Why Credence Definitely Won't Survive | Fantastic Beasts Theory

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Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to discuss how Credence Barebone will meet his inevitable end according to Aesop’s Fables.
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10 кві 2018

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SuperCarlinBrothers 6 місяців тому
So excited to see what movie's win you guys brackets!
Sam Spirit
Sam Spirit 12 днів тому
Harry Potter is the best.
Death Sorcerer
Death Sorcerer 14 днів тому
Corvus means eagle on Greek and nagin (from nagini) means female snake in Hindu. Totally support your theory
Soumya Sharma
Soumya Sharma Місяць тому
she is a snake!!! www.digitalspy.com/movies/fantastic-beasts/feature/a843244/fantastic-beasts-maledictus-theory/
My name Is Millie
My name Is Millie Місяць тому
SuperCarlinBrothers j I am wearing the same shirt as you
Toni Lee
Toni Lee 10 годин тому
I read the title and teared up. I love Credence, that poor boy. He needs some love
Lara Charming
Lara Charming 12 годин тому
I'm gonna wand beat you up till Slytherin puts you into Hufflepuff just to put you in your place for this video. Ravenclaw, the smartest, seriously.
Shelby Gregory
Shelby Gregory 12 годин тому
TuVan Pham
TuVan Pham День тому
Where my Ravenclaws at? 💙🖤 📖 📝
Galixx Shadow
Galixx Shadow День тому
The snake killed the raven,do u know who killed the snake?A Gryffindor.
Angel Feather
Angel Feather День тому
How does Creedence survive part 1?
Pangasauras День тому
As a Ravenclaw, I agree
Gab Sah
Gab Sah 2 дні тому
that's all well and nice but one question: how is one girl turning into a literal snake going to accomplish what an entire squadron of wizards did not manage? is she going to eat him whole or something?
ben hammack hammack
ben hammack hammack 2 дні тому
Fear me pankackes
Skye Tredinnick
Skye Tredinnick 2 дні тому
HEY i am a girl and i am a Slytherin and i am not evil.
Anna B.C.
Anna B.C. 3 дні тому
Since the last movie ended with Creedence "dying" I really don't think the next one will do it again...
IcyPrincess215 3 дні тому
K stop stop just stop. Ravenclaw here to say that most of the house disgusts me for one reason. Luna. Not Luna herself mind you, just the fact that it's heavily implied that a majority of the house bullies her simply for having a different view on life. It's disgusting. And even worse Flitwick doesnt seem to notice a thing even though it's his job as head of House to notice such things. As a person who was bullied herself as a kid i couldnt be more disgusted with my own house. I'd totally be Luna's friend if I could though
Justin Tatum
Justin Tatum 3 дні тому
I think Credence is Luna Lovegood's grandfather or father
AC 4 дні тому
Isn’t Harry Potter and Star Wars combined a bit OP?
aidenjgarner 4 дні тому
I thought lockheart was in hufflepuff
DoodleNoodle MC
DoodleNoodle MC 5 днів тому
9:08 holy moly Rowling just pulled a fast one on us all
Amanda Riviera
Amanda Riviera 6 днів тому
In that fable, the snake is the fool, as by biting the raven it seals its own fate and kills them both. If the raven dies while it's flying and carrying the snake, the snake will fall to its death. Ergo, every time a snake "beats" a raven, it brings about its own downfall. For example, Moaning Murtle was integral to finding the chamber of secrets BECAUSE she was killed by the basilisk. I'm sure you could find similar outcomes for the others.
Chrissy Mclain
Chrissy Mclain 6 днів тому
All the other houses pussed out in the battle of Hogwarts and us Hufflepuffs stayed to fight, jussayinnnnnn
Miku Mayana
Miku Mayana 6 днів тому
Shout out to all Slytherins!
Harley ._.
Harley ._. 7 днів тому
You should do a video on what you think dracos boggart is!
cate and mom account
cate and mom account 8 днів тому
er are you calling Ravenclaws weak?? cuz am a Ravenclaw and I beat everyone in swimming..
Fangirl 968
Fangirl 968 8 днів тому
I'm a slytherin in pottermore, but I support Gryffindor
Chris San
Chris San 8 днів тому
Wouldnt Credence go to livormor
TheRedMenace 8 днів тому
Ravenclaw has nothing to do with ravens; ravens don't even have claws. Our sigil is an eagle, and one need only look at the flag of Mexico to know that eagle beats snake.
Ben Holland Young
Ben Holland Young 8 днів тому
aberforth not Ayberforth
Woo Wugget
Woo Wugget 9 днів тому
Aha but Ravenclaws mascot is a EAGLE
Woo Wugget
Woo Wugget 9 днів тому
Unsubscribing you Eagleclaw hater if your a Ravenclaw like this comment!
jai nadera
jai nadera 9 днів тому
Slotherin Pillow❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nigger Guy
Nigger Guy 9 днів тому
4EverYoung 9 днів тому
I think the Slytherins get the really short end of the stick...like come on, the Slytherins are constantly being called evil
matt leal
matt leal 9 днів тому
He's snake food
Meif’waCrafter 9 днів тому
Deedivah R
Deedivah R 9 днів тому
So Credence didn't die in the first movie
MyFantasticNails 9 днів тому
OMG I just couldn't watched this video after the final trailer and you had been right about most of the stuff so far, I wouldn't be suprised if you are right about this as well (I do got the feeling she would be his death). Amazing theory!
