Why Dan had to call an Ambulance

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AmazingPhil Місяць тому
Thanks for staying subscribed even though I was actually this dumb! ALSO make sure to check out Dan's video on *JUNE 25th (This Friday) I heard there were snacks so you may see my face in it too!
gemmaschrodinger 16 днів тому
I mean... I totally do that thing of trying to open the stuck super glue with my teeth and it had never occurred to me that if I fuck it up I might swallow the glue, so the moral of your video is actually really helpful!
Julie Lujano
Julie Lujano 21 день тому
This video made me laugh so hard! I almost did the same thing, Phil… but I didn’t… lol
CC Rider
CC Rider 24 дні тому
Not really dumb. I accidentally superglued my mouth shut once. So things happen, as long as you're okay and you learn from it
Rose Місяць тому
I’m so happy you got your snacks 🥺💚 also this video had me laughing very hard, ty
rAaaRAaA rAAA Місяць тому
@Enbaby Classics how did u get it off-
Memo Memo
Memo Memo 6 годин тому
Phill i ate so much glue when i was a child and never even bother to tell my parents so u have no idea how hard i am laughing right now
AJ Colher - pen name
AJ Colher - pen name День тому
Why are paramedics always so god damn attractive? You're at your worst, all poorly and gross, and suddenly there's handsome people in your face? Cruel, is what that is.
redgem 2 дні тому
brooo im rewatching this just after rewatching some ye olde dapg spooky week and ahh my heart, theyve grown up so muchhh
SkyLemon 4 дні тому
The suggested video under this was the one where Dan sprays himself in the eye..
Samantha T
Samantha T 4 дні тому
Hey Phil. Super glue can't bond when wet-
DiamondMasterXD 6 днів тому
So I read recently that you and Dan did an interview with Oliver Sykes in 2012. I was just wondering if you would happen to know where I could find this.
Lukas Sjögren
Lukas Sjögren 6 днів тому
Ive been living in a house without functioning faucets for 2 and a half years its mostly difficult during winter, what with the 2 meters if snow
Sebastian Edwards
Sebastian Edwards 6 днів тому
Just saying, I’ve been watching you boizz since is was like 10 and I think through my adolescence I have developed a combination of both your personalities. How dare you
silverbrumbyfan 7 днів тому
All I can think right now, its such a pity they weren't filming for BBC's Ambulance at the time
Alina Akmal
Alina Akmal 7 днів тому
"And then Phil was twisting it in his mouth!" Okay Dan 😏
Lucy May
Lucy May 7 днів тому
Kaylee Random
Kaylee Random 7 днів тому
Philip, nobody thought you'd go this far when you said "Try New Things"
Raven Dusk
Raven Dusk 7 днів тому
"Home owning homosexuals" and "I've never seen an ass that long" two things I'd want written on a hoodie. 😅
Meg Cahill
Meg Cahill 8 днів тому
I had a hot paramedic while being driven to the mental hospital, so I feel you
Marina 8 днів тому
Wait are they living together again? Im sorry i havent been up to date.. i don't rly know anything after they came out🙈
d*ckhead 2 дні тому
bruh they're living together for like the past 10 years lol
M J 7 днів тому
They've always been living together, they just got recently moved into their new house
Black Blood
Black Blood 8 днів тому
rewatching this and i realised when phil stopped himself after saying "imagine" he was deffs gonna say "imagine if I got the superglue up my butt" like yes phil... how would that have occurred and w h y
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee 8 днів тому
oh my god hes alive
May Vaughn
May Vaughn 9 днів тому
life advice with dan: “don’t be one of those x-rays that ends up on the internet”
Ana Martín
Ana Martín 9 днів тому
Hey! I too opened a super glue bottle with my mouth... I glued together my tongue, teeth and lips!! I also had a panic attack. Had to pour hot water. I still remember the sensation 🤣
Dayna 10 днів тому
man, as a paramedic, this call would've been quite a medical call! Glad you're doing okay Phil.
girl1213 11 днів тому
When I had to go to the ER three times due to gallstones: WHY is is always two in morning?! WHY?! I want to sleep!
Emily C
Emily C 11 днів тому
Phil I love your sweater and I want one. Where can I buy it?
Thùy [Tessa] Võ Ngọc Phương
15:41 "Can Dan come, I am scared" that is so cute, I keep repeating it =)) Anyways, love you guys stories as always, please stay safe !!
Imnotliv 11 днів тому
Oh dear, you got a calathea? They're so difficult to keep alive even for professional plant parents 👀
Wren Shoe
Wren Shoe 11 днів тому
7:49 Phil.. Why would you swallow..
Wren Shoe
Wren Shoe 11 днів тому
... damn love them...
