Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

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Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?
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Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime



12 сер 2018





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Kevin Vejar
Kevin Vejar 12 днів тому
CrazieMonkey210 18 днів тому
These videos are great I love them but the only thing I ask is a video on what the understanding of language is
one tom
one tom 21 день тому
+Ahmed Mukhtar I think our understanding of what dark energy is is sketchy at best, and mine sketchier still. Dark energy is the term for the force driving the accelerating expansion of the universe and counteracts the gravitational pull on big scales. We don't have an idea how gravitation and dark energy interact. Also, the cause of gravity is matter. The moon would not know the difference between the earth and a black hole with the same mass (radius being 8,8 mm/ ~1/3 of an inch). So since energy/matter stayed the same overall, the dark energy outside of the black hole should remain unaffected. Inside the black hole matter, charge and angular momentum is conversed. There's no reason to assume it's different for dark energy.
Ahmed Mukhtar
Ahmed Mukhtar 21 день тому
I have one big question. Can Black holes destroy dark energy
RickieTickyTavi Місяць тому
This is my favorite kurzgesagt video
Ken PH
Ken PH 3 години тому
Can our universe be destroyed by unpropely opened wormhole?
fuck cops
fuck cops 4 години тому
nah more like connecting my asshole to the toilet
Niklas Holmgren
Niklas Holmgren 6 годин тому
I’ve found some negative mass in my pants
invent this
invent this 12 годин тому
Just solved avengers and man will use a worm hole to go back in time steal the stone before the snap
Sean Max
Sean Max 12 годин тому
I am so hard for this design aesthetic
DaKingOfDiffNoobs 17 годин тому
Portal gun references
Panupong Real
Panupong Real 20 годин тому
*me after watch this Video Why don’t we just give up and die *other people Fook u
Nub_ 101
Nub_ 101 20 годин тому
Wait what happens if you enter a worm hole and end up in another dimension filled with strange life
James Levi
James Levi День тому
Exotic matter? The last video I watched you mentioned strange matter, and antimatter is a thing. That's a lot to stuff in the old brain case.
ShepardCommanderHawke День тому
I saw your sneaky stargate ;)
Bishwash Pokhrel
Bishwash Pokhrel День тому
there is dark energy and space portals for worm holes ... something tells me we are being helped travel through the universe..
Choxolet yo
Choxolet yo День тому
*kurzgesagt headquarters "alright guys we need something everyone will love for this to work" "animated birds" *5 years later
Kurkkumopo. День тому
7:33 Rick And Morty Rick Citadel
Reptilian Gamer
Reptilian Gamer День тому
Put it simply wormholes aren’t real and will never be real
TrollDarrell День тому
Just one question, when are we getting portal irl????
Rty coffee
Rty coffee День тому
Watch now there is gonna be a strange star Chan 😂
Moritz Bock
Moritz Bock День тому
If it possible it must exist
sG lP
sG lP День тому
3:34 “you’ll only become dead”
Dingo Gaming17
Dingo Gaming17 День тому
When I want something interesting Looks on this channel
Aidan Klapheke
Aidan Klapheke День тому
Please make a vid on exotic matter! I wanna know more
Jonathan Rios
Jonathan Rios 2 дні тому
If this was the case, then strange matter could be exotic matter.
Revan Virgil
Revan Virgil 2 дні тому
that kid is dead
Kattiper 2 дні тому
I am starting to find out that most of ur 8nfo is fake and made up. First string theory is subatomic not strings connecting wormholes in space. Second, you keep comming up with new matter names like strange matter and exotic matter. These seemmade uo especially since there is no record on the internet
Ojasv Kumar
Ojasv Kumar 2 дні тому
could this be any more awesome
Tahsin PlayZ
Tahsin PlayZ 2 дні тому
Basically they are big a** weird magical portals?
Tahsin PlayZ
Tahsin PlayZ 2 дні тому
Why is kurzgesagt so addictive?!
DailyPlanes 2 дні тому
7:36 it's the citadel from Rick and Morty :)
GWS 2 дні тому
"If you go into a black hole, you won't become the stuff coming out of a white. YOu'll only become dead." Kurzesagt ... crushing children's drams since 2014.
Christîán Kh Al. Hijab Ramos
This video it's from barely a year ago
Eli Williams
Eli Williams 2 дні тому
Loving that awesome music!
Sambo Rambo
Sambo Rambo 3 дні тому
*I just did so much cocain to this music*
M X 3 дні тому
What’s the background music 🎧?
Charlie Theroux
Charlie Theroux 3 дні тому
I once entered a Brown hole, and it led nowhere good! Wish I could go back in time.