Sara Peacechild
Sara Peacechild 10 днів тому
Oh and I made a idea of how moaning myrtle died so some one got in the chamber of secret so they got a broom and road out of the chamber so the big snake got out and bit myrtle when she was in the bath room and after that the snake went back in the chamber ok done and nice video
Sara Peacechild
Sara Peacechild 10 днів тому
Oh thank is good I am a hufflepuff
Fennek Films
Fennek Films 10 днів тому
She's Nagini
HufflepuffMazter 10 днів тому
we are not duffers
Jennifer Shaw
Jennifer Shaw 10 днів тому
I checked on Pottermore recently and above Credence's name it said Corvus Lestrange!
Born without Boundaries Michelle Santagate
Wait, what? Isn't Credence dead?
Darby Frost
Darby Frost 10 днів тому
You could say that Voldemort had Quarrels back. Eeh? ;)
Cayden Blues
Cayden Blues 11 днів тому
What about Padma Patil?
Ray Magliacano
Ray Magliacano 11 днів тому
You were Right about Nagini!
Pau Ocampo
Pau Ocampo 11 днів тому
' I love it how they always have prejudice towards Hufflepuffs. Well they are in fact Slytherins so yeah
Denise F
Denise F 11 днів тому
She was a black..only a Lestrange by marriage .I'm confused
Syrus Cloud
Syrus Cloud 12 днів тому
i wonder if somehow dumbledore ends up killing credence and as revenge nagini joins up with his biggest enemy later on: voldemord.
Jessica Stubbs
Jessica Stubbs 12 днів тому
Raptors eat snakes and raptors include eagles. Eagles are the crest for ravenclaw so I debunked this theory of slytherin always beating raveclaw. Ravenclaws aren’t actually ravens but eagles. Just like Gryffindor aren’t actually griffins but lions.
Justeen Belga
Justeen Belga 12 днів тому
Roosters XD
Dorks 12 днів тому
I just realized that this was uploaded 5 months ago 😂😂 But the final trailer was released and she is revealed to be Nagini
Robbiepcw -
Robbiepcw - 12 днів тому
Or they could be Tom Riddles parents #PlotTwist
Summer Lovegood
Summer Lovegood 12 днів тому
Honestly Ravenclaw is the most overlooked house. The only big famous Ravenclaw is Luna (not complaining about having her though), while the other houses are either heroes, villains, or stars of spinoff movies. We get nothing besides being the smart house. Our merch isn't even the right colors, and nobody gets our animal right. The official Harry Potter merch is blue and silver with a raven. WE ARE BLUE AND BRONZE WITH AN EAGLE!
Smol Geek
Smol Geek 12 днів тому
Hufflepuff doesn't care about reputation
Meg Miao
Meg Miao 12 днів тому
I just can't stop staring at the Night Vale eye in the background
Andrea RS
Andrea RS 12 днів тому
But we are eagles, not ravens :(
Carrie Correa
Carrie Correa 12 днів тому
Ravenclaw's mascot is an eagle though...😉
Metabolicspore 0
Metabolicspore 0 13 днів тому
You could say Voldemort really.... has his back...... yeah.😏
ABC Guineapigs
ABC Guineapigs 13 днів тому
Wow im suprised JKR looked into all this to create harry pottter
HyperKingX 13 днів тому
Slytherins aren't evil. They are cunning and have strong feelings about themselves. I got sorted into it, and also Albus and Scorpius.
Brandon Jimenez
Brandon Jimenez 13 днів тому
Aki Evans
Aki Evans 13 днів тому
When ur a ravenclaw watching this
Ani Ferrer Franco
Ani Ferrer Franco 13 днів тому
Im actually half slytherin half ravenclaw so what do u say about that
MyOookEe 13 днів тому
Thumbs up for the reenactment 😅
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 13 днів тому
Idc What AnyBody Says,Maybe They Will Use Technicality Like "Badgers Beat Snakes!" Im A Proud Slytherin
Orlan Brigino
Orlan Brigino 13 днів тому
This page is making me love Harry Potter. I wasn’t a geek about it but I’ve been watching all these theories and I’ll be watching the movies again this weekend!!!
Nate playz68
Nate playz68 13 днів тому
i think that credence is the father of Nabaji or whatever the snake is called from the main harry potter era and the one credence falls in love with is the mother and maybe it is posible that credence kills her because she turns full snake on him and credence raises modern 'nabaji' and then is killed by her. maybe, just maybe...
Death Sorcerer
Death Sorcerer 14 днів тому
Corvus means snake in Greek and nagin means female snake in Hindu
No 14 днів тому
Maledictis in Nagini, I think. It mentions and shows her in the Crimes of Grindelwald trailer.
Freya Van den eynde
Freya Van den eynde 14 днів тому
I got a fantastic beasts ad before this...