Wren Shoe
Wren Shoe 11 днів тому
I’ve moved three times in the time it took for them to move in 🕴
Wren Shoe
Wren Shoe 8 днів тому
@Then We Are Decided on campus living We move every term
Then We Are Decided
Then We Are Decided 10 днів тому
Why so many times? If you don't mind me asking
SugarBugX 11 днів тому
Dan's outfit is !0/10 here
lambertloveification 12 днів тому
Does anybody else just want I know where he got his jumper?? I love it
L.V. 12 днів тому
11:18 that's what all healthcare workers on a nightshift think when something happens
Danielle Emerson
Danielle Emerson 12 днів тому
dude I swallowed a bunch of pills without water and my throat didn't take it well, panicked me wanted to get checked since it felt like something was stuck and causing pain, but then I remembered what phil's doctor said about things touching your throat making it feel like a 'golfball,' so thank you phil~~
Paige Kormann
Paige Kormann 12 днів тому
i love that Dan went into full protective mother mode once Phil told him he swallowed glue 😭😭😭
sasori’s puppet
sasori’s puppet 13 днів тому
i- hello?? did anyone else get a black screen at 3:29-?
sasori’s puppet
sasori’s puppet 13 днів тому
Kaia Who
Kaia Who 13 днів тому
Big fan of dan’s rendition of “it was glueeeeeee”
ceil Phantomhive
ceil Phantomhive 13 днів тому
I loveee that Dan can proudly say there gay now it makes me so happy I support them so muchhh. My friends always tell me I'm the over supportive mom lmao. But I'm so happy there comfortable enough to say it openly it's makes me really happy lmao
ceil Phantomhive
ceil Phantomhive 13 днів тому
I love your shirt in this phil it's so cute with the little flower
Zozu 2020
Zozu 2020 14 днів тому
Intro with Dan and once again, Phil can’t finish a sentence without devolving into giggles.... these two are adorable Edit: I missed the two of them talking over each other about two completely different things 😂
Thefuture A
Thefuture A 14 днів тому
If you’re ever feeling like your having a bad day go to time stamp 1:45 I legit keep pressing it and can’t stop laughing haha 6:09 happened never mind this is hilarious too. Hahahah
Katarzyna Czubaszek
Katarzyna Czubaszek 14 днів тому
Lol this story made my day 😂
Evie Lawrence
Evie Lawrence 14 днів тому
You think this is bad, my nan SNORTED super glue once. She thought it was her nasal spray. It's still up there to this day 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
“hey u beat me to it!” 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
21:20 he called it “Dan is not on fire” omg throwback 🥺 💕
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
21:00 he looks so happy 🥺 💕
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
19:20 phil waited 3 hours and his phone wasn’t dead?? dang 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
17:40 his foot run over by a bus? holy shit 😬😰
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
14:00 “KNOW 👏 HOW 👏 UR 👏 HOLES 👏 WORK!” 👏- DAN 2021
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
13:20 that’s their whole friendship 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
12:58 wtf was that filter? 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
12:27 what is NHS??
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
11:17 the music and zoom in 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
10:25 ooh right British 911
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
oh when i saw the title, i thought Dan had to go to the hospital, but apparently Phil did 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
3:28 black screen for a second??
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
1:35 wait where did u guys go to the bathroom? 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 14 днів тому
0:25 box boys and home-owning homosexuals 😂
tv glitch
tv glitch 14 днів тому
19:12 no cuz why does he laugh like that asfdjhgsjfgj? this is peak "Dan Witch Cackle".
tv glitch
tv glitch 14 днів тому
no cuz I can't stop replaying it why is this so funny im screaming shfadhgfhggfjgjshf
tv glitch
tv glitch 14 днів тому
this is def one of phil's best jumpers change my mind. sis be poppin' !
tehawkwardhuman 14 днів тому
Ummm are we gonna talk about Phil’s sweater
Yunuel Vázquez
Yunuel Vázquez 14 днів тому
Yunuel Vázquez
Yunuel Vázquez 14 днів тому
Forget about interactive introverts I present to you ✨homeowning homosexuals✨
Kodi Angel
Kodi Angel 15 днів тому
It's okay Phil 💖 we all have run ins with glue bottles in the mouth
Chelseyworth x
Chelseyworth x 15 днів тому
Will Dan and Phil Games be making a comeback at any point?x
blackvbird 15 днів тому
after 7 years you guys still crack me up! glad you’re okay phil! 🥲
Ann-Marie Henderson
Ann-Marie Henderson 15 днів тому
Oh my goodness I forgot that it isn’t 911 in the UK and I thought holy shit Phil was having a stroke
Starsies Skygames
Starsies Skygames 15 днів тому
what ever happened to kick it in the placenta XD
sam frost
sam frost 16 днів тому
... i'm at 8:19.... did phill nearly chole his insides with glue?.... is that the level of ability to function phill is at? at 12:39... ffs phil, how are you an adult?
