Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

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Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?
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Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime



12 сер 2018

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 3 місяці тому
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Jerry Wen
Jerry Wen Годину тому
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Love your educational vid and thanks alot
RedSpartan177 9 днів тому
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
Shaurya Nag
Shaurya Nag 18 днів тому
Plz post a video on Einstein's general relativity. I know it's a vast topic but if you can't make it simple and easy to understand who lease can?
KitCat_HD 19 днів тому
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Kurzgesagt isn’t this German? I only know that these videos exist in German. Soooo...
Varvara Muminova
Varvara Muminova 25 днів тому
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell why do you hide a blue phone booth in every video?
magic castle
magic castle Годину тому
Make a video on parallel universes
Obese 2 Slender
Obese 2 Slender 2 години тому
If the Universe is expanding what is it expanding into? And if it had an edge what would lie behind the edges.
John Walker
John Walker 4 години тому
If the exotic matter at the center of wormholes repels other matter instead of attract, then shouldn't it be impossible to get close enough to even use the wormhole?
Mr. Ilikepie
Mr. Ilikepie 7 годин тому
Did..... did he say negative mass???? My life is a lie is now officially an understatement
Mr. Aw3som3ee
Mr. Aw3som3ee 18 годин тому
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin День тому
This video has a large amount of references, I specifically liked that that star at around 7:50.
Eriq Brown
Eriq Brown День тому
Exotic matter is matter that has been to Hawaii
gilgamesh310 День тому
What are the time travel paradoxes? Can’t you only travel into the future by going through wormholes? They don’t generate paradoxes.
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B День тому
+gilgamesh310 That's just a plot device in movies, physical reality doesn't "know" what happens in a subjective or more subtle sense, it only understands a series of physical events.
gilgamesh310 День тому
Well if they do, it could still happen like in Interstellar, where you can travel back, but can’t change anything. So there won’t be paradoxes. Whatever someone goes back to do, has already been done.
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B День тому
They do. Wormholes inherently imply backwards time travel, you can better visualize this by seeing the metric of bent spacetime around a wormhole.
Swap Nayak
Swap Nayak День тому
3:30 might become Instead of Will become
Swap Nayak
Swap Nayak День тому
2:35 not exactly.
Cainun Messee
Cainun Messee День тому
Neha Maheshwari
Neha Maheshwari День тому
Oculosus _RBLX
Oculosus _RBLX 2 дні тому
*Hold on , if exotic mass pushes everything away from it , and we would need a massively dense amount to prop the wormhole open , wouldn't it push away the travelers trying to cross throught the wormhole?*
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B День тому
No, it only positively curves spacetime.
Gasai Yuno
Gasai Yuno 2 дні тому
Fling wormholes into DEEP SPACE..
liam petrina
liam petrina 2 дні тому
I think that the universe that is on the other side of a white hole is wear you find -m
Anon Emus
Anon Emus 19 годин тому
Lukasz Duczak
Lukasz Duczak 2 дні тому
And what if two wormholes were so close to each other that person could put a stick in one of them and it would come out of the second and be in the first too I mean it would be longer than the distance between the wormholes (I don’t know if any one can understand)
Cuyos Arvin
Cuyos Arvin 2 дні тому
Avngrs 4 will be like this , the quantum realm time travel
Darlaimerner 2 дні тому
"If you showed a caveman technology, he would think it was magic. But if you showed a modern man magic, he would think it was technology."
Ian Sebastian
Ian Sebastian 2 дні тому
A wormhole is not as big as my ex butthole
bigboy69 2 дні тому
I love these vidios
Emma is Weird
Emma is Weird 2 дні тому
I have a question: was there ever a first Big Bang? Is that our universe? And would exotic matter be dangerous to humans? Btw I love the 80's-90's theme. It gave the video a nice feel.
Emma is Weird
Emma is Weird День тому
Ok thanks for clearing me up on it. You get 1 new subscriber :P
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B День тому
+Emma is Weird yes.
Emma is Weird
Emma is Weird День тому
So what your saying is: exotic matter is unstable and against physics so it would most likely kill humans?
