Will the Dallas Cowboys finally make it out of the Divisional round this weekend?

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Still I Rise4485
Still I Rise4485 5 місяців тому
This aged well🤣😂🤣
Quest Cowboys
Quest Cowboys 5 місяців тому
Cowboys ain't going nowhere with Jason Garrett stop dreaming
KADOTAMAIN The Sports Ninja
KADOTAMAIN The Sports Ninja 5 місяців тому
Who playin better than The saints now fam???? Haha Cool channel
Anthony Pizzino
Anthony Pizzino 5 місяців тому
218 Entertainment
218 Entertainment 5 місяців тому
Cowboys lose like always😂😂😂😂 where all that winning energy
oh yeah!
oh yeah! 5 місяців тому
Hahahahahahhaha see you next year
google must_die
google must_die 5 місяців тому
We got out coached and out played. There must be drastic change NOW
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
google must_die y’all just suck been sucked always sucked haven’t won in 23 years Super Bowl
Jerome Fowler
Jerome Fowler 5 місяців тому
Good game cowboys. You lose to my Rams
Aron Kelley
Aron Kelley 5 місяців тому
Let's Go Rams!
Cowboys 12
Cowboys 12 5 місяців тому
Where are you shango!!!!!!
MrSean3kids 5 місяців тому
I like the chair
Van Jaylon
Van Jaylon 5 місяців тому
You’re gonna stream right?
Ridge runner 1
Ridge runner 1 5 місяців тому
Good luck tonight. I want a Eagles At Dallas NFC championship game.
John James
John James 5 місяців тому
Damn bruh chair looking like a space ship all luxurious and shit lol
Ugly Nigga
Ugly Nigga 5 місяців тому
DUPLICATE THESE NUMBERS OF: Aikman, Smith, Irvin, Harper '92 vs SF Prescott (Aikman): 24 at 34 comp 322 yards 2 TDs 120 rating Elliot (Smith): 24 at 114 yrds 1 (rushing) TD : 7 catches 59 yards 1 (receiving) TD Cooper (Harper): 3 catches 117 yards Gallup (Irvin): 6 catches 86 yards Dallas Cowboys: 30 points L.A. Rams 20 points
Manuel Tovar
Manuel Tovar 5 місяців тому
Hey brother it's a great Jersey!!! I still sport my dez Jersey
Marco Juarez
Marco Juarez 5 місяців тому
You lost me at Eagles playing better than us lol
MonMon Free
MonMon Free 5 місяців тому
The loss of Kareem Hunt will show today for the Chiefs
chad gardella
chad gardella 5 місяців тому
I have woman's Brett Farve Vikings jerseys! I'll hook you up
Azahr Malik
Azahr Malik 5 місяців тому
dez should still Bee a cowboy it's a shame how to Cowboy fans good with the Jones family scapegoating dez for the offense of coordinator Zeke don't have them long runs like he had the last couple years because 88 is not there 2 block when he get in open field but y'all can't see that can you
Ernie Estrada
Ernie Estrada 5 місяців тому
sparkonem 5 місяців тому
Gonna be a snow bowl maybe affect the KC speed and maneuverability
sparkonem 5 місяців тому
I agree Shango I also think the Colts will win and also they are playing on a ❄️ field today.
Manuel Corona
Manuel Corona 5 місяців тому
Shango u spoiled as hell!
Lance Merwin
Lance Merwin 5 місяців тому
It's time to shut theses hater's up.maybe 🤔 but if the COWBOY'S win there excuses will be the Rams blew this and the COWBOY'S will not win against the next opponent witch will be at new orleans.maybe 🤔
KingVC 200
KingVC 200 5 місяців тому
Yes I think they will
Anthony MeatBall
Anthony MeatBall 5 місяців тому
Bring the backpack
William Thomas
William Thomas 5 місяців тому
Good job your a good dude
Big Ry
Big Ry 5 місяців тому
We need to play with some of that Dez passion today!
Seifuddin Hairston
Seifuddin Hairston 5 місяців тому
The divisional round is the Cowboys' Kryptonite
Dallas Long
Dallas Long 5 місяців тому
That's very very sweet of your wifey to get that niiiiceee jersey for ya fam 👍👍 #StayBlessed #StayTrueBlue
TMSKILZ 5 місяців тому
I thought I was watching a scene from star wars of Darth Vader in the opening seconds of this clip of Shango "it is over, it is over, snap! snap!" In his chair. Dallas can win, any given Sunday any team can, but we have to execute on all 3 phases , limit our t.o. , creat and capitalize on their t.o., and score damn TDs in redzone, not FGs! Limit penalties, and hope Dakota can be at least 50/50 on the deep ball. Donald DT In the middle vs Looney and Williams is key. Go Cowboys!
nezworld413 5 місяців тому
Dez may not play for the boys anymore but he is a cowboy, he had his best years under the star. He holds some cowboys receiving records. So unless you were never a Dez fan at all then I don't see how it matters if he plays for us or not he's a cowboy. Long story short keep the Jersey get it signed it will be worth something someday
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
nezworld413 cowgirls suck ass always sucked fr ain’t won since 2pac
Dominic Quirante
Dominic Quirante 5 місяців тому
I am not a cowboy fan at all but i do appreciate the uniform though.
