Why Did NASA Award SpaceX 2.9 Billion Dollars For A Lunar Lander?

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What exactly makes the SpaceX lunar Starship so important and what exactly are the current design specs? Why did NASA choose it as the only viable solution to fly Artemis Astronauts to the Moon? Let’s find out!

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19 кві 2021





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Philipp Ernst
Philipp Ernst 9 місяців тому
Imagine going from the little Orion capsule into the giant Starship to land on the Moon!
Air Star
Air Star 8 місяців тому
@Sugizai Hi Hugo is there a visual presentation of such a base It would be awesome to see
Philipp Ernst
Philipp Ernst 8 місяців тому
@spridle As I can tell they only pay for the development of the Lunar Starship and not for the cost of developing the rest of the starship System. But they will pay the cost of launching a tanker starship.
Ben 8 місяців тому
@spridle A fully tanked Starship is neccessary for flying to Mars an land. To fly to the moon and back to moon Orbit less fuel is needed! May be doable even without orbital tanking.
spridle 8 місяців тому
Guys please I have a question nobody can seem to answer. In order for Starship to get to the moon it'll have to refuel mid flight. Was NASA paying SpaceX with them needing to develop not only a working Starship and Super Heavy, but also a Starship that's already up there waiting to refuel a Starship
Zach 8 місяців тому
73 meters to be exact for the starship moon lander
Adam Kaufman
Adam Kaufman 9 місяців тому
I still can't believe they won the HLS contract! Definitely the right decision on NASA's part.
JK-Video 8 місяців тому
We are so used to government beaurocrats making "odd" decisions and using double-talk to explain them.
Rory Keegan
Rory Keegan 8 місяців тому
They only selected it because of the budget. Bezos and the Band refused to budget on price. The other offering is technically marginal at best.
Dayanto 8 місяців тому
​@Nathan Lewis Artemis literally requires the use of SLS/Orion for all bids, so it was never about SLS vs Starship. It's Starship + SLS vs National Team + SLS vs Dynetics + SLS.
Nobiles Novus homo
Nobiles Novus homo 9 місяців тому
@David Warford It was the Dems, they talk about promoting science but they were the first ones to get rid of NASA‘s budget, and they were the ones mostly responsible for diminishing it a second time. I don’t think Obama realized how badly commercializing NASA was going to blow up in their face it’s like a giant middle finger to government should run everything to corporations should run everything and government should depend on corporations interested in the product and marketing for a profit (because it’s usable) and you need to hold them both liable. NASA’s become an advertising point for Republicans, and now it’s done and screwed over the Dems special interests’ lobby.
CryoFreezie 9 місяців тому
@tatum635 would they use starships? Could they not use a falcon 9 setup for ease. They might use more rockets, but they are more reliable and probably cheaper to build and land
Jackson Willbert
Jackson Willbert 9 місяців тому
Blue Origin & Dyanetics landers would be like 2 astronauts sharing a college dorm room. Starship would be like 2 astronauts having a 6 storey house all to themselves, with a 150 feet tall penthouse view, plus extra space for all their cargo.
Rudi van Doornegat
Rudi van Doornegat 4 місяці тому
If NASA / US gov is serious the first ones will be cargo/passenger combi versions. And later you'll have dedicated passenger and cargo versions. One could bring a transport platform, comparable with what they use to transport Starships on earth, hop on top of that, and become the lift / cargo handling crane on the moon. Then future landers don't need to carry their own cargo lift.
Puppy Pupster
Puppy Pupster 8 місяців тому
@Kerbodynamic X The max people in a Starship would be no more than 20. Where will they keep all the poop the people make? That alone needs a lot of space.
Guia Gaston
Guia Gaston 9 місяців тому
@Kerbodynamic X it is not rated for 100. That is just a number elon musk made up. It is not rated for anything because the thing does not even exist yet and if they continue to develop the empty hull they have right now you will never launch 100 people to the moon with it. At least not 100 people that are alive.
RB 9 місяців тому
@Thomas Boomer - LOL! You sound like a cheerleader at a High School pep rally. 🤣
Thomas Boomer
Thomas Boomer 9 місяців тому
@RB There is no competition. Spacex is so far ahead. No one else has developed reusable launch capability the way Spacex has, and the way they continue to move forward. More importantly no one else is creating a robotic mass production facility to produce Starships and boosters at an extreme pace. As stated in the video, others continue to develop systems that will be obsolete, but they haven't realized it yet. Elon envisions fleets Starships that are able to carry 100 astronauts. Starbase isn't being built for "a single rocket."
scoremat 9 місяців тому
I'm really looking forward to a SpaceX moon landing with the current video recording/streaming technologies that are available!! It's going to ROCK
Kyle B
Kyle B 8 місяців тому
@Kenny O'Brien drones would be tough to fly without air on the moon.
Doug Cannon
Doug Cannon 9 місяців тому
@skybattler 262 Oh gawd. Can't believe there are still flat Earthers in 2021. Did their schools not teach them astronomy in their science class? Smh. If there are flat Earthers, do they even watch sci-fi movies that involves a planet with some on-screen time?
skybattler 262
skybattler 262 9 місяців тому
Meanwhile, Moon Landing conspiracist and Flat Earthers will begin shrieking
Jules E
Jules E 9 місяців тому
This will be memorable
Doug Cannon
Doug Cannon 9 місяців тому
​@Stu Saville I hope the latency is very good by the time they send them to the moon. I would love to experience this near real-time.
pihi42 9 місяців тому
This is way important 'cause the "stepping off the ladder" Apollo moment is going to be more 21st century "stepping off the lift".
shawn douglass
shawn douglass 6 місяців тому
@rickywick I nominate Pink Floyd for the lift music, or some Ziggy Stardust music😜😁😹!!
