• Arnold schwarzenegger speaks german
Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks with Guenther Ziesel
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Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrated his 70th birthday in July 2017 and spoke on this occasion with Guenther Ziesel in an ...
Schwarzenegger german Interviews
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Arnold talks in german.
Patrick Schwarzenegger: His father Arnold taught him German / full interview in english
2 роки тому
He has tremendously famous parents (Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger) and is out to promote his film “Midnight Sun” ...
Merkel meets California Governor Schwarzenegger
4 роки тому
(15 Apr 2010) SHOTLIST 1. Various of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and California state Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks at the Vienna Energy Forum 2011
9 років тому
Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks at the Vienna Energy Forum 2011.
Arnold schwarzenegger speaks german
Mark Wahlberg speaks german - Interview Transformers 4
5 років тому
Marks Wahlberg speaks a little bit german. And he told me his favourite german curse words. See my interview with the Hollywood ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger Pulls A German Surprise! | TMZ TV
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Arnold talks about his son, Joseph Baena's future! Too bad he's speaking German. SUBSCRIBE: po.st/TMZSubscribe About ...
Russia: ‘Can I finish what I’m saying?’ - Putin switches to German to shoot down interrupting journo
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Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Russian President Vladimir Putin showed off his language skills when he was forced ...
Arnold speaking  Deutsch
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i don't own right's of that movie.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks About His Son Joseph Baena In German 7.5.17
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks About His Son Joseph Baena In German 7.5.17 - TheHollywoodFix.com SUBSCRIBE to our ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger: I had to get out of Austria
3 роки тому
Arnold Schwarzenegger on how he never really felt at home in Austria, the real reason he started bodybuilding and how he ...
Keynote Speech- R20 Austrian World Summit 2018
Рік тому
Gov. Schwarzenegger's speech at The R20 Austrian World Summit in Vienna discussing the dangers of pollution, coming back ...
Austria: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kurz discuss climate change and R20
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Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Actor and climate change campaigner Arnold Schwarzenegger held a meeting with ...
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visits Hanover (Speaks german)
11 років тому
Arnold Schwarzenegger visits new city hall, Hanover, Germany. CeBIT opening. Partner state California.
4 роки тому
My colleague Philipp Hansa meets Arnold Schwarzeneggers oldest daughter at the Park Hyatt in Vienna. And I had the pleasure ...
Promis Sprechen Deutsch 1
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Stars Sprechen Deutsch Foreign celebrities speaking German.
Arnold Schwarzenegger German Speech- Escape Plan
6 років тому
Enjoy Arnold's quote, film Escape Plan. (I'am not owner of right's of this movie.)
Snack Wars I Arnold Schwarzenegger is VERY passionate about Austrian snacks
7 місяців тому
Arnie and Linda Hamilton had an absolute blast playing Snack Wars, and it's easily one of our favourites too. Terminator: Dark ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking German, 1977
2 роки тому
Anorld speaking German. Workout from 1977.
Patrick Schwarzenegger bei Fellner! Live
2 роки тому
Interview mit Sabrina Blagojevic.
Schwarzenegger wird 70 : Feier beim Weinbauern
2 роки тому
Ein Weltstar beim Weinbauern in der Südweststeiermark. Arnold Schwarzenegger feierte mit Freunden und Bekannten seinen 70.
Interview mit Arnold Schwarzenegger und Greta Thunberg
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Die 16-jährige schwedische Umweltaktivistin Greta Thunberg war gemeinsam mit Arnold Schwarzenegger zum Klima-Gipfel in ...
German vs. Austrian | German Speaking Austrian
4 роки тому
Hey rabbits! Many of you asked me to draw a comparison between German and Austrian. For this reason I did some research, ...
Sandra Bullock  - Speak German quickly
10 років тому
Sandra Bullock speak german spricht deutsch in awards.
Arnold Schwarzenegger "Ich muss trainieren" - Deutsche Interview mit ITA SUB
3 роки тому
Swissthetics - Bodybuilding und Fitness Schweiz swissthetics.jimdo.com.
Hollywood Actor Star speaking German
10 років тому
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Sandra Bullock Teaches Jimmy Kimmel German
2 роки тому
Sandra talks about her new movie Oceans 8, growing up in Germany, and she teaches Jimmy a very interesting phrase in ...
Dolph Lundgren Interview - spricht deutsch / speaks german at best WEEKEND OF HELL Dortmund
Рік тому
Here is my interview with Hollywood-Star DOLPH LUNDGREN. I met him in April, 2019 at WEEKEND OF HELL SPRING EDITION ...
Bavarian PM Stoiber meets California governor Schwarzenegger
4 роки тому
APTN 1. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber enter 2. SOUNDBITE: ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks German and English
12 років тому
Governator Superbuarli gruesst aus Kalifornien. Greetings from California from the Governator - both in English and German ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger Finds Out Linda Hamilton Didn't Want To Work With Him | The Graham Norton Show
7 місяців тому
Before Terminator 1, Linda Hamilton talks about how she was hesitant to work with 'The Austrian Oak', Arnold Schwarzenegger.
160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes
10 років тому
By Harry Hanrahan. Celebrating the finest actor of our generation with 160 of his greatest movie quotes! First featured on ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger calls hotel in Germany
9 років тому
feat. Vegetas search for dragon balls and Obama makes a short call to the white house.
Django Unchained Speaking German Scene
11 місяців тому
Django Unchained Speaking German Scene.
Arnold Schwarzenegger German Lesson
8 років тому
All the german you need to know to become an international movie star. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu. Scenes ...
Germany vs Austria: Christop Waltz on the difference between Austrians and Germans
6 років тому
Hollywood actor Christop Waltz, star of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, explains the difference ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger Crushes Things with Tanks
6 років тому
Arnold tells Jimmy how he brought the tank he used in the Austrian army to the U.S., where he uses it to crush things to raise ...
Stars speak GERMAN (English Subtitles) Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Sandra Bullock
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WANT TO LIVE IN GERMANY FOR FREE? We lived in Berlin and Hamburg for free by house sitting, find out how to start doing it ...
Arnold spricht Deutsch!
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Arnold speaking German (kind of)
Escape plan - German Scene
6 років тому
Scene allemande avec Schwarzenegger, Epic!