Who painted the windshield on my Corvette?

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Eric McClellan (ukvid.net/u-gearheaddaily) wanted a new car and decided a Chevrolet Corvette was the right choice. He really wanted a specific option on a C6, though, Carbon Ceramic Brakes. Would he be able to find the right one and get it home safely?
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7 лют 2019





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Big Worm
Big Worm 3 дні тому
one does not simply put a corvette in sixth gear period unless u want gas mileage lol
P-Diddy Freeman
P-Diddy Freeman 10 днів тому
Not going to stop and get some cashew chicken while in Springfield
AR15 in a knifefight 😂😂😂😂
Hunter Ezzzy
Hunter Ezzzy 12 днів тому
I live in arkansas
Ronald Kwiatkowski
Ronald Kwiatkowski 12 днів тому
Eh... Love the kid lol
Shiny Chariot
Shiny Chariot 13 днів тому
“authentic Kansas city bbq” ...sounds like the food poisoning special
Joe B
Joe B 14 днів тому
I wonder if it was ceramic coating on the windshield
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 15 днів тому
Oooohhh myyyy goshhh😂😂😂
D'Arcy Jousset
D'Arcy Jousset 16 днів тому
My 5 year old daughter likes it when i turn off the traction control and drift my F150 ecopig around corners. Or when we tare up some back roads. Not quite the Z06 but it works. lol
ecotts 16 днів тому
4:48 The guy in the car in front was probably a middle age black guy merely doing the speed limit on his way home to his wife and kids.
Matthew Multiplayer
Matthew Multiplayer 19 днів тому
Can’t beat KC barbecue bud
Jose Alvarado
Jose Alvarado 21 день тому
I've lived in Kansas City and have never had KC barbecue hahaha
pool bwoy
pool bwoy 22 дні тому
the way he described the barbeque sauce photo makes me question the authenticity of his other stories 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😭
Son Thomek
Son Thomek 22 дні тому
the probably painted it with nano clear coat they use it because raindrops will fall and you don’t have to whipe while driving, but when carwash chemicals got on it they will be suckt in and it will get blurry over time. also its very dangerous because sun light will flash of even harder to other drivers and can blind them, they also use this for oldtimer to conserve the paint so it last longer and clean better i’m a car painter i had some similar job once of a client before with this.
Gummi Bro
Gummi Bro 25 днів тому
If nick offerman was a car guy
Lane Sutterby
Lane Sutterby 28 днів тому
Kansas City BBQ is the best there is!
Its_thatAmateur 29 днів тому
Lol I think I caught a picture of his corvette
lars kristensen
lars kristensen Місяць тому
6:08 lol you look like our next in line king. prntscr.com/n3munb
Jeff Knebel
Jeff Knebel Місяць тому
Being a paint and body guy I had to watch this video. Razor blade and 0000 steeel wool for the glass! I do like the Vinwiki videos too though, I just don't watch every one right away. I binge watch em every couple weeks in intervals.
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith Місяць тому
See when I see a title like “who painted my windshield?” My show truck having ass is like “oh so he bought a car with a 5% tinted windshield? That ain’t that bad”
Bob Saget
Bob Saget Місяць тому
8:47 actually killed me
Lane Hale
Lane Hale Місяць тому
As a Missourian, he is not kidding about KC bbq. It’s incredible
Pixel shark
Pixel shark Місяць тому
As in Jeff Schwartz from the goldbergs?
Trashed Trailers
Trashed Trailers Місяць тому
Lol I live here in Springfield Missouri
SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad
Carbon Ceramic brakes are all fine and good... but Ive got severe O C D and Black... everywhere has got my brain going off. I cant deal with the black interior... or the black everywhere else. I think the last Vette I was Truely Madly in love with.. was the Maroon ZR-1 from about '93.... or any Gran Sport.. in the Blue Stripe Package.
H W Місяць тому
Honestly the C6 just looks better than C7 love those clear headlights
Legendary 00x
Legendary 00x Місяць тому
C6 is my favorite corvette.
SAVAGE BOii Місяць тому
Tell the owner to toss out that shit of a stereo console. That device has no Bluetooth or head-jack capabilities.