Marquis Vegan
Marquis Vegan 5 місяців тому
Craig77 5 місяців тому
Damn Shango I thought you went full Stephen Hawking on us in that chair.......GO COWBOYS!!!
mygamepowerdotcom 5 місяців тому
We can rebuild him.
Martin Truther
Martin Truther 5 місяців тому
Cowboys 9-0 when they score 20 points or more. Seems to be a magic number for our offense. This low number of points necessary for Dallas to win games suggests that Dallas' defense is a monster that is carrying us forward on our relentless march to the Super Bowl.
Craig Renna
Craig Renna 5 місяців тому
So you are saying Dallas vs philly nfc championship game - saying Dallas can go 3-0 vs philly ?
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall 5 місяців тому
dont sleep on the rams
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall 5 місяців тому
i think we have a chance ...... a small chance
Josue Jimenez
Josue Jimenez 5 місяців тому
Chiefs Patriots Eagles are all winning this week(i dont want to jinx Dallas)
LegoGirl88 5 місяців тому
What’s your podcast called?
Josue Jimenez
Josue Jimenez 5 місяців тому
Salute the the people who protect and fight for our country! Im not a fan of Jerseys but that one looks pretty dope! Lets GO COWBOYS!
Chris Guilfoyle
Chris Guilfoyle 5 місяців тому
Let the beard grow!
wolf 5 місяців тому
Damn, you must be rich af
Angel59 5 місяців тому
Get you backpack ready Go Cowboys kick some Rams butts.
TexicanMr 5 місяців тому
Shango, you don't need to explain why you are wearing a Dez jersey! Somebody tried to ask me about mine; I said "Who's the all-time TD leader?".
Fox Fit
Fox Fit 5 місяців тому
That's a nice jersey and Dez needs support. We win this weekend.
Antonio Trevino
Antonio Trevino 5 місяців тому
As much as u talk cowboys, how can she not know that dez wasn't on the team anymore?? Still a nice jersey tho...i still wear my dez jerseys too...that was really cool of u shango to give ur tickets away like that, much respect ✊
Cowboys-longhorns6371 5 місяців тому
Let’s Go!!!!! I’m tired of losing in this round. Go Cowboys!!!!
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
Cowboys-longhorns6371 lost again lol cowgirls suck ass
Christopher Frazier
Christopher Frazier 5 місяців тому
That man cave is the gold standard!
CapnCwby1969 5 місяців тому
Remember Favre beat us in the playoffs... As a vi-queen
CapnCwby1969 5 місяців тому
Well done!!
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez 5 місяців тому
Yooo the backpack lol
A b1986
A b1986 5 місяців тому
Naw they ain't gonna beat the rams.
GetOffMyLawn 5 місяців тому
Get her an A.P. Jersey. 😆😆😆😆
JR 214
JR 214 5 місяців тому
Yes we Will We are going to Dominate This Game
TreFKennedy 5 місяців тому
28-21 Dallas wowboys win
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
TreFKennedy yeah right y’all lose like always Dallas cowgirls suck ass fr haven’t won in 23 years
TreFKennedy 5 місяців тому
You ain’t gotta explain the X jersey Og, shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
dez bryant
dez bryant 5 місяців тому
Go cowboys! Nice jersey by the way 😉
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
Dallas cowgirls lose again trash 20 plus years NO RING!!!!!!!!!!!
Forever scorpio7
Forever scorpio7 5 місяців тому
That quality camera doe 💪 What camera is that?
Eric Hagan
Eric Hagan 5 місяців тому
WOW jealous of your chair and man cave pretty damn cool also I agree with U with the 1 and 2 seeds from the AFC will lose. Now feel we will win in tomorrow night and the Shegals will lose and be playing in the Championship game next week vs the Saints then to Atlanta and get that 6th Super Bowl trophy. # GO COWBOYS
Adam Burhani
Adam Burhani 5 місяців тому
What is the model number of that chair??
thedallascowboyshow 5 місяців тому
Kahuna chair HM-Kappa
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 5 місяців тому
Creepy mofo
Chaz Jewell
Chaz Jewell 5 місяців тому
Let's go get this dub!
Brandon raven
Brandon raven 5 місяців тому
Shango you gotta get one of those salute to service hoodies , they sexy as hell
James Candle
James Candle 5 місяців тому
what the fck kind of chair is that lol
UrbanSipfly 5 місяців тому
Dallas Cowboys starters 0 34 LA Rams 3rd stringers !
dwaynell512 5 місяців тому
they will win and be impressive. get ready for the long time coming ride not only Saturday, but for the upcoming week. Its going to be like nothing we have seen around here for 25 years. Cowboys vs Eagles at att&t stadium..... get ready...