Black Terminal
Black Terminal 9 місяців тому
@Jeremy gangster rap
pihi42 9 місяців тому
@rgerber I feel your pain, but the fact is everything is limited by mars-Earth bandwidth capacity. Perhaps Starlink technology (lasers) will be used in the future to greatly enhance that. I suppose this is the SpaceX plan. Until then .. images is all we'll get. For the Moon, it's much easier, since the cameras will be brought back (and it's much easier to set up a very fast downlink from the Moon). I expect 4k live streams from that event, and not just one. We'll have much more video material than you can watch in a lifetime, I suspect.
rgerber 9 місяців тому
they really need to bring gopro cams,. they are so small as compared to the 70s i dont care for live transmission, but realtime recording. It's the same with the Mars rovers, why not just record realtime video, store it locally and they can still transmit it to earth later. There is nearly no excuse to not doing that expect "it is not sciencetifically relevant"... oh c'mon everybody knows we want pictures and full motion video...
Faith 'n FIre
Faith 'n FIre 9 місяців тому
Belly flop off the lander. Weeeeeeeee
720biz 9 місяців тому
"We can't afford the 'less capable' options, so we're forced to go with the better solution" lol
hightechhippie 6 місяців тому
@First Last There will be accidents!!
shawn douglass
shawn douglass 6 місяців тому
@Angela Burnham exactly Angela😁
Hades 7 місяців тому
@First Last space shuttle had no abort and it went on 135 missions, not exactly groundbreaking
MasterZapple 8 місяців тому
@Muhammad Harits because Elon musk
Chordstride 8 місяців тому
@First Last Are you enjoying your crow?
MrGoesBoom 9 місяців тому
You and Scott Manley both give us excellent coverage on this issue, many thanks Felix for posting!
Imię Nazwisko
Imię Nazwisko 9 місяців тому
They kinda balance each other
stefen burlew
stefen burlew 9 місяців тому
So happy to see SpaceX win this. Hoping they get things working soon with the Raptors. Has anyone seen anything from them concerning the tanker version of Starship recently?
T.J. Allcot
T.J. Allcot 9 місяців тому
@Simon Geard perhaps but a single cargo SS would be able to put up more Starlink satellites than they can currently produce. Lunar Starship requires a Tanker and it's bringing in as much, if not more, bill paying money than Starlink is as the dish antenna apparently costs 2 to 4 times what they're charging. With Starship production rates it seems extremely unlikely that they won't build some sort of prototype Tanker shortly after a successful orbit but I still think SN22 or SN23 would be 'earliest'.
Simon Geard
Simon Geard 9 місяців тому
@T.J. Allcot Because for the moment, tankers aren't useful to them, because they don't have anything to refuel. Whereas cargo variants are extremely valuable, because even if they're not production-ready - even if they can't recover them yet - they can still attempt Starlink launches from them. As such, I don't expect to see them doing anything with tankers until the cargo version is operational, and helping pay the bills.
T.J. Allcot
T.J. Allcot 9 місяців тому
@Simon Geard they could but with the way they build Starships and that they'll need 100s of tons of propellant for the currently planned moon missions, why wouldn't they start building Tanker prototypes in the low SN20s?
Simon Geard
Simon Geard 9 місяців тому
@T.J. Allcot Yeah, but they don't need an actual dedicated tanker for testing propellant transfer for NASA... they can demo that by docking a pair of normal Starships. They will indeed need a dedicated tanker for Artemis, and for their Mars plans, but that requirement is still a few years away, which is why I don't expect to see anything on the subject in the short term. First priority, get a working re-usable cargo vehicle.
T.J. Allcot
T.J. Allcot 9 місяців тому
@Simon Geard they've already taken about $50M from NASA for orbital propellant transfer and the Lunar Starship will need somewhere between 3 and 12 Tankers depending on the mission and depending on who you're reading.
Absolute Folly
Absolute Folly 9 місяців тому
When you really dig into, it makes perfect sense they went with SpaceX. Hell if they didn't, SpaceX woulda probably beat them to the moon on their own anyway. Now we all get to cheer on the future of space exploration, the starship, along together with more resources to work with too!
remy bourdon
remy bourdon 9 місяців тому
Imagine showing up 3 years late in one of the other landers and building a tiny little base on the moon in the backyard of spacex massive lunar base.
Connor Schwartz
Connor Schwartz 9 місяців тому
Only problem with your videos is that you don’t make more of them!
Lord of Sadness
Lord of Sadness 9 місяців тому
Tim Tam
Tim Tam 9 місяців тому
My thoughts exactly 😄
Alexey Tsybyshev
Alexey Tsybyshev 9 місяців тому
3:20 "To do this, you need cargo space. And SpaceX is the only company to make car go space."
PenaPVP 8 місяців тому
julelelel dilla
julelelel dilla 8 місяців тому
underrated af
Tevin Mukudi
Tevin Mukudi 9 місяців тому
LMAO...Underrated comment!
subwarpspeed 9 місяців тому
Haha :-) Would be neat if SpaceX could develop some rover. I mean we can't just put cybertruck there. But some rover. And then they should race in honor of John Young and his lunar "Grand Prix" driving.
Maximilian Seifert
Maximilian Seifert 9 місяців тому
I would have loved to see the Dynetics lander. It just looks cute. Yet, because of NASA budget constraints and because SpaceX‘s lunar Starship is so vastly advanced, it is the right decision on NASA‘s side. Go TeamSpace!
Chris Anon
Chris Anon 9 місяців тому
If the lunar Starship isn't coming back then what are they using to bring back the astronauts?
CaptainNerd 9 місяців тому
@Peter Lyall depends on how far you fall, falling 6 feet would be like falling 1 foot on Earth, roughly, but falling 60 feet would be like falling 10 feet, which is where you could break bones on landing, and that's not good
Peter Lyall
Peter Lyall 9 місяців тому
@Turbo999be oh shit that's terrible I was way out with my calculations it seem if you fell from the top of the ladder on B.O lunar lander it would instant death. Not good at all....Pete from Australia 🇭🇲👍😃
Turbo999be 9 місяців тому
@Peter Lyall You do not "float" on the moon man, you fall ! Falling from a 15m ladder (National Team proposal) on the moon ends up with you hitting the ground at 25km/h and it's not a trivial impact it's the same speed than falling from 3m on earth... Try to jump from a 3m rooftop and see how you "float" to the ground.
