Why Newt Is SO Important | Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer 2 Review

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We LOVE Fantastic Beasts and the new trailer looks amazing and required SO much analysis! The biggest question I think we get the answer to is why Newt is just SO important.
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24 лип 2018

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Houston Nye
Houston Nye 22 години тому
Newt Scamander>Harry Potter
C&A Forevermore
C&A Forevermore День тому
I have a theory , it goes like this ; Newt doesn’t end up defeating Grindlewald and fails . Therefore in the future , Dumbledoor defeats him ! I don’t know it was just an idea that popped up in my head
Matt Dahl
Matt Dahl 2 дні тому
this guy is freaking hot!
Ichthusk 2 дні тому
On a more serious note, if a dark super wizard pops up around once every 50-60 years, who will the one for 2030 be? Is the dark mark gonna be the yeet emoji this time? They'll probably be leading a campaign against noobs, normies and cringe. Half normies gonna be on thinn fuccin ice. "The chamber of shrek has been opened. Enemies of iDubbbz beware."
idk Google it
idk Google it 2 дні тому
Newts not important... He just was to lazy to apparate right before Tina apparated him away and started the whole thing I had waited for from 2011 to 2016 and now it is back in 2018 and may be back in 2021 I think think and next 2024 or 2023 and later on in 2026 Just a thought on when they come out bleh
Shreejana Khadka
Shreejana Khadka 2 дні тому
I was distracted...... IS THAT A NIGHTVALE POSTER IN THE WALL?!?
charlotte carpio
charlotte carpio 3 дні тому
I bet the boggart turned into some kind of beast or something like that
Tamika Morsink
Tamika Morsink 4 дні тому
i personally think newts boggart is a desk because he is afraid of wasting his life away behind a desk when he wants to see the world
The ProMcGamester101
The ProMcGamester101 5 днів тому
8:00 .... I meannnn Rowling said albus is Gay sooooooooooooo
MoonStrike Lvr
MoonStrike Lvr 6 днів тому
Awww I always thought it was Ariana. That lowers my admiration of him because I thought he would miss the sister he may have killed more.
Will Hickman
Will Hickman 6 днів тому
Or, does he see Grindelwald because he has the elder wand and, Dumbledore wants the Elder wand? We know He wants power (10:24). Food for thought. I dont know,, just guessing.
Sini Mäkinen
Sini Mäkinen 6 днів тому
The philosophers stone was greated when Flamel was already old. It will let you live, but it does not make one younger.
Andrea Sims
Andrea Sims 6 днів тому
its not a trolly thing it is a tram!
Lunited 7 днів тому
Newts boggart the Desk i think just turned alive something that newt can love and laugh about something thats alive :3
MakParis Supreme
MakParis Supreme 7 днів тому
dumbledore sees grindelward so hes Gaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy like meeeeee
Andy Foster
Andy Foster 8 днів тому
Dumbledore can't beat Grindelwald because he has the elder wand and Dumbledore doesn't want to become master of the elderwand, but he sees Newt as pure and wouldn't be corrupted by it. It's similar to Gandalf not being able to hold the ring in lord of the rings, it would corrupt him.
carl Heissler
carl Heissler 8 днів тому
Dumbeldor is gay and dated grendelwalled
Grace Elliott
Grace Elliott 8 днів тому
Dumbledore loves Grindlewald
Sachin Khatri
Sachin Khatri 8 днів тому
Grindelwald was not expelled from Hogwarts.
JennySayKwah 2 дні тому
True! He didn't go to Hogwart's, he went to Drumstrang (Sp?).
Expelliarmus Coc player!
Expelliarmus Coc player! 8 днів тому
And how did grindelwald grow hair that long and then drink it
Expelliarmus Coc player!
Expelliarmus Coc player! 8 днів тому
He scared of desk🎃
Subhankar Bose
Subhankar Bose 8 днів тому
is hagrid and newt the same person?
Viktor 8 днів тому
No they aren't. Newt was born in 1897 and Hagrid was born in 1928.
Ariadne Locket
Ariadne Locket 9 днів тому
The "skull" she is holding resembles those brains in the Department of Mysteries!!
Haden Bjorkman
Haden Bjorkman 9 днів тому
Dumbledore was infact, gay. He saw Grindy in The Mirror Or Desire/Erised because Dumbly's First crush was Grindy
Ron Yerke
Ron Yerke 9 днів тому
One thing I don't understand; sinse Dumbledore taught transfiguration, why didn't he ever transfigure in the books or movies? Was he able to assume more than one animal form?
Ron Yerke
Ron Yerke 8 днів тому
+Viktor oh. I haven't gootten that far yet then. Not an avid reader.
