YNW BSlime - Slime Dreams (Official Music Video)

YNW Melly
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Directed by DrewFilmedit
Shot by Brent Mendoza
Creative Director: Walt MrSurge




12 лип 2019

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MaseUltra 6 годин тому
Screw Matt ox this is a real young rapper
Matt Williams
Matt Williams 8 годин тому
Been here since 2019
Gunner Spirlock
Gunner Spirlock 8 годин тому
100000000000000000000000001 10001
100000000000000000000000001 10001 9 годин тому
2019 gang has arrived step up 2025
NbaJamescurry176 10 годин тому
All 2025 fans we’ve been here since 2019! You can only like if you are a 2019 viewer!
Legit Leon
Legit Leon 10 годин тому
2:25 holy shit that was fucking lit he hit the woah and the beat dropped I don’t know why that’s so satisfying to me
Mmm Molley
Mmm Molley 10 годин тому
josie Brewster
josie Brewster 11 годин тому
Them shoes fire
Chris Borja
Chris Borja 13 годин тому
How old is he lol
Talon Lee
Talon Lee 13 годин тому
Respect yo grind lil man
David Cabrera
David Cabrera 13 годин тому
Just wait till he's 20
Nathaniel Haines
Nathaniel Haines 13 годин тому
Good song
dev atte
dev atte 14 годин тому
Domingo Payso
Domingo Payso 14 годин тому
When I first heard this on SoundCloud I thought it was Matty B from Musically, then I saw the video 🤦🏾‍♂️
Sherryl Bryant
Sherryl Bryant 14 годин тому
Yea Yall Nigga World
Simple Cell Fu
Simple Cell Fu 14 годин тому
See you pebbles in a couple of years
Chicken bread Billy me
Chicken bread Billy me 16 годин тому
I want this kid to live out his brothers legacy and make him proud. FREE YNW Melly
xd SoUl
xd SoUl 17 годин тому
but the lyrics is good tho
xd SoUl
xd SoUl 17 годин тому
i have a feeling he has a ghostwriter
ツiTrappedYou 18 годин тому
Here in 2019
twillyyy baby
twillyyy baby 19 годин тому
What happens when I die in my dreams?
Nikoli Campbell
Nikoli Campbell 20 годин тому
im 12 and can rap but i don't get props
Aidan LeBouf
Aidan LeBouf 20 годин тому
Its 🔥 but somehow I feel like it was wrote by melly just the way it sounds with the rhythm and shit sounds like it would be mellys song.
Lil Happy No Love
Lil Happy No Love 20 годин тому
I love this music
AlexTheGod-_- День тому
How old does ynw bslime look
2K20 ViShun
2K20 ViShun День тому
Future. When He Blow Up Up When He Grow Up Up. I Was Here In July and August 2019. Current Time: #FreeMelly. And Today Youngboy Was Freed.
Mason Brady
Mason Brady День тому
I bet Melly is so proud
Friday Mike
Friday Mike День тому
we gonna do some mad collabs someday aswear
Jamari Outlaw
Jamari Outlaw День тому
like it if you think melly brother gonna get signed
Rush Gamer
Rush Gamer День тому
Looks like he is already in Area 51 🤣
RogueCataclysm_ ‘
RogueCataclysm_ ‘ День тому
Songs are ass you haven’t held a gun before dude calm down. Just because melly got locked up doesn’t mean you use that for fame and money 🤯😂
RogueCataclysm_ ‘
RogueCataclysm_ ‘ День тому
kopper kopper ur ass at dancing kid
RogueCataclysm_ ‘
RogueCataclysm_ ‘ День тому
kopper kopper lmao threats on a fucking UKvid channel
kopper kopper
kopper kopper День тому
RogueCataclysm_ ‘ hatin ona kid with a anime pic i wanna fight u ong🤡
Angela Smith
Angela Smith День тому
Yew melly
iiSxlty День тому
If y’all didn’t know that’s melly little brother
CarterLOL Kid
CarterLOL Kid День тому
Free melly
Ricky День тому
talent run in the family 🔥
Tylko Nightcore
Tylko Nightcore День тому
Good shit!
ooffer gang
ooffer gang День тому
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez День тому
Oof 🔥
Bryce Percival
Bryce Percival День тому
Nigga said hop out wit a Mac ain’t that illegal 😂
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh 2 дні тому
Lyah Costa
Lyah Costa 2 дні тому
Go watch Peppa Pig bro, he's a child dude, and he's talking about hoes and glocks, so sad