MD Amin
MD Amin 9 місяців тому
@Imię Nazwisko They got nearly 500 million before the final decision was made if I'm not wrong. It's ridiculous.. Half a billion for that!
Michael Vittori
Michael Vittori 9 місяців тому
Excellent video Felix. It's great to see SpaceX making the necessary design changes to have a successful landing on the moon. The Lunar Starship landing legs look to be much improved, and it'll be interesting to see if the thrusters will work as intended. I hope SpaceX plans on landing the Lunar Starship on the moon several times without a crew to ensure the current design works. What I really dislike about the lunar lander is the location of the cargo hatch, and crane/elevator. While it really looks cool as heck, it's really not practical from a safety standpoint. As shown in your video (7:55) the Dynetics, and National Team designs make much more sense for quick egress, and ingress. If there's an emergency and the astronauts need to depart, or enter the lunar lander in a hurry the SpaceX design will be a real hinderance. Also, what happens if there's a technical difficulty, or mechanical malfunction of the crane while the astronauts are on the surface of the moon?
Len whatever
Len whatever 9 місяців тому
Starship has shown it has no problem going up. Super heavy will have no problem going up even if it can't be recovered, refueling can happen. Starship has shown good restarting... so long as gravity is in the right place. Spacex has a long history of restarts in space. Spacex has already built human rated craft and has a good understanding of what is needed. Starship has shown reliable powered landing without the flat drop and orientation change. Basically, the only part of the trip spacex has not demonstrated, is fuel transfer in space... but note that NASA has already given them money to develop that part of things. All of Starship's failures have been with a maneuver that will not be required for a moon landing or to recover boosters.
Paul Paulson
Paul Paulson 9 місяців тому
Will the descend engines also be used for liftoff and the first meters when the main engines are still to close to the surface?
carol Deeds
carol Deeds 9 місяців тому
The new concept looks very viable and competent. I think that the design looks better. Since no heat shielding is required, the landing legs can be of almost any configuration that will do the job.
Martin 9 місяців тому
Hello Felix, thank you very much for this WAI episode. What i am curious about is, how will SpaceX protect it´s Starships against micro meteoroids. A very small one could shoot a hole into one of the tanks and cause a major problem. The surface of a Starship is very big, the risk of being hit is significant higher compared to other spacecrafts like Orion. Do you have any ideas if SpaceX is working on that problem, and how could the solution look like? Best greetings from Austria, YOU ROCK
Jessie Janson
Jessie Janson 8 місяців тому
The reason for the low price from spacex is because spacex is covering most of the dev cost. ie. they are building starships to deliver cargo to space and to mars so making a lunar version is just a small side project. Because of the variable amount of fuel it can be filled with what is needed for the mission (more refils = more ability to carry larger loads) but it doesnt need to have a full tank to do a small mission. This means NASA gets the project cheaper with the potential for much larger projects using the exact same vehicle, just with more fuel on board. NASA also loved that it has 2 airlocks fed by 2 life support systems so that if one airlock fails there is another and if the hull is punctured they can use the airlocks as a lifeboat. This system offers NASA everything they could dream of for a bargain price.
Don Jones
Don Jones 9 місяців тому
SpaceX will rule the Artemis program. The main pair of Gateway modules launch on the Falcon Heavy. Gateway will be supplied by Dragon XL, launched on Falcon Heavy. The lander will be the SpaceX HLS. All of those are definite contracts that have been awarded. That leaves a couple of future Gateway modules for Vulcan and New Glenn to compete for, and of course SLS/Orion will get the astronauts there and back - for now.
jon sawyer
jon sawyer 9 місяців тому
@Simon Geard check Apogee's stuff on YT for rational in-depth analysis of the situation
jon sawyer
jon sawyer 9 місяців тому
@Julian FP but a Gateway in Leo will happen soon.
jon sawyer
jon sawyer 9 місяців тому
@Julian FP SpaceX will happily swap out contracts on XL and FH from gateway to more realistic lunar missions.
jon sawyer
jon sawyer 9 місяців тому
No gateway in the medium term, before HLS part A completed. Mark my words no gateway, no Luna XL and no SLS Orion ( beyond test flight ) it just doesn't add up.
Simon Geard
Simon Geard 9 місяців тому
Given that Starship is now assumed to be fully operational (to the point of carrying humans) by the time Artemis goes ahead, then I suspect that if the Gateway isn't abandoned entirely, the Falcon Heavy contracts will be amended to use Starship. Certainly, DragonXL serves no purpose in the current plan... it only ever made sense if you assumed it would be needed before Starship was ready, e.g. for the 2024 deadlines for Artemis.
Chris - DJ Dapper Dan - Brown
Chris - DJ Dapper Dan - Brown 9 місяців тому
I am so impressed Felix with your grasp on what is happening and being able to explain it in clear and concise terms, thank you. Keep on keeping on as us old hippies used to say ;-)
mVm MotoVlogMusic
mVm MotoVlogMusic 9 місяців тому
Great Episode Felix and Team. The Space future is exciting indeed!!
walkstheman98 9 місяців тому
SpaceX, to me at least, really captures the wonder and drive that the U.S. used to have for space. Sending two starships to the moon within such a short span is an astonishing feat, and I think this will help bring the US back into pushing more for space travel. Unify the world once again through space! I hope this will continue to push the rest of the world forward in their space programs too. A network of launch agencies could vastly speed up the process it takes to get to the Moon, Mars, and beyond!