Lluis Nieto
Lluis Nieto 3 дні тому
I want to live long enough to discover if this is possible. Spanish Inquisition or whoever can kill me then, i wouldn't mind.
Coolwoobyër 3 дні тому
6:27 i think that's called a magnet
Dovydas Kirstukas
Dovydas Kirstukas 3 дні тому
This is just called Teleport
kevwpl 3 дні тому
This is some Stranger Things Stuff
Robert Kim
Robert Kim 3 дні тому
0:27 heh 'square root of x squared'
Burger Man
Burger Man 3 дні тому
What if, white hole is actually what we know as the Big Bang? Everything that is in our universe right now actually came from the other dimension, they were just sucked in by the black hole then spewed it in here by the white hole?
Dom Cz.
Dom Cz. 3 дні тому
If exotic matter was in the worm hole then it wouldn't let you pass it would push you away
Torterra Plays Mc
Torterra Plays Mc 3 дні тому
To sum, wormholes are impossible because the universe is strict on hackers. Universe hacks include: - Teleportation - Time Travelling - Wormhole Opening Violation of these restrictions and the unfair utilisation of these hacks will result in a permanent ban from the universe to whoever takes part in the attempt to perform these hacks. Hence, it is proven that the universe is a game.
Hero_Warrior1001 3 дні тому
7:38 thats the Citidel from rick and morty
Priya Patel
Priya Patel 3 дні тому
What is the spelling of astrophysicist?
Elias Caballero
Elias Caballero 3 дні тому
*Tony Stark has left the chat*
Arek Sydow
Arek Sydow 3 дні тому
1:05 that quite of an illusion try to guess it
I’m trash And I’m not sorry
Slaps video This baby can fit so much iLLeGaL maths in it.
John Keith Samson
John Keith Samson 4 дні тому
7:34 citadel of ricks???
Lit_Coal 4 дні тому
My personality and face are made of exotic matter
Lit_Coal 4 дні тому
Cuz they repel people
LA Siason
LA Siason 4 дні тому
V A P O R W A V E . Damn💖
Bethany Coyle
Bethany Coyle 4 дні тому
They should make a really educational movie about wormholes, where the villain is gravity trying to close the two way system.
all these memes are makin me sick
Ferrei Playz
Ferrei Playz 4 дні тому
But if you put exotic matter in an wormhole you won’t be able to cross it, Because the -m is pushing you backward. It’s like a pipe with a double sided fan in the middle.
Oscar Iveslätt
Oscar Iveslätt 4 дні тому
But if exotic matte pulls away gravity then it would be impossible to even enter them beacuse we also have gravity and you know the rest.
Brandon Willis
Brandon Willis 4 дні тому
0:25 rip kid, lost in space forever
MrDuck_Hyper 4 дні тому
Neowm here comes my ice cream and oh no my ice cream is ruined🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🌞🌞🌞⭐🌞
Adrian T
Adrian T 4 дні тому
If you need something that pushes gravity from closing the wormhole then how do you yourself get in?
Mayby exotic matter is a tiny white hole
BeastArts 4 дні тому
You fucked my brain.
E RICE 4 дні тому
guy predicted the black hole
Grapes Gorilla
Grapes Gorilla 4 дні тому
Kurzgesagt- the content creator who KNOWS how to make a video. Oh, and nice Interstellar reference, mate! (4:35)
Grapes Gorilla
Grapes Gorilla 4 дні тому
2:02 *Now entering: [N O S T A L G E Z O E N]* 2:52 is a clue, for those who don't get what I mean by a nostalge zoen.
Yoo moron
Yoo moron 5 днів тому
7:35 Rick and morty reference
Adeline Moyer
Adeline Moyer 5 днів тому
Wormholes are created when you tell your mom ‘no’ and she banishes you to your room/the flipping sun
YoEditmusicGuy Cutout
YoEditmusicGuy Cutout 5 днів тому
Wormhole if we create technology we can use wormhole it creating by alien technology allows us to skip huge unverise. We can jump without using speed of light.
Sucky Gamer
Sucky Gamer 5 днів тому
I think the best way to traverse a worm hole with out it collapsing. By way of placing it near a black hole. Since time around a black hole is slowed down we can enter the worm hole since time is slowed down gives us enough time to enter it before it collapses in on its self.
armadillotoe 5 днів тому
Technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic. ------- A.C. Clarke
Adrian Khorany
Adrian Khorany 5 днів тому
Portal 2 in real life
Calebe V.A.
