Why Credence Definitely Won't Survive | Fantastic Beasts Theory

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Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to discuss how Credence Barebone will meet his inevitable end according to Aesop’s Fables.
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10 кві 2018

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SuperCarlinBrothers 8 місяців тому
So excited to see what movie's win you guys brackets!
Spaghetti Person
Spaghetti Person День тому
SuperCarlinBrothers I came here to see why credence is gonna get murdered but instead my house got insulted
Bardo Tsa
Bardo Tsa 21 день тому
credence is Aurelius Dumbledore, just to tell you.
It's Luke
It's Luke Місяць тому
I wish you were MY brother...
R J Місяць тому
Would you be my boyfriend?
Sam Spirit
Sam Spirit 2 місяці тому
Harry Potter is the best.
nldog6 ya boi
nldog6 ya boi 2 години тому
well you where kinda close exept the part where he kiills him
Jenni J
Jenni J 5 годин тому
yeah. who can you think of in Ravenclaw who's not Cho or Luna or Terry Boot. Exactly. (like if you are a Ravenclaw)
arnav Lakhdive
arnav Lakhdive 2 дні тому
Yay now credence is Aurelius Dumbledore
Jordan Glasgow
Jordan Glasgow 3 дні тому
Ya I think so
jezza xmah
jezza xmah 4 дні тому
i wanted to hear your theory bit I've already seen the movie and i know credence isn't lestarang, i ruined this for myself
Alex Biersner
Alex Biersner 4 дні тому
I think I heard wrong, did he say that Quirrel and Lockheart were head masters of Ravenclaw? I thought it was Mcgonagall, Sprout, Flitwick and Snape that were the masters of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin
ChaoticHarmony X
ChaoticHarmony X 8 днів тому
A well made therory that had some great ground, but Sorry mate. Wrong this time
李曉朗 8 днів тому
Me : Well, I knew it , hmmmm, would you like a spoiler for Fantastic Beasts And Crimes Of Grindelwald *** Fans : Shut Up ! You b*tch !
Theresa Wheeler
Theresa Wheeler 10 днів тому
After not being sorted into Ravenclaw 3 times I think society turns those of us who would be Ravenclaws into Slytherin.
godot 10 днів тому
Ι feel bad about you guys. You did a whole bunch of videos under the conviction that credence is corvus and now you have to dump the all and start from the scratch
Nev Lovegood
Nev Lovegood 11 днів тому
Oh, how wrong they were
Ryan Views
Ryan Views 12 днів тому
Well this aged well.....
Fidler O'Dea
Fidler O'Dea 12 днів тому
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald : t.co/B7KkvUkBoR
Edmund Robinson
Edmund Robinson 13 днів тому
I'm also a Ravenclaw and I completely agree with you how unfairly we are treated in the books. I know lots of people love Luna but if you think about it apart from being nice and a bit weird, she isn't especially good at anything magical. She's good at riddles and in a few instances she is useful but in general we see no Ravenclaw being really good at anything with the odd exception like Lockhart and obliviate. But it's just not enough as we are supposed to be the clever and creative ones we should be one of the best houses for creative and unique uses of magic.
Maryam Ahmad
Maryam Ahmad 13 днів тому
Oh, J. I'm going to comment on the first half of this video. Since you are a Slytherin, I don't blame you for misrepresenting Ravenclaws, but as a Ravenclaw, I will tell you that I cannot disagree with you more. Ravenclaws are not poorly represented at all if you look at them through the lens of a Ravenclaw. You see, we're branded and sold as "the smart ones" but what really defines us is not being good on paper, rather not caring how we're represented on paper. Gryffindors and Slytherins (and even Hufflepuffs) care a lot about their resumes. They are ambitious and seek glory, and talk about merits and demerits in terms of winning and losing, much like you do. Ravenclaws don't look at life that way. We do things out of genuine curiosity and interest, not for the sake of winning or being known for it. Please don't "but, Lockhart..." me at this point, because I see Lockhart as clever (memory charm ability aside) and quirky in duping a large portion of the wizarding community and deriving an odd sort of pleasure from that, as opposed to just being in it for the fame. The fame came with it, and then maybe he started liking it too. We can have characteristics of other houses, but the core of our personalities and intentions matter more. So we might win at some things, we might be known for our talents, but that's usually just a consequence, not an aim. Gryffindors need to prioritize courage and heroism, Slytherins are defined by their ambition and determination, Hufflepuffs must be ethical and loyal, but us Ravenclaws don't need to do anything more than just be ourselves. This is what allows us to think outside the box, to think outside of binaries like "winning and losing", and to be bona fide and accept all. So you can laugh at us for losing at Quidditch, or think of us as punching bags for Slytherin. But it's precisely that the rest of you laugh at us that describes us more than anything else. You're busy defining yourselves while we're busy being ourselves. You don't get us, and we'll keep doing our thing regardless. And we'll probably accidentally be brilliant at it.
huntcd2012 14 днів тому
Funny you should mention Credence and the Lestranges
Aurelia Badica
Aurelia Badica 14 днів тому
You sure about that brother?