S. Knight
S. Knight 9 місяців тому
*Congratulations to both NASA and SpaceX for this great team up/pairing* that was made for the right reasons and best collaboration based on merits rather than the usual GVT choosing the most expensive way in order to spend tax payer money that usually goes little to the cost of the project and where the majority of the funds allocated goes into the direct pockets of CEO's, Lobbyist and of course GVT officials, Congressmen/Congresswomen and Senators. A perfect example was the "National team" who's projected cost for their moon lander was over $10 billion dollars for a lander that was like 15 times smaller than the "SpaceX Starship" who's cost is just a little under $3 billions. Unlike the companies involved in the "National Team", SpaceX doesn't pay $30 thousands for a hammer. You know what I mean.
jcoghill2 9 місяців тому
Love the new design with landing gear. Got a big question. If landing gear is important enough for the Moon and Mars then why aren't they important enough for Earth? Why the insistence on this catch a running rocket in mid-flight with a crane craziness? Is it just to save a few pounds? I would prefer landing gear because it's safer and allows you to set one off to the side for maintenance.
SpaceXvision 9 місяців тому
Great episode, Happy to see my animations being put to good use :)
BLMB 9 місяців тому
@BLACKEYE1978 im 15
The Student Official
The Student Official 9 місяців тому
Love your animations and making -my- our ideas into realities!
Patrico Fritz
Patrico Fritz 9 місяців тому
Hey SpaceXvision
BLACKEYE1978 9 місяців тому
@What about it!? your content rock I am 14 and dreaming to be like mr musk :D You give me a lot of info :)
What about it!?
What about it!? 9 місяців тому
Thanks for the help!!! 🙏🙂
Timynator 9 місяців тому
First of all thanks for the video! Now to my question: Why are there Sealevel Raptors on the lunar starship renders? Aren't they unnecessary for this application of the starship?
James Webb
James Webb 9 місяців тому
Sweet video!! I have been a big fan of Space X since the beginning in Texas. Thanks for the breakdown of NASA’s realization on using Starship. The years to come are going to be real exciting!!!
Ken Allen
Ken Allen 9 місяців тому
I love your channel, your presentations are excellent! Keep up the great work! I absolutely love your out-takes, keep that up, it always give me a smile.
rubenchoElLocoxD 8 місяців тому
gran capitulo y gracias por los subtitulos en español , grande spacex :3
G Marie
G Marie 9 місяців тому
"A strange and grotesque situation..." describes the comparisons among the HLS approaches and sclerotic attitudes of the two losing teams perfectly. Brilliant!
Simon Geard
Simon Geard 9 місяців тому
It's hilarious, really. Felix is right... there's something truly ridiculous happening, when NASA budget constraints force them to include the deluxe "everything, including the kitchen sink" option because it's actually cheaper than the less-capable alternatives. I don't think SpaceX seriously expected to win this bid - I think they proposed Starship just to get NASA to look at it - but Elon must be laughing his ass off now...
Aleverette S
Aleverette S 9 місяців тому
"Extra 50 ~100 tons of cargo capacity" Well that's a good start
Michael Rhys
Michael Rhys 9 місяців тому
I imagine there would be at least two versions of a luna starship. One type to remain on the surface and form part of a larger, permanent infrastructure and a second type for crew return.
Trevor Dickenson
Trevor Dickenson 9 місяців тому
Many thanks Felix for another informative video, good explanation why SpaceX won NASA contract
PROTESLAPOWER 9 місяців тому
First of all I would like to be one of the many to thank Elon Musk for his leadership, determination and all of his efforts of helping humanity clean up our environment with sustainable energy programs. Also with his commitment of SpaceX to allow the exploration of space for future colonization. Our world is a fragile little place that currently holds all of humanities eggs in one basket. By spreading our wings and being able to leave our nest we will ensure that human consciousness will live on, outside of our planet. I was asked by A very wise man in the early 2000s if I had millions of dollars to help humanity, what would the most important innovations be in business to help all of humanity? I knew that the petroleum industries were polluting our air, water and food to the point that people were getting sick and dying of diseases from those major fossil fuel pollutants. As we talked further and further about electric vehicles and transportation, solar power and other sustainable energies. He said I think you're right and it should be done because he as well had been pondering that question. He wanted to be thorough though, so he asked if anything else should be focused on for all of humanity? I said yes and case of a global disaster whether it be climatic, an asteroid strike or another world war, I suggested that space exploration also be considered to prevent the collapse of human consciousness as we know it. Thinking back all of those years almost seems like a deja vu, to where we are today. Again I can't think of anyone else but Elon that would put all of their Fortune on the line for the rest of humanity. With his consistant focus and extremely innovative leadership, he is leading the world out of darkness and into the light of the rest of our universe. So much yet to learn and do but thanks to the lead of people like Elon we can step in the right direction. We all have more in us to offer the rest of the world. So let's do it! This is the time and we are the people that will change the world! For those of you who like these ideas or have some of your own to offer, please let me know. I appreciate all of you and your comments. Let's shoot for the Moon and end up amongst the Stars! propower101@hotmail.com
Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell 9 місяців тому
Felix - I think it would be great if you did an episode on how SpaceX is funding Starship development and how much all of these massive support structures cost. I keep fearing the money will dry up before they reach their lofty goals. Keep up the great work!
MISTAKEWASMADE4live 8 місяців тому
It won't dry up, it's too cheap.
Rich B
Rich B 9 місяців тому
Starship...”she got legs, and she knows how to use them!” The weight savings for the heat tiles and flaps will be partially used for the landing leg system and hydraulic leveling system. Starship will have to be made level after landing to secure it in place.
AllINeedis1Mike 9 місяців тому
Will it use the main engines to launch from the Lunar surface? Or some combination? The ejecta issues would be the same on the way out as on the way in I would think. Can't wait to see those methalox thrusters testing, proper scifi spaceship thrusters.
terry Sullivan
terry Sullivan 9 місяців тому
Thanks for the very clear update and differiention between the two Starship versions. Since the moon lander does not have Earth reentry ability; how do the crew and passengers get back on the planet ?
sumreen Sultana
sumreen Sultana 8 місяців тому
Using Orion for now ( although they might switch to normal Starship later) this is just my thoughts ( but Orion for now)
weatheranddarkness 9 місяців тому
I don't know if it's a great idea, but there are certainly a few things I like about it. First it's big enough that it can actually act as a research outpost long term rather than just an orbit-to-surface elevator. And I like that it's not a million stages. As long as the engines and life support systems are reliable the voyage becomes much simpler.