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 2 дні тому
If by "first" you mean on the idea of a cyclical universe constantly resetting itself, we don't know. Maybe yes, maybe no. Exotic matter's properties are very unstable, it's mere existence is a issue because ot contradicts physics, so it would be most likely harmful.
Diakinesis 3 дні тому
If there was zero mass, we won't be able to get in wormholes.... right?
Timothy Dunlap
Timothy Dunlap 3 дні тому
I particularly like how when the video begins discussing Einstein Rosen Bridges the music suddenly becomes very much a reference to the Marvel movie Thor Ragnarok.
javier marin
javier marin 3 дні тому
chris 3 дні тому
Dark side... muse reference?
Chili's Grill & Bar
Chili's Grill & Bar 4 дні тому
I always thought wormholes actually existed before this. I must say it's a bit of a let down.
Bunny Waggoner
Bunny Waggoner 4 дні тому
Kurztgezagt is the German word for "little talk about _______".
Bunny Waggoner
Bunny Waggoner 4 дні тому
Roses are red, Kurztgezagt's earth logo is (mostly) blue, I love them, and so do you! :) Like if you like teh poem xD
The lonely Guy
The lonely Guy 4 дні тому
worm holes are found at the edge of space
Grant Early
Grant Early 4 дні тому
could I make it be from my bedroom and the core of the sun?
Bleached Fun
Bleached Fun 4 дні тому
So wormholes are basically portals but we've proven that portals are impossible so????
IIii 4 дні тому
To create advanced technology I believe we will have to stop using math and make a more advanced mathematical theorems
Shreyanshu Malviya
Shreyanshu Malviya 4 дні тому
Stopped watching video at 6:26 because if you put negative mass in the equation F=Gm1m2/r^2 and F=ma you will find that -ve mass will be attracted to +ve mass....
Shreyanshu Malviya
Shreyanshu Malviya 2 дні тому
+Artur Renato B.B thankyou for telling me that you just increased my understanding of physics.... Truely
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 2 дні тому
That's a newtonian framework, a simple vision of gravity. Negative mass has s negative energy density, creating a positive curvature on spacetime, something that can be only properly described in Einstein's picture.
Shreyanshu Malviya
Shreyanshu Malviya 4 дні тому
If he wanted to say anything else please tell me
perihan gummadowa
perihan gummadowa 4 дні тому
guys i have a theory that if a blackhole ocuurs in a blakhole.that system (i mean that whole stuff) could be called as a wormhole. And my question is that can a blackhole born in a blackhole.
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 2 дні тому
Cycrostic Gayms
Cycrostic Gayms 4 дні тому
*A E S T H E T I C*
Wheres Waldo
Wheres Waldo 4 дні тому
Wait, so if i just want a snack, i don't have to walk all the way to the kitchen anymore? where do i sign up for the funding?
Jonas M-O
Jonas M-O 4 дні тому
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 5 днів тому
Sicentists allready teleprted small amounts of data using a man made wormhole
Abhirav srinivas
Abhirav srinivas 5 днів тому
how does it create time travel paradoxes
Mr.Wallnut 5 днів тому
Where are you coming from where did you go
Neptune Fish
Neptune Fish 5 днів тому
this theory broke the 4th wall
roblox player
roblox player 5 днів тому
the big bang is not real
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 2 дні тому
Don't listen to your conservative parents on this one kid. The Big Bang is a tested, and very well demonstrated theory.
Skateboard Skateboard
Skateboard Skateboard 5 днів тому
Intristing indeed,this is how far we humans have gone in sience,and phisics.
ケーランド 5 днів тому
The background music sounds like something from twrp
-Luckai- Luckaiii
-Luckai- Luckaiii 5 днів тому
imagine going inside the wrong wormhole like dude i wanted to go to the supermarket not jupiter
The Exotic
The Exotic 6 днів тому
3:04 does that mean if we stay longer, we will be unbirthed, or even see how the universe exist? ew and cool edit: does a black hole meet the white hole when the universe is the same time to the other one?
