Why Newt Is SO Important | Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer 2 Review

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We LOVE Fantastic Beasts and the new trailer looks amazing and required SO much analysis! The biggest question I think we get the answer to is why Newt is just SO important.
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24 лип 2018

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CJ 7 днів тому
CJ 7 днів тому
He is transporting Abernathy
CJ 7 днів тому
The Zowou is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan S
Susan S 18 днів тому
It's interesting the Slytherin here believes the whole power-can't-be-held- by-the-ambitious thing. I feel like that you need power to achieve anything. Its just that you have to understand the backlash of the power enough to know when it shouldn't be used.
Street Sketcher
Street Sketcher 20 днів тому
Jk rowling: Dumbledore is gay. I told ya
Christina Souvannarath
Christina Souvannarath 22 дні тому
Blood Pact
K - Awards
K - Awards 22 дні тому
Hagrid use Newt's book, 📚
Polly Alexander
Polly Alexander 28 днів тому
The desk boggart turns into a beasty dragon creature made out of the desk
Emmeline Weasley
Emmeline Weasley Місяць тому
5:18 is true. Sort of.... i decided to 're watch now and it's surprising how correct some things were
lance hundley
lance hundley Місяць тому
How powerful is newt
Apocryphilia Місяць тому
He is actually afraid of working in an office just so u no also I would be more than happy to be in a room full of snakes I love reptiles
Jayden Lee
Jayden Lee 2 місяці тому
I watched the movie and the desk turns into a dragon And no Henry Potter does not show up
Owen Dressler
Owen Dressler 2 місяці тому
can not wait to see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
katarzyna jadzinska
katarzyna jadzinska 2 місяці тому
I know this is so random but on the day crimes of grindelwald came out in cinemas I broke my leg in the stupidest way possible TRIGGER WARNING For people that are actually interested in what happened to me I twisted my knee whilst skipping and landed funny on it banging it on metal and something in my knee burst so basically there was blood underneath my kneecap don't worry I'm better now
Hip Hop News GTV
Hip Hop News GTV 2 місяці тому
This timeline is wrong bruh 😤
It’s Iris II
It’s Iris II 2 місяці тому
Just watched the movie. #UnhappyCliffhanger
It’s Iris II
It’s Iris II 2 місяці тому
Newt turns the desk into a dragon!
Lumos & Nox
Lumos & Nox 3 місяці тому
sorta kinda shipping dumbledore and grindelwald
Ben Tarr
Ben Tarr 3 місяці тому
It doesn't grant you eternal youth, nor keep your body as it is. Death is a natural part of life. Whenever someone circumvents this natural law, it causes major issues for them. Voldemort literally had to rip out pieces of his soul. Drinking unicorn blood causes you to lead a half-life. The Philosopher's Stone isn't evil like the above two, so it's effects aren't as negative on the perpetrator, but it still does has negative effects. Your body continues to age. Flameless has the body of a 600-year-old man, because he is 600-years-old. So he would be incredibly frail at that age. That's the downside of using it.
Vishal Karera
Vishal Karera 3 місяці тому
Wow man, I just watched the movie last night and this video is so accurate in predicting everything that happenes.. Good work man 👌
Anthony Ruffin
Anthony Ruffin 3 місяці тому
I'd just like to point out that Ben almost NAILED the Grindelwald escape scene in this video. Not sure if that got recognized but it needs to!!
6 months equestrian
6 months equestrian 3 місяці тому
1:48 I did a retake, Newt you are a wimp wth are you afraid of ..........DESKS!!!!!!!!!!!!seriously bro seriously!
Munjee Syed
Munjee Syed 3 місяці тому
How did Ben get every thing right except when he doesn't
Carson Konecny
Carson Konecny 4 місяці тому
Wait so ur a slytherin and r scared of snakes. Ur test was right ur a Ravenclaw
Kali Clinch
Kali Clinch 4 місяці тому
Voldemort wasn't born when this movie takes place.