Viktor 8 днів тому
He summoned a chair, a sofa, a goblet and several other items out of thin air in the books. It's safe to say he was good at transfiguration.
Sebastian Varela
Sebastian Varela 9 днів тому
Dumbledore is gay
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose 9 днів тому
Why does Grindlewald looks so much older than Dumbledore?
Harry potter lover
Harry potter lover 9 днів тому
Cobi Weller
Cobi Weller 9 днів тому
Maby back then riddikulus was transfiguration which makes sense since you TRANSFORM the boggart
Enea Giglio
Enea Giglio 10 днів тому
I think that grindelwald and dumbledor were once friends but that they got into a fight and that dumbledore saw him in the mirror /in the trailer\ I do not know if this is good but I think because you see in one of the films that dumbledor and grindelwald are on the photo together
lody El
lody El 10 днів тому
I think dumbledore cast a spell « the Unbreakable Vow » with Grindelwalt and that why he can’t fight against hum (sorry i’m not understand but not write english very well)
Anna B.C.
Anna B.C. 10 днів тому
What I want more than anything else from this movie is a gay Dumbledore
Connor Riccilli
Connor Riccilli 11 днів тому
Who cares if Dumbledore is gay? Like it doesnt matter, at all.
Futureforward 13 днів тому
My biggest fear is walking out of the theatre in November with 3x more questions and having to wait another 5 years to have them answered.
Lu Ka
Lu Ka 13 днів тому
Jesus Christ my brain hurts 😂
Greninja Star420
Greninja Star420 13 днів тому
Dumbledore met Voldemort in 1938. How does he age so quickly after the events of this movie? Dumbledore defeats Grindewald and gets the Elder wand in 1945. So clearly he wont be defeated till the fifth movie in which Dumbledore should appear an even older man than in the memory in half blood prince.
Viktor 12 днів тому
You do realise he was played by a different actor? It really doesn't matter.
Jude Meler
Jude Meler 13 днів тому
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 14 днів тому
I now want a redneck wizard
Kawaii Maple Leaf
Kawaii Maple Leaf 14 днів тому
unfortunately jk rowling officialy revealed that they were in love (dumbledore and grindelwald are gay)
50levenhunnit 15 днів тому
Dumbledore desires that Grindelhole
Daniel Horsman
Daniel Horsman 15 днів тому
What if they cast Daniel Radcliffe as Henry Potter tho?!
Abhijaat Singh
Abhijaat Singh 15 днів тому
Didn't Dumbledore deafeated Grindelwald? So why are they saying Newt will have to do it?
????? ?????
????? ????? 15 днів тому
Nobody knows what bogarts actually look like, maybe they don't have a true form but What if your fear is bogarts?
Dee Tree
Dee Tree 15 днів тому
Im pretty sure newt dies in this movie. Dumbledore feels responsible and leads to the final duel in the next movie.
Sophia Leonardo
Sophia Leonardo 15 днів тому
This is canon for me. Yupz.
Tobit !
Tobit ! 16 днів тому
Grindelwald can be in more than 1 place at a time and that is how he is in those 3 posiions revoling around the carrage
qwerty asdf8888
qwerty asdf8888 16 днів тому
If your boggart is an idea like disappointment or humiliation then how do you make it funny?
Karam Butt
Karam Butt 16 днів тому
By desks, Newt meant...that he fears working on a desk for his whole life...and wants to travel....
Dana Gorham
Dana Gorham 17 днів тому
i think dumbledore didn't start teaching transfiguration until after he went to grab tom riddle. this is him in his younger years right? so him being the DATDA teacher makes sense to me. just a theory
midnightpredator18 17 днів тому
It has to be Newt because Dumbeldore isn't able to face the man he loves.
Isabel Humilde
Isabel Humilde 17 днів тому
Do you have any idea
Ana Šegula
Ana Šegula 17 днів тому
Another possible reason why it has to be Newt is the ownership of the Elder wand. If Dumbledore defeats Grindewald in the dual, the wand belongs to him, however he said that power is his weakness. On the other hand, if Newt claims the Elder wand, he won't be overtaken by the power it brings.
Benjamin Robinson
Benjamin Robinson 17 днів тому
Gellert is Albus’ boyfriend
Brian Melcher
Brian Melcher 18 днів тому
Substitute teacher. SERIOUSLY!!!!
Nightcore by Nico
Nightcore by Nico 18 днів тому
Should I be worried or offended that you said that no one wants to be in a room of snakes, what's wrong with us slytherin?