Markus Daniel
Markus Daniel 6 днів тому
Fuck the big bang
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 6 днів тому
Tobias Taylor
Tobias Taylor 6 днів тому
wait how do you know that it is impossible to get through??
Tobias Taylor
Tobias Taylor 2 дні тому
U R smart like Kurzgesagt!
Tobias Taylor
Tobias Taylor 2 дні тому
+Artur Renato B.B yes very true!
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 2 дні тому
+Tobias Taylor The gravity is much higher than even there. On the scale of ripping apart atomic nuclei to its bare elementary particles
Tobias Taylor
Tobias Taylor 2 дні тому
its been nice chatting with someone smarter than me!
Tobias Taylor
Tobias Taylor 2 дні тому
so you would be smushed at before you even get to the other side.
Tobias Taylor
Tobias Taylor 6 днів тому
lets make them!
Enticing Taco
Enticing Taco 6 днів тому
It was a mistake watching this high
Foreyan-animations & gameplays More
So is there white holes in this current time? If so they must be from the past
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 6 днів тому
No, white holes are impossible as we currently understand them, even on theoretical frameworks.
VoltZ 6 днів тому
Exotic butter
Reuben Barry
Reuben Barry 7 днів тому
You wanna hear a joke? Me too ;-;
Aron West
Aron West 7 днів тому
Rocket Scientists need to use this.
richardchefrs 7 днів тому
My brain hurts.
s6xspeed 7 днів тому
This is my favourite Kurzgesagt video!
tyler cronley
tyler cronley 8 днів тому
I have a thought, when we discovered the electron we figured it was useless like what can we do with this tiny particle that we have no idea how to harness it. Now we can manipulate it with ease. Maybe someday we can figure out how to control gravity using the Higgs boson right? If we can control gravity it should be easy to prop open wormholes.
Marcell D
Marcell D 8 днів тому
The reason we cannot find wormholes is because it is not floating in space it is very likely created by stars Scientists please research my idea! Heart me if u like my idea!
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 5 днів тому
+Marcell D A theory on the scientific sense isn't mere speculation, it's a mathematical model with rigorous data backing it up.
Marcell D
Marcell D 5 днів тому
Well then this will become a Theory.
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 5 днів тому
+Marcell D "Nothing in the universe can create that", is also saying that no one can create negative matter, as far as we understand it.
Marcell D
Marcell D 6 днів тому
“ Scientists research this” I’m saying to make it artificial
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 6 днів тому
No. They require negative matter, unfortunately nothing in the universe creates that naturally.
Artificial Void
Artificial Void 8 днів тому
6:02 I thought it said exotic butters. Anyone with me?
Jerry Wen
Jerry Wen Годину тому
Ketchup Guy
Ketchup Guy 2 години тому
Your ears are color blind or something
bobby davis
bobby davis 8 днів тому
Now i dont have walk to school yay
Toelpel 8 днів тому
I really love the 80 theme, absolutely fantastic video!!! Please keep up the excellent work and many thanks for your effort!
Brandon Jablasone
Brandon Jablasone 8 днів тому
Wow math is the new science 😂😂😂
Brandon Jablasone
Brandon Jablasone 8 днів тому
Science fiction are becoming reality 🤔
LaumiRez 8 днів тому
1:04 anyone else saw black dots appear in the squares' corners? 😂
Asher Davis
Asher Davis 8 днів тому
So basically Einstein's theories are nonsense?
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 6 днів тому
No, they are correct. In fact, General Relativity is the very thing that made the first descriptions of wormholes possible. It is currently the best theory for gravity. Special Relativity is undeniably true so it isn't a failure either. What Einstein's theory fails at, is making a quantum description of nature together with GR.
luqlukeen 8 днів тому
wow si cool i ini AAAAAAAA
Michaelvin Luche
Michaelvin Luche 8 днів тому
Park Kim Kookie Kumamon is my shit and jams
Anyone appreciated the vaporwave aesthetic?
nedocromil 8 днів тому
Loving the Aesthetic in this one
RealKeviiin 9 днів тому
Tachyons what 🤫
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 6 днів тому
Tachyons are particles that have a imaginary mass (imaginary as in the number _i_ ), and that go faster than light. They're completely made up tho.