Herobro10 Gaming
Herobro10 Gaming 14 днів тому
Credence’s “girlfriend” is Nagini
Mr. Jord53
Mr. Jord53 14 днів тому
but why focus on credence being a "raven"? Ravenclaw may be a name, but the crest is an eagle...
Alex Took
Alex Took 15 днів тому
See, the problem here implies that a raven represents Ravenclaw, when in actuality, an eagle does. 'Raven' is just in the name. Gryffindor is represented by a lion, not a griffin, for example.
Sam Owen
Sam Owen 16 днів тому
Nope, credence is a Dumbledore
Molly Brown
Molly Brown 17 днів тому
However Credence isn't a Lestrange, he is a Dumbledore
abthurd 10 днів тому
if you watched his other video, you might know that there might be more to the ending. It is still not known how Credence is a dumbledore. One of the theory is Arianna having an obscurus and it resides with Credence. I think is very fitting because Rowling put a chekhov's gun with the obscurial story inside's Newt bag. It never went off in the second movie which is very weird. Second would be the theory that Percival Dumbledore had another son with another woman? This would be too much work and there's no buildup or whatever background story made for it. Plus it is so OOC to make Dumbledore unaware of this the entire time when he's the one being the most resourceful so far in HP series. So yeah.
HiddenEchoes 17 днів тому
I can't wait to find out whether or not this one happens in the long run.
Mélanie Augier
Mélanie Augier 18 днів тому
Maybe for the fable Leta is the snake (her house in Hogwart) and Corvus the Raven ? (When we consider what happened in the boat ??)
Rem Nant
Rem Nant 18 днів тому
Who is the pig piggy bank and what movie is it from?
Kwizii 17 днів тому
Moana :)
Sophia Barenholtz
Sophia Barenholtz 18 днів тому
I’m smart and I’m a hufflepuff 😓
Skylla aka Linnéa Theliander
Skylla aka Linnéa Theliander 19 днів тому
Teri 19 днів тому
You were wrong!
Kyle Lyons
Kyle Lyons 20 днів тому
SPOILER Since he's supposedly a Dumbledore, how does this hold up?
summer French
summer French 20 днів тому
Cance is a Dumbledore
William Groves
William Groves 20 днів тому
You were nearly there with the family tree and snake girl
Calvin Christian
Calvin Christian 21 день тому
SPOILER ALERT: Credence is Alfieus Dumbledore (Future Headmaster of Hogwarts)
TheBrothergreen 21 день тому
I've come from the future, and I know the truth. Credence did not survive, but it wasn't nagini who ended his existence.
Erin Reynolds
Erin Reynolds 21 день тому
creadance does not die in the movie the crimes of gridalwald
Kristina Bischof
Kristina Bischof 21 день тому
But Credence isn't a Lestrange. There was the baby switch. Or is he and I didn't catch something?
Kristina Bischof
Kristina Bischof 21 день тому
Oh. Sorry. This video is old. You couldn't have known this😂
Dat Soviet Alexso
Dat Soviet Alexso 22 дні тому
But wait for it... At the end of FB:tCoG, it is revealed that he is not a Lestrange, but a Dumbledore... When I heard that in the theatre I wanted to shoot myself...
Memphis Bred
Memphis Bred 22 дні тому
Ravens are no mongoose man
Kaeldi K
Kaeldi K 22 дні тому
Nikkie Kazeminezhad
Nikkie Kazeminezhad 22 дні тому
She IS Nagini
Halo 3
Halo 3 22 дні тому
I don’t want to sit through whole video you could at least put stamps wear you actually get to the points
Rose Burley
Rose Burley 22 дні тому
Credence Barebone deserves better.
