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Gaming Phone with Built-in Controller - Unboxing MOQI I7s Smartphone
10 днів тому
Unboxing MOQI I7s android phone with built-in controller. Especially designed for emulation (PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, Wii, ...
Rear Hub Ebike Motor -1500w with Built in Controller  No more wires!
2 місяці тому
Rear Hub Ebike Motor -1500w with Built in Controller No more wires! Rear Hub Ebike Conversion Kits ...
I Built a Terrible N64 Controller for GameGrumps
Рік тому
They didn't ask for it, but we made it and sent it to them anyways. More Arin: ukvid.net/u-GameGrumps Details ...
Building the Steam Controller
3 роки тому
For more details on recent Steam Controller software updates, please see store.steampowered.com/controller/update/dec15 ...
Hyper Build #1 - PS4 "ALIEN CONTROLLER"
2 роки тому
Hand build, hand painted custom Alien controller, inspired by the film "Alien Covenant" this is what 50+ hours worth of detailed ...
How to build Dualshock 4 Gold Dollar
3 роки тому
We build so much of these we don't recall anymore, this Dualshock 4 controller for the PS4 has a hydrodipped shell with 100 ...
Testing Out The Most Advanced VR Controllers Ever Made
Місяць тому
Play Aperture Hand Labs for free on Steam! store.steampowered.com/app/868020/Aperture_Hand_Lab/ For business ...
Рік тому
How To Build A DIY MIDI Controller (2015 Edition)
4 роки тому
Support more videos by checking out our store: bit.ly/DJTTStore Subscribe to the DJTT newsletter for free weekly ...
DIY Arduino based RC Transmitter
7 місяців тому
for 10 PCBs & $6 for stencil: jlcpcb.com Arduino code, circuit, parts list and more details ...
Author & Punisher on DIY Controllers | Red Bull Music Academy
9 місяців тому
In this episode of Studio Science, filmed at Moogfest 2018, Author & Punisher explained his DIY philosophy and approach while ...
DIY Arcade Stick: Easy, High Quality & Affordable
2 роки тому
FIIIGHT! In this DIY video I will show you how to make a CUSTOM ARCADE STICK (fightstick). The goal is to make an affordable ...
CNC Build Part 1: Controller Box Build and Set-up
Рік тому
This is the part 1 video to my complete CNC build. It's going to be a long process (I still don't have the most critical parts), but It'll ...
Numark NS7II - The Best DJ Controller Ever Built.  Period.
5 років тому
The Numark NS7II [bit.ly/numark-ns7ii] is the most responsive DJ controller ever created. Nearly every inch is filled with ...
Zaber Technologies X VSR Series Vertical Lift Stages with Built in Controllers
4 місяці тому
Retrouvez tous les produits Zaber sur www.photinnov.fr.
SCUF CEO Duncan Ironmonger & Clayster Talk New SCUF Controllers
2 роки тому
Click the link to purchase: scuf.co/Clayster Scuf Gaming created the market space for professional, customized game ...
Build a CNC Controller with Arduino, TB6600 and GRBL
Рік тому
How to configure a new CNC? After building the C-Beam CNC which I got as a mechanical build from a Chinese maker it was ...
Giant NES Controller Coffee Table - Kraftmade
9 місяців тому
Download the template here: etsy.me/2trnTWt Follow me on Instagram @kraftmade_nd.
13 Build Your Own Electric Car: Motor Controller & Throttle
Рік тому
In this video segment, we show how to connect the motor speed controller and throttle. For some great ideas on different vehicles ...
Retrobox: DIY Raspberry Pi All-On-One Arcade Joystick (Full Build Guide)
2 роки тому
I built an all-in-one arcade joystick containing a Raspberry Pi 3 that hooks up to your TV for playing retro games using RetroPie!