Benjamin Shaffer
Benjamin Shaffer 16 днів тому
Madison Burton
Madison Burton 16 днів тому
I’m moving this week, and I’m seriously looking forward to not being a box lad anymore
justalex 16 днів тому
Me: oh how you can eat glue??? Also me remembering I did the same fucking thing now three times: *oh*
Ava G
Ava G 16 днів тому
Off topic, Dan looks like Arón Piper from elite
Marie De Lange
Marie De Lange 16 днів тому
My glasses ' arm fell off as well. Can't Can't popped back in. Wearing it with one arm🥲 getting it replaced soon.
Hannah Green
Hannah Green 17 днів тому
I honestly think Phil would look stellar in clear glasses
beany Thompson
beany Thompson 17 днів тому
I think I've watched this like 4 times already and its still funny I'm so sorry Phil
d*ckhead 17 днів тому
how are they still alive that's amazing
Chloe 17 днів тому
"those X-rays" are also very common, while I don't recommend putting yourself in that situation without a flared base, please seek help if you do. We see it a lot, we also see objects in noses a lot.
Sam Long
Sam Long 17 днів тому
I’m still not used to them being out and proud 😭 I love that they’re so happy
sammehzing 17 днів тому
My husband actually did super glue his glasses (the nose thing? whatever those are called) and it burned his eyes
Carpal Tunneler
Carpal Tunneler 17 днів тому
I've superglued my glasses to my hand trying to fix a snapped arm on them, never swallowed the glue tho
Serch Geek
Serch Geek 18 днів тому
thank for this vid! you two are angels!
d*ckhead 18 днів тому
that ass was incredibly L O O N G
Mister Doctor Man
Mister Doctor Man 18 днів тому
Well if we're talking about our embarassing anxiety hyperventilatiy moments, When I was little I chewed on a bottle and felt like I swallowed something, I was like nah that wasn't plastic, when I had to sleep my throat started hurting (probably from a cold) and then I was like omg what if I did swallow plastic from the bottle, I had this visual from a turtle eating plastic that I saw on the news and the plastic just staying in his stomach and the turtle dying and me being little I was like omf what if I am the turtle what if it's stuk in my throat what if it's gonna stay there forever and I started having a panic attack, my parents got mad at me and told me to go sleep and I stayed awake that night wishing I didn't swallow the plastic bc when I thought about it it could have been a big piece bc I felt it and to this day I don't really know what it was it probably was a lil piece of plastic probably also anxiety closing my Throat and a cold but anxiety does do funny things to your body doesn't it I will always think I have everything and that I'm gonna die and everyone around me would always and still gets mad at me for freaking out and it hurts cuz it looks so real always so I get how you felt in that moment:( after it's like why did I freak out like that but in that moment it feels so terrible
Soph 18 днів тому
wait tho did u fix ur glasses
Roger Wicki
Roger Wicki 18 днів тому
How is the situation in the UK concerning Gay rights when it coomes to partnerships? Because joining their SO in an ambulance or visiting them in the hospital should be a basic right for everybody. Glad everything turned out fine.
Joey Leung
Joey Leung 3 дні тому
It’s quite good, marriage has been legal since 2014. The ambulance thing would have been due to COVID
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 11 днів тому
I think it was because of the pandemic and not anything else.
Halia Crowells
Halia Crowells 18 днів тому
Douglas Campbell
Douglas Campbell 18 днів тому
There is SO much fucking innuendo in this video
Christina Landess
Christina Landess 18 днів тому
1. Phil so glad you're okay, seriously. 2. Yay! For moving houses finally. 3. Can we talk about how Phil didn't notice the pig disappeared for the entire rest of the video? 😂😂
Saleen LIVE
Saleen LIVE 19 днів тому
I know this could have been a bad thing that happened but I'm going to make this joke anyways. Phil: Dan I frew up Dan:🤦
crintuge 19 днів тому
20:04 lmfao
Erin Ginn
Erin Ginn 19 днів тому
And we never did see the pig again …
Allison A
Allison A 19 днів тому
He said "30th birthday" and every cell in my body froze. I have really been watching these strange men on the internet for ten years now.
Allison A
Allison A 19 днів тому
He said "30th birthday" and every cell in my body froze. I have really been watching these strange men on the internet for ten years now.
Smol Spoon
Smol Spoon 20 днів тому
No one…. Literally no one:…. Dan: 6:12
amz xx
amz xx 20 днів тому
Glue vs Deodorant
Megan Ross
Megan Ross 20 днів тому
To be fair to phillip, when I was 4 I sniffed a lil rock and it got lodged up my nose so i had to get it hoovered out at the hospital. Good ol' NHS
Karissa Davis
Karissa Davis 20 днів тому
I would of been mad mad if they told me I couldn't get in the ambulance with someone I have spent 10 years with.
Amy Aberrant
Amy Aberrant 20 днів тому
“You’re good at holding it together cus you’re full of glue” 😅😅
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