Michael Scott Howard
Michael Scott Howard 9 місяців тому
5 reasons: #1 lowest bind contact, #2 most payload, #3 starship has made 4 dev. flights. #4 If SLS tanks, a back up at no big cost. #5 Starship could become gateway itself. Also, given lower force of g on moon who is to say lunar starship could be made to land horizontally... and party like it's space 1999... The other 2 bids were 1960s tech copies... it's the 2020s, fly like it..
Peter Oakley
Peter Oakley 9 місяців тому
Please don't ever stop showing the bloopers. The videos are great and then, at the end, you have me cackling like an idiot. The videos, the bloopers and you rock! ;- )
Channel B
Channel B 9 місяців тому
I still hear "SPACE EGG" in my mind even when Felix says SpaceX correctly, it has been drilled in my mind :) SpaceEgg: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-0KkHpqNArw4.html
Random Hobbies
Random Hobbies 9 місяців тому
Haha yes same here
KEB129 9 місяців тому
Very good video, Felix! The tanker flights will be a huge challenge though. But maybe they will fill up one tanker with the other tankers in advance, so they will have all 1100 tons of propellant ready for just one fill up and go?
subwarpspeed 9 місяців тому
But why? It's about 1 year between each Artemis mission. They have plenty of time to fill it up and get to moon before Orion is launched.
Stanley Creative
Stanley Creative 9 місяців тому
Awesome breakdown and comparison Felix! 🤘 Happy I could assist ✨
Apache Attack Helicopter
Apache Attack Helicopter 9 місяців тому
The production quality is getting better every week, good work!
Richard Hansen
Richard Hansen 9 місяців тому
Loved the episode. Felix! It'll be interesting to see how the race for the moon pans out this time around
Tom Burton
Tom Burton 9 місяців тому
Hey Richard, Do you know you can now own spacex shares?
Назар Мельник
Назар Мельник 9 місяців тому
This choice of NASA in the competition can be described: - A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.
kevin thiago
kevin thiago 9 місяців тому
:v underrated comment
Josh McKinney
Josh McKinney 9 місяців тому
If the lunar Starship was launched on a Superheavy booster, would you even need the 3 sea-level raptors? Starship would lose the ability for thrust vector control, but surely a less massive solution could be implemented for attitude control. SpaceX is already planning on using hot gas thrusters for reaction control, would those be a sufficient ACS/RCS solution during orbital/transfer/capture burns? No part is best part, and they seem like a whole lot of mass for very little benefit.
Ingens_Scherz 9 місяців тому
Disagree about Superdracos. They are amazing engines. Very durable, very versatile and relightable as many times as you need. In many ways, it's almost as if they were made for the job!
vendettamedianl 9 місяців тому
With Starship SpaceX offers 1 complete reusable vehicle with a huge amount of cargo space, no separate and / or left over modules and no fuel tanks left floating around somewhere between the Moon and Earth. While using both a regular and modified version of a vehicle they were going to build anyway. There was no competition.
PiDsMedia 9 місяців тому
Leg cover won't blow off - they'll be part of what's needed to stop the Lunar dust micro particles from getting in to the leg mechanism. Landing rocket motors will absolutely use the same fuel as the Raptors - a mini-Raptor is more likely then a Super Draco. Lunar Starship will have fold-out solar panels, just to be able to keep them pointed to the Sun. The big problem to overcome, will be acceleration due to Lunar Gravity - there's no air there to sky-dive through and slow down, it has to use those motors all the way down, expect to see a couple of unmanned units landing first, to make sure both the hardware and software are fully operational before people go,... And that in turn leads to having a few ships parked on the Moon, waiting for use by the soon to arrive Astronauts.
Robert J. House
Robert J. House 9 місяців тому
My thoughts are the legs can touch or slide in behind the mast plates as opposed to a possible buckle or locking mechanism flaw. They need to extend out farther due to the top heavyweight of the landers weight proportion mass. This would keep it from toppling over and reduce tip over. Not only that , there is less parts, sleeker, and faster deployment.
MD Amin
MD Amin 9 місяців тому
I'm just stocked to see SpaceX being awarded the contract. They absolutely deserve it. They already have great relationship with NASA and this will just solidify it further..
Keith McDonald
Keith McDonald 9 місяців тому
So if SpaceX builds several Lunar Starships, 1 could replace the ISS as it has more living and equipment space, Plus engines if it needed to move in it's orbit for some reason. 1 could be used as a station orbiting the Moon same as above, plus it would add the benefit of a rescue ship if something happened to the moon base. Then there could be 2 more to ferry people back and forth to the moon and replenish supplies which will be a major factor at least in the beginning.
Thomas McLaughlin
Thomas McLaughlin 9 місяців тому
It seems obvious, but I haven't heard anyone mention it - it seems to me that a lunar starship that is never intended to land on Earth, or operate in the atmosphere would not need sea level raptors, and that the lunar starship would only require the 3 vacuum raptors. That seems to me like a pretty substantial price and mass differential.
Mosern1977 9 місяців тому
I'm a bit confused about the whole concept. How will astronauts travel from earth to moon and back? What vehicles are involved and how do they all fit together?
big30o6 9 місяців тому
Only one oversight in the lunar animation, missing 3 Cybertrucks being lowered from the Starship “trunks” and driving out from between the legs! That would be EPIC! Otherwise an mind blowing animation! Thanks so much for your hard work!
Gregory Bennett
Gregory Bennett 9 місяців тому
Love this show; So excited for the future!
Kenny 9 місяців тому
Fantastic episode Felix! I love this info.