Lucy R
Lucy R 22 дні тому
Yh 7months later, he didn't die or get killed😂👌
vanessa 22 дні тому
spoiler alert: he survived lol
Kwizii 17 днів тому
For now :)
Kaushal Kumar
Kaushal Kumar 22 дні тому
Mariana Putzeys
Mariana Putzeys 22 дні тому
I'm ravenclaw so I'm so glad this is wrong.
Madison Gutierrez
Madison Gutierrez 23 дні тому
In the new fantastic beasts movie they think credence is Corvus but he is not because Corvus was killed by his sister
RAMALAX 0700 23 дні тому
He survived
Nivan 23 дні тому
;( ok nope. cannot i love credence
ReeferMadnes420 23 дні тому
You guys need to make a video on Crimes Of Grindelwald now that the Movie is out. My mid is a bit blown stil from seeing it yesterday.
Redlovett 23 дні тому
Spoiler: Well, he is very much alive in the second movie. (I haven't watched the video yet, so I'm not sure if he meant the second movie or any other one coming)
Rishaan Productions
Rishaan Productions 24 дні тому
boi i am ravenclaw
Scrapping Posh
Scrapping Posh 24 дні тому
SUBVAPEZ 24 дні тому
he doesn't get killed he is a Dumbledore
Michaela Lane
Michaela Lane 24 дні тому
Amanda Grace
Amanda Grace 24 дні тому
When you said ravenclaw gets the short end of the stick I was so happy. Thank you! I hope she gives us some love somewhere 😭
Zazzinator 24 дні тому
Wait... I thought Credence died.
Jayson Stonne
Jayson Stonne 24 дні тому
Bartek Ciszek
Bartek Ciszek 24 дні тому
Adi Burgos
Adi Burgos 24 дні тому
I came here after watching it
Sneha 24 дні тому
J K Rowling just flushed all the theories by making Credence a Dumbledore! Queenie is touching a Raven’s symbol in the movie, may be her family has got something to do with Ravenclaw. Credence is probably going to be alive till the last battle. And may be Albus kills credence/Aurelius so Nagini joins Voldemort to be against Albus Dumbledore, that’s my theory..won’t be surprised if Rowling busts this theory with new twist.
Anime Qween
Anime Qween 25 днів тому
Ok am I the only one who see creature the blacks house elf In the new crimes of grendwald trailer ?
Tryfan Lewis
Tryfan Lewis 25 днів тому
when i see the title "Oh, well thats depressing."
Meow 25 днів тому
The trailer came up b4 this video...like WTH
Devanye Hansen
Devanye Hansen 25 днів тому
8:07 I've said it before and I'll say it again (because I've basically made it my mission in life to answer this question every time I stumble across it on the interwebs) --- Aberforth loves goats because of Arianna. As we all know, Arianna was his Obscurial sister who he absolutely adored and who is the main point of contention between him and Albus. He was her favorite, and he could talk her down from her rages, and get her to eat when their mother couldn't. And they used to feed the goats together. That was their thing, that was the thing he did to really bond with his beloved sister. And then Albus and his pal Grindelwald stupidly got her killed. This could have all been avoided if *Brian* over here would've just let Abs leave school and take care of her. They could've gone on raising goats together for the rest of their lives, bro and sis, but NOOOO. *Brian* had to be man of the house. *Brian* had to be special. *Brian* had to travel the world and recklessly endanger their delicate sister. So the years go on and Aberforth hangs onto his memories of feeding the goats with Arianna. And his Patronus turns out to be a goat, and then one day, clinging to these powerful memories of feeding the goats with his sister, he decides to do something a little reckless. He decides to try to transfigure one of the goats *into* his sister. And Rita Skeeter spins it like some foul bestiality SNAFU, but it was honestly just a grieving brother trying to cope. Like, seriously, if either of you had a pet that you bonded over and then one of you died a horrible death, and the remaining brother had the ability to turn that pet into the dead brother, you can't tell me you wouldn't get really drunk one night and try. I've got 3 siblings, I know better. *THAT'S* what is up with Aberforth and goats. Now go forth and make that video :)
Cisco4kid1990 25 днів тому
hey I am a Ravenclaw and I would kick any of the Slytherin's butts
Martijn Berden
Martijn Berden 26 днів тому
Wellllll, turns out to be a little different huh
93luvxoxo 26 днів тому
I doubt he die . He is making moneyyyyyyy
Wolfs_Bane 26 днів тому
stop calling me ben, I'm not your brother.
drewpamon 27 днів тому
I think he'll survive and it'll turn out he's a Dumbledore.