Saleemah Barrie
Saleemah Barrie 2 дні тому
Back in my dreams chillin with your old bae totin a ak47
Giovanni Louis
Giovanni Louis 2 дні тому
The fuck is a wifee
Marvin Wahl
Marvin Wahl 2 дні тому
you're just scary so hard I have a question do you want to see young thal the song is called xo tour life thank you
ISNAGGYHU 2 дні тому
“What happen when I die in my dreams”✅💚🐍
Aqua_PvP 2 дні тому
This young kid is AMAZING!!!
goo1953 xj
goo1953 xj 2 дні тому
James Baker
James Baker 2 дні тому
Tamika Williams
Tamika Williams 2 дні тому
Everyone who disliked this issa hater
arnold terrelonge jr
arnold terrelonge jr 2 дні тому
Got that juice wrld vibe to it
John Kelsey
John Kelsey 2 дні тому
Aye ynw bslime go check out _im.terrell and _backupterrell on ig
Dongerlord 2 дні тому
TTV PR0V0KE 2 дні тому
People are going to get so triggered at this but this song is awful
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez День тому
TTV PR0V0KE drake is gay 😂😂tf 💀💀 he can go eat his uncles ass🍑🍑 Nd gtfo if u don’t like this song 😉
TTV PR0V0KE День тому
@Jessica Martinez i dont know whats so bad about drake
TTV PR0V0KE День тому
@Jessica Martinez hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez День тому
TTV PR0V0KE Shii then go back listening to drake 😂😂😂💀💀
Mr Coulerful Jay
Mr Coulerful Jay 2 дні тому
the lil kid singing on drugs or somthin
Byron Papichulo
Byron Papichulo 2 дні тому
been here since 2004
Hector Green
Hector Green 2 дні тому
Very nice
Kreegen 2 дні тому
One of my dads friend son died in his sleep he was sick and the doctors didn’t help they just said he was sick and they went home and then they went to sleep then the next day he died.. 😢😢 he was only 5 years old
toxic uthixo
toxic uthixo 2 дні тому
Yo chill my girl is listening to this 😓😭😭
jayden woodhall
jayden woodhall 2 дні тому
whose better ynw melly comment like ynw bslime
moman da bawse
moman da bawse 2 дні тому
Whoever comes here like this if u a early fan
Logan n’ Ashton
Logan n’ Ashton 2 дні тому
I’m a og!
Erick Naranjo
Erick Naranjo 2 дні тому
2019 exclusive
Will Russell
Will Russell 3 дні тому
orange 3 дні тому
back in my dreams
Carnetta Brown
Carnetta Brown 3 дні тому
Melly mom: son, your brother might not never see the light of day again so I'm a need you to fill his shoes and step it up. Ynw Bslime: but mom I don't wanna do music: boy get ur ass in there and sing this exactly the way we practiced!!!!
Minimorts 3 дні тому
He’s only 12 rn, in 6 years when he turns 18 you know he’s going to be topping the charts🔥
Nya Azzúre
Nya Azzúre 3 дні тому
This shit is chips😤😭🤮I'm upset🤬
Tan Thorne
Tan Thorne 3 дні тому
Pepele in 2025 :look who I discovered Me: I’ve known him sconce 2019
Bossman jaysci
Bossman jaysci 3 дні тому
Nice voice bro u are good and melly
Mygame Bruh
Mygame Bruh 3 дні тому
Melly had to write some of dis bruh
lm Icyy huh
lm Icyy huh 3 дні тому
Not even lying you I don’t really like young rappers cause either they’re too young to cuss or something like that but this kid is actually good
PORKER1982 3 дні тому
next up?
I hate life Brah
I hate life Brah 3 дні тому
YNW MELLY would be so proud 🔥🔥💯 #freemelly
SUPERMANJGG 3 дні тому
I don’t care what anyone says Bslime is fire and has crazy potential it’s crazy how good he is at a young age🤯
Jahsean Joseph
Jahsean Joseph 3 дні тому
Def Got To Do A Remix With Melly Bro 🙏🏾🌟🔥🔥🔥
VVS Khalil
VVS Khalil 3 дні тому
Fortnite playing ass got beat by physics tryna take his girl 😂😂😂😍🤣🤣😂🤣
Mujrifa 3 дні тому
This actually kinda a slap
XX-Xversity -XX
XX-Xversity -XX 3 дні тому
Creeper meme coming in ° ° ° \/ CREEPER
xtyfi シ
xtyfi シ 3 дні тому
so much people here with fortnite pfps. oh yeah...
Jeff Jeffy
Jeff Jeffy 3 дні тому
0:38 me and my alien I stole from Area 51 playing hide n seek
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