Don Jones
Don Jones 9 місяців тому
Do you think the HLS landing/liftoff engines will be electric pump fed, like Electron's Rutherford? They might be a larger version of the methalox RCS thrusters, but while the latter can be pressure fed idk if that's enough for these auxiliary engines, even using multiple ones. Knowing SpaceX's design philosophy, each set of 4 will be able to tolerate 1 failing, so 12-14 engines will need enough power to lift the ship. The HLS will have large batteries for the power demands of a complex surface mission, working with the solar cells. I'm thinking of several electric pumps (redundancy) feeding propellent from the main tanks to the sets of engines. This should be simpler than each engine having conventional pre-burner turbopumps, and lighter. The mass of the batteries doesn't count, those are already on the ship anyway.
GRAND HIT 9 місяців тому
Since the Moon Edition won't return back to earth and it has a docking system that would attach to the Space Station, they could easily keep the Moon Landed attached to the Station and us the Dragon to transport people home and back. Like during refiling they would drop people off at the station and then the ship would dock to refill and then go back and pick up the people, for safety. I don't see any abort systems, I would like to see them use a Dragon attachment as the crew area with the rest of the ship being storage so they would have a means to evac.
Andycharger 9 місяців тому
Am I crazy or do I remember SpaceX constructing a landing zone within the perimeter of LC39A which was likely for Starship? There is no way SpaceX will be using LC39A for anything Starship related based on the amount of infrastructure needed to launch and land these amazing beasts. The investment and efforts going into the site at BC and the 2 oil rigs means the days of launching humans from the historic pads at KSC would be numbered. We have some very exciting times coming up in space!
subwarpspeed 9 місяців тому
Your not crazy. From wikipedia entry on LC39A (and you can go there and click to the sources): In 2019, SpaceX began substantial modification to LC 39A in order to begin work on phase 1 of the construction to prepare the facility to launch prototypes of the large 9 m (30 ft)-diameter methalox reusable rocket - Starship - from a launch stand, which will fly from 39A on suborbital test flight trajectories with six or fewer Raptor engines. A second phase of the construction is planned for 2020 to build a much more capable launch mount capable of launching the entire Starship launch vehicle,[28] powered by 43 Raptor engines and producing a total of 72 MN (16,000,000 lbf) liftoff thrust when departing 39A.[29] So not a landing zone but a launch zone. And if it's still on the table, who knows?
Chris Collins
Chris Collins 9 місяців тому
I feel like I'm missing how the astronauts get home from the surface of the Moon if the Lunar Starship is not built for re-entering Earth's atmosphere. Will something like a Dragon capsule be used to ferry the astronauts from the lunar surface to a capable Starship in orbit? If so, will Lunar Starship land with a Dragon already docked, or will Dragon dock/land on top of the landed Lunar Starship. So many questions!
Gergely Cséplő
Gergely Cséplő 9 місяців тому
For now SLS/Orion is slated to deliver the crew to Moon orbit. Once there 2 astronauts transfer to the Starship and land, the other two stays cramped in the Orion. If there is a problem with Orion, Starship can bring the crew back to LEO, provided they can dock to it.
David Cadman
David Cadman 9 місяців тому
Something that has been bothering me, is that SpaceX started out with a Moon Landing using the SS, and a return to Earth within it's testing program, self funded. That was to happen this year or early next year. Then next year send cargo ships to Mars. I can see that being delayed to 2023 Moon landing and return, with the Mars Cargo delayed to 2024. Now the Artemis mission award brings up a variant of SS that doesn't return to Earth. Question: Will SpaceX send a Star Ship to the Moon along with the Artemis Lander. They will have plenty of them, and the Artemis Lander is only expected to launch once a year! Whereas a Star Ship can launch as often as funds, cargo and crew are available. In 4-5 years Starlink will be putting twice the NASA budget per year into SpaceX's pocket book. Take that and roll it around in your mind, and it looks like NASA has chosen the goose that laid the golden egg, to build it's Moon Base Alpha, along with Mars Base Alpha.
Miller 9 місяців тому
The solar panels moving down also keeps them away from any atmospheric heating during launch.
James Sirikit
James Sirikit 9 місяців тому
It is pleasing to see a USA agency acting logically! SpaceX offered the only solution that is a step change, and one that will deliver economical interstellar possibilities.
Samir Abubaker
Samir Abubaker 9 місяців тому
Ok, thanks for this episode and clarifications. i have a question, what about returning the first crew gone to moon ? and how spacex can swap mission crew from moon ??
subwarpspeed 9 місяців тому
Exactly like they would have done if any of the other landers won the contract. HLS is a piece in the Artemis puzzle for being docked in lunar orbit and have astronauts come onboard, descend to moon surface, ascend to lunar orbit, dock and astronauts disembark. To and from the Orion capsule or the gateway station.
Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah
Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah 9 місяців тому
They will return on Orion (short term)
Brett 9 місяців тому
For the first time in decades, I have hope that NASA is actually serious about getting the job done. It seems they don't want to just be a government teet feeding wasteful companies money.
Christopher Rasmussen
Christopher Rasmussen 9 місяців тому
This is crazy. SpaceX pulls it off, Moon by 24 and Mars by 35 (less)
Neo Baggins
Neo Baggins 9 місяців тому
I’m seriously betting Starship/Superheavy will beat SLS to the moon by months, if not years. In the NASA video, they literally list SpaceX autonomy as one of the reasons they were chosen ‘able to demonstrate unmanned test landings’ I know NASA is kind of sunk cost fallacy into SLS, but I find it baffling that they aim to send the Lunar Starship separately from the crew on SLS, then rendezvous and transfer in orbit. I guess the beauty of Starship is they can send a few. At least one extra Starship for fuel, possibly a couple to bring additional supplies. I’m also interested to see if the first landing will predate the proposed Lunar gateway station...I’m assuming so...unless once again, SpaceX comes in and does it themselves lol...
Ron Cork
Ron Cork 9 місяців тому
I like the leg cover idea. If they were ejected just before touchdown, they could be used as sleds for gear transport, or even as toboggans for their Sunday recreational excursions to nearby slopes.