Fireshots 5 місяців тому
So glad you didn’t give the tickets to that goof Mark Holmes , that guy had the nerve to ask you for the tickets after he begs for donations on his stream non stop . Good job Shango respect for you and ashamed of that fool Mark Holmes and his son Anothony Fitness ? How is his name Anthony Fitness dude is mad out of shape just like his daddy
John Uveges
John Uveges 5 місяців тому
Don't you just love all these Cowboy haters. Let the Cowboys haters hate. We'll just let the Cowboys keep winning. How about them Cowboys.
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
John Uveges how bout them sorry ass cowgirls lose again HAVENT WON A SUPERBOWL SINCE 2Pac
Dosun Sweet
Dosun Sweet 5 місяців тому
lets get this win so we can finally head to the championship!
Jammal Williams
Jammal Williams 5 місяців тому
Damm Shango u relaxing..
Cowboys will win 24-20 book it
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
HOWBOUT THEMCOWBOYS trash ass Dallas always suck always lose havent won since 2pac 23 years 😢 😢
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
Antonio Moore
Antonio Moore 5 місяців тому
that's what I said too
Ian Hubley
Ian Hubley 5 місяців тому
Will Garret bone this up? Praying he doesn't ...
Sniper1234 Boy[AO]
Sniper1234 Boy[AO] 5 місяців тому
We winning this game
Naturally April
Naturally April 5 місяців тому
Dallas is a more Complete Team ... 🤔
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
User 5 місяців тому
Cooper >>>> Dez
Chris Won
Chris Won 5 місяців тому
Watching Shango chill in that chair was the best part of the video lmaoo ☠️
DRock6906 5 місяців тому
Man I love that chair! But I have gotten to the age where I would fall asleep in it trying to watch the game :'-( I normally sit on the couch or watch the game standing up :-) But on to the question at hand, yes I think we will make it out of the Divisional Round and move on to the NFC Championship game. Let's go Cowboys!!!!!!
edwardpf123 5 місяців тому
I think you guys win this game!
edwardpf123 5 місяців тому
@Michael Payne -The Giants need to retake this division and sweep them next year!
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
edwardpf123 Dallas sucks again
unspoken24 5 місяців тому
This is amazing!!!
AlexGomie 5 місяців тому
Just say it's an Irvin or Pearson jersey. As long as you don't turn your back to the camera , it'll still do justice haha!
smack the shit outta anybody
smack the shit outta anybody 5 місяців тому
Not unless Aikman, Smith, and Irving come back 😂😁😂
Toot robinson
Toot robinson 5 місяців тому
Like a Boss
Mike McDermott
Mike McDermott 5 місяців тому
It’s starting to look like you live in Cowboy stadium. Baller as fuck man. Congrats. 38-17 cowboys this weekend.
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
Not Michael Jordan trash ass Dallas cowboys always sucked
Payton 5 місяців тому
Do you play on ps4 or Xbox One?
Pat 1984
Pat 1984 5 місяців тому
Let’s go Cowboys we got this
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
Pat 1984 aint got shit Dallas cowgirls suck
Pat 1984
Pat 1984 5 місяців тому
Dam it Clemson just scored again smdh
lisa colon
lisa colon 5 місяців тому
I have a Cozzia 😍
TheNumberOneGuyDude 5 місяців тому
I wont stop calling for Jason Garrett to be fired until we're in the NFCCG.
Kevin Bilbo
Kevin Bilbo 5 місяців тому
I like that Jersey
savethedeveloper 5 місяців тому
C'Mon...the Colts are a dome team on the road and it will be snowing. The Patriots will win and cover the spread
brodysdaddy 5 місяців тому
When people start jumping on Cowboys bandwagon is usually when we have a bad loss. Everyone picked us to beat the Titans and they all picked us against the Colts. I like it when everyone tells us how bad we're going to lose....I'm so fuggin nervous, who else having stomach cramps?
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 5 місяців тому
brodysdaddy Dallas sucks always sucked can’t get a ring for shit since 2pac was alive damn cowgirls!!!!!!
Robert Jr
Robert Jr 5 місяців тому
I luv that chair. My aunt has one.
Jordan K
Jordan K 5 місяців тому
I missed as to why you're not going to the game Shango?
Frankie Palacios
Frankie Palacios 5 місяців тому
The Rams have Aaron Donald but We have the Human Log! Antwone Woods!
Frankie Palacios
Frankie Palacios 5 місяців тому
I hope so bro. I can see a strip sack for sure
Sulley Guerrero
Sulley Guerrero 5 місяців тому
That dont mean shit. Lol Jared Goff gonna choke and throw 2 interceptions lol.
Cash Money
Cash Money 5 місяців тому
I just go to the manicure pedicure place they have nice chairs. But Shango is living the life LOL
JagSTR Guy
JagSTR Guy 5 місяців тому
Saints don't lose in that Dome tho
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