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I Built a Terrible N64 Controller for GameGrumps
Рік тому
They didn't ask for it, but we made it and sent it to them anyways. More Arin: ukvid.net/u-GameGrumps Details ...
Building the Steam Controller
4 роки тому
For more details on recent Steam Controller software updates, please see store.steampowered.com/controller/update/dec15 ...
Hyper Build #1 - PS4 "ALIEN CONTROLLER"
2 роки тому
Hand build, hand painted custom Alien controller, inspired by the film "Alien Covenant" this is what 50 hours worth of detailed ...
Testing Out The Most Advanced VR Controllers Ever Made
5 місяців тому
Play Aperture Hand Labs for free on Steam! store.steampowered.com/app/868020/Aperture_Hand_Lab/ For business ...
Every Xbox One Controller Ever Made
3 місяці тому
Xbox Industrial Designers Monique Chatterjee and Carl Ledbetter break down the story behind every Xbox One controller.
GameSir G6s Review | Best New PubG Mobile Controller?
21 годину тому
Setup and review of the GameSir G6s mobile controller, built especially for iPhone and one of the best for iOS games like PubG ...
How To Build A DIY MIDI Controller (2015 Edition)
4 роки тому
Support more videos by checking out our store: bit.ly/DJTTStore Subscribe to the DJTT newsletter for free weekly ...
SCUF CEO Duncan Ironmonger & Clayster Talk New SCUF Controllers
2 роки тому
Click the link to purchase: scuf.co/Clayster Scuf Gaming created the market space for professional, customized game ...
Рік тому
Customer Build #33 - PS4 "The Ultimate Elite Controller"
2 роки тому
This PS4 controller is going to a customer in Scotland and has an original Sony shell and buttons. It has a remap modchip ...
I converted my Lamborghini into an Xbox controller !
2 роки тому
Best simulator EVER ! Subscribe to my channel for the making-of and more : bit.ly/pogUKvid My Instagram ...
MCITP 70-640: Built-in Groups Domain Controllers and Server
7 років тому
This video looks at the unique built-in groups available only to Domain Controllers and locally on Windows Server 2008. Please ...
We Built the Ugliest Xbox One Controller Ever
3 роки тому
Xbox Design Lab creates custom controllers, so we built the ugliest one we could and we're giving it away on Podcast Unlocked!
DIY Arduino based RC Transmitter
10 місяців тому
for 10 PCBs & $6 for stencil: jlcpcb.com Arduino code, circuit, parts list and more details ...
Every Xbox One controller ever made 2018!
11 місяців тому
Collection Criteria: I only collect 1st party unique controllers straight from the factory, so no custom painted controllers like the ...
How to build Dualshock 4 Gold Dollar
3 роки тому
We build so much of these we don't recall anymore, this Dualshock 4 controller for the PS4 has a hydrodipped shell with 100 ...
Build Your Own MPPT Solar Charge Controller
8 місяців тому
In this video I put together an MPPT solar charge controller made by MakeSkyBlue. Items used in this video: MakeSkyBlue 20A ...
2 роки тому
How to make a DIY USB button box with encoders. A 32 Function button box for Sim Racing, also suitable for Truck simulator or ...
Boneworks - Next Gen VR Gameplay!
9 місяців тому
Wishlist now on Steam! store.steampowered.com/app/823500/BONEWORKS For business inquiries email ...
A tank with a built in touch screen controller? | Interzoo 2014
5 років тому
AQUAEL was nice enough to show us their all-in-one aquarium. This aquarium features a controller with LCD touchscreen built ...