DefinitelyNotNate Місяць тому
This man looks like Ron Swanson
Andrey Місяць тому
You dont need to bring a ar15 to a knife fight .......... but it helps
Bobby William
Bobby William Місяць тому
Fundraiser lol
E z e q u i e l c h a v e z
E z e q u i e l c h a v e z Місяць тому
Ryan Nutter
Ryan Nutter Місяць тому
What did your wife think of Springfield? I live in Lebanon, MO. We go to Springfield to do fun things and shop at places which aren't available here.
Jesus Ruiz
Jesus Ruiz Місяць тому
That’s jack stack BBQ lol
junior cherenfant
junior cherenfant Місяць тому
9:45 😂😂💀
Chris Smedley
Chris Smedley Місяць тому
So had you taken the silly all seasons off the front before showing off the brakes?
mncarguy Місяць тому
I had my truck tuned by John Boos! Awesome guy
mwahahahahah Місяць тому
She never had a Kansas City barbecue? I find that hard to believe
Aj Larson
Aj Larson Місяць тому
@10:25 Thats my buddy Justin Nall on the right, You must have raced his Yellow Chevelle with a Nasty Turbo on it
Smart Potato
Smart Potato Місяць тому
8:32 the best part
SuperKiller _NZ
SuperKiller _NZ Місяць тому
Dude looks way better without the beard
Grant Bush
Grant Bush Місяць тому
Springfield gang gang
Dash-n-Cars Місяць тому
Can confirm, long time Arkansan here, most the Corvette owners in this state are not high brow car enthusiasts. Also that's crazy that the cop just gave you a thumbs up, most of the rural police officers just wait for people to brush the speed limit. Also I learned about some new rare C6's, thank you!
Aperture x1337
Aperture x1337 Місяць тому
Ryan Terdle
Ryan Terdle Місяць тому
i will not say what speed we went, that statue of limitations is not up...i like this guy
Rurouni-senpai Місяць тому
Watching this video from Springfield Missouri right now
Social Outcast
Social Outcast Місяць тому
I have just as much fun in my car. I can floor it down the Interstate, run across the divider, drive on the wrong side of the road and occasionally crash into somebody for shits and grins. I love being a Highway Patrol!
Michael Weston
Michael Weston Місяць тому
kudos on presenting new lexicon for popo stop = fundraiser
Razziez Місяць тому
Springfield you say, ever been to Berryville.
silversonic99 Місяць тому
5:50 you're white and have money. Pretty simple really
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle Місяць тому
I *thought* I knew that car! My dad and I saw it a couple times running around in Little Rock. Beautiful car man.
warr malaski
warr malaski Місяць тому
As they say only winners bring guns to a knife fight.
PB42189 Місяць тому
wats astronomical? i havent seen crazy carbon numbers at all
Samuel Kwak
Samuel Kwak Місяць тому
This guy looks like rick grimes from twd
Chubbs Anthony
Chubbs Anthony Місяць тому
Yalls titles are kinda misleading
Ebrown1985 Місяць тому
"a reasonable 5 over the limit"
World Known
World Known 2 місяці тому
Springfield Missouri... I miss that place! I grew up there too.
Anthony F
Anthony F 2 місяці тому
Sooo....what's the deal with the windshield? Lol
Jalen Davis
Jalen Davis 2 місяці тому
I'm from Arkansas. Had lots of tickets. Don't try this lol
Chris723 2 місяці тому
This guy is winning
william hummerick
william hummerick 2 місяці тому
Is there any way to take a C7 completely off the traction and brake control? It's honestly crippling. And yes, it overheats constantly
JRtheTzar 2 місяці тому
I have a 12’ grandsport, manual with Z52. Super fun car
Dimitri Stewart
Dimitri Stewart 2 місяці тому
Jeff Schwartz? Jeff Schwartz?! The guy from the goldbergs??!
Nevermore Antiques
Nevermore Antiques 2 місяці тому
Fellow Missourian here too brother! Still her though and I don't own a corvette lol.
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 2 місяці тому
I used to go thru that tunnel once a month on my way to fort chaffie for my army reserve drill, I would love to take my camaro thru there since I didn't have it then.
Driftboy 860
Driftboy 860 2 місяці тому
I saw Eric’s corvette in Springfield
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 2 місяці тому
guy sounds like he compensating
acchaladka 2 місяці тому
Awesome story, and your son is a Porsche guy already. Well done. Corvette, I respect, but...I’m with son.
