys pretty sure he’s an amazing story teller. He isn’t. And he sits like a lady.
RoundenBrown 11 днів тому
Trance Tallentine
Trance Tallentine 13 днів тому
"My wife at the time."
ZackTheMuffinMan 13 днів тому
Levi Hutchison
Levi Hutchison 13 днів тому
"Want to hit up Arkansas?" "Sure!!" Ill take "Things No One Has Ever Said" for 200 points, Alex
cl_washed 1
cl_washed 1 13 днів тому
Everyone thinks the AR-15 is a nuke. It's semiauto 5.56 calm down
cl_washed 1
cl_washed 1 13 днів тому
"Fundraiser" lol. I like that.
DiDi kite
DiDi kite 13 днів тому
I like viper more than corvette"any vett" Viper always pumped me up that corvette could ever did. I own both.
Dane Fife
Dane Fife 13 днів тому
But does he know his stuff?
Jason Byassee
Jason Byassee 13 днів тому
I can’t drive any sports car without winding it out. Guys that drive corvettes around East Texas drive like granny’s. I’ve only picked up one race on the highway while in my mustang.
Rustic Shine
Rustic Shine 13 днів тому
The cop gave a thumbs up because it's the only time he's seen someone with a Corvette who the driver wasn't a 60 year old white man doing 5 over the limit and was ACTUALLY getting on it!
bigmaxcc 13 днів тому
Instantly we came top over of the hill WOII 🤣😂👍 it was bound to happen on a ride home 800 miles from home I was kind of asking for it fine slow down.
Smoothy Boy
Smoothy Boy 13 днів тому
I dig this guy. Love his story telling. Thanks for more gems Ed
Zech Hays
Zech Hays 13 днів тому
Didn't realize you were from Springfield. I thought you seemed like a cool guy. Makes sense now.
Gearhead Daily
Gearhead Daily 11 днів тому
Haha thanks. I try
Salie Vabayer
Salie Vabayer 13 днів тому
Eric’s stories are awesome
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