Aaron Gallegos
Aaron Gallegos 4 місяці тому
Was that the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke that was in the basement with newts aide ?
Tay Bentley
Tay Bentley 4 місяці тому
What if newt and grindelwald is like the Harry and Voldemort . Like could there be a proficy about newt and grindelwald?
Banished Air
Banished Air 4 місяці тому
I feel like the desk would've turned into an actual monster.
Loden Dougherty
Loden Dougherty 4 місяці тому
I would love a room full of snakes
Odd Eyes94
Odd Eyes94 5 місяців тому
Melusine is a French mythology piece, not Celtic. Just a heads up Ben. Also, question: Does Grindlewald possess a Horcrux?
ANTICHEATERS - fandansk 5 місяців тому
Actually a rare power which Grindelwald held was Legilimency/Oclumency, more likely Oclumency
Anime Gamer
Anime Gamer 5 місяців тому
The jinx happened when dumbledore was headmaster idiot
Vicky's Channel
Vicky's Channel 5 місяців тому
Newt is a true hufflepuff 😍😍😍💖💖
tilen štruc
tilen štruc 6 місяців тому
Is Newt Dumbledore's Dumbledore :D
french mapping
french mapping 6 місяців тому
Dante Miles
Dante Miles 6 місяців тому
He taught transfiguration after
Chris McWilliams
Chris McWilliams 6 місяців тому
Nicholas Flammel: it’s not the years that took their toll, it’s the mileage.
Faby Cortes
Faby Cortes 6 місяців тому
And this is why Newt is a Hufflepuff and why Hufflepuffs are awesome Btw this is coming from a Ravenclaw but not that that matters
Trinka B
Trinka B 6 місяців тому
SPOILER ALERT: So, I am going through all their FB: CoG vids and see that Ben was right about Grindy transfiguring into someone else ( but not the 'letting the carriage go on' part. I am surprised that he was surprised about Flamel's frailty! I remember from a oldoldold tale (I think it involved 3 wishes and a genie... or a bottle....lamp i dunno, whatever it was was a very literal thing/being and not nice) that you have to be careful what you wish for because 'Eternal Life' does *not* ensure eternal youth, or an eternal good quality of life. Eternal life literally means you live forever...and humans (if not acted upon by magic or surgery) age naturally for as long as they are alive. Eternal life could mean eternity in a vegetative state, for that matter. Of course, "Eternal youth" has its own problems. Eternal youth literally means to stop aging, and the only way humans do that is by dying. Genies/wishes are a tricky lot.
Straitfever 6 місяців тому
Nope, I gave em a go but Fantastic Beasts, and Crimes of Grindelwald just don't interest me, they don't have "it."
Cooper Freeman
Cooper Freeman 6 місяців тому
A Slytherin who is afraid of a snake hm weird
Mercy Main
Mercy Main 6 місяців тому
The reason for Newt being the only one that Dumbledore says can defeat Grindelwald is a mixture of reasons, firstly they (Dumbledore and Grindelwald) made a blood pact, secondly, I think that Dumbledore trusted Newt a lot.
Audrey Ortman
Audrey Ortman 6 місяців тому
So spot on bro it’s kinda scary 😂
ZZM 6 місяців тому
I think Newt is my favorite character.
Gold Vogel
Gold Vogel 6 місяців тому
We should definitely stick to the stuff comin out of those two brains....considering how close or absolutely correct your often are (Grindi's escape....)....So I've decided to stick to your theory about Aurelius, as well....which is just freakingly cool
T THIBODEAUX 6 місяців тому
I just watched the crimes of Grindelwald and most of your theorys are so right!!!! So close!!!😁
InTheSun'sShadow 7 місяців тому
A skull with a pipe in it
melanezoe 7 місяців тому
You point out the one thing I’ve felt like shouting during all the discussions since the movie premiered, regarding all the “continuity errors “: THE FUTURE WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER. So I rather looked forward to things such as seeing Minerva. And keeping in mind The Cursed Child events added credence to that expectation (sorry about the pun.) I’m free to enjoy whatever JK throws at us.