Fred Fowler
Fred Fowler 9 місяців тому
SpaceX has changed space travel dramatically in such a short time, I hope that, with the dramatic reduction in cost as appears will be realized with SpaceX hardware, colony components could be placed on some especially worthwhile areas. Research labs, living quarters, green houses, machine and repair space, sub-freezers, garage space, etc., will probably be set on the Shackleton crater rim especially early in the process of permanent colonies, with water in and around Shackleton in neighboring craters, relatively rounded contours of its rim, and 24/7 direct sunlight every day with relatively brief periods (hours to a few days) every month, excepting lunar eclipses, which would be especially interesting to see from Shackleton. I believe earth is visible most days of the month, as well, depending on exactly what part of Shackleton's rim your view is from, and that would be much larger, relatively, than the moon is from earth, and very colorful with endlessly changing cloud patterns.
T-REX 9 місяців тому
Best explanation of the subject, great as always, keep it up!
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 9 місяців тому
It makes more sense to not use expendable covers over the legs as that would require the production of another landing leg pad on the inside of it. The best part is no part and figuring out how to use that panel as a landing leg pad would eliminate an otherwise erroneous part.
Rocky Pipe Dreamer
Rocky Pipe Dreamer 9 місяців тому
@QUESTION - Felix do you feel now that SpaceX has the Nasa lunar lander contract - that there will be closer scrutiny of launch site security which would make getting various videos of launch activities more sporadic?
Hamidi Maqtal
Hamidi Maqtal 9 місяців тому
The first landing on the moon should concentrate on setting up a landing pad. Think autonomous compacting machines making future landings safe.
Stသvn 27 днів тому
Wow. It's like carrying a whole building into the moon while having so much payload capacity
Mant Reg
Mant Reg 9 місяців тому
So much information! Great work and thank you!
TheTokuin 9 місяців тому
It would be so amazing to be a part of the building process of a lunar colony
Marcus Nichols
Marcus Nichols 9 місяців тому
The new descent engines may also be 1st stage ascent engines to clear the craft from the loose regolith surface before the main engines are ignited...
Lohann Du Preez
Lohann Du Preez 9 місяців тому
And return to lunar orbit? Will the starship only land and unload cargo? Will the astronauts live on the moon forever? Will every landed lunar starship return to orbit and over time form a huge starship lunar space station? Or maybe be slammed into the lunar surface after dropping the astronauts off at the lunar gateway on return to orbit? Maybe a few can stay behind whilst some ferry the astronauts back to orbit. I'm eager to learn the answer to this question
WG 1947
WG 1947 9 місяців тому
My guess (& it's only a guess) is somewhere around around 2025-2026 for the first Lunar Star Ship landing, and 2028 -2030 first Star Ship Mars landing. The reason for the longer delay on Mars is because of planetary orbital dynamics. Mars is only approachable in a reasonable time frame every 2 yrs. Before Star Ship is human rated, it must first go thru a lot more testing and the final design has to be proved reliable to at least 98%. Even then, you will have the problem of the one little thing that will bite you in the a** (ie; Apollo 13).
Eselfar 9 місяців тому
"SpaceX gets the contract, as NASA doesn't have the money to build the less capable and much smaller systems." 4:49 😂 This is so true, and sounds so wrong at the same time.
Norman Guy
Norman Guy 8 місяців тому
And more expensive…
Menal Fernando
Menal Fernando 9 місяців тому
i feel like starship is the best way to get astronauts on the moon again, the landers made by blue origin and the one made by dynetics undeniably look way more 'primitive' and old than the futuristic starship, while im sure the technology on all the landers are the best that we have today, i feel like a lander that can land and take off and is fully reusable, while being able to carry 150 tons of cargo is the way to get us back on the moon, the technology on starship is absolutely amazing, going from a lander the size of 23ft to a lander 50m in height shows us how far we have really come in 50 years/
Christopher Meyer
Christopher Meyer 6 місяців тому
Just an idea I had, Starship is about 50 meters tall, what if in total the booster it was three separate pieces. How about on the moon lander that only the crew and cargo portion, about the top 20 meters had the landing legs on it and no need for an elevator. they want a permanent base so from the payload door all they would need is a ramp. They could discard the engine and fuel section in space
F Utube
F Utube 9 місяців тому
Felix, my man....awesome content, as always. 👍
Roebuck Payne
Roebuck Payne 9 місяців тому
I like the idea of merging ships and bases. Much more than using landers then building a base separately A ship is the perfect temporary base, and it SHOULD be spacious as this will be the most stressful time for anybody trying to adjust to the moon
Otavio S
Otavio S 9 місяців тому
Hey Felix! How about the proportion fuel tanks/cargo bay for the lunar lander SS?? Surely the lunar lander SS doesn't need all that fuel capacity!! More design changes to come there as the team thinks a little better about it.
K B 9 місяців тому
So basically the whole SLS system could be simply swapped by a Starship + Falcon Heavy combo (if human space faring would be a concern with orbital crew Starship at that time). And NASA basically admits SLS will be dumped if SpaceX actually makes this happen lol. 😂
Paul Michael Freedman
Paul Michael Freedman 9 місяців тому
Hi Felix! My personal thoughts on SLS, Orion and Lunar Gateway: I agree, SLS is becoming more and more obsolete. Its function is practically speaking, a shuttle to and from the moon for the crew. The lander system is a totally different system. Both roles can be fullfilled by two starships outfitted for their respective purpose. That in turn creates so much space that the lunar gateway becomes practically unnecessary. And that means a massive cost saving. Unless someone can name a valid argument in favor of the lunar gateway. The cost saving alone can have senators give all laid off jobs a full year's pay(older employees early retirement?), and still have plenty left, which can be used for other purposes than spaceflight. Capable engineers etc. will have a new job elsewhere within that year, guaranteed with the explosion in the number of space related companies. One con is the current orbital fuelings needed to fill up one Starship, I read it needed 20 fuel tanker flights? That number will have to come down, one way or another.