Devontrae Walls
Devontrae Walls 2 місяці тому
my granddad had a corvette i thought it was the coolest thing ever growing up
AMG 2 місяці тому
Peyton Goldenstein
Peyton Goldenstein 2 місяці тому
At 1:11 you see the Corvette in the snow. I thought to myself, that looks familiar. It looked the the time I took my car to an autocross event in the snow. Then I saw my car in the upper right corner, a 2002 Audi A4, number 291.
Joseph Roy
Joseph Roy 2 місяці тому
I like this guy he’s good we want more!!
Glen Atchison
Glen Atchison 2 місяці тому
It was probably ceramic coated
Darrian Marshall
Darrian Marshall 2 місяці тому
Ran with you at DCTC. Loved seeing your vette run.
Jay 2 місяці тому
just found this channel and im in love.
aaron hudson
aaron hudson 2 місяці тому
What you’re from Springfield MO!! Lmao I’m sorry dude I’m from Joplin 😂
DeevoxL 2 місяці тому
Wrong son return to sender.
TheDok 2 місяці тому
Joe Stacks
Joe Stacks 2 місяці тому
or you know, you could buy carbon ceramic brakes and install them.
Mr Awesomnuss
Mr Awesomnuss 2 місяці тому
mate i literally live in springfield mo. watching at home rn near national buddy. small world man.
Joel Spaulding
Joel Spaulding 2 місяці тому
Eric, both you and your son are awesome. That car isn't half-bad either. Great episode!
Brett DiMichele Studios
Brett DiMichele Studios 2 місяці тому
I will never forget the day I was on my way home from my Mother's place and it looked like rain was about to hit... I know my front tires are going to be a nightmare in the rain. I lay into it... I'm cranking down the interstate and I think to myself "watch there be an Officer behind that dirt birm up there" I pass the dirt birm doing a speed which should have landed me a night in jail and I see the unmarked car snuggled up to the birm. I'm like "Oh f*** I'm going to jail!" I do the right thing and I pull over.... The Officer flies up to me on my drivers side, I have my window down and the car off already. He says " *YOU need to slow the F**** *down!!!!* *GO!* " YES SIR! I called my Mother and told her the story... LOL good times!
Akira.MadeThat 2 місяці тому
I always wonder what makes people dislike these videos. Just hating to hate.
Cormega215 2 місяці тому
Classic nice vid.
S.A. F.R.A
S.A. F.R.A 2 місяці тому
the cop was a chevy guy
Consig1iere 2 місяці тому
"I don't know how we got away with that"- Being a white helps.
TheOtherWhiteBread0 2 місяці тому
Murica🇺🇸🇺🇸 What more can I say?
Joe Percy
Joe Percy 2 місяці тому
This guy is a baller.
NC Motto
NC Motto 2 місяці тому
You dont need to bring an AR-15 to a knife fight you always gotta be prepared for the worst am I right?
Denracer 2 місяці тому
He limited himself to get better c6 because of the stock carbon ceramic brakes...why not just mod one
Mar Blox
Mar Blox 2 місяці тому
What a waste - The C6 Convertible is better.
SBLproductions 2 місяці тому
Street Machine Nationals, are here in Illinois.
FUNERAL BILL II 2 місяці тому
Can't you get aftermarket carbon-ceramic brakes for any Corvette? They're only available for purchase on 2 types of Vettes?
Alkoholicar 2 місяці тому
Magnificent beard indeed my friend
thehoovah 2 місяці тому
Is this Eric the Car Guy?
Tim R.
Tim R. 2 місяці тому
What car is the black one at 4:10?
whats really going on
whats really going on 2 місяці тому
thats arkansas cops for ya they are either supper cool or super dicks
Cameron 2 місяці тому
Carbon ceramics don't stop you any better than steel brakes, they just don't fade when in constant use on track
tfs2O3 2 місяці тому
You wont be so happy when it comes time to replace the Carbon Disks!! I now avoid them.
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous 2 місяці тому
My favorite vin wiki so far, since you came to KC did you go to Q39 BBQ? If not you need to come back. Love your car!!
EklekTek 2 місяці тому
Kid didn't like it because corvettes are for old people!
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