Flawrence Isenhart
Flawrence Isenhart 7 місяців тому
wasted my time on watching this review, pointless
Harman Singh
Harman Singh 7 місяців тому
What if the desk turns into a monster bc like don't they have to change the thing they fear the most to something they can laugh at and like newt loves beast
Klaudia Books
Klaudia Books 7 місяців тому
The answer at 5 min: Time turners
Sarah Castille
Sarah Castille 7 місяців тому
Change the future=timeturner maybe
Furia 7 місяців тому
in the deathly hallows part 1, Grindelwald was smiling when he told that dumbledore Had the elder wand, Was he happy because dumbledore died? And how did dumbledore had the elder wand if not killing grindelwald?
Joshua D
Joshua D 7 місяців тому
Dude, you got like everything right! Oh my gosh, you are good!
Ismael Silva
Ismael Silva 7 місяців тому
Cant believe that with all his knoledge of the HP world he asked why Dumbledore saw Grindelwald in the mirror. They were in love.
Aketu Snuff
Aketu Snuff 7 місяців тому
SPOILERS the desk turned into a bird beast thing
Audrey Jit
Audrey Jit 7 місяців тому
Grinderwald and Dumbledore have a relationship together and Dumbledore is gay
Stephanie Miossotty Miranda Pérez
Stephanie Miossotty Miranda Pérez 7 місяців тому
Super that you almost got everything right. Great movie but for me it has made me confused. I hope you made or make a video after watching the movie. Looking forward to see it. Greeting from PR
Kaylee Mixon
Kaylee Mixon 7 місяців тому
The desk forms into this, like, dragon thing made of books
morningmayan 7 місяців тому
Okay newbit here. Can you tell me how can they just disvaporate out of there, or newt jumps all over new york city without a port key how? And why bother with a port key?
Micah Woods
Micah Woods 7 місяців тому
I watched the crimes of grindelwald and it is awesome.
Lauren Ford
Lauren Ford 7 місяців тому
Dumbledore is in love with grindelwald
Bailey Bodvin
Bailey Bodvin 7 місяців тому
I watched the movie two days ago! It’s so good!
Youssef Lataoui
Youssef Lataoui 7 місяців тому
I've watched it and it ends in a cliff hanger
leejinkijjang 7 місяців тому
Wow. I'm impressed. Most of what you've analyzed is indeed true. I just watched the movie. 😲
Solo_ Studiøs
Solo_ Studiøs 7 місяців тому
The movie was boom I broke the chair in teh movies at the end
Robert Rios
Robert Rios 7 місяців тому
dumbledore sister was voldemorts mother
Rasmus Rosendahl
Rasmus Rosendahl 7 місяців тому
What shape do you think a boggart would take if it was faced with Voldemort? A 1-year-old Harry? (:
Alban 7 місяців тому
I feel like we need more backstory to why Abernathy became one of Grindelwalds followers. Yes I know Grindelwald is meant to be a super seducer and can convince anyone but it seemed a bit random to me UNLESS: One of his followers was disguised as Abernathy for the whole film, but I find that quite unlikely
Kit Johnson
Kit Johnson 7 місяців тому
So, basically, he is a Frodo?
Bobby Neko
Bobby Neko 7 місяців тому
Newt is Dumbledore's polar opposite. Dumbledore knows his weakness is the desire for power, whereas he admires Newt because he does not. Newt also thinks merely whether something is 'right', whereas Dumbledore's greatest regrets is knowing something was not right, but following it anyways.
Dylan Kyle
Dylan Kyle 7 місяців тому
Emil Ramos
Emil Ramos 7 місяців тому
Who’s watching when the movie is out
Silver 7 місяців тому
Newt is basically Harry Potter in the fact two people fight that are against one another. You will love the movie trust me.