Roz Lundquist
Roz Lundquist 27 днів тому
Is no one going to talk about the reanactment? Lol 😂😂😂
Mary Smith
Mary Smith 27 днів тому
Jeeze beating up on the Hufflepuffs here
Lissylite 27 днів тому
Gryffindor are the "good guys" and Slytherin are the "bad guys" and then hufflepuffs are getting light for being the underdogs since they always got put down, but that means that ravenclaws are just 'meh; theyre barely ever mentioned, EVER! and that makes me sad cos im a ravenclaw and theres no merch! if there are then theyre in the wrong colours! ;-;
K Alati
K Alati 27 днів тому
I read that Flitwick is a Ravenclaw too.
George's World
George's World 27 днів тому
I am a very proud Hufflepuff
M S 27 днів тому
Filius Flitwick, who was a champion dueler, good friends with Mcgonagall was head of RavenClaw house... he wasn’t defeated by slitherins. He was a champion!
Conrad G
Conrad G 27 днів тому
where is the bracket link!
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez 29 днів тому
He gets rlly off topic but it’s one of the things I love the most
Zachary Attack1212
Zachary Attack1212 29 днів тому
It's Luke
It's Luke Місяць тому
I respect the others, but I'm Ravenclaw, through and through! Btw The Basilisk is only afraid of roosters... Get Rekt!!!!!!!!!!! 7:17 or is it an augery? Delphi is a Lestrange. Right?
Ebel de Koning
Ebel de Koning Місяць тому
just waiting for the movie #hate waiting at movies
Fluffy Unicorn15
Fluffy Unicorn15 Місяць тому
Ahem, last Quidditch have of the season in philosopher's stone and order of the Phoenix. The last Quidditch game of the Hogwarts Quidditch season (AKA The Quidditch cup): Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw. That means that means that Ravenclaw must have beaten Slytherin at some point during the year.
Sarah Boey
Sarah Boey Місяць тому
Credence dies?...
rhea waterfall
rhea waterfall Місяць тому
I would hate her even more that Bellatrix
Eric Crabtree
Eric Crabtree Місяць тому
I believe the last movie is where Nagini kills Credence and in doing so her grief is what leads her to Voldemort. And considering who Credence really is I believe that is why Voldemort goes after her.
Keira Hartzell
Keira Hartzell Місяць тому
I laughed for way too long at the 'reenactment.' 5:44 I want that as my ringtone!
Kristen Hebert
Kristen Hebert Місяць тому
You guys always make so much sense.
faridah mnoor
faridah mnoor Місяць тому
FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. ClaudiaKim PlasticSurgery 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 Nagini
Carol Smith
Carol Smith Місяць тому
If you really want to figure out why he loves goats, think of the "original Scapegoat".
AnaxErik4ever Місяць тому
I have a sinking feeling that Credence definitely won't survive to the end of the Fantastic Beasts films. This might lead Nagini, the maledictus J is talking about, to the transformation that gets her stuck permanently in snake form until Voldemort finds her in that cave in Scotland. And for the record, 'corvus' is the genus of carrion birds that ravens and crows belong to, so the Lestranges could be descended from a crow family as well, not just a possible Ravenclaw lineage dominated by blood purity thumping Slytherins.
Castle Road Official
Castle Road Official Місяць тому
I got a CoG trailer for this
ivette Ching
ivette Ching Місяць тому
Where can I see the final bracket? Sadly I just discover this channel
Michelle Xie
Michelle Xie Місяць тому
Soooo I’m definitely going to cry when I go to see the movie...
Baylee J
Baylee J Місяць тому
Nagini is cheating on Credence with old No-nose-Voldy 😂 😂 then Voldemort’s cheating on Nagini with Bellatrix Lestrange to create Delphini whilst Bellatrix is cheating on her husband 😂 😂 😂
Hogwarts Nerd
Hogwarts Nerd Місяць тому
why do you always say Ravenclaw is the lest cared for house
turtleloversensation Місяць тому
Yeah well maybe ravenclaw isn't a sporty house
April George
April George Місяць тому
Except a bag of pancakes. Hahahah speaking as an obese Hufflepuff... you are probably right!
Burger Sauce
Burger Sauce Місяць тому
I swear if Credence dies I will burn everything to do with fantastic beasts.
Kawaii Gurl55
Kawaii Gurl55 Місяць тому
She's gonna be called nagini
shaanti 05
shaanti 05 Місяць тому
The Life Of Dolores Umbridge
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Pua and Hei Hei Explained
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