Vincent Macey
Vincent Macey 9 днів тому
i have seen a wormhole
Rici 2
Rici 2 9 днів тому
This video reminds me of hotline miami
Rici 2
Rici 2 9 днів тому
i'm like the 80s grid
Charlie K
Charlie K 9 днів тому
Hmm... maybe I was born 1000 000 years too early?
Abhishek Patawari
Abhishek Patawari 9 днів тому
In short You want to become doctor strange
Law Wen Jun
Law Wen Jun 10 днів тому
Sergio Halaby
Sergio Halaby 10 днів тому
Too late for world exploration, too early for space exploration
Lamps 404
Lamps 404 10 днів тому
Se a gente consequisse criar um buraco de minhoca com propriedades magneticas poderiamos usar isso para mantelos abertos, e como nao sabemos ezatamente doque sao compostos pode ser que seja possivel ou nao
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 6 днів тому
Não. O electromagnetismo consegue criar campos gravitacionais, contudo, não de curvatura positiva. Os buracos de minhoca são como uma, de forma simples, "montanha", enquanto a gravidade comum tem densidade de energia positiva, que cria uma curvatura negativa, ou seja, um vale. Logo essa montanha precisa de energia negativa pra se manter aberta, o que não temos.
xXAngelmlXx 10 днів тому
The song and theme are super cool and addictive haha
Game Play Star LP
Game Play Star LP 10 днів тому
I'm more powerful than wormholes!!1!1!1!1!!!!1!
0824ml m
0824ml m 10 днів тому
haha wormhole like a portal gun+time machine
Tacocat04 11 днів тому
Wait a sec, Kurzgesagt. Wouldn't the Exotic matter also repel us out of the wormhole since it's negative mass? Or do we just have to go very fast through?
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 6 днів тому
No, it isn't like electrical charge, it is a positive spacetime curvature, and that is all.
A Guy
A Guy 11 днів тому
Are there birds because this video is about WORMholes?
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 6 днів тому
This is a punsaster
Aziz N
Aziz N 11 днів тому
the other side is white whole and probably has the same gravitational power which makes sense why there needs to be so much acceleration due to gravity to enter the black hole, so you have enough energy and momentum to be able to come out of the gravitational pull of white whole... hmmm
Aziz N
Aziz N 11 днів тому
psychadelics do wonders :)
Teo Calin
Teo Calin 11 днів тому
if we could creat worm-holes how would we "chose" where it starts and ends?
Artur Renato B.B
Artur Renato B.B 6 днів тому
Good question, I'm not aware of a solution for that.
Surf Rats
Surf Rats 11 днів тому
Black holes r the worm hole
F Azar
F Azar 11 днів тому
one thing for sure, we aren't going to be able to do any of these things by burning fossil fuels.
RYAN HUNKER 11 днів тому
Exotic budders
Apple Juice
Apple Juice 11 днів тому
So then wouldn't wormholes be the most powerful thing in the universe?
logan wygal
logan wygal 12 днів тому
Not sure why but the animations seem "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" inspired and i love it!
RequiemSoup 12 днів тому
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos 12 днів тому
Well it’s possible to make a wormhole black hole would get sucked and hot and try that instead the black hole gains mass I think and blows up and there’s a wormhole
John Flynn
John Flynn 12 днів тому
So basically it’s orange and blue time.
Jsky G
Jsky G 12 днів тому
4:33 I got that one. Interstellar
Saje007 12 днів тому
bishop bishop
bishop bishop 12 днів тому
the big bang isnt real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :C :C :C
Joel Mata
Joel Mata 12 днів тому
5:24 Viewer discretion is advised
Urn Urn
Urn Urn 12 днів тому
I like the videos, but science channels should drop the use of 2D ilustrations to represent space. Space (or more accurately Spacetime) is 4D and any representation of it in 2D is false.
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