John Espino
John Espino 18 днів тому
Dumbledore sees Grindelwald in the Mirror of Erised...because he was once in love with him. I don't know, maybe still, much like we pine for that someone we know we should never be with because we weren't in a good place then but you know maybe things will get better but then you tell yourself nothing would change, ha. 😉
TK Summoner 27
TK Summoner 27 18 днів тому
6:54 Come on it says OF not FOR !
Lyn D
Lyn D 18 днів тому
About what you said at 1:08 I'd like to say that Professor Merrythough retired when Professor Dippet was headmaster. And he'd said that Riddle aka Voldemort was too young to teach. I'm pretty sure he'd not even got his hands on the diadem at that point. As you remember Helena Ravenclaw had hidden the diadem in a forest in Albania and Riddle couldn't have got it, made a horcrux and hid it in Hogwarts around the time that Prof Merrythough retired. He'd hidden the diadem years later after he'd lost his handsome features to a few horcruxes (yes, I believe that making the horcruxes is what changed his appearance and started turning into a hideous creature. Dumbledore was headmaster then and he'd gone to ask if he could teach at Hogwarts.
Kayla Kinker
Kayla Kinker 19 днів тому
It has to be Newt because like you said, Dumbledore knows power is his weakness and given he already sought the elder want and what it cost him, he doesn't want to end up the master of it. He wants Newt to become the master of the elder wand.
einstini15 19 днів тому
Thoughts on last trailer...
Lexi Keaton
Lexi Keaton 19 днів тому
I'm so excited to see this new movie. With regard to Nicholas Flamel, he may be much older than we think or have been led to believe. Even with his ability to elongate his life, all things must age.
Denise F
Denise F 19 днів тому
Jk seems to be changing her back stories as the years go on to fill plot holes.its confusing but whatever. .she can do what she wants I guess
Courtney Bilyeu
Courtney Bilyeu 20 днів тому
Now I’m confused 😰 Weren’t Dumbledore and Grindelwald the same age? Pardon my ignorance since I have not seen any of the FB&WtFT 🤷🏼‍♀️ I do recall Dumbledore and Grindelwald will end up in an epic battle soon though, correct? Again, sorry for my ignorance I’ve been a mom of 3 since the last Harry Potter movies and need to catch up with these prequels! Grindelwald is supposed to be the same age bracket as Albus but he looks like his father in the movies. I can’t imagine Jude Law & Johnny Depp having this huge showdown without Grin falling down and having a heart attack within the first 30 seconds
Mozzyral 20 днів тому
When dumbeldor saw Dredillwal is because dunbeldor is gay
Denise F
Denise F 19 днів тому
Who? Lol
Slavisa Klifta
Slavisa Klifta 20 днів тому
Sorry but HHarry Potter is Harry Potter. This is good movie but its not like harry potter. I hope that cursed child will become a movie one day
Oscar Redfearn
Oscar Redfearn 19 днів тому
+Slavisa Klifta I agree but I wouldn't get cursed child it's not that good
Slavisa Klifta
Slavisa Klifta 19 днів тому
Oscar Redfearn i dodnt said that. I said that i want movie. Point is that i want more harry lotter films. More n more... Tbh i didnt read cursed child. But i am about to buy that book. But tbh i just want to make more films about that. I love fantastic beasts but is nothing like harry potter.
Oscar Redfearn
Oscar Redfearn 19 днів тому
Wait you liked cursed child?
Bane Epewid
Bane Epewid 20 днів тому
I dont know it seems JK is rewritting her version of history to make Dumbledore a nuub and it was really Newt who beat him but Dumbledore took the credit.
SchwedenMein Heimatland
SchwedenMein Heimatland 20 днів тому
How can they levitate Grindelwald in the MACUSA prison if professor snape invented the spell of Levicorpus?
Oscar Redfearn
Oscar Redfearn 19 днів тому
probably a different spell
Myrthe Courtz
Myrthe Courtz 20 днів тому
maybe the skull is a prophecy?
Johannes Clarke
Johannes Clarke 21 день тому
8:18 and not Socks
Terrence Jackson
Terrence Jackson 21 день тому
Dumbeldoor + newt = Phoenix fox Phoenix fox + dumbeldoor = whorecrux
Franka Massop
Franka Massop 21 день тому
maybe the yellow glowing skull is the prophecy
Josh Brandt
Josh Brandt 22 дні тому
Yesss I can't wait for November
Linnea Sampson
Linnea Sampson 22 дні тому
Actually, Dumbledore probably WAS teaching transfigurations in this trailer- Because what creature is more master of transfiguring than a boggart? I think that Dumbledore was probably just being a little unconventional in his teaching methods, wanting his students to see the power of transfigurations, how they can be used against them, and how transfiguration is in the power of the mind.