白空 14 днів тому
What a BS theory... You literally don't have ANY solid evidence to back it up...
Ges J.
Ges J. 14 днів тому
Luna Lovegood is the best character in HP. Fight me.
Diana Smith-Lind
Diana Smith-Lind 14 днів тому
Don't get Huffulpufs MAD !
K H 14 днів тому
Did J.K Rowling say that the snake Harry released in the first book was Nagini???
K H 4 дні тому
Viktor ahhh, ok
Viktor 14 днів тому
No. The zoo snake was male and a boa constrictor while Nagini is female and a reticulated python.
ki-adi -mundi
ki-adi -mundi 14 днів тому
before i did'nt really care about being in ravenclaw but now that i hear about lockard (or however you spell his name) im very proud to be in ravenclaw
Jaz-Pan Art
Jaz-Pan Art 14 днів тому
Sarah Blunier
Sarah Blunier 15 днів тому
Pancakes will fear me 😀
C. C. T.
C. C. T. 15 днів тому
0:56 I will admit I was one of those huffers and Puffers hufflepuffs who literally hissed when you said Ravelclaw got the short end of the stick instead of Hufflepuff 😅😅🙈
Massiel Eve
Massiel Eve 15 днів тому
I’m a ravenclaw and my husband is a slytherin hmmmm 👀👀👀
Sonia Deaster
Sonia Deaster 15 днів тому
Nagini being with Voldemort for years. Does enyone here think maybe they more than just master and pet? Maybe Voldemort did have feelings. I
Rukmani Sindhu Thangam
Rukmani Sindhu Thangam 16 днів тому
‘Don’t pick up a snake’ LOL Thor didn’t get that message! They should have sent a Raven.
Rukmani Sindhu Thangam
Rukmani Sindhu Thangam 16 днів тому
‘Don’t pick up a snake’ LOL Thor didn’t get that message!
Sophi23 16 днів тому
Im just waiting for this to ALSO be true :)
I don't have a name
I don't have a name 15 днів тому
who isn't
Byron López Ellington
Byron López Ellington 16 днів тому
L'Estrange isn't pronounced as "L. Estrange," it's litterally just pronounced the same as Lestrange.
Lily Li
Lily Li 16 днів тому
I thought newt was a hufflepuff?
Hina Uddin
Hina Uddin 16 днів тому
Kinda annoyed by the Hufflepuff disdain on this channel. I just want to point out that we are introduced to Hufflepuffs by Gryffindors and Slytherins in the book and Hufflepuff house is characterised by their unfair judgement. Gryffindor and Slytherin both see kindness, hard work and the dislike of fights as weaknesses so they put Hufflepuff down as 'duffers'.
E.T. Gaming
E.T. Gaming 17 днів тому
I don't know if she will automatically become bad by turning into a snake. Maybe she will still be good but only turn bad once Voldemort will make her a Horcrux. As we know, having a piece of Voldemort' soul in you can cause you to become bad or agressive so maybe that's why she later became a snake killing machine.
2Bit Phuck
2Bit Phuck 17 днів тому
**ZERO RAVENCLAW AFFECT** Ravenclaw members are the like Zero. They are forever the integer. Always guarding the line between the positive/negative. Neither cause anything or one to gain/lose because of their involvement.
The Immortal
The Immortal 17 днів тому
But, but, but, the snake that would be "killing" Creedence is Nagini!!!! And she doesn't die, but the snake in the fable die cuz the fall.
Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar 17 днів тому
Origin story of Nagini start from Fantastic Beasts
llama queen lord girl
llama queen lord girl 17 днів тому
But the pancake part is true
A Joseph
A Joseph 17 днів тому
I am not a bad guy because of my hogworts house
Holland Bending
Holland Bending 17 днів тому
I like Nagini. Wee little snakey-wakey. Huff with a patrons of a raven.. does that mean I beat the snake or lose? #Huffernotaduffer
Squato 17 днів тому
Stop disrespecting this hufflepuff it’s insulting
Abigail Mendoza
Abigail Mendoza 17 днів тому
Exciting theory you got.
Maya Lamond
Maya Lamond 17 днів тому
My brother is a Slytherin and I am Ravenclaw I beat him in everything 😂
M Benson
M Benson 17 днів тому
On twitter Rowling said that Nagini being a human was not the biggest shock/surprise to Ezra...So yeah...This theory might check out.
lpatterson787 17 днів тому
Lol. I had always thought the moral of that fable is not to react rashly and to consider your predicament. I misunderstood and thought it meant that because the snake bit the raven, the raven released him from a height and the snake probably died. It would've been smarter of the snake to wait til the raven landed to bite him. Purchase can also mean "a hold or position" not just "acquire", which is why I read it this way. Also isn't ravenclaw's symbol an eagle?
Sam Skoog
Sam Skoog 18 днів тому
Thanks for the analogy of the pancakes
Preslav Petrov
Preslav Petrov 18 днів тому
Later Nagini spends many years in Albania. Voldemort meets her in Albania. And in Albania exactly Helena Ravenclaw has hidden the Ravenclaw's diadem.
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