Calebe V.A. 5 днів тому
0:53 That is space, and it exists. *B U T D O E S I T R E A L L Y ?*
ChronicDreamer1st 5 днів тому
Does the entire comment section have to consist of people trying to be the next “funny comment” ?? Can none of you discuss the actual concepts in the video ?
kodye whobrey
kodye whobrey 5 днів тому
I have a question. How do black holes have rings around them? Wouldn't the black hole just suck everything in?
Noob booN
Noob booN 5 днів тому
Year: 2019 *playing Portal 2* Year: 9999999 *playing real life Portal 2* (It already expired or gone that years probably and become like ancient stuff)
Call of duty Pro master
Call of duty Pro master 5 днів тому
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 5 днів тому
Matter Dark Matter Anti Matter Exotic Matter Strange Matter HOW MUCH MATTER IS THERE?
TrissiSenpai День тому
E x o t i s c h e M a t e r i e is there
D3D Gaming
D3D Gaming День тому
You also forgot "We all matter"
Bishop Munoz
Bishop Munoz 2 дні тому
As an aspiring physicist, I can give the very definitive answer of: We don't know *shrug*
The Grabisoft
The Grabisoft 3 дні тому
You forgot '' it doesn't matter ''
RobinTIS The Iron Sea
RobinTIS The Iron Sea 5 днів тому
Alot Matter
ginger nut
ginger nut 5 днів тому
why is this video in my music thing?
Ollie0408 5 днів тому
What if you put a wormhole portal in an wormhole portal?
herrj 5 днів тому
so, no worm hole? 🚶
Pale Rose
Pale Rose 5 днів тому
I don’t know why- but I thought of the book ‘A Wrinkle in Time’
wearwolf420 PSN#codeguess
wearwolf420 PSN#codeguess 5 днів тому
First black hole photographed within the last week.
murdoc 5 днів тому
"you will die" and "you are dead" are the most common phrases in this channel
Dori Ah
Dori Ah 5 днів тому
Can u call itportal
Isolated Isotope #445 - 429.F
Isolated Isotope #445 - 429.F 5 днів тому
Maybe Wormholes can get us through our waifus
Jaiden Mapes
Jaiden Mapes 5 днів тому
Maybe black holes are wormholes, go in and out instantly, but space doesn’t slow you down and keeps you going at a consistent speed of light
k k
k k 5 днів тому
Ya leli song
Smoki501 5 днів тому
I read a online article that scientists have already made miniature micro worm holes or is it fake ?
9.61 s
9.61 s 5 днів тому
Mom, Timmy made a wormhole in the backyard again.
Awkyss 5 днів тому
We already got wormholes They called sleeping on a train
Baleur 5 днів тому
6:35 yeah but, wouldnt the negative matter ALSO push away any object trying to ENTER the wormhole? Get my point? If its strong enough to withstand infinite gravity, surely your puny spaceship would just "bounce" right out again when it tries to fly in? Unless of course there was a way to arrange the negative matter in a sort of tunnel hollow shape, lining the "walls" of the wormhole, but not rejecting matter in the middle. Maybe that would still push the matter in the middle slightly, like a slippery soapy tube squeezing out a spaceship.
Baleur 5 днів тому
Welcome the 80's
IAN 4000
IAN 4000 5 днів тому
god I LOVE the vaporwave theme of this video
Sam keen
Sam keen 5 днів тому
What a load of rubbish
Cover Up
Cover Up 5 днів тому
How does reverse time work?
RedRoy Productions
RedRoy Productions 6 днів тому
think of space/time, as a web of magnetic tape, stacked as an infinite number of layers and time, itself, is fluid.
Luke Davies
Luke Davies 6 днів тому
"One might even be closer than we realise" With the way this guy talks in all of this videos, it sounds like he's some advanced species just trying to nudge humanity in the right direction like "this is always a possibility if we, idk, just explored around thissss area?" *wink wink*
XYHC 6 днів тому
5:31 was the colouring of those wormholes intentional??
Dermotius 6 днів тому
I want u guys to be my science teacher
Wub 6 днів тому
Only 80's kids will remember the times where exotic matter was as common as the water flowing from your kitchen taps.
Aranc 6 днів тому
Was that an Interstellar reference? ”One might even be closer than we realise” 4:31
Lil' Lucifer
Lil' Lucifer 6 днів тому
Soo imagine a black hole ate your friend. Then all you have to do for revenge, is to throw exotic matter in the black hole, and there you go, no more black hole.
catheadmoon 6 днів тому
Its when you take a superconducting supercollider and it breaks. Then the mason guy shows up and fixes it.
Malem Mutum
Malem Mutum 6 днів тому
The music is the psychedelic!
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