Conan Mohamad
Conan Mohamad 22 дні тому
Dumledore: Looks at the Mirror of ERISED Mirror: ♪ You could have a change of heart, If you would only change your mind...♫
Josh Winslow
Josh Winslow 22 дні тому
Nothing compares to the nagini reveal in the next trailer though
Josh Winslow
Josh Winslow 22 дні тому
Didn't newt disarm Grindelwald in the first film at the end? That would set up quite the same scenario with Newt being the new Master of the Elder Wand just like Malfoy was when he disarmed Dumbledore and so on.
Linnea Sampson
Linnea Sampson 22 дні тому
No, I don't think so- Because Grindelwald was holding the wand of "Percival Graves" at the time, so therefore Newt would be the master of that wand and not the Elder wand. The Elder wand is presumably still stocked away somewhere, but it still would belong to Grindelwald, because it was never won from him. Grindelwald has shown that he is able to adapt to new wands, because remember initially he had a wand that was made specially for him, before he acquired the Elder Wand. In the case of Malfoy and Dumbledore, Malfory directly won the wand from Dumbledore. But he didn't win Dumbledore's original wand from him, surely, unless we simply don't know about it! Of course, if the Elder wand were transfigured to look like a different wand, you could be completely right about this. However, seeing as Grindelwald has the Elder wand after escaping from Macusa (where they surely confiscated or possibly broke the wand he was carrying) I imagine that he had the Elder wand stored safely away until he could come out from under his cover.
Chatty Matty
Chatty Matty 22 дні тому
Who dosnt want the wizarding world to be sothrn
Chris M
Chris M 22 дні тому
Wasn't Newt afraid of having a Ministry "desk job", so therefore afraid of desks?
Chey Taylor
Chey Taylor 22 дні тому
I totally want to see this theory redone now that the final trailer has released 💕✌
eastbaylifter 23 дні тому
Time to cut back on the caffeine, bro
Akash Nagabhirava
Akash Nagabhirava 23 дні тому
Why didn't Harry put the fidelius charm on the DA
Akash Nagabhirava
Akash Nagabhirava 21 день тому
Viktor 21 день тому
Because he was unable to perform such a complicated spell.
Rocio Carrillo
Rocio Carrillo 23 дні тому
He used a potion the same potion that mad eyed used to make seven harries
TheRox0923 24 дні тому
#polyjuicepotion cmon brother.. Lol
ella 24 дні тому
1. I can't wait for this movie 2. If I was in a room of (non lethal) snakes, I'd be delighted
arju scarlet
arju scarlet 24 дні тому
I think Newt is the best protagonist evvvvvvver.🖤 He is just amazing, kind, loving, loyal, not manipulated by money or power it's just amazing how great he is.
Brian the lion 11
Brian the lion 11 24 дні тому
Brian the lion 11
Brian the lion 11 24 дні тому
7 books, 7 players, 7 years Duce Hogwarts
Cian Raynow
Cian Raynow 25 днів тому
DO YOUR RESEARCH! Dumbledore was gay. His first and last love was Grindelwald. And the boy he saw in the vision was Tom Riddle, who would rise to power. Watch the trailer carefully and you'll see him!
Jacob Votava
Jacob Votava 25 днів тому
He's not scared of desks, just a desk job. Jeez
Define Quirky
Define Quirky 25 днів тому
He was afraid of working in an office
Amyzoid 13
Amyzoid 13 25 днів тому
My boggart would be a dead snake. I have nightmares about my snake being killed like when Nagini died
Juliana D
Juliana D 25 днів тому
Wait, Tom Riddle wasn’t even born yet so how could the jinx have already started??
c17sam90 25 днів тому
Easy Newt wouldn’t go after the elder wand or brag about if he beat Grindelwald.
ThePCguy17 25 днів тому
You know, studying Boggarts could be a transfiguration topic, since they _transfigure_ into things. Or Dumbledore could just be filling in for a DADA professor.
Christopher Rogers
Christopher Rogers 25 днів тому
A slytherin that's afraid of snakes.....
jb coching
jb coching 25 днів тому
hashashaca sliifamen..
SURBHI DAS 25 днів тому
Kate-Lyn Teo
Kate-Lyn Teo 25 днів тому
speaking of prophecies, have you guys seen the character posters yet? each has one/two lines of text and leta lestrange’s says “implicated by prophecy”. wonder what that means in the context of this movie 🤔
RandomnessBubbles 25 днів тому
We must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy... QUOTE FROM DUMBLEDORE
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 25 днів тому
What if Dumbledore performed the unbreakable vow to protect Grindelwald?
IVAK 10 26 днів тому
He loves Grindlewald
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