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Stephen A. breaks out a cigar to celebrate the Cowboys’ playoff loss | First Take
2 місяці тому
Stephen A. Smith dons a cowboy hat and breaks out a cigar to celebrate the end of the Dallas Cowboys' season on First Take.
Stephen A.'s best trolling moments vs. the Dallas Cowboys this season | Stephen A. Smith
2 місяці тому
Whether it's heavy trolling on ESPN's First Take, Get Up!, The Stephen A. Smith Show, SportsCenter, or live from AT&T Stadium ...
Stephen A. Smith trolls Dallas Cowboy fans and former players | First Take
4 місяці тому
Check out Stephen A. Smith trolling Michael Irvin, Darren Woodson, Will Cain and Cowboys' fans as First Take took their show on ...
Michael Irvin defends Cowboys legacy: 'They will regain their proper spot among kings!' | First Take
4 місяці тому
Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin goes off on Stephen A. Smith for his comments on the Dallas Cowboys' championship ...
Stephen A. dissects Cowboys' top 5 issues in front of Dallas fans | First Take
4 місяці тому
Michael Irvin joins Stephen A. Smith to countdown Stephen's A-List. Stephen A. runs through the five problems he has with the ...
Stephen A. eats crow after Cowboys defeat Saints | First Take
3 місяці тому
Stephen A. Smith is speechless after the Dallas Cowboys pulled off the upset during Thursday Night Football against Drew Brees ...
Best of Stephen A Smith: Dallas Cowboys Rants Part 1, Tony Romo, Dez Bryant (ESPN First Take)
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FREE 100+ Picture Guide to Flipping Houses amzn.to/2aqg47l Best of Stephen A Smith ranting about the Dallas Cowboys.
Stephen A. Smith Celebrates Cowboys' Loss By Wearing Rodgers' Jersey | First Take | January 26, 2017
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After celebrating the Dallas Cowboys' loss in the NFC divisional round to the Green Bay Packers, Stephen A. Smith walks on to ...
Cowboys can make the NFC Championship game - Stephen A. | First Take
17 днів тому
Stephen A. Smith likes the Dallas Cowboys to make the NFC Championship game because of their elite defense and ...
Stephen A. trolls Cowboys fans after Dallas’ playoff loss to the Rams
2 місяці тому
Stephen A. Smith enjoys a good laugh after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Los Angeles Rams in an NFC divisional playoff game.
Will Cain can't stop mocking Stephen A. after Cowboys' win vs. Saints | ESPN Voices
3 місяці тому
After Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints ended with a Cowboys win despite Stephen A. Smith's prediction of a New Orleans ...
Stephen A. Smith Goes WILD Celebrating Cowboys Loss To Packers
2 роки тому
Stephen A. Smith arrives to the set fashionably late in an Aaron Rodgers jersey to celebrate the Cowboys' loss to the Packers.
The Cowboys constantly invent new ways to lose - Stephen A. | First Take
2 місяці тому
Stephen A. Smith confronts Will Cain on the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the Los Angeles Rams, telling Will the Cowboys constantly ...
Tom Brady beating the Chargers doesn’t change Max's 'falling off cliff' theory | First Take
2 місяці тому
Max Kellerman admits that while he can't say anything bad about Tom Brady's performance against the Los Angeles Chargers, ...
Will Cain breaks out Cowboys jersey to troll Stephen A. after win | First Take
2 місяці тому
Will Cain joins First Take to troll Stephen A. Smith again after the Dallas Cowboys' win over the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Wild ...
Randy Gregory is the latest accident waiting to happen for Cowboys - Stephen A. | First Take
22 дні тому
Stephen A. Smith reacts to the NFL handing down an indefinite suspension to Dallas Cowboys pass-rusher Randy Gregory for ...
Top 10: Stephen A Smith "COWBOYS" Reactions
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The Best Rants In The Business! Collection of his funniest moments!! SoupKitch TV 2017. Like & Subscribe My Music ...
Eagles were robbed vs.  Cowboys - Stephen A. | First Take
3 місяці тому
Stephen A. Smith explains why the Dallas Cowboys' Week 14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles was a product of bad officiating ...
Stephen A. weeps over Jason Witten re-joining the Cowboys l Stephen A. Smith Show
21 день тому
Stephen A. Smith is heartbroken over Jason Witten leaving the Monday Night Football broadcast booth and coming out of ...