Zues 7 місяців тому
Credence (dumbledor) called the snake lady nagini
samuraijoo7 7 місяців тому
Possibly another reason why Newt is so important is because Credence is not the first obuscris that Newt has encountered so he has experience and that he can act as Dumbledore's proxy.
Lunaaaaa 7 місяців тому
7:10 Harry Potter wizarding world summed up in around 10 seconds. Also he got most of it right. SPOILER it’s soo good I loved the first part but it’s also terrifying...
Erin Reynolds
Erin Reynolds 7 місяців тому
the desk turnes into a dragon
Tora Kincaid
Tora Kincaid 7 місяців тому
It tells in the movie how Dumbledore was not allowed to teach DADA after the officer removed him from the post. Obviously he started transfiguration after this until McGonnagall took up the post.
Jamez Williams
Jamez Williams 7 місяців тому
No Henry potter in the move
Michael Chiarcos
Michael Chiarcos 7 місяців тому
It's been a long time since I read the books but I have a question. Are we ever told how or if Newt survives the purges associated with the rise of Voldemort? It seems to me he would have been a formidable opponent to Voldemort's plans and a threat that needed to be dealt with.
Malorie R
Malorie R 7 місяців тому
Who else is waiting for them to do a review for the movie itself
Gabby.P 7 місяців тому
am i the only one who feels more confused after watching this video? :)
Puneet Dwivedi
Puneet Dwivedi 7 місяців тому
You were right.. for the most parts !!
lexi vee
lexi vee 7 місяців тому
OKAY THE RUGRATS BALL IN THE BACK. I can’t. Lol yass. You better
ew jules
ew jules 7 місяців тому
they’re always right on something
Makasplace 7 місяців тому
I'm dying to hear your thoughts on the movie!!!
Saisin Winter
Saisin Winter 7 місяців тому
I am going to see the movie today.
C'est le Cinema
C'est le Cinema 7 місяців тому
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald(2018) Review : ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-EgQxlP9ycIs.html
LegoDeclan 7 місяців тому
*Watching after seeing movie* He got some stuff right
NYXia 7 місяців тому
Abby Tierney
Abby Tierney 7 місяців тому
I loved that Nicolas famell was there :)
Abby Tierney
Abby Tierney 7 місяців тому
I loved the movie sm !!!! It’ was amazing an the ending tho . I cannot wait two years for it to come out again :/ !!!
Bas X
Bas X 7 місяців тому
We allready know that Newt is not the one who stops Grindelwarld. The elderwand is won by dumbledore and grindelwald still has it in this movie.
Abby Tierney
Abby Tierney 7 місяців тому
dumbledoar dated him !!!
Jaqueline Ramos
Jaqueline Ramos 7 місяців тому
I just realized that my man has to know more about the wizarding world than me. Can I marry someone like you😍??
38loca 7 місяців тому
I have seen the movie. Like if you miss queenie 😭😭😭😭😭😭
ANTICHEATERS - fandansk 5 місяців тому
@Faby Cortes yea, not probably, she is
ANTICHEATERS - fandansk 5 місяців тому
@Sacchi Yep, she is
Faby Cortes
Faby Cortes 6 місяців тому
I don’t believe Queenie goes bad I’m thinking JK Rowling is pulling a Snape on us 🤔
Sacchi 6 місяців тому
I'm feeling JK is pulling Snape again with Queenie
T THIBODEAUX 6 місяців тому
I am mad at Queenie for leaving just because a rule of not marrying a muggle!!!!!😣
chapisface 7 місяців тому
Omg ... can’t wait for a new video about this movie. So many questions!!!
Tap Flap
Tap Flap 7 місяців тому
I haven't seen the movie yet but I know that Newt is afraid of working in an office and not afraid of desk
Avadhut 7 місяців тому
I just watched the fantastic beast 2 movie and you literally predicted most of the movie plot accurately. Great analysis ! Your line about the newt (that he doesn't seek power).. Dumbledore actually uses that dialogue in movie. Wow!!!
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