Why Airplanes Are White

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Here’s a quick test: think of an airliner! Is the jet you imagined painted white? No surprises there since most of them are. Of course, not ALL planes are white. There are plenty of colorful ones. For example, Mango, an airline that operates in South Africa, paints its planes bright orange. And there’s always the Siberian carrier S7 with their bright green planes.
But these are more of a rare exception. The general rule goes like this: "You’re better off painting your aircraft white!" But why is that? Actually, there are a few reasons for that. Did you know, for example, that birds don't fly into white or light-colored planes as often as they do with darker ones?
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- Aircraft producers use white paint to keep airplanes cool. It minimizes the heating as well as the potential harm from solar radiation.
- The next reason for painting planes white is even more practical. Like a lot of things, it comes down to money. It’s just cheaper to have white-colored aircraft.
- Also, if a plane has some damage, such as a crack, dent, or oil spill, the white background makes it much easier to spot and repair the fault.
- One 2011 study found that birds don't fly into white or light-colored planes as often as they do with darker ones.
- The cruising altitude of most commercial jets is about 35,000 ft.
- First of all, the higher you rise above the ground, the thinner the air becomes. It means that aircraft face less resistance and burn less fuel to fly through such a thin atmosphere.
- At higher altitudes, there's no need to worry about flying into a thunderstorm or getting stuck in a cloud.
- It turns out that planes must follow super strict rules when it comes to their flight routes.
- For example, commercial planes aren't allowed to fly over Tibet due to the towering peaks of the Himalayas.
- Admittedly, there might be charter flights that will deliver you to the North Pole. As for commercial airlines, it's a big no-no.
- If a plane goes down and crashes up there, it’ll be next to impossible for survivors to endure such harsh conditions for very long.
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BRIGHT SIDE 6 місяців тому
Hey there, BrightSiders! Have you ever had a flight on an airplane of a different color?
Gregg Castillo
Gregg Castillo 7 днів тому
Love your voice 😘
El's Eggos
El's Eggos 21 день тому
Blue, Southwest.
Rituparna Das
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Conquerer Місяць тому
4:1 Not 10,700Km it’s metre
Furrybear 1
Furrybear 1 Місяць тому
Why doesnt concord or something even quicker exist for rich people?
Anees  Fatima
Anees Fatima 28 хвилин тому
gulf air is golden and blue and white why
Taco Fab
Taco Fab 2 дні тому
a ,
Chris Szumiloski
Chris Szumiloski 2 дні тому
I just want to point out that the video’s thumbnail depicts the non-existent A380-900
Anupam Mukherjee
Anupam Mukherjee 2 дні тому
4:10 10,700 km? Are you sure? 100 km is outer space.. And I'm pretty sure planes don't fly in outer space..
Nicholas Effinger
Nicholas Effinger 4 дні тому
Brightside is always fun
LooOOooL 5 днів тому
Why was the first plane depicted an AIRBUS?
Chiti and Iris
Chiti and Iris 7 днів тому
I learned that Santa is real
Chiti and Iris
Chiti and Iris 7 днів тому
U only ask us why planes are white,not things about airplanes
Gabone GTI
Gabone GTI 8 днів тому
I fly wizz air
Mobile Games
Mobile Games 8 днів тому
Also if u fly higher there is less gravity and it is easier for planes to travel
Owen _
Owen _ 9 днів тому
yo santa lives in alaska
TTH gameplay
TTH gameplay 9 днів тому
I almost die on a plane crash but it crash lightly into the ocean but stucked between blockings of objects
Michael Graves
Michael Graves 12 днів тому
Police Scotland
Police Scotland 13 днів тому
A380 for the win
Joel Manalo
Joel Manalo 17 днів тому
10,700 km haha.... km means kilometer. Lol
Anna Hoegner
Anna Hoegner 18 днів тому
Those are different countries
Xlutes Gaming
Xlutes Gaming 19 днів тому
The plane was white when the plane landed in the Hudson River ...??
Ninna Asher
Ninna Asher 19 днів тому
Cant be seen by the cloud
Kody Coburn
Kody Coburn 19 днів тому
do a face reavel
Krussy 21 день тому
4:13 oof, 10.7KM, not 10,700KM 👌
Denys 277
Denys 277 22 дні тому
Nobody going to mention the mistake at 4:01
Denys 277
Denys 277 22 дні тому
4:01 35,000FT and 10,700KM, you meant 10,700 Meters
hassan edu
hassan edu 22 дні тому
This is the wort vid because this is clickbait because in the title it says why planes are colored white but in the vid he is talking about another things
Garipis 23 дні тому
Tempo Games
Tempo Games 23 дні тому
I been in wizz air before to lithuania
Christian Kemboi
Christian Kemboi 24 дні тому
How does it feel to be on a plane
Yellow Korblox
Yellow Korblox 24 дні тому
Spirit planes are yellow!
