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ZHU - Good Life (Audio)

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"Good Life" taken from ZHU's debut album GENERATIONWHY is available now
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29 лип 2016

DanceGood LifeMind Of A GeniusZHU





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NRG 15 годин тому
Oto День тому
Türker 2 дні тому
Neleri dinleyip vakit kaybediyosunuz acaba. Biz burdayiz 🇹🇷
Ven Gochi
Ven Gochi 4 дні тому
Just beautiful
Bled.S Oldschool
Bled.S Oldschool 5 днів тому
perfect song to start the day................
Deepjack 6 днів тому
this is ART!
Marija Angelovska
Marija Angelovska 6 днів тому
I'll make a good wife! 🎵🎶
Guillaume Savard-Ouellet
Guillaume Savard-Ouellet 7 днів тому
Buy his album he deserve our money
Florin 7 днів тому
this is shit real music -Round Table Knights - Calypso
Florin 7 днів тому
thx brother
dripets 9 днів тому
porraaaa obrigada por existir
simoV 360
simoV 360 10 днів тому
There is that weird, satisfying feeling listening to this song after 3am.. Especially when I am night shifts until 8AM.. I dont know.. ZHU is a true genius ..
Andree Garrido
Andree Garrido 11 днів тому
Favorite quote?
Ahmed yaser
Ahmed yaser 11 днів тому
This is truly one of the best things i've ever listened to.
BlaBla Bla
BlaBla Bla 13 днів тому
Love this vibe
marvedmrd chris
marvedmrd chris 14 днів тому
what type of music is it? sounds excellent
SAMURAI PLAYER 14 днів тому
Wow !!☺☺
Mike Amilibia
Mike Amilibia 14 днів тому
JK Gray
JK Gray 15 днів тому
Quality vibing BUBBBLES ....just up there with your
LIL Gunna
LIL Gunna 15 днів тому
KIM J 15 днів тому
just amazingggg
özgün yürütken
özgün yürütken 15 днів тому
yes yes yes yes hayır hayır hayır
Florent Voisin
Florent Voisin 15 днів тому
Live to New Zeleand! Perfect to chill 😍
stas stas
stas stas 16 днів тому
Good 👍☝️💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Emilio Anchous
Emilio Anchous 16 днів тому
*Dolbit normalno*
Rodrigo Mendez
Rodrigo Mendez 17 днів тому
Yes, I am what supposition be... in the middle of everything... who knows what it is to may came. Maybe and maybe??? Who knows???
E. Jester
E. Jester 17 днів тому
It would have been better as an instrumental.
juan vallejo
juan vallejo 18 днів тому
wow.... enjoy it smoking weed.... Is amazing.... come on... U_U
Take a Flight FPV
Take a Flight FPV 19 днів тому
Emilila from Poland ! im staring at are conversation. it says your 5052 miles away, this song was on your profile. i hope you read this one day. i wish we could meet one day
David Parker
David Parker 19 днів тому
She sounds like Broods
riste .000
riste .000 19 днів тому
Im drinking beer, smoking a cigarette. Chilling all alone well Life is good
dejancevu 19 днів тому
it's the only way to love, ''ONLY WAY TO ONLY WAY TO LOVE''......... i'm addicted to that last line.. singing that feels so damn GOOD
TheIpCHe 21 день тому
Kakva pesma jebo te zivot
Monika Biskup
Monika Biskup 21 день тому
This song just completely f*cked me up... some real philosophical lyrics that hit deep.
Afifa ainadine Taju
Afifa ainadine Taju 21 день тому
Yosoku Denkai
Yosoku Denkai 21 день тому
this is cringy af
Nikola Petrovic
Nikola Petrovic 22 дні тому
Verse 1: Adam Schmalholz] Life is all about you and not at all about you Now, that's two opposing thoughts and yet both of them are true How can you experience everything you choose to do While observing the experience you're having from a higher view See, it's the question, not the answer, that's the higher view Otherwise, you couldn't differentiate between the two Awareness? But of who? You think you hurt me, but I promise I was letting you They say we're all one, but where have we been headed to I'd rather die free than have to live inside a petting zoo I am the journey that I'm getting to [Chorus: Broods] I could be it all, I'll make a good life Let me lose my mind, it's the only way to love Only way to, only way to love I could be it all, I'll make a good life Let me lose my mind, it's the only way to love Only way to, only way to love [Verse 2: Adam Schmalholz] Gratitude is my destination My destiny is perfectly aligned with this location I am the map, so I travel back in time I have everything I want 'cause my imagination is mine But mind is not enough for me 'cause I am not my mind I could see it all, but never get to see I'm truly blind I could be it all, but all identities intertwine The moon is only bright 'cause it reflects the sun's shine [Chorus: Broods] I could be it all, I'll make a good life Let me lose my mind, it's the only way to love Only way to, only way to love [Bridge: Adam Schmalholz] It's not the human race, it's just the human race There's nothing left to chase, we do not run this place But both medicine and poison's an acquired taste So I started taking selfies of somebody else's face [Outro] Tell me something What is more genius than a child's laughter Are we not simply the children of this world