Hank Meyer
Hank Meyer 9 місяців тому
Will the Lunar Starship even need the sea level raptor engines? I would expect it to only need vaccuum raptors to get to the moon after detaching from Superheavy. I'm not even sure it would need all 3 vaccuum engines to get to the moon. The fewer engines it has under its skirt, the more room it has to pack landing legs that are wide enough to avoid sinking into the lunar regolith, and causing the lander to tip and fall over.
Adisis 9 місяців тому
Thank you for all you you have already done and everything you are going to do in future from Czech Repblic! Incredible time to be alive:-)
Kris T
Kris T 9 місяців тому
Honestly, I'm not surprised they went with SpaceX's design. I would've been surprised if they went with any of the other designs, because SpaceX's Lunar Starship design trumps any other design by a mile! I think Nasa went with SpaceX because if they were to pick any of the other companies, SpaceX would still get there first LOL. And now that Nasa did choose SpaceX, you can be damn sure it's going to happen within just a few years. I think this news just confirms the fact that Nasa is now back in business. No more pickle licking and wasting tax payer money. It's been 50 years too late since we first landed on the moon. We should already have hotels and businesses there by now. At least now we're going, and we're going with SpaceX!!!
Jason Casey
Jason Casey 9 місяців тому
I liked your tone when talking about the competitors :-) great episode as always
Will Christiansen
Will Christiansen 9 місяців тому
This looks awesome! Go SpaceX!
Damien 9 місяців тому
Thomas Pesquet, French astronaut launching soon to the ISS on Crew Dragon, said that what surprised him with SpaceX is that you give them feedback on Tuesday afternoon, and on Wednesday morning the changes are already implemented. Everyone laughed when SpaceX said they'll make rockets land and be reusable, but they finally succeeded. I'm sure the lunar Starship will explode many times before it's ready to carry humans but it will eventually succeed and it will be amazing.
Different Tan
Different Tan 9 місяців тому
Think you need a spot in this about the operational complexity of lunar starship (it’s biggest drawback according to nasa). A lot of refuelling and without heat shields it can’t use atmosphere for a free return so it has to slow down in Leo (more dv), to be reusable. In short fully loaded it doesn’t have enough fuel to get back. It needs either lunar refuelling or more likely a starship tanker in an eccentric orbit, as well as another one in Leo. Min of 11 refuelling’s unless they improve payload significantly beyond 150tons
Balaji Kartha
Balaji Kartha 8 місяців тому
The vision that Elon has set for SpaceX is far ahead of anything anyone else had even thought of!
Sugizai 9 місяців тому
Well since the main engines are not being used during the final step of descent and ascent, you could just food the leg covers under the Starship. They could even act as engine bell covers to protect against dust and debris.
Imię Nazwisko
Imię Nazwisko 9 місяців тому
@Sugizai For normal Starships of course it shouldn't be fairing (they could fish it out of water but they will need more boats and it will only take time and money), but for Lunar Starship it could be
Sugizai 9 місяців тому
@Imię Nazwisko Okay. I assumed at least some of the Starships would fly back to Earth.
Imię Nazwisko
Imię Nazwisko 9 місяців тому
It would be complicated, and if it would be useless why have it?
George Doolittle
George Doolittle 9 місяців тому
I think this is a valid point. Another mistake using current SpaceX design is the near total lack of "lateral give" in landing which for example a "ski/snowboard, snowmobile ski suspension" type base upon the landing support system which at least allows for recognition of the physics involved in trying to *hold* (stay?) something so massive.
Lei R
Lei R 9 місяців тому
NASA's SpaceX choice is very simple... The SpaceX Starship can be the complete Artemis solution. A single Lunar Starship can act as the Lunar Gateway station with it large volume. All that is needed is a module with multiple airlocks to dock with the Lunar Starship to extend it for any number of additional modules in any direction you like. Also the SpaceX Dragon can take astronauts to the Lunar Starship. Finally, you can use the Lunar Starship as a Lunar Cycler as well.
J. Michael Antoniewicz II
J. Michael Antoniewicz II 9 місяців тому
Blue Origin has probably been going "They won, we lost? How??" ever since Friday .. and then on the following Monday (yesterday), *AMAZON* picked ULA to launch its Starlink competition/rival Project Kuiper and not its 'sister company' Blue Origin .. so they've really got to be going around in circles going "What? But..? What?" right now.
221 b
221 b 9 місяців тому
@Simon Geard Both Gwynne and Elon have said they are happy to launch anyone's cobstellation including Starlink competitors but yeah it's a hard one to swallow. And Vulcan has been ready for a while waiting on engines. They could start launching it in numbers as soon as 2022 provided BO can make enough BE4's which will probably be a bottleneck for a while to come. And Amazon probably did get a good deal buying 9. A considerable amount, ULA plans to only launch about 30 more Atlas's before retirement. (Tory shared that recently after having been tight lipped about the number of RD180's they can still buy).
phillip miller
phillip miller 9 місяців тому
Amazon went with ULA because Bezos needs to keep ULA from failing it’s Blue Origin’s only costumer.
Simon Geard
Simon Geard 9 місяців тому
@221 b To be fair, that's because Atlas actually exists and is flying. Vulcan is probably closer to being operational than New Glenn is, but Atlas was chosen because they actually need to start getting stuff into orbit, or risk losing access to the radio frequencies they're using. It says so much though that despite the greater cost, they chose Atlas over not Falcon. I'm sure Elon would have been delighted to take money from Amazon - maybe even given a small discount - but it's pretty hard to see Jeff Bezos swallowing that bitter pill.
Carl Johan
Carl Johan 9 місяців тому
@RAI FIKAR J After 20 years, all BO has to show is a partially completed MOCKUP of a rocket (NS doesn't count, it's just an overpriced themepark ride). The one thing they actually managed to do is the BE-4 engine, and even that project has had a lot of delays and other problems.
221 b
221 b 9 місяців тому
@Edward Summey No that was the ALPACA lander by Dynetics. Technically ULA was part of that effort but only in a minor role.
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