Zaeem v s Zaina
Zaeem v s Zaina 26 днів тому
Title: Why Airplanes Are White Me: Because they colored it White
Todd from cleaning sim
Todd from cleaning sim 27 днів тому
*_they just turned the dark mode off bruh_*
Abdi Rodriguez
Abdi Rodriguez 29 днів тому
Not all of them are lol the DHL one is yellow and the president’s is blue 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Harvinder Singh Billing
Harvinder Singh Billing Місяць тому
THEY wont let you fly over Antarctica, let that sink in. Suppressed knowledge and technology
Jackie He
Jackie He Місяць тому
Are you allowed to brigh a rc helicopter
Dr Deepali Chaturvedi
Dr Deepali Chaturvedi Місяць тому
Jade TheGem
Jade TheGem Місяць тому
I really wanna fly in an airplane now.
Kartikey Goel
Kartikey Goel Місяць тому
9:30 its m not km Lol
Trumps Boeing is black 😂😂
Sudip Seth
Sudip Seth Місяць тому
4:13 Spotted an ERROR! The altitude must be 10,700 meters NOT KM Else that's gonna be flying through satellites😁😉😂
Mattwise Місяць тому
And an error they repeated several times!
what r u lookin at HUH
what r u lookin at HUH Місяць тому
All planes are NOT white. 1- Jet Star 2- Etihad Airways 3- Sprit 4- Jal airways 5- Jet blue 6- KLM 7- Flybe 8- South West 9- Alaska 10- Airblue (All of these planes are not white but some white patterns on it) Bright side we have blue planes to but some have other colours on it.
RobShutt357 Місяць тому
Flew on a yellow Spirit Airlines
Buzzy’s Mod
Buzzy’s Mod Місяць тому
Don’t forget KLM, Southwest, easyJet, Spirit, and Lufthansa...they aren’t white
Can I have subs and with 0. Vids La
Everest if not the highest mountain
KK Bengkel Las
KK Bengkel Las Місяць тому
Bright Side face reveal please😁, i mean you are allready passed 30m subscriber. Time to celebrate
baseplayer13 Місяць тому
4:01 .. most commercial jets fly about 10.700KM (shieeet) up in the air .. straight out of the atmosphere
Maahi’s World
Maahi’s World Місяць тому
SPOILER: only British people will understand Bright Side: Most planes are white and that’s the good thing about it Jet2: STOP DISCRIMINATING OUR AIRLINE! are we jokes to u?
Lizard 558
Lizard 558 Місяць тому
I love turbulence
Hector Cabre
Hector Cabre Місяць тому
Santa is not real!!
Kuba Z
Kuba Z Місяць тому
Hi I'm film Poland jasna strona
Conquerer Місяць тому
4:1 Not 10,700Km it’s metre
MUSIC BEAT Місяць тому
Hey there, do the airplane workers know how to fly the plane cuz what if the the pilot and co pilot die/ pass out to the workers on the plane fly the plane??
Nathan Heng
Nathan Heng Місяць тому
35,000ft is 10 km not 10,700.
innocent person
innocent person Місяць тому
but how do you go to the toilet if you keep your seatbelt fastened at all times?
Pavel Місяць тому
S7 is awesome
Mehnoor Daredia
Mehnoor Daredia Місяць тому
4:00 It is 10.66800 Km
gaming experts
gaming experts Місяць тому
Carbon fiber Require Protection from Heat.??? Lol...
MilesAndTalia Blogs & More
MilesAndTalia Blogs & More Місяць тому
spirit airlines
Mushir Ahmad
Mushir Ahmad Місяць тому
I think this guy is a plane lover
Monster Dash71
Monster Dash71 Місяць тому
Also WOW some plains are just purple or purple and white
Jack Lime
Jack Lime Місяць тому
What if an Airplane was painted Black?
Furrybear 1
Furrybear 1 Місяць тому
Why does concord or something quicker not exist for the rich anymore? Please tell me bright side 😁, thanks in advance!
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