Robertking1996 23 дні тому
Raquel A
Raquel A 23 дні тому
This makes me feel happy, how can I stop playing ZHU now? I CANT.
Sasha Fuk sleep
Sasha Fuk sleep 24 дні тому
what type of music is this?!?i love it
Dobry Klimat
Dobry Klimat 24 дні тому
selppkez 25 днів тому
this is 2016 but feels like 2018 song so much... :D
NotYour Business
NotYour Business 26 днів тому
American nig er words makes it worse, it would be insanely good without him.
Pope Dave
Pope Dave 27 днів тому
Great song!! I'm all for motivating or ambient style voices in these songs, but at least make some sense... But both medicine and poison's an acquired taste So I started taking selfies of somebody else's face ??????????????????????????????????????? Seem's like a poor attempt at trying to rhyme?
Masood Sarkesh
Masood Sarkesh 27 днів тому
Yeah B!tch
Yeah B!tch 27 днів тому
Zon3 28 днів тому
So apparently i stoped watching porn and mosturbating so my brain got sensitive to seratonine again and on a day 11 listening to this song i got this feeling of euforia exhaling like on drugs that almost made me cum. :)
Krystian Micek
Krystian Micek 28 днів тому
Who is from Gorgc stream ? :)
Miller Zambrano
Miller Zambrano 29 днів тому
Me encanta está canción, literal siento que pierdo la cabeza al escucharla.
julian bustos
julian bustos Місяць тому
Que gran canción ,no la he podido quitar de mi cabeza .....es genial
Eduard Avagyan
Eduard Avagyan Місяць тому
thanks guys for this kind of good music... ;)
Lukáš Rudolf
Lukáš Rudolf Місяць тому
This song always reminds me Deadpool movie, maybe because of the similar voice
Erick Guzman
Erick Guzman Місяць тому
I could listen to this song all daaayyy....
1Ghuraba1 Місяць тому
Yes yes yes yes yes yes
Daria si Alin
Daria si Alin Місяць тому
This, right here, is the definition of powerful music. Masterpiece.
lDARKMEDIAl Місяць тому
maggie scott
maggie scott Місяць тому
jesus gonzalez
jesus gonzalez Місяць тому
2018 and i still listen this song, it´s amazing
Anna Місяць тому
I can be it all.. I'll make a good life..
Vibhor Sharma
Vibhor Sharma Місяць тому
I just wish I never get over this song!! Gets you in the right mind! Keep up the great work, Zhu!
Steven Місяць тому
paul STARKS Місяць тому
This song blew me away.deep and resounding with a message but at least the music matched the message
Roo Man
Roo Man Місяць тому
PheonixOfAshes Місяць тому
See, it’s the question, not the answer, that’s the higher view.
WhateverItTakesMotivation Місяць тому
The speech here is PACKED with truth. Loved it.
Fran Orellana
Fran Orellana Місяць тому
this song w ketamine its da bestttttt.. this baby hes moves or im really drugss
Daniel Louis
Daniel Louis Місяць тому
Zhu Zhu
BigT J
BigT J Місяць тому
nerf assa rogues
Dobry Klimat
Dobry Klimat Місяць тому
Tolle Musik
Mister X
Mister X Місяць тому
I m from hangary music respect like
Burak Yılmaz
Burak Yılmaz Місяць тому
ZHU can't be human ...
Burak Yılmaz
Burak Yılmaz Місяць тому
Deep and meaningful
Nikola Vasic
Nikola Vasic Місяць тому
moja omiljena pesma,my favorite song extra
asyl aróg
asyl aróg Місяць тому
that voice
полина Дождикова
полина Дождикова Місяць тому
GamingPS4 Dani
GamingPS4 Dani Місяць тому
such a good vibe
Saeed Hallafyy
Saeed Hallafyy Місяць тому
The best music
Lopas Tu
Lopas Tu Місяць тому
That fellings
maciej Місяць тому
1:44 omg
Rui Leon
Rui Leon Місяць тому
This song..... Best of zhu
Fon Scarfe
Fon Scarfe Місяць тому
You are my Sanctuary thank you ♥
Berenice Uribe
Berenice Uribe Місяць тому
I loved 👌💞
Sintizm Місяць тому
Tell me. How do we know that that is a black person giving the speech to this music? ;)
julio soto
julio soto Місяць тому
dit wicked
Mario Pierre
Mario Pierre Місяць тому
We not
Mario Pierre
Mario Pierre Місяць тому
O 3 figure it out
Flor Pisfil
Flor Pisfil Місяць тому
Recién hoy recordé que esta belleza existe. Me siento mal por haberla olvidado.
Витя Демиенко
Витя Демиенко Місяць тому
Просто Слушать...
Mihai Mihai
Mihai Mihai Місяць тому
somebody knows the woman who sings ?
Александр Брант
Александр Брант Місяць тому
это просто неземной трек!!!до мурашек!!!
Martin Georgiev
Martin Georgiev Місяць тому
The lyrics are like motivational speech.Briliant!
Evelyn Jara Ibarrola
Evelyn Jara Ibarrola Місяць тому
I love the musical ZHU -good Life
Alexandra Bivolaru
Alexandra Bivolaru Місяць тому
martin1226 Місяць тому
Tony Antoniadis
Tony Antoniadis Місяць тому
Greetings from Greece ZHU!
ASMR Thrivedeep
ASMR Thrivedeep Місяць тому
I'm in love with this song
Ricardo v Duuren
Ricardo v Duuren Місяць тому
Would be awesome if Ghetts spat on the beat of this crazy ass song! Major sickness!
Forkoyy Місяць тому
Simply genius track!
Acevedo Garcia Daniel Gustavo
Acevedo Garcia Daniel Gustavo Місяць тому
Excelente !
Denisse Boucher Lyubil
Denisse Boucher Lyubil Місяць тому
Hermosisiima cancion!
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