Why Airplanes Are Painted White

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Here’s a quick test: think of an airliner! Is the jet you imagined painted white? No surprises there since most of them are. Of course, not ALL planes are white. There are plenty of colorful ones. For example, Mango, an airline that operates in South Africa, paints its planes bright orange. And there’s always the Siberian carrier S7 with their bright green planes.
But these are more of a rare exception. The general rule goes like this: "You’re better off painting your aircraft white!" But why is that? Actually, there are a few reasons for that. Did you know, for example, that birds don't fly into white or light-colored planes as often as they do with darker ones?
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- Aircraft producers use white paint to keep airplanes cool. It minimizes the heating as well as the potential harm from solar radiation.
- The next reason for painting planes white is even more practical. Like a lot of things, it comes down to money. It’s just cheaper to have white-colored aircraft.
- Also, if a plane has some damage, such as a crack, dent, or oil spill, the white background makes it much easier to spot and repair the fault.
- One 2011 study found that birds don't fly into white or light-colored planes as often as they do with darker ones.
- The cruising altitude of most commercial jets is about 35,000 ft.
- First of all, the higher you rise above the ground, the thinner the air becomes. It means that aircraft face less resistance and burn less fuel to fly through such a thin atmosphere.
- At higher altitudes, there's no need to worry about flying into a thunderstorm or getting stuck in a cloud.
- It turns out that planes must follow super strict rules when it comes to their flight routes.
- For example, commercial planes aren't allowed to fly over Tibet due to the towering peaks of the Himalayas.
- Admittedly, there might be charter flights that will deliver you to the North Pole. As for commercial airlines, it's a big no-no.
- If a plane goes down and crashes up there, it’ll be next to impossible for survivors to endure such harsh conditions for very long.
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BRIGHT SIDE 29 днів тому
Hey there, BrightSiders! Have you ever had a flight on an airplane of a different color?
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BRIGHT SIDE do a vid saying what are the odds of landing in water or something like that
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A southwest
John Coutu
John Coutu День тому
how about spirit airlines, where the planes look like metal bananas
Gismo TB
Gismo TB День тому
The reason is that you get more money back, to sell a white plane. Only becase its less expensive to paint. They are super expensive to paint, becase the paint cost a lot and it takes a lot to cover the plane. Planes are not smal …
Foot Foot
Foot Foot День тому
Australian Jetstar you forgot it
Chris K
Chris K 2 дні тому
There is ETOPS that will allow a plane to fly further than 60 minutes from an airport.
TONG U.C.H The nature man of commercial .
why do private plane of P.Trump are black?😁😁😓
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🎅 area
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Producer is on a budget thts why
Dranreb Peralta
Dranreb Peralta 3 дні тому
Air Asia is also one of the planes that have color red
Akhil Chamarti
Akhil Chamarti 3 дні тому
Southwest also paints their airlines
heimuk 3 дні тому
your metric unit of altitude is wrong...it should be METER/M not KM...
ShadowBlake 4 дні тому
But we also have Kulua in SA ?
Nadin Basim
Nadin Basim 4 дні тому
bc plane white
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KLM: what
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bright side is the best
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Wolfychan 5 днів тому
Is Indian planes red because I went on a Indian plane once and it was white and red.. dat..
Divyesh Kodinaria
Divyesh Kodinaria 5 днів тому
What you have opinion about air New Zealand? It’s a black
ItzFløë 5 днів тому
Southwest: Am I a joke to you?
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Johnny Noble Price 6 днів тому
.and like JetBlue
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Rokaya Mejnoun 6 днів тому
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Nice video and presentation!! 🔥🙃
Bibek Manandhar
Bibek Manandhar 7 днів тому
Why nepal being rich in water source have water shortages?
efhraim santiago
efhraim santiago 7 днів тому
10,700 KM? really?
Kayleigh Master gamer
Kayleigh Master gamer 8 днів тому
Some plane is different color . Southwest is blue
Ryan Humphreys
Ryan Humphreys 8 днів тому
The end of this video is from another video
N T B 8 днів тому
Why do planes fly at night when they can't see and the pilots are sleepy why doesn't the plane stop at the nearest airport because lots of my friends have had to fly overnight and they were concerned about why they do it PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE AAANNNSSSWWWEEERRR
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h ThePinoyDude 7 днів тому
N T B there is something called lights on the plane, and there are different pilots and they always switch out
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Tod Perkins 8 днів тому
10700 km?
michalproducktions planes
michalproducktions planes 9 днів тому
Wizz only ises a320s
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Anonymous Anonymous 9 днів тому
Your Chanel used to be so much better
Dog Lover
Dog Lover 9 днів тому
Well, every plane isn't white
Carmen Min
Carmen Min 9 днів тому
Black planes: YO GIMME YO SHOES AND CASH White planes be like: OK OK DON'T SHOOT ME
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shawn cena liem 9 днів тому
Is dis sacans or math coma dawn balow
YaMumsRollin Pin
YaMumsRollin Pin 10 днів тому
A shall save you 9 minutes and 31 seconds. It’s so that if there’s an accident and the plane falls out of the sky, it shall most likely fall into dirt. Thus covering it in the said dirt. White is a much different colour from brown. So it easy for rescue services to find the plane. Hence saving more people more quicker as the need to find the actual plane (which can take over an hour if coloured into a different colour other then white) is no longer needed.
Poolcool01 11 днів тому
Becareful before cnn comes after u for being racist
Lael And Yohan
Lael And Yohan 11 днів тому
"yeah that's more better" lol he just corrected his last statement
Rbmvhai Rbm
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So what about NewZealand Air lines?!?? That's are Black colours 😀😁
rockinfire779 11 днів тому
Never in my life
Donal tramp
Donal tramp 11 днів тому
They aren't white when they're first made, most airlines are green when their first made
Ante Culina
Ante Culina 11 днів тому
Why don’t we just go straight down to land?
Bear Reyes
Bear Reyes 11 днів тому
Bear Reyes
Bear Reyes 11 днів тому
you did the same thing like in the video *Why planes can't go to antartica*
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5:08 35,000 **FOOT**
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Blend in da clouds making it hard for a aim attack.
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I thought they were racist
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why do planes only have 2 engines
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Sowhard K N 12 днів тому
Bight side, do much more such videos on aviation.
Peter B
Peter B 13 днів тому
So if you want to fly to the North Pole you would be better off with a black plane as it would be warm and could be seen on the snow by rescuers if necessary. Just make sure half the plane is full of food, that way you won't have to eat each other whilst waiting for rescue.
RealGalaxyPablito YT
RealGalaxyPablito YT 13 днів тому
RealGalaxyPablito YT
RealGalaxyPablito YT 13 днів тому
What about southwest?
Ananthasayanam M
Ananthasayanam M 13 днів тому
Came to watch the video for the thumbnail.
amena begum
amena begum 14 днів тому
Lucas Chen
Lucas Chen 14 днів тому
TALLAM UMESH 14 днів тому
If public airplanes are white for the reasons above then why are military planes black or grey ?
Major1sz 12 днів тому
This actually relates to foreign states or countries and war, as it's harder for the opposing team(s) to find that plane. And anyways, almost every one of these can only carry up to 4 or 5 people at a time.
Sonic 4 Hire
Sonic 4 Hire 15 днів тому
Hi there, great video as allways! :) Something is bothering me: Why are there no more air vents in modern jets? I flew a lot in the past few years but since 2012 I'm missing these chilling air vents above the seats, on continental (Europe) and intercontinental flights (USA). There is just a well hidden a/c for all, but no air stream right in your face... :( Are there any reasons for removing them?
Blizzard 5089
Blizzard 5089 15 днів тому
Everyone, everything has its role to play
Ryan Ellis
Ryan Ellis 16 днів тому
4:10 simple but huge mistake 35000 feet is not 10,700km it's 10,700m 10.7km. outer space is only 100km so ten times this is a pretty big mistake
Ryan Ellis
Ryan Ellis 12 днів тому
@Major1sz I know, it's an honest mistake we all make sometimes. I was just letting the other viewers know in case they incorrectly quote the video.
Major1sz 12 днів тому
It's only the unit that was a mistake. I'm pretty sure he didn't realise he put km instead of m, instead of thinking it was meant to be that way. /(;^:)\
RoBOTic 16 днів тому
Southwest Airlines is blue
Pinak Patro
Pinak Patro 16 днів тому
35000 ft is